Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1635

Chapter 560 Buddha visits In front of Zhao Hai face calm look at Cloud Sea, he arrived at hidden Cloud village now, the hidden Cloud village here scenery was getting better and better, now here was occupied by 50% hundred treasure people, moreover they regarding life custom of here, besides the appearance, they now basically have also calculated Cloud Sea Territory cultivator. But the other half is originally Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, now these Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, the strength was good, after their Cloud Beast passed through several times Level Up, now the strength is very strong, the Cloud Beast strength, their strengths naturally were also stronger, now these people majority are Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert. Their still everyday makes some duty, some duty are Cloud Sea Territory here, some duty are actually ten-thousand realms battlefield there, now many Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, are also very familiar regarding the ten-thousand realms battlefield there environment. Zhao Hai these time is to come Cloud Sea Territory here has a look, Cloud Sea Territory here the has plenty place was received in the Space map, but Zhao Hai wants to come to see. Now Mu Yu exited to try to practice, although in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, but Zhao Hai also real don’t know Mu Yu went to there, this time trying practiced regarding Mu Yu very heavy wants, can he rise Immortal Stage, looked that this time trying practiced. Tang Jie stands in Zhao Hai side, for these years although hidden Cloud village here turned over to him to manage, but he is majority of time does not stay in here, the matter that therefore regarding hidden Cloud village here, he knows was possibly inferior that Zhao Hai are many. Because these two years time, Mu Yu is busy attacking Immortal Stage, but Zhao Hai in Divergent Technique there studying, therefore hundred treasure here have any matter, will give Tang Jie to do, Tang Jie present progress also very obvious, this progress except for is on cultivation level, is at the manner place matter, now could not see Tang Jie that proud appearance. Tang Jie turned the head to look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you presently must become famous, ten-thousand realms battlefield there all big passed through had a nickname numerously, called Yama, HaHaHa, sufficed the power and prestige, heard that this nickname passed from Comprehend the world there.” Now Tang Jie also starts to manage Zhao Hai to be called Elder Brother Hai, but he to does not have anything not to be familiar with, to be honest, he worship Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai almost under his gaze, gradually arrives now today, moreover is not opportunistic, by own strength, how he can not admire completely. Zhao Hai smiles bitterly was nodding said : „, originally I have such a nickname in Comprehend the world there, has not thought of them to using in here, yeah.” Tang Jie laughs said : who to make Elder Brother Hai you so ruthless, one Lion Race exterminating the clan, such matter had not lived in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, you have actually achieved, admire.” Zhao Hai ill-humored white his said : did not extinguish them, remains is damaging, now half monster island there is good, Fox Clan is managing that several Monster Race, is dishonest, moreover I have made Fox Clan chase down the surplus Lion Race people, gives back to other Monster Race to order, dares to give shelter to the Lion Race person, the capital crime, kills the Lion Race person to enjoy, I must henceforth give to destroy completely Lion Race, to these dares with our hundred treasure make to a person lesson.” Tang Jie nodded said : I to choose the Elder Brother Hai procedure, these fellows do not teach them well are incorrect, not only now half monster island there was honest, under us these small is more honest, Elder Brother Hai, you are don’t know, now in many people regard the idol you.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : I have anything to be good, this feather elder brother comes back, feared that becomes Immortal Stage long old, he is our hundred treasure idols.” Tang Jie shook the head said : that not to be different, the feather elder brother by the object of trained, his strength formidable, everyone/Great Clan was worshipped him since childhood with emphasis very much, but everyone/Great Clan thinks him after all because of environment fantastic, therefore the feather elder brother so will be strong, but you are different, you come up from Lower Realm ascend, comes up to arrive at the present from ascend gradually, this is everyone/Great Clan most admires your reason.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : resulted, admires me to be also useless, now ten-thousand realms battlefield there, how other person referred to being uncertain says me, I did not care in any case, they are willing saying that said that I did not care.” Tang Jie he he the chuckle, two eyes some look at Zhao Hai of worship, then deep voice said : I listened to elder saying that nearest/recent wanted to give several other big lessons, because of the Lion Race matter, how Elder Brother Hai you to see?”

