Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1637

Zhao Hai static sitting before the Mu Yu grave, his clothes oneself after changing into a white robe, Laura their several people have stood in Zhao Hai side, on that planet that the Mu Yu grave places Mu Tianbo originally minute of arriving, Zhao Hai cultivates, ten styles, but does not make widely known. Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu tombstone, deep voice said :. .com Seven days, feather elder brother, the brothers I should also walk, your feel relieved, I am certainly buried along with the dead for you with entire Buddha.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out three very long very thick fragrances, inserted on the incense burner in grave. Laura in a soft voice to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, prepared, 100 Great Magical Artifact, 1000 sword, 500 million took Undead Creature of spear|gun, ten hundred million Insect Race, ten hundred million Space Magic Beast, all Immortal Stage Immortal Stage Expert have not prepared, waited to move.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : „Since, I have been the low key have cultivated the behavior, because Tower of Babel following don’t know is standing who, because of behind of this ten-thousand realms battlefield, don’t know has who, these are the potential threats, if we display extremely in outstanding, these fellows will certainly cope with us, therefore my low key, only then reveals the a little bit strength, but I have not thought that because of my low key, competes however some people to dare the soft persimmon that I regard pinch casually, but also implicates Big Brother Mu, this is my mistake, starting today, I in the low key, have not dared with I am to the person, kills, Cai'er, Buddha there situation how?” Cai'er deep voice said : Oneself after preparing, Buddha all small Interface, including Buddha encampment, all places that Buddha was, oneself after arranging the Liquid Silver needle, has been able within the shortest time, person Transmission in the past, momentarily to begin.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Good, has remembered, Buddha encampment and Transmission Formation between Buddha do not destroy, I must these to know that has annoyed me, they are withdraw from the ten-thousand realms battlefield are also unsafe.” Cai'er nodded, look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Mu Yu grave one, deep voice said : Motion!” Along with issuing an order of Zhao Hai, several people also vanished in same place, the next quarter, themselves passed through appears in Buddha encampment. With Zhao Hai together appears , 100 Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, 1000 sword shuttles and 500 million Undead Creature. What concept are 500 million? Now hundred treasure in ten-thousand realms battlefield here are also quite good, but their this army five hundred thousand of sending out, compared with 500 million come, missed far.

Said that even if the person who 500 million will not practice, stands in there motionlessly makes Immortal Stage kill, if not make his midway stop the rest, stays dead of exhaustion fully him. But Zhao Hai this 500 million Undead Creature, in hand may take the spear|gun. Zhao Hai such does, only then a point, he must set up the prestige, he must set up the prestige to look to entire ten-thousand realms battlefield here, the people who he must let the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield know, his Zhao Hai cannot annoy. Regarding Zhao Hai suddenly appears , Buddha does not have what preparation obviously, they adjusted in the massive person hands from this Realm, prepared to cope with hundred treasure, because hundred treasure that five hundred thousand army were not saying, Buddha although had closed to confess Eldest Child, but did not have the idiot, thinks own inside person, can, when ten used, therefore they also adjusted the massive manpower from this Realm, defended in encampment there, person who prepared to cope with hundred treasure. Because hundred treasure are very far from the distance of Buddha, is adding on their these time to the attack of Buddha, anybody does not dare to help them, naturally, will not have anybody to tow ~ their trick/hand and foot, ten-thousand realms battlefield here other big, will look forward to look at these two big to fight life and death is good. Because of this, these big Interface will encroach upon to give hundred treasure, but does not make hundred treasure use their Transmission Formation, speeds up advancing, therefore hundred treasure can only bit by bit flies toward Buddha there. Naturally, these big Interface have not dared not to encroach upon to give hundred treasure, hundred treasure present is crazy same exiting goes all out with Buddha, if you do not encroach upon, that hundred treasure will certainly cope with you, these people do not want to keep off the disaster to Buddha. But motion of hundred treasure that five hundred thousand people, want quickly also quickly, therefore hundred treasure daily traveling schedules, Buddha is knows that because knows, therefore they will not have too many preparations, directly by Zhao Hai killing. Zhao Hai attack Buddha encampment, what uses is the main force on his hand, but small camp of these Buddha, Zhao Hai uses is actually the Space Monster Beast strength, he to has not vented anger these small Interface, he makes these Magic Beast occupy these small Interface Transmission Formation, making them not have the means to rescue Buddha, this was also enough. As for this Realm there of Buddha, is actually ten hundred million Insect Race that Zhao Hai sends out, Insect Race, was in history the first fight race, although is restrained absolutely in Space, but this did not express that they did not have any fighting strength, conversely, these Insect Race in Space, meets internal strife, only then can make entire Insect Race hear that Zhao Hai also turned a blind eye regarding Insect Race internal strife, because that was Insect Race maintains the fighting strength method. These place together move, Buddha definitely cannot block, did not say that other place, is his Buddha encampment here they cannot block, 100 Giant Spirit are Treasure Ship, what concept adding on 1000 sword shuttle that is? Also in other words, you can see to throw the place of day lid all are all kinds of Great Magical Artifact people, moreover its impulse returns extremely powerful. This Zhao Hai to deal with Buddha people, he gave in all Great Magical Artifact to pour Strength of Faith, let Great Magical Artifact formidable, at once entire Buddha encampment, by all kinds of Great Magical Artifact fully occupying, these Great Magical Artifact looked like swimming fish same in Buddha encampment able to move unhindered round trip, does not have gathering. Great Magical Artifact that person look at that in Buddha all over the sky dances in the air, oneself after was scared, they have to send Immortal Stage Expert to keep off, but simply is useless, that small point sword shuttle, must about ten Immortal Stage Expert be able to block, that type big say nothing, even if 100 Immortal Stage Expert also not necessarily can block. This to does not mean Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, 100 Immortal Stage Expert strengths, but is the issue of volume, Immortal Stage Expert is very strong, Magical Artifact that but they use, is not big, is adding on Great Magical Artifact to charge, that huge inertia also lets the head pain. Moreover Buddha here Immortal Stage Expert, simply has not dealt with the experience of Great Magical Artifact, even if 100 individuals blocks Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, actually cannot cause the vigor in one, then wastes on equal to.

