Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1632
Chapter 557 able to move unhindered round trip Bath these days is anxious is excited, what is anxious is he feared that hundred treasure lean really attacks him fully, he definitely hits hundred treasure, but what excited is, if this time matter has become, he really can become the king of half monster island. initially that several Human Race cultivator found his time, Bath happy, he believes really very much that several Human Race cultivator reason, is that several Human Race cultivator status, that several Human Race cultivator, is around hundred treasure several big representatives, reason that they make Bath do against with hundred treasure, must make half monster island here chaotic, lets hundred treasure because of hundred treasure here matters, does not have the flaw it, therefore. Now around hundred treasure that several cultivator, looked, the strengths of hundred treasure are getting stronger and stronger, if they are not finding the way to cope with hundred treasure, when hundred treasure strengths strong to a certain degree, that hundred treasure will certainly cope with them, is this sense of crisis, therefore these talented people wholeheartedly is thinking must cope with hundred treasure. But Bath also really very much has the ambition, therefore both sides is a racket already gather, by that several big support Lion Race, making Bath do against with hundred treasure. This plan started to receive half monster island in hundred treasure to start to implement soon, therefore Mu Yu they will feel in half monster island here difficult. Most from the beginning passes through copes with hundred treasure is Lion Race, Lion Race in half monster island here prestige is very high, in additional first half monster island here several big Monster Race, has had other families to rule them very repugnantly, therefore several big by Lion Race convincing, agreed that copes with hundred treasure with Lion Race together, exerts pressure to hundred treasure. Naturally Lion Race to several big Monster Race had not said that they want ** matter, they said that must make hundred treasure implement half monster island autonomous, this is also several big Monster Race wants, therefore several big Monster Race agreed. Several big Monster Race may not have that several big to support in the back, they do not dare to have the Lion Race that big ambition, wants to treat as an equal this matter several big Monster Race with hundred treasure not to think, Bath saw clearly this point, therefore he said that must make half monster island here autonomous, but had not said that wants **. That several big also has to think, must simultaneously support several big Monster Race, making several big Monster Race together cause trouble with hundred treasure, several big in contact before Lion Race, has sent for adjusting checked several big Monster Race, in several big Monster Race, now strength strongest is Lion Race, naturally, ambition biggest is also they. Several other big Monster Race not such in ambition, if trade rashly with that several big Monster Race contacts, said that makes them make ** perhaps, that several big Monster Race will tell hundred treasure this information, such their plans may probably be finished. Stemming from such worry, therefore that several big only contacted with Lion Race, had not said that must support Lion Race becomes the king of half monster island, Bath then refreshedly complied. King of name half monster island enticed regarding Bath is really too big, he already wish let Monster Race ** came out, was not receiving Human Race control, now has the support of these big, his naturally very happy. He thinks hundred treasure are impossible to make Monster Race autonomous, but has not actually thought that because of Zhao Hai proposal, hundred treasure agreed to make Monster Race autonomous unexpectedly, Bath very clear, one, but hundred treasure such have done, that several other big Monster Race will certainly agree that but the fond dream of king of his half monster island must break. Because has such idea, therefore Bath, when sees Mu Yu , such impolite, moreover in the cabin with Hu Quanchao, was blurts to say own ambition.

