Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1636

Chapter 561 I hate to want crazily Mu Yu ! That head unexpectedly is Mu Yu ! Zhao Hai can feel, that human brain is not fake, but is true head, true Mu Yu head! Zhao Hai felt that own head has rumbled, he one lost the ability of ponder. Mu Yu is first is friendly with him, person who actually killed! Mu Yu with Zhao Hai is a good friend, to be honest, Zhao Hai to the feeling of person possibly is very temperate, however in his bone has an arrogance, not to imposing manner that anybody lowers the head , in in other words, he was beyond that type is supple just person. But Mu Yu is just opposite, person who some of his possibly performance some strong trends, however in his bone will not be most from the beginning good to kill, he will not become enemies with the person generally, only if this person is hundred treasure enemies, in his, hundred treasure forever is at heart more important than him. Because of Mu Yu the disposition, can therefore be together with Zhao Hai is so good, moreover became the good friend, Zhao Hai although wants control hundred treasure, but his also understand, Mu Yu later can be hundred treasure control, but he not, because this wants to cope with Mu Yu , he believes Mu Yu , he believes that Mu Yu after power, will not look at him, by that time hundred treasure also equal to under his control. Can say person who Mu Yu is ten points can contain the person, he can include the Zhao Hai all sorts out of the ordinary behavior, he can Zhao Hai that all sorts of the behaviors of showing off, complete is not serious, can say that he is the Zhao Hai best racket keeps off. Zhao Hai understand, two have skill man together to work, sometimes cannot make slightly, why, because there are skill man, likes struggling, but struggles is actually the easiest misdemeanor. Mu Yu with his does not struggle, contained Zhao Hai, must therefore say really that Zhao Hai very much admires regarding Mu Yu , he planned that perhaps with the Mu Yu long-standing and deep-rooted friend, one day also will make Mu Yu know Space secret. However now anything did not have, Mu Yu made the person kill unexpectedly, moreover head shearing, attained in front of him to demonstrate. Zhao Hai felt one one lost the ability of ponder, head that in his eyes, the remaining Mu Yu that were only sheared, on head does not have a painful expression, conversely, that head looks like very fierce, has probably the endless unwillingness to be the same at heart.

In this time, Zhao Hai suddenly is hearing a sound to transmit said : Elder Brother Hai, Elder Brother Hai, you awake quickly, you must be Mu Yu Big Brother revenge!” Zhao Hai one smart, one recovers, he has shut the eye, then in one time has opened the eye, on his face restored piece of calm, his look at that old Monk in hand is taking did the head of Mu Yu , then slowly lift the head, look at that old Monk, deep voice said : you knew? Your Buddha has made a mistake, a very big mistake, this mistake will make your Buddha break Dao doctrines from now.” That old Monk look at Zhao Hai that calm expression, don’t know why, his suddenly felt that he somewhat is at heart cool, moreover from this cool feeling from his at heart, the seepage to his whole body, he had been feeling one probably is an average person, when the big winter, naked body fell into the ice cavern to be the same. killing aura, that Monk can affirm that this is killing aura, he is not that type is a vegetarian to pray to Buddha, oblivious to what happening in the world Monk, his type person are also many, his very clear, killing aura is any thing, but this Monk can affirm, in person who he knows, killing aura that all people add, is inferior to a Zhao Hai person foot. Zhao Hai tight is staring at that two Monk, cold sound sound speaking sounds: You come was right, you will become Buddha destruction first and second sacrificial victim, I will turn into Undead Creature you, will turn into Undead Creature Buddha all people, I guaranteed.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, that two Monk also want to walk, but their suddenly present, own Chest suddenly starts to spurt the blood outward, they lost have avoided the ability of resisting. Zhao Hai turned into Undead Creature that two, then his look at these two person said : feather elder brother's corpse in that?” That two turned into Undead Creature Monk to say a position, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved vanishes. Zhao Hai vanishes, sect Ze they then responded that was mainly the Mu Yu death, regarding them, extremely in suddenly, Mu Yu is who, that was the people of hundred treasure fully trained, although like Mu Yu by with emphasis person of trained, in hundred treasure here more than one, but Mu Yu was actually in these people, most splendid, he has been decided as one of the hundred valuable future most puissant elders. Such status, any an Interface person wants him, must thinking well, even if easily the person who five side Upper Realm do not dare to move this kind of status. However Buddha actually dares, they not only moved, but also directly Mu Yu killing, but also attains hundred treasure to demonstrate Mu Yu head! Do they want to do? They think that hundred treasure are that everybody can pinch a soft persimmon? sect Ze look at anything no hall, numerous air vents, deep voice said : told the sky wave information, told all hundred treasure people information, starting today, hundred treasure and Buddha made war comprehensively, only if a side died certainly, otherwise this war forever will not end!” His sound cold looks like ices, this is firmer than that angry roaring, hundred treasure arrived with the aspect of Buddha undead non- body.