Also is the Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact too strong reason, if others' Great Magical Artifact is impossible such formidable, in Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, that cloudy Yang lightning pond was too formidable, has really been adding on Strength of Faith, this can go smoothly everywhere. If ordinary Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, imagines Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact same to sweep away all obstacles, that is impossible, comes out casually dozens Immortal Stage Expert, fully can Giant Spirit Treasure Ship opening. However Buddha is also established Interface, is fierce in ten points ji of encampment here resistance, but is useless, Zhao Hai oneself after gives let out old Turtles now, is careful prison old person in in addition, Buddha here simply does not have who is the old turtle and heart prison old person match. Amitabha!” Saw Buddha must unable to block, suddenly transmits Buddha, this Buddha very long, listens in the ear of person, such as fears the sound to be ordinary, making the person mind tranquil. „Is young donor who? Why comes my Buddhist Sect this quiet place, violates this exceedingly high life-long abstention from liquor!” Was saying this sound, Cave Mansion walked out of old Monk from Buddha. Zhao Hai sees this old Monk, complexion cannot help but slightly changes, because he can feel clearly that the body of this old Monk, has given him the feeling of one type of very dangerous. Zhao Hai wields, all Great Magical Artifact and Undead Creature stopped, but these Undead Creature still entire Buddha encampment encircling solid. look at that blots out the sky, don’t know has many Undead Creature, that this Buddha people, felt that intermittent heart startled, Zhao Hai attacks Buddha the time not to be long, from his appears to the present, about two hours, but Buddha here actually oneself after dying tens of thousands he presently. But most makes them feel what fear is, person who these died, turning over has stood, then kills toward them, moreover each and every one strength formidable, with is different before death, this is these Buddha people most frightened places. Zhao Hai look at that old Monk, cold sound said : „Are you Buddha people?” That old Monk proclaimed sound Buddha said : Amitabha, Lao Na is Buddha Supreme Elder, is not spatial sees Buddha, does not know that the young donor is that people, has what enmity with my Buddha.”

Zhao Hai look at that old Monk, laughs said : Old Monk, your Buddha people settled on my Great Magical Artifact person, settled on my Cultivation Method, sends for snatching, but also kills my good friend to frighten me? Is this enmity, old Monk, this ten-thousand realms battlefield, takes the strength as Venerable, everyone, the matter that even the first person, must handle to oneself is responsible, your Buddha handled such matter, retaliated on do not blame me, if I did not have the strength, Magical Artifact was snatched, Cultivation Method was snatched, the friend was killed, I was speechless, but I had that strength, then broke your Buddha Dao doctrines on do not blame me, the ten-thousand realms battlefield, the fist spoke, does not need rubbish, began.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, these Undead Creature and Great Magical Artifact in one time moved. That old Monk looked the possibility that basic Zhao Hai simply has not stopped, he rubbish, the personal appearance moved to jump, then person in airborne, in hand has had several Hand-Seal suddenly, then outside his body, suddenly appears able to hold up the Heavens and support the Earth Great Buddha, this Great Buddha has sat cross-legged to sit in there, closed one's eyes, single palm set upright in the front, then fierce proceeded to promote. imposing manner very formidable of this palm, Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but complexion changes, because he can feel clearly that in this move of that old monk, has Strength of Faith. Zhao Hai the person stands in carrying on the back of old turtle now, he knows that this move is old Turtles cannot meet, his personal appearance moved, flew, the person from the sky stood firm, then a fierce fist strike left. That old Monk giant palm, on the racket on the palm of Zhao Hai, heard with a bang sound, the Zhao Hai personal appearance one to be patted to fly directly. These Buddha people, looked that Zhao Hai was patted flew, cannot help but cheering, but is quick their happy not to get up, because of them presently, these Great Magical Artifact is also attacking, these Undead Creature have not stopped! ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;