In the fact Bath somewhat had been at that time at a loss, such lose self-control, but arrived as the matter stands has given Zhao Hai opportunity, making Zhao Hai see clearly his true colors. After returned to encampment, Bath also knew this time matter not friendly, therefore his immediately supporting his several big sent the letter, making that several big support his some people, simultaneously Expert in Lion Race, adjusted ten-thousand realms battlefield here, prepared to fight with hundred treasure. Is making these preparations, while he also sends for lobbying several other big Monster Race, making that several big Monster Race also join in Monster Race ** in great cause. However obviously that several big Monster Race before him has said that must make words have no interest of king of half monster island, therefore also scuffles, that several big Monster Race is also observing simultaneously hundred treasure, what response looks at hundred treasure is, if hundred treasure are not smooth regarding the attack of Lion Race, they do not mind noisy **. Responded that intensely, possibly was Hu Quan, Hu Quan in Mu Yu there, worked as the surface of that many people to sweep the face by Bath, his can put down easily, the messenger who therefore he sent Bath directly gave to drive out, but Bath also because of this matter, said that if he became the king of half monster island, certainly extinguished Fox Clan. This saying does not know how to pass to Hu Quan ear, therefore Hu Quancai will look like Mu Yu to consider secret, the point that Hu Quan such makes, must compel hundred treasure to dispatch troops, he has not thought hundred treasure meetings want to extinguish Lion Race, he wants to let hundred treasure to a Lion Race lesson, weakens the Lion Race strength, making Lion Race not have the ability to cope with Fox Clan. But what Bath has not thought that supports his several big, now regarding hundred treasure really dreading, not only has sent many commodities to him, but also sends out more than 100 Immortal Stage Expert to come his here to assume personal command, besides Immortal Stage Expert, near twenty thousand cultivator army, otherwise Bath in hand strength, absolutely will not have achieved that degree. Also for this reason, therefore Zhao Hai specially will tell these Immortal Stage Expert, lets these Immortal Stage Expert, no matter meets that clansman, should not be polite, toward killing. in hand had these strengths, Bath had the energy comfortably, he thinks that can speak the last words with hundred treasure, did not have what motion in additional over a hundred treasure these more than ten days, this was makes some Bath proud unconventional, in his opinion, hundred treasure this had feared he, simply does not dare to annoy him, he naturally also felt that an intent was successful fully, also gave birth to a silk to flee unexpectedly the world heroic spirit. Now Bath is just thinking how must cope with Fox Clan, in his opinion, copes with Fox Clan not only can make several other big Monster Race see clearly his strength, in likely hundred treasure demonstrations. Is thinking in Bath these times, suddenly outside has transmitted one rumbling the sound of fighting, Bath stares, is angry, immediately/on horseback yelled that said : who does dare to come to my Lion Race domain to cause trouble?” Bath has wanted to work as Emperor, in his opinion, Emperor does not need to use spiritual force to examine anything, such really has ** share, therefore he has any matter time, is tells that making the under the hand/subordinate person do. He just shouted, a Lion Race person on staggering along ran from outside, kneels in front of Bath said : Patriarch, is not good, did the people of hundred treasure attack?” Bath listened to this Lion Race person saying that cannot help but gawked, then did complexion change said : „they come in? Quick, making the person defend Mountain Guardian Great Formation.” He thinks hundred treasure in attack Lion Race Mountain Guardian Great Formation.

As soon as that Lion Race person listened to Bath saying that put on a long face said : Patriarch hundred treasure to come from the Transmission Formation there type, killed first was their Immortal Stage Expert, these Immortal Stage Expert came to seize the Transmission Formation square, now is having continuous Immortal Stage Expert grounded Transmission Formation to kill.” Bath complexion crazily changes said : that also waits for anything, set all Immortal Stage Expert, must snatch to me the Transmission Formation square.” The personal appearance moves, flies outward, could not be seeing the unflustered appearance. Bath comes out from Cave Mansion, Lion Race Immortal Stage Expert is presently useless he saying that has supported Transmission Formation square there toward there, but Transmission Formation square there often hears the sound of intermittent fighting, sound very enormous, moreover Spiritual Qi overflows, understood at a glance both sides that begins both are Expert. Bath is inferior to think that the flashes body flies toward Transmission Formation square there, after there, he present, Transmission Formation square there by hundred treasure Immortal Stage Expert occupying, except for keeping dodges white light to deliver to beside encampment here Transmission Formation the a batch batch of hundred treasure people, other Transmission Formation were destroyed. Sees this situation, Bath felt that own head one has blasted out, his very clear this on behalf of anything, was not having these Transmission Formation, he thinks has been supported is almost impossible, moreover is he wants to run, cannot through the Transmission Formation leave ten-thousand realms battlefield, the returned to Ten Thousand Monster den go, if