Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1638

? The weaponry projects on the present, even if Buddha person in the idiot, they also know that these person of Magical Artifact and Undead Creature are Zhao Hai control, so long as butchered Zhao Hai, that these Great Magical Artifact and Undead Creature will vanish, but before the issue is, they did not have that ability to butcher Zhao Hai. «» But now Zhao Hai is not been unexpectedly spatial sees a Buddha palm of the hand to fly to the racket, these Buddha people naturally are happy extremely, although many of them, don’t know this is not spatial sees Buddha is any background. When they think this time wind bo must pass, presently simply that matter, these Great Magical