Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1634

Chapter 559 you are alliance leader Hu Quan sits in own Cave Mansion, in his hand is taking two signalling jade swords, but the facial expression on face blurred is having a fear, afterward that frightened facial expression are getting more and more, finally is the cold sweat braves. The Hu Quan in hand two signalling jade swords, are the people in their clan give him, come from Lion Race in ten-thousand realms battlefield here encampment, another come from Ten Thousand Monster Lion Race den. although is two letters, however the content of letter is the same, the content only then, Lion Race was extinguished! This is not an empty talk, but was Lion Race is extinguished, was destroyed in ten-thousand realms battlefield here Lion Race encampment directly, all Lion Race were missing completely, in Ten Thousand Monster there, the entire Lion Race den was destroyed, all people were killed, no matter the Sir or the child, did not have a living witness, even if were these Monster Beast that Lion Race raised is killed. Sees such report, Hu Quan some have not been able to believe most from the beginning, sent the letter to ask finally, obtained affirmative reply, because of this reply, he will be scared. He has now remembered that face of Zhao Hai, that forever is bringing the face of temperate smiling face, the Zhao Hai words, his words perhaps are not heavy, but will speak of the time to visit personally, wants to come in him, to a Lion Race lesson also and that's the end, but has not actually thought that finally actually will be such result, directly Lion Race exterminating the clan. This is the extermination of the clan, was not other matter, Lion Race almost does not have the living witness now, even if had such several to live, simply could not make a name, moreover these people had better be able find a place to hide, if otherwise were found by hundred treasure, certainly will not let off them. Flagitious, was too savage! Had not heard in ten-thousand realms battlefield here exterminates the clan extinguish is so thorough. However Hu Quan can actually affirm that he is first obtains certainly this information person, because he and Lion Race nearest/recent some do not cope, Bath even said that must cope with Fox Clan, he feared by Bath planning, therefore to Lion Race attention. In the jade sword, Fox Clan that person had mentioned how Zhao Hai destroys completely ten-thousand realms battlefield here Lion Race, they have crashed in Lion Race encampment unexpectedly directly, outside spheres with innumerable Undead Creature, inside lived anything, that Fox Clan person was not saying, but these Undead Creature vanish finally, entire Lion Race camp along with it information, a Lion Race person did not have remaining, a corpse does not have. Hu Quan actually knows why does not have corpse, because of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, he can turn into Undead Creature the person, this point everyone knows that now holds, Lion Race these people feared that is was not only killed that simply, but also was turned into Undead Creature. Thinks of here, Hu Quan cannot help but cold sweat braves, some little time fierce one jumped, said loudly: Quick, prepares, I want immediately/on horseback to pay a visit Mu Yu mister.” Zhao Hai and Mu Yu leisure moving forward, they have been sitting in the Yama Ship deck drink tea to chat, Zhao Hai knows now the following some people in look at they, but he has not cared, regarding the response of Hu Quan there, he also already watched, now Hu Quanzheng full catches up toward their here, therefore Zhao Hai does not worry.

Mu Yu has drunk tea, sighed said : non- sea, your this tea also was really very good, drank than the Cloud Fruit liquor be also better, the Cloud Fruit liquor was helpful to practicing, but your this tea was actually helpful to the practice of spiritual force, good thing.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : has studied these days with teacher, may depend entirely on this tea to stare, now was good, finally was Minor Mastery.” Mu Yu nodded said : no wonder I to think that your youngster with more and more is suitable now, originally because of this that Great Magical Artifact uses, good, but Little Hai, you must many use the thoughts in the practice, earlier enters Immortal Stage, that is real.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I also early, to is you, you may probably concentrate on work at selected units to be good tightly, you are in front of the goal now a foot on difference that earlier enters Immortal Stage, has the advantage to you to hundred treasure.” Mu Yu he he chuckle said : this is not nearest/recent at the busy half monster island here matter, waits for this li (0.5km) matter to finish, my immediately goes back to close up, believes that can when the time comes certainly enter Immortal Stage.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, does this fight enter Immortal Stage to you have not helped a little? If a little helps, that was best, otherwise anxiously closing up, the exiting smelting trial one best.” Mu Yu annoyed thought nod said : you said that I also somewhat felt, this time fight for me advantage also was really many, presently present, if were only the practice, helped to be not quite big, should exit to try to practice.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : when relaxed, came.” Said that Zhao Hai turns the head the look at distant place, the distant place has one team of people, fast catches up toward here, Mu Yu stares surely looks, is his Hu Quan they. Before long Hu Quan arrived at Yama Ship outside, Yama Ship here also stopped, this time Hu Quan has not led too many people, but has about hundred people, he stopped outside Yama Ship, then a person flies Yama Ship side, bows to Zhao Hai and Mu Yu said : Hu Quanjian Mu Yu mister, has seen Mr. Zhao Hai!” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Hu Patriarch to come, come, please come up to sit.” In Zhao Mian and Mu Yu middle, is putting small table, on small table is suspending one tea set, but Zhao Hai and Mu Yu are sitting on the small table both sides multipurpose clouds, leisurely and carefree drinking tea. Hu Quan looks at the Zhao Hai smiling face, why don’t know felt that at heart cool, he has complied with one hastily, stepped Yama Ship cautiously, to the small table, Zhao Hai has put out the a piece multipurpose clouds, asking him to sit. Hu Quancheng hurried to become Kong expressed gratitude to Zhao Hai, this careful sitting to the multipurpose clouds on, Zhao Hai has taken up the teapot on small table, to Hu Quandao one cup of tea, this has scared Hu Quan, stands said : not to dare work mister to begin hastily, I came on the line.”

A Zhao Hai look at such Immortal Stage Expert unexpectedly this appearance, cannot help but he he the chuckle got up said : Hu Patriarch not to use anxiously, sits, depends on you to us to deliver a letter, our hundred treasure will not treat unjustly your.” Hu Quan expressed gratitude to sit, this said : mister overpraised, this is I should do, villain although wish makes half monster island here autonomous, but absolutely has not actually been separated from hundred treasure the heart, please two mister clearly see.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this point we are believes that Lion Race, they did not have what ambition, but some people have actually shouldered their ambition, these people do not want to make hundred treasure unfold, wants Lion Race to trouble to hundred treasure manufactures, what a pity, they were actually elect the object, the Lion Race person also really not qualified to bring to hundred treasure mistakenly troublesome, if chose five side Upper Realm also almost, what a pity five side Upper Realm were not they can please probably move.” Mu Yu he he chuckle does said : depend on them to use five side Upper Realm? Has a dream, said it, even if they really please five side Upper Realm, will bring many to trouble to us not necessarily, these person of that too underestimated our hundred treasure.” Zhao Hai smiles said : they to lose seriously in Cloud Sea Territory there, but our that twice do not have too many losses, under is in inverse proportion, was we were naturally stronger, now they cope with us unexpectedly, but also has used this method, it seems like had the words of time, we to can tidy up them, did the feather elder brother you look?” Mu Yu shows a faint smile said : and other opportunity, so long as opportunity arrived, is tidying up them not to be late, these fellows also felt that leaves place that does not suit, otherwise does not want Lion Race to tow our back leg in behind.” They look like probably in optional chat, is actually is actually striking Hu Quan, Hu Quan naturally is also hears the cold sweat to direct current, his present understand why Bath suddenly has that big courage. Before Bath with other matter Hu Quan of cultivator contact was knows, but he has not thought toward that aspect really that he has not thought Bath courage so was unexpectedly big, now looks like, this Bath courage was not really small, no wonder hundred treasure to Lion Race such ruthless. Zhao Hai looked at Hu Quan one eyes, deep voice said : Hu Patriarch, half monster island here can autonomous, but we actually need to make you establish alliance leader, later has any matter, we will tell that directly this alliance leader, by this alliance leader, told other Monster Race, the meaning of elder, your Hu Patriarch works as this alliance leader is very appropriate.” Hu Quan listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but complexion changed, but this was not happy, but was a dignity of face, perhaps others think that this was opportunity, but Hu Quan actually absolutely does not think that this was only opportunity is so simple, if he really became this alliance leader, but this alliance leader was hundred treasure gives him, his equal to completely hired oneself returned to hundred treasure, by that time, feared that is half monster island here all Monster Race will look down upon him. However this also represents hundred treasure is becoming their Fox Clan backer, then very much has the advantage to Fox Clan, if he does not comply, may offend hundred treasure or Zhao Hai, that consequence feared that is not he can withstand. Suddenly Hu Quan has only thought through the here surface curved circles, his fierce one has stood, bows said : thanks a lot two mister to lift to Zhao Hai and Mu Yu loves, if two mister think highly, Hu Quanyuan becomes this alliance leader, is hundred treasure potencies.”

Zhao Hai one hear of Hu Quan said that cannot help but he he chuckle said : Hu Patriarch is really a smart person, your feel relieved, we will certainly make you this Patriarch, but your this Patriarch authority is not very big, but is not small, if some people challenge the authority of person, you must be able to press, if you cannot press, we, so long as your loyal for our hundred treasure management, the advantage will not be short of you, Fox Clan certainly will become the half monster island first large clan, but if you dare to our to comply in public but oppose in private, Perhaps does the deal of deceiving both superiors and subordinates, then on do not blame us for being rude.” Hu Quan quickly said: Does not dare, two mister feel relieved, Hu Quan certainly be please loyal is hundred treasure management, does not let half monster island here appears any condition absolutely.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at distant place one, the distant place is having several black spots in the quick proximity, he he he the chuckle, turns the head to Mu Yu said : feather elder brother, it seems like these fellows could not sit still, but they come probably is a little late.” Mu Yu shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished, for they waste that many time in here, is is a little really unworthy, to put their horse.” Zhao Hai nodded, has complied with one. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;