Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1630
Chapter 555 agreed in principle The Zhao Hai voice just fell, what great place that hears a coldly snorted sound to transmit said : don't looks like hundred treasure said that I do not pay attention to hundred treasure, do not visit us? Our wait for you.” Zhao Hai turns the head to look, is Lion Race Patriarch, the smiling face on his face has not changed, but looked at Bath one eyes, how many big Monster Race Patriarch said : also looked at other Palestinian Patriarch to represent everybody? If everybody also with Palestinian Patriarch is the same meaning, I did not keep everybody, everybody please return.” Hu Quan looked that the Zhao Hai appearance knows he must act seriously, if Zhao Hai is angry or bellows to yell that he instead to did not fear, but Zhao Hai that hides killing intent under smiling face, he can actually feel clearly. Hu Quan turns the head hastily to Bath said : old Palestine, now your few say a few words, our Monster Race wants not autonomous? Hundred treasure complied, you have anything to be discontented.” Bath stared Hu Quan one eyes to explode drinks said : get lost, what thing Hu Quan you calculated, matched with father so speaks, my Lion Race was being the king of these half monster island, hundred treasure do want to make us submit to? Has a dream.” Zhao Hai looked at Bath one eyes, turned the head to look at complexion ugly Hu Quan, laughed in one's heart at heart, he to did not worry that now, Lion Race said that clarified has not paid attention to several other big Monster Race, if several other big Monster Race can help him, that called strangely. Half monster island here regarding Monster Race is a good place, but nine big Monster Race are has treated as an equal . Moreover the condition that puts forward on hundred treasure is to also let nine big Monster Race common management half monster islands, now your Bath said that must be the lord of half monster island, this has not clarified, must make other eight big Monster Race submit to you, this equal to advanced itself other Monster Race opposites, he he, interesting, Zhao Hai has not thought really that person like this can become Lion Race Patriarch unexpectedly. Hu Quan complexion very difficult looked how he in said is also one of the nine big Monster Race Patriarch, was in front of these many people to drink to scold by Bath unexpectedly, this makes his face somewhat unable to pass, but he does not want to make Zhao Hai look at his joke, therefore he does not have instead to dial, is only complexion ugly sitting in there. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Patriarch one of the several other clans, Patriarch complexion of several other clans were not quite attractive, Zhao Hai deep voice said : „, since Palestinian Patriarch said that please return, I specially will visit another day certainly, several Patriarch, if you were also the Palestinian Patriarch same ideas, can leave, if several agreed with the propositions of our hundred treasure, we to can chatting well.” That several Patriarch have not moved the place, Bath looked that several Patriarch have not moved, at heart also some jiao, he now is because had found a backer, therefore dares blatant speaks the last words with Zhao Hai, he thinks several other Patriarch will help his, but now looks like probably with disparity that a little he misses. Sees this situation, he cannot help but somewhat regretted that just he because of a while the slip of the tongue, said that must work as the words of king of half monster island, this saying exported him to regret, now looks at several other clan labor the appearance, his secret passage was not cannot help but good.

When Bath wants to recover, Zhao Hai deep voice said : Palestinian Patriarch, was I have let your leave probably? what? don't you want to walk?” Bath listened to Zhao Hai saying that complexion one became was uglier, his coldly snorted has stood, walked outward. Zhao Hai look at Bath back, looked at several other Patriarch said : everybody, before Divergent Technique rule time, our hundred treasure have not helped little busy, now half monster island here finally returned to hundred treasure in hand, this is our hundred treasure innumerable is bright, trades with the life, we do not want to yield, but thinks before everybody, with relationship of hundred treasure, decided finally that making half monster island here implement autonomous, I stated clearly with everybody, this is our hundred treasure finally bottom lines, you several. The large clans later were the same with other small that hundred treasure governed, like just Palestinian Patriarch, wants to work as the king of these half monster island, treated as an equal with hundred treasure, that was impossible, our hundred treasure were the loss in big, these half monster island stilling, therefore I asked everybody well to think our propositions.” Said that Zhao Hai has closed the eye, in speaking, the time that Mu Yu and Zhao Hai coordinate grew, nature understand Zhao Hai what is this, Zhao Hai appears on performance strong of , must sing that black face, but now needs him to sing that white face, therefore his immediately/on horseback said : Patriarch, in these time has the sincerity really very much, by the second half monster island here matter, our hundred treasure will be will not inquire about, when you will see our hundred treasure forcefully inserted under the hand/subordinate small the internal thing? Right, moreover after several become my hundred treasure subordinate small, but can also trade with our hundred treasure, or to all domain coming up smelting trials that hundred treasure govern, this regarding everybody may be the good matter, what does everybody have not to agree?” That several Patriarch looked at one mutually, saw a heart movement from the opposite party eye, to be honest, these Patriarch very clear, their strengths have not managed Law Idol to compare with hundred treasure, now hundred treasure