Zhao Hai thinks that deep voice said : gives them a lesson to be also good, otherwise these fellows will be dishonest, now the strengths of our hundred treasure, are not these fellows can compared with, we , if not reveal own canine, they forever don’t know what's the matter.” Tang Jie nodded, face extremely angry said : these fellows do not know old evil, we do not provoke them, they should thank heaven and earth, now also in turn provokes us, should well the practice their.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished, above this matter do not consider as finished, let decide that to is to Cloud Sea Territory here, I thought we must slowly launched to move.” Was saying, a suddenly signalling jade sword flew, stopped the Zhao Hai front, Zhao Hai has gawked, then the jade sword, spiritual force searched toward, then complexion changed said : makes my immediately/on horseback go back, said that had the urgent matter, possibly was any matter, I returned.” Tang Jie nodded said : well, I must leave the several days time in here, long time had not very come, to be honest, I also really very think here.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, then turn around walked. Waited for Zhao Hai returned to hundred treasure encampment to the center hall, has not waited for the notification, the sound that heard sect Ze conveyed said : Little Hai, came.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, walked. Entered center hall Zhao Hai presently, besides sect Ze with other elders beside in all directions, in the center hall also sits two Monk unexpectedly, these two Monk is a ash-gray frock, the medium grade stature, the appearance also ten people of ordinariness, but on the face is having thick golden color, stands in there, two eyes Heshi hangs the item, probably fell asleep was the same. Zhao Hai looked at that two Monk one, turned the head saw the ritual to sect Ze and several elders, sect Ze complexion was not quite attractive, beckoned with the hand, then to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, these two Grandmaster was High Monk that Buddha came, they looked specially your.” Zhao Hai stares, but turns the head to hold the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai to see two Grandmaster to that two Monk, does not know that two Grandmaster do look below behavior what?” In two Monk old that finally has opened the eye, his two eyes like cold electric same shooting Zhao Hai, although said that this is not attack, but that look is actually very bad, Zhao Hai although does not fear him, but actually slightly stares, where don’t know he offended Buddha. Must know that Buddha is one of the five side Upper Realm, strength very formidable, before Zhao Hai, wants to offend unable to offend, moreover he does not have any occurring together with the person of Buddha, has contacted person of cultivating Buddha, is Comprehend the world there Buddhism Cultivator, Comprehend the world there Buddhism Cultivator, doesn't have any relationship with Buddhism Cultivator of Buddha probably? What meaning this Monk such look at is he? That Monk looked that Zhao Hai remains unmoved under his gaze unexpectedly, the look has cannot help but glittered, then deep voice said : Donor Zhao Hai, today we look for you, asks for different thing for the looks like.” Zhao Hai stares, then puzzled said : does not know that what thing Grandmaster does want?” That Monk deep voice said : wants Zhao Hai to execute clansman Buddhism Cultivator Cultivation Method, your Magical Artifact!” A words exit / to speak of this Monk, sect Ze's their complexion change, how many people are the face by bad is staring at that two Monk, Zhao Hai practice Cultivation Method, what they and don’t know are, however Zhao Hai Magical Artifact they are actually know that is Might infinite Magical Artifact, these two Monk yawns beg unexpectedly, why? On the Zhao Hai face has actually shown smiling face, look at that two Monk said : this different is thing probably my not passing on dense? Why don’t know Grandmaster begs.”