Buddha has not thought that can be this, they were too long, moreover before Buddha that in five side Upper Realm stayed compared several other Realms, seal, they had closed their easy life, but several other big had any matter time, ahead of time will actually inform to say them, like Divergent Technique and sword must to Weave Fire Clan began, ahead of time has informed them, has given back to their many advantage. This makes think that he is ten-thousand realms battlefield Eldest Child, you looked that I do not need to go out, why others must inform saying that moreover there is an advantage to send to me first, they hit to live to kill, I sit can receive money at home, what isn't this Eldest Child is? Because has such idea, therefore they when hearing Zhao Hai have used one type of very unusual Buddhist Sect Cultivation Method, in hand has one to be able transformation, can absorb other Magical Artifact strengthen their Magical Artifact, naturally wants to snatch, but at the same time, they want to care about their face, therefore they caused any historical data, person who then they want to massacre hundred treasure to have the status, frightens next hundred treasure, in their opinion, they make Eldest Child, has done these many, that hundred treasure cannot the little darling gives to deliver thing that they want. However they have actually thought mistakenly, their don’t know held a how big hornet's nest, this giant hornet's nest can make skeleton not save. information when sect Ze was killed by Buddha Mu Yu told Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo their these long stricts went out, simultaneously issued started with information that Buddhist Sect battled against comprehensively, entire hundred treasure crazy. Must say that hundred treasure these years are very sight, from press great Spirit Race to hit most from the beginning, to afterward hitting to fall face down great Spirit Race and Weave Fire Clan, were arriving afterward destroyed completely Ghost Spirit Realm, had the harvest in Cloud Sea Territory there greatly, even have taken back half monster island, have destroyed completely Weave Fire Clan, all these all, were the people who let hundred treasure, felt that the one type of sense of pride, you looked, your Interface went to war loses, goes to Cloud Sea Territory there not to obtain well, was having a look at us, the expansion that our domains keeping, in a big way had the harvest in Cloud Sea Territory there, on continuously very cow compared with. One of five side Upper Realm, made us give to do, our hundred treasure were naturally fiercer than you. Therefore now hundred treasure people, no matter arrives at there high to hold up the head, because they feel happy for their Interface, is proud, but these thing, invisible, has formed a cohesive force, making all people condense in hundred treasure sides. When hundred treasure just some proud, Buddha suddenly jumped, that slaps hit on hundred treasure faces, they managed Zhao Hai to want Cultivation Method unexpectedly directly, wanted Magical Artifact, but also the murder frightened hundred treasure, when you hundred treasure did frighten in a big way? You kill people kill people, you must choose rumor of one in hundred treasure to be extremely good, was regarded Mu Yu of helmsman to kill by hundred treasure in the future, this may, not only applied makeup to be so simple, this rode simply in hundred treasure heads defecates, moreover was thin. How hundred treasure can hidden, entire hundred treasure burn, even under these small Interface started to request a combat assignment. But regarding hundred treasure such situations, entire ten-thousand realms battlefield all Interface was silent, they have been looking at the joke \; second, does not dare to jump, they know, hundred treasure people now already crazy, if you must jump, certainly by hundred treasure doing, anybody has not very dared to take this danger. But at this time Buddha also received information, they first are one dull, they have not thought that oneself this makes Eldest Child, manages the little brother to want same thing, the little brother to dare not to give unexpectedly, but also dares to kill their people blatantly, but must make war with them comprehensively, but also undead continuous! Hears this information, the person of Buddha first is one dull, then is actually angry, they simultaneously declare war to hundred treasure, and accurate strength rescues army to attack hundred treasure.

However has not waited for them to send out army, army of hundred treasure left, this hundred treasure were uses must go all out with Buddha fully, in all good thing to take, encampment there has not left behind many people to look after the house, they the strength that can gather, gathered, has organized five hundred thousand army, was only the Immortal Stage Expert quantity, fifty thousand. army enormous and powerful kills toward Buddha, the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield naturally knew information, all big were silent, they looked, hundred treasure these time has gone all out, did not attend to the native place, all people killed, this clarified is, was not you dies is I lives, all people could look, hundred treasure crazy! But makes these big feel what is strange, lead Zhao Hai in this matter in the time of this several days does not have appears , he has not even moved with hundred treasure together, nobody knows that he went to that. several other Realms person don’t know, the people of hundred treasure actually know, after Zhao Hai had found the Mu Yu corpse on that day, delivered to hundred treasure to bury the Mu Yu corpse, simultaneously he was Mu Yu mourns by the side of the coffin in there, he planned that mourned by the side of the coffin for seven days to Mu Yu , later on full carried on attack to Buddha. But hundred treasure from declare war to Buddha, to dispatching troops, but has used for five days, in other words, the people of hundred treasure dispatch troops, Zhao Hai is still giving Mu Yu to mourn by the side of the coffin, naturally nobody saw him. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;