Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1633

These people are Expert in hundred treasure, this arrived at Immortal Stage, their feelings. The vision naturally is also not these Divided Spirit Stage Expert can compared with. Zhao Hai although looks like has probably Divided Spirit Stage now, but these Immortal Stage Expert can affirm that his true strength, has achieved Immortal Stage absolutely. If in adding on Zhao Hai these Great Magical Artifact, these Immortal Stage Expert can affirm that they with Zhao Hai to, that finally was butchered definitely are they. But most makes them feel to be startled, is Zhao Hai that is only old turtle, these people are hundred treasure elder level characters, regarding the Zhao Hai matter knows that they know that is only old turtle is Zhao Hai was saying in the sea grasps, afterward he gave back to that to be only old turtle to put on armor, to be honest they have not believed most from the beginning really that is only old Kameari to be fierce, but they actually believe now. Just they had seen that was only old turtle make a move, Lion Race appeared true body Immortal Stage Expert, cannot step onto ten rounds in in hand of that old turtle, one was patted, such fighting strength, was really too terrifying. The fight is still continuing, but all people know that the Lion Race person ended, now was five side Upper Realm remaining 4 Realms collective make a move is impossible to save the Lion Race person, these Lion Race person although also in rebel, but their rebel, but wants to live some time, but wants to be found a road of escaping by oneself, because these Lion Race people present, the people of hundred treasure unexpectedly do not capture, did not accept the surrender! Therefore the Lion Race people of surrender had been killed, why this is also these Lion Race people also in the reason of resistance, because they do not resist can only die is quicker. Regarding Zhao Hai such procedure, these Immortal Stage Expert in a nose was shaken, this time may probably catch up really completely kills off, can Lion Race also exist from now, but also does not say. Ruthless spicy, this is all Immortal Stage Expert to the Zhao Hai present impression, originally in their impressions, Zhao Hai is a temperate person, on his face is always having the smiling face, is friendly to anyone, although said opposes the enemy, he can with vicious and merciless describe that however looks like in these Immortal Stage Expert, that all are normal, is not ruthless to the enemy, do you suppress to whom? However this time, they actually saw the Zhao Hai other aspect, the cold blood, with ruthless described Zhao Hai spicily insufficiently, a ruthless spicy person, not necessarily is a cold blood person, because you are ruthless, regarding losing rebel, sometimes will not start. Zhao Hai is different, this time he to set up prestige, to let Monster Race submits, his unexpectedly rebel does not remain, naturally, this is also not most important, what most important is, he also sent for the Lion Race den unexpectedly, this was must give the Lion Race root, such method, they self-examined unable to cause. Moreover understand that Zhao Hai attacked Immortal Stage Expert of Lion Race den with these say, No matter Lion Race there does have the rebel ability, do not let off, this is the performance of Zhao Hai most cold blood. Any race wants to marry presently, is impossible not to have the child, but child also frailest time, that feared that you now are exceedingly high almighty, however in the child, you is still only an ordinary child, goes to cultivator to want your life casually.

But the order of Zhao Hai apparently does not have the child of strength of rebel in view of these, He must let these Immortal Stage Expert understand, absolutely should not be polite to these children. To be honest, these Immortal Stage Expert hear this saying time, feels the back to be cool, ten-thousand realms battlefield here, many years, even if two clan battles, has in the big enmity, generally also in the ten-thousand realms battlefield here solution, expelled the ten-thousand realms battlefield to win the person. Naturally, half monster island here Monster Race is somewhat unusual, they are all race alliance get up, runs up to the ten-thousand realms battlefield from the Ten Thousand Monster boundary, if the Zhao Hai under cruel methods, that Lion Race will not resurge, when the time comes only trouble, but regarding the procedure of Zhao Hai such cold blood, is actually these Immortal Stage Expert therefore has scruples. No matter these Immortal Stage Expert are what kind , during fight of Lion Race encampment here near the end, all people of hundred treasure participated to the groups of other Lion Race and several big allied armies kill. Several Immortal Stage Expert also feared these people will run, when they fly outside Lion Race encampment to look, actually presently entire Lion Race encampment already complete was surrounded, let alone was a person, even if were a mosquito do not want to fly. Sees these, these Immortal Stage Expert cannot help but sighed, sighed Zhao Hai thoughts prudent and meticulous at the same time, sighed that Zhao Hai must drive kills heart certainly certainly. The fight altogether has been conducted for about six hours, entire Lion Race encampment, any non- hundred treasure cultivator, these cultivator all had not been massacred to turn into Undead Creature. Zhao Hai waved, all Undead Creature had been taken back by him, these sword corner also received, in this time, on Yama Ship white light is flashing, then went to Lion Race den there coming back of cultivator each and every one. These cultivator face are not quite attractive, but arrives does not have what loss, after all they are Immortal Stage Expert, but in den of lion variety is good to return very empty, simply cannot injure to their people. But reason that face of these people are unattractive, because of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai sent large quantities of Undead Creature to go to Lion Race hollow nest there, has carried on cleaning up to Lion Race den there.

Not wrong, cleans up, these Immortal Stage Expert, one to thinks that cleans up this word more appropriate, because these Undead Creature will not manage any old person and child and so on, in Leo clan there, so long as is the living creature, was almost killed completely. look at these Undead Creature unemotionally massacres the each and every one Lion Race child, these Immortal Stage Expert are felt really an intermittent chill, the cold air of back braves, they have not thought that really Zhao Hai so will be unexpectedly ruthless. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, Lion Race den there these Lion Race people, he has not received in them Space, that has not will, these Lion Race strengths are not strong, receive in Space to be also useless, keeps there also to let play frightens doing of enemy to use. After waiting for all people to arrive at Lion Race encampment, Zhao Hai looked at these Immortal Stage Expert one, has not spoken, but shows a faint smile, „ thanked all Elders to these Immortal Stage Expert said :, all Elders welcome rest to Yama Ship. These Immortal Stage Expert look at Zhao Hai that temperate smiling faces, how do not know, was at heart cooler, they of murder saw a lot, after the murder, calmly, they not rare, but like Zhao Hai, after destroying completely a clan, was not serious completely, they first time saw. These Immortal Stage Expert do not want to be dull in the Zhao Hai side, on Transmission Formation through Yama Ship returned to hundred treasure directly encampment, they came hundred treasure here matters also to finish up in any case. After these elders send off, Zhao Hai and Mu Xin are bringing other cultivator, sits Yama Ship leave Lion Race here, they believe that Lion Race here lived anything, several other big Monster Race definitely know, when the time comes their will take the initiative has walked, if they do not look, that is also easy to do, when the time comes Zhao Hai meets final Communication Disc, he does not believe that these people when the time comes could not have dared. Must say that hundred treasure in monster island here Encampment, that Encampment are original Divergent Technique remains, but there can only be Encampment, is not including camp, camp also will most at least have some defensive formation, that Encampment besides several worn-out Cave Mansion, anything does not have, Divergent Technique very long has not sent for this Encampment coming. For this reason, therefore Mu Yu they after half monster island, have lived on Yama Ship, but also because they live on Yama Ship, these Monster Race have not caused the big losses to them. Now Zhao Hai and Mu Yu stand in the Yama Ship deck, Yama Ship is flying at a moderate pace, a point could not look that just passed through a war. Mu Yu suddenly turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you said when several other big Monster Race can find us?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to be quick, moreover looks for us first, definitely is Fox Clan, Fox Clan really worthily is Fox Clan, astuteness like fox, previous delivering a letter time, he except for is reminds us, to the Lion Race disaffection, has not wanted to make Lion Race have opportunity to cope with beside him, he bets the future, he will bet us to win finally, now I must congratulate him, he bet right, he on became our hundred treasure in hand most faithful dogs, he bit, in the imagination now this slick is not. Possibly.”

Mu Yu shows a faint smile said : half monster island, later is our hundred treasure, after diameter this time matter, I believe that has not dared rebel in that Monster Race we.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : this hate time must hate, now under us the extreme methods, will save lots of troubles, moreover died these fellows, the total ratio dies our hundred treasure person.” Mu Yu has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : from now henceforth, the reputation that your Little Hai cold blood is good to kill, feared that must pass on, haven't you seen? These Immortal Stage Expert looked that now your look a little does not suit, I actually presently in their looks am bringing a fearing intent.” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said :that is not ting? Imposing, fears you to some there people.Mu Yu sighed, he felt that he somewhat was unfair to Zhao Hai, reason that this Zhao Hai rushed to order, must be good to kill the reputation that this, all the back came, this made his reputation be able to preserve, this equal to was Zhao Hai carries all being unjustly discredited, left him the advantage, how letting him not to sigh. although said that others fear you, seems like very imposing, but similarly, others also because of fearing you are hiding you, to feared finally links a friend not to have, this is many cultivator does not want to carry on the back the reason that the cold blood is good to kill the reputation, even if some Demon Cultivator, will not want such reputation. But Zhao Hai for him, for hundred treasure, has actually carried on the back such reputation, this makes Mu Yu feel sorry Zhao Hai, but how he real don’t know must compensate Zhao Hai now, now hundred treasure are not calculations that he said that he wants to compensate Zhao Hai, does not have that qualifications. Now Mu Yu only hopes one can the quick point becomes Immortal Stage Expert, can earlier obtain the even bigger authority, when the time comes he can compensate Zhao Hai well!!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;