Snort!” Another young Monk, coldly snorted, has opened the eye, what sounds queer, his two eyes unexpectedly is the red, moreover killing aura is imposing, such look, only meets appears generally on the body of Demon Cultivator, how can appears on a body of Monk. What depends on you to practice is our Buddha Cultivation Method, Magical Artifact that you use is also the heavy treasure of our Buddha losing, like this sufficed?” That young Monk open the mouth and said, his sound is forceful, such as rings the copper clock. Zhao Hai look at that young Monk, why has smiled said : Grandmaster to say Cultivation Method that I practice certainly is Buddha Cultivation Method? Why also saying that my Magical Artifact is Buddha losing Magical Artifact? What evidence two do Grandmaster have?” „The words that I said were the evidence, Zhao Hai, you dare to say Cultivation Method that you practiced, wasn't Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method?” Saying of that young Monk overbearing. Zhao Hai looked that was disinclined to look at his one eyes, deep voice said : two Grandmaster has really misunderstood, actually Buddha was our hundred treasure Comprehend the world Buddhist Sect branch, your Buddha should submit to our hundred treasure.” That two Monk complexion change, that young Monk coldly snorted said : talk nonsense.” Zhao Hai complexion changes, cold sound said : two said that my this is talk nonsense, the words that but I said were the evidence, two dare saying that you practiced, wasn't Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method?” A Zhao Hai such saying, that two Monk quite a while have not said the words, Zhao Hai this is clarifies with other spear attacks other shield, making them want instead to dial instead does not dial. That young Monk complexion changes, shouted angrily said : „the good sharp tongue young thief, suffered to death!” Said that a fist hits to Zhao Hai. That old Monk stares, then hastily said loudly: Junior Brother may not.” However he wants to prevent already late, that year the fist of light Monk, had soon hit on the body of Zhao Hai. At this moment, sees Zhao Hai also to proceed to shake the fist, by the fist to the fist, fought with the fists on the fist of that Monk, listened to creak one, the fist of that Monk one distorted, the wrist|skill folded. That young Monk face such as drop blood, but he to also unyielding, actually has not called one, but has drawn back, then put out medicine pill to eat. That old Monk looked at that young Monk hand one, complexion actually slightly changes, he too clear this Junior Brother strength, this Senior Brother although was impulsive, but the strength was actually very formidable, especially his fist, even if were Immortal Stage Expert, feared that cannot in the situation of meeting the tough head-on with toughness, his fist making into such. However on the face of old Monk immediately has flashed through an angry strength, does he turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : Shi Clan not to dislike excessively? Why injures my Junior Brother?” Zhao Hai look at that old Monk, actually suddenly laughs said : good mindless Monk, what's wrong, your Buddha is the lord of this ten-thousand realms battlefield is inadequate? Only can hit others, others actually cannot hit back, moreover you also seek my Cultivation Method, wants to snatch my Magical Artifact, this originally altogether does not treat a day of enmity, let alone I discount his hand, even if has killed him, that is also he has only self to blame.” Cultivation Method originally that an old Monk complexion paleness, his look at Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : you use is our Buddha Cultivation Method, your Magical Artifact originally is our Buddha Magical Artifact, we have the evidence.”

Zhao Hai one hear of old Monk such spoke of stares, then his did complexion change said : evidence? What evidence?” That old Monk coldly snorted, in hand has then put out a piece jade slip, he gave Zhao Hai said : you to have a look jade slip apparent.” Zhao Hai received jade slip, spiritual force sweeps toward, then on the face reveals „the evidence that very strange facial expression said : this is you says?” Old that Monk nodded said : well, this is the evidence, this is records from our Buddha historical data, this above said that you use is our Buddhist Sect unsurpassed Cultivation Method, Vajra bodhi Divine Art, but your Magical Artifact, our Buddhist Sect ten thousand change the Vajra earthen bowls.” Zhao Hai Ha Ha suddenly Xiao, his look at that Monk said : your I practices looks for Cultivation Method is any name don’t know, dares to say Cultivation Method that unexpectedly I practice is your Buddha, is shameless , my Magical Artifact, originally is Comprehend the world there, unsurpassed Magical Artifact of peerless talent refinement, you are writing anything unexpectedly ten thousand change Vajra earthen bowl such thing come, HaHaHa, shameless, was too shameless, I have seen shameless, but looks like you to be so shameless, I am the first time saw that today really enlarged ones vision.” sect Ze deep voice said : that at this time had not made noise two Buddha friends, our hundred treasure respected your Buddha is one of the five side Upper Realm, did not want with you for the enemy, but you so blackmailed our hundred treasure, was what kind of? When can it be that our hundred treasure, don't dare to fight with your Buddha inadequately?” Speaking of sect Ze to stand finally, the stern voice and appearance, this mild-mannered and cultivated elder, these time moved the real anger obviously. That old Monk one hear of sect Ze said that not only does not have an appearance of fear, conversely, to is one sneers said : hundred treasure to calculate that any thing, I told you, Cultivation Method of Zhao Hai practice was our Buddha Cultivation Method, his Magical Artifact was our Buddha Magical Artifact, others regarded a character your hundred treasure, our Buddhist Sect actually did not fear that forgot to tell you, in the group of coming, saw hundred treasure people who did not keep eyes open, dare to see unexpectedly we did not salute, I already conveniently him. Butchering, you , if not know the limitation, with him is the same fate.” Said that his hand turns, head appears in in his hand. Zhao Hai they saw head that this old Monk takes, is actually complexion crazily changes...... ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;