can make such concession, this has let their very happy, if they were proposing that anything requests, that somewhat was excessive. They may not have the Lion Race that big ambition, wants to work as the king of these half monster island, they very sober, knows that this is impossible, therefore they basically agreed the autonomous means that hundred treasure propose. However now they want to look at manner of hundred treasure to Lion Race, must say that their ambition does not have that is fake, they do not want every year income, on to give hundred treasure some, but Lion Race these time fights, happen to have become the a piece touchstone, several manage Patriarch of clan to have a look, how hundred treasure must handle Lion Race this matter, if good of hundred treasure processing, that nature is needless saying that what they became hundred treasure subordinate are not good, if it is not dealt with properly, that they did not mind noisy. ** And so on. Hu Quan looks at that several Patriarch complexion, general understand their ideas, therefore he first open the mouth and said: Mu Yu mister, Mr. Zhao Hai, the proposition of hundred treasure, we are agreed that but this is an important matter, after we want in the returned to clan, in the elders with clan discussed that does not know that two mister can agree?” Mu Yu turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, meaning that presently Zhao Hai do not speak, his then nod said : „, this truly was not a minor matter, so I did not keep several Patriarch, but I hope that can hear several Patriarch good information as soon as possible.” As soon as Hu Quan several people listened to Mu Yu saying that immediately has stood, they saluted to Mu Yu and Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai had also opened the eye at this time, sent out Yama Ship several Patriarch with Mu Yu together. How many Patriarch after having packed off, Mu Yu and Zhao Hai returned to in the cabin, Mu Yu look at Zhao Hai, has frowned said : Little Hai, you said that what meaning they are? Agreed in principle, but must discuss that this didn't clarify is shirking? Do they want to do?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : they to have a look at our manner, the Lion Race person such noisy matter, moreover shouted that must work as the king of such slogan of half monster island, if we do not make the strong counter-attack, their this agreed in principle that immediately will turn did not agree, how therefore we process the Lion Race person, has become the key, they want to take a look at the situation in the doing next step plan.” Mu Yu knit the brows said : these fellows, is one by one sly, Little Hai, you said how we then do want to do?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : do not worry, the Lion Race person dares so rampant, certainly has relied on, happen, we give him to make them prepare some time, then catches the whole lot in a dragnet them.” Mu Yu knit the brows said : this to fear that is some difficulties, half monster island here although is nine big Monster Race control, but their these Monster Race are actually come from with an Interface, but in that Interface, they is also divided into the nine generations, but to enter to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, therefore alliance, as the matter stands is we expels the ten-thousand realms battlefield Lion Race, they can come back, cannot like other Interface, one be expelled the ten-thousand realms battlefield, for a long time does not come back.” Zhao Hai two eyes twinkling brightly said : such is better, we take this Lion Race to set up the prestige, not only need cope to keep the ten-thousand realms battlefield here Lion Race person, but must chase down their Interface to go, eradicates entire Lion Race, otherwise, nobody will fear your.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Yu cannot help but stares, then his does complexion change said : this can be good? Chases down their Interface to go, there may be their domains.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to worry, prepares among places, then we give him to come thunder-like strike, will surely give to tidy up them.” Mu Yu look at Zhao Hai can said : destroy completely Lion Race really? But the Lion Race population are many.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not made noise, Mu Yu suddenly has remembered Zhao Hai in hand these Undead Creature, he in making noise, Zhao Hai in hand these Undead Creature, has been possible to be the homicide person must come, light he knows crosses hundred thousand, can look at Zhao Hai killing aura to have from this point multiple. Mu Yu has smiled bitterly next step: I really feel to be a pity for these Monster Race now that I so was at that time polite to them, they actually pay no attention to me, finally killed the star hoping your this, now was good, he he, hopes after this matter, they will not regret.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this not to have the matter of means that later the feather elder brother you must become hundred treasure helmsmen, killing aura was too heavy was not good, therefore this matter, only then I did.”

Mu Yu smiled has not spoken, but he had thought that Zhao Hai is more suitable than to govern hundred treasure him, but he has not said now, Mu Yu does not want to be too many, he who this matter year said turns the head to hope that to Zhao Hai said : matter quick solution of here, I soon entered Immortal Stage now, because actually this matter has dragged me not to have the means to enter Immortal Stage, is really hateful.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : was quick, waited to solve this matter, you can rise into to Immortal Stage relieved, when the time comes our hundred treasure may also be many Immortal Stage long old, I met your to you salute, calling you to wash long old.” Mu Yu white Zhao Hai said : rolled, you saw that now I don't salute?” Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;