with travelling of flying, feared that will be sooner or later overtaking to butcher by hundred treasure. Bath eyes one was red, face upwards to roar, then the personal appearance in a flash, turned into a incomparably huge bleached hair lion, this lion very enormous, the muscle sticks out, the wool is thick, does not get angry from the prestige. This lion Bath true body, Monster Race , when changes the becoming true body, fighting strength is strongest, Bath this time fire, has come up to use the true body. Other Lion Race Immortal Stage Expert are also so, at once the Transmission square there hundred treasure people pressures increases. However after equal to 500 Immortal Stage Expert arrive at Transmission Formation square there, situation also slowly has stabilized, then Mu Yu their these ordinary cultivator, a batch a batch Transmission. Because Lion Race major support Lion Race these Immortal Stage Expert, the dogfight to together, simply did not have the time to manage hundred treasure these ordinary cultivator, making Mu Yu their smooth killing enter Lion Race encampment, fought with the Lion Race person in one. However because Mu Yu their here person are few, therefore also can only defend in Transmission Formation square there now, ties to oppose the enemy, is having several Immortal Stage Expert photos to hold in addition, this does not have the appears too big casualties. More than 10,000 people want Transmission to be unlikely in a short time to Lion Race encampment here, is good because of Immortal Stage Expert that this hundred treasure send, be more than Lion Race here Immortal Stage Expert, they can also branch out some Immortal Stage Expert, looks after Mu Yu they, otherwise Mu Yu they danger. After one hour, more than 10,000 hundred treasure cultivator, Transmission to Lion Race encampment, entire Lion Race encampment here also had hit finally to mess up at this time. Mu Yu according to the instruction of Zhao Hai, that Transmission Formation destroying, him was not worried about Zhao Hai unable to come, Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , he has is the method comes. Really, Mu Yu just that Transmission Formation destroying, Zhao Hai on appears in Lion Race encampment , he as soon as comes out, immediately release oneself all Great Magical Artifact also had the sword shuttle person, large quantities of Undead Creature, old turtle let out, kill toward these Lion Race people. These Lion Race people one had been perplexed by the Zhao Hai person, they have not seen such violent attack, somewhat cannot respond at once, is adding on Zhao Hai these Great Magical Artifact very formidable, Undead Creature is also taking the spear|gun, the coordination of sword shuttle and old turtle, these Lion Race person there can block, hitting is in chaotic situation by Zhao Hai, ascends the sky roadless, enters does not have the gate. Some Lion Race people and other cultivator also want to run, in their opinion Lion Race encampment is so big, Zhao Hai impossible to give to sphere Lion Race encampment, runs from other place. cultivator very much pities the life, when the present matter may not be, naturally takes maintaining life as first wants the thing.

However they presently have made quickly a mistake, when these people ran out of Lion Race encampment to enter, actually presently outside Lion Race encampment, stands was taking Undead Creature of spear|gun, just came out to be killed by the chaotic spear|gun, could not be inescapable. This situation rips the people who kills in encampment is don’t know, Zhao Hai has not thought must make them know, these by the person who the chaotic spear|gun kills, was already received in Space to turn into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai actually stands in carrying on the back of old turtle, batters in Lion Race encampment, even if has met Immortal Stage Expert, will be impolite, strength originally of old turtle strong in Immortal Stage Expert, now full body armor, naturally does not fear, these Immortal Stage Expert, uninhabited will be his ten gathering. With the Zhao Hai together charge also has these Great Magical Artifact, on Great Magical Artifact is also standing many Undead Creature, these Undead Creature in hand spear|gun also not to be trifled with, in adding on the artillery on Great Magical Artifact, the sword shuttle, entire Lion Race encampment one randomly has become pot gruel. Before Zhao Hai does not have appears , what Mu Tianbo their there resists is very laborious, after Zhao Hai appears , these Lion Race people one was chaotic, Mu Yu their pressures one light, was seeing that Zhao Hai kills the square appearance in there greatly, all person excited yelled, is brandishing own Magical Artifact, a rush. Before no matter the people of other Lion Race big, know that Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact was fierce, because they have not fought with Zhao Hai, could not be imagining Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact to have firmly how fiercely, now they are know that but they rather forever also don’t know, that such as the Hell common scene, having made them become the ghost, by killing, naturally, they will become the ghost finally, turned into Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature. These Immortal Stage Expert of hundred treasure, although has also fought with Zhao Hai together, the feeling of Zhao Hai so short distance Zhao Hai that formidable strength, this is first time, these able to move unhindered round trip Great Magical Artifact in Lion Race encampment, these like the swimming fish flexible free sword shuttle, to shock of person were really too big, many Immortal Stage Expert, look complex look at Zhao Hai. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;