Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1631
Chapter 556 double thread move together Ten days passed by, Zhao Hai they had not actually moved, but eight big Monster Race excluding Lion Race, in has not looked for Zhao Hai for a while they. But these ten days of times , the activity of Lion Race person very frequent, has connected other eight, but other eight also had some meanings of moving, some petty actions are unceasing. These looked by Zhao Hai in a Shanghai, but he has not moved, he wants to have a look at these people also to toss about anything to come, what most important is, he wants to know why the Lion Race person fights with hundred treasure houses. These ten days of surveillance also really made Zhao Hai present some thing, had Human Race cultivator to contact with the Lion Race person, moreover planned that supported them to do against with hundred treasure. In Zhao Hai tracked that cultivator after the Liquid Silver needle, actually presently that cultivator unexpectedly is place of here chaotic war, with person who hundred treasure neighboring several Interface send. This presently arrives makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised, hundred treasure now with that several Interface or the allies, have not thought turns the head, that several Interface coped with hundred treasure, really did not have what genuine ally in Cultivation World. Now Zhao Hai knows that taking advantage of Lion Race person was anything, he will be naturally impolite with master clansman, moreover ten days, also almost should move, what performance these Monster Race should be, displayed, should let they sober time. Those who make Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is, Fox Clan these time with Lion Race relationship made that actually very stiff, Zhao Hai even knows that Bath release words come, so long as he has become the king of half monster island, expels half monster island Fox Clan. Zhao Hai and Mu Yu sit in the cabin, he told Mu Yu the acquired these information, after Mu Yu has listened, turned the head to smile said : you to decide to Zhao Hai to begin now?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : these clown to jump to the onstage came, naturally must begin, he he, I also really had a look, if these fellows know after we Lion Race person to destroying completely, what expression will have.”

Mu Yu coldly snorted said : „the fellows of these Wuqing/ruthless non- righteousness, sooner or later one day must extinguish them.” Was saying, a suddenly signalling jade sword flew, has flown nearby Mu Yu , Mu Yu received the signalling jade sword, spiritual force sweeps inside content, cannot help but showed a faint smile said : a little meaning, HaHaHa, come, Little Hai, you also had a look.” Said that has given Zhao Hai the jade sword. Zhao Hai received jade sword spiritual force to search toward, actually presently this is a jade sword of notifying, but to the person who they notified unexpectedly is Hu Quan. Zhao Hai has given Mu Yu the jade sword, showed a faint smile said : looks like this Hu Quan could not sit still, he with Bath noisy was very stiff, therefore turn around hires oneself we to come now, but this was also good, he he, we can high, making tuo that the status of Fox Clan person held Monster Race know that will have the advantage with our hundred treasure.” Mu Yu nodded, deep voice said : you told your plan, sect Ze elder agrees with your plan, but opened ten groups of Elder Assembly to decide that finally, Master also participated, was right, Master also made me have words to give you, said that your youngster came back not to be quiet, moved , then extinguished the person whole families, killing aura was too heavy, making you restrain a point.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : present to restrain also late, as big, the person of control this big, must to match, therefore he worked is just, could not have too heavy killing intent, under such words met make the people of person feel gingerly, does not dare to be intimate with him, but in hand of this chancellor person, wanted the blade, extremely fast, moistened full Xueguang the blade, this can frighten to be occupied by the enemy, you on were the person of that chancellor, but I on was that the blade!” Mu Yu sighed, has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : Little Hai, I know how you think, but you have remembered, Elder Brother I was not such person, so long as worried for hundred treasure, any I gave up, was saying, Brother you and I, but also divided does clearly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feather elder brother, your manner I know certainly, but hundred treasure are not your, is not my, the matter of here surface involvement are many, if you push my superior, that hundred treasure non- may not, not say randomly other, Mu Pai the person will not take me, because in the eyes of these people, I am a bystander, but you are wash to send the genuine successor, this point becomes from you Elder Mu apprentice starts at that moment, on seal in your, you are wants to change. Cannot change.” Mu Yu sighed, he knows what Zhao Hai said was the truth, nearest/recent looked for his washing to send a people to be getting more and more, he also noted this situation, although he has wanted to change, but he knows that he did not change. although he is Mu Pai the successor, but Mu Pai is not can calculate that relationship that in aspects he said that must consider. The Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu appearance, showed a faint smile said : good the feather elder brother, do not think that many, Immortal Stage Expert in clan when? This time we are the double thread move, first sends some Immortal Stage Expert to submerge Lion Race den there, is moving from their den there half monster island here, eradicates Lion Race, even if cannot butcher the Lion Race people, we must butcher their Expert, the remaining Lion Race people, we can give Fox Clan to cope, making Fox Clan our hundred treasure most faithful dog foot.” Mu Yu he he the chuckle got up said : feel relieved, in has prepared, momentarily can send the Immortal Stage elder to come, altogether 1000 people.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to need that anxiously, Lion Race Immortal Stage Expert although are many, but in addition is about several hundred people, butchers them to be very relaxed, the person in notice comes, we move.” Mu Yu nodded, has put out the signalling jade sword, sent the letter to hundred treasure, before long signalling on Yama Ship is flashing, these Immortal Stage Expert. After waiting for these people to arrive, Zhao Hai immediately got them to arrive at another Transmission Formation there, the place that his look at these Immortal Stage Expert said : all Elders, this time you must go, outside the ten-thousand realms battlefield, was the Lion Race domain, there now only then less than 100 Immortal Stage Expert, but you must go to 500 individuals, to did not say that these Lion Race Expert were fierce, but was I feared that other Monster Race will send Expert to help the Lion Race person, the person who therefore you went to were certainly many, moreover must earliest possible time control good Transmission Formation, only control Transmission Formation on be able, so that you could come back. With other Transmission Formation, must the earliest possible time ruin, this can not make other Monster Race rescue Lion Race, after there, I asked all Elders to probably keep the hand surely, no matter Sir or child, no matter there is a rebel ability, all people must die, did not remain, I will send some Undead Creature in the past, if all Elders could not start, made these Undead Creature start, in brief, killed!” These Immortal Stage Expert one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares, then several people mutually looked at one, saw a shock from the opposite party eye, they have not thought that really killing aura unexpectedly such heaviness of Zhao Hai, actually wants not a chicken or a dog left. However these Immortal Stage Expert nodded, this time they must obey the arrangement of Zhao Hai in the order that in receives, is adding on them to know the Zhao Hai status, therefore they do not have any disaffection, quick has selected 500 individuals. Zhao Hai turns the head and other elder motions to other Immortal Stage Expert said :, our here also immediately/on horseback moves, everybody is also sits Transmission Formation to go to Lion Race encampment, is the same, in Lion Race encampment there, no matter you see that battalion of people, do not keep the hand, kills, does not remain, but Lion Race in half monster island here encampment there, about four hundred Immortal Stage Expert, the it only 300 people are the Lion Race person, 100 people are Human Race Expert, status everyone/Great Clan of these person does not use the tube, so long as kills on is.” These Immortal Stage Expert also nodded, Zhao Hai turns the head to Mu Yu said : besides Immortal Stage Expert, Lion Race in half monster island here also near forty thousand armies, this gives me to process, in brief, must destroy completely Lion Race.” Mu Yu nodded said : well, your feel relieved was good, on the ship also ten thousand cultivator, are our hundred treasure elites, these days they had been bursting with energy, happen to makes them kill independently greatly.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, your everyone/Great Clan from Yama Ship previous in the past, later I , was the same, to Lion Race encampment there, has occupied Transmission Formation first, ruined their Transmission Formation, was moving.” Mu Yu nodded said : well, gives me.” Arranged, Zhao Hai pointed at that two fully to stand over a hundred people of big shape Transmission Formation Dao: Starts.” These Immortal Stage Expert to have not worried, to Immortal Stage, many matters they looked very much opened, but Zhao Hai issues an order, they have not delayed, immediately stepped on Transmission, white light flashed, two Transmission Formation simultaneously have worked, a batch group of people disappeared in Transmission Formation.

Before long these ordinary cultivator on Yama Ship also got up Transmission Formation, went to Lion Race encampment, Mu Yu went first, Zhao Hai must go finally. These cultivator have not made noise, killing aura of each and every one face, these cultivator with Mu Yu in half monster island these 50% time, but has not been short by these Monster Race air/Qi, gets so far as finally, is not hundred people of together exits, they will have the danger, this aggrieved feeling, they have never had. Currently finally has opportunity to revenge, they are certainly impatient. But Zhao Hai closing one's eyes has stood in Transmission Formation side, actually he has been paying attention to the Lion Race den and encampment there situation, very smooth, after all that Lion Race den there carries on is 500 Immortal Stage Expert, after the Lion Race den, first has occupied Transmission Formation, then slaughters. Immortal Stage Expert that Lion Race den there remains behind also gets up rebel, because the population are too few, their rebel are also useless, by hundred treasure Immortal Stage Expert sphering. Now Zhao Hai a beginning has sent Undead Creature toward Lion Race den there, these Undead Creature strengths are good, moreover Zhao Hai also made them be joined to the spear|gun, what most important was, in these Undead Creature, but also existence of having a mind prison old person. Heart prison old person although turned into Undead Creature, however his strength still, Zhao Hai these time does not make him go to there to kill many people, but makes him go to there to assume personal command, if really has any suddenly situation, has such big Expert, will deal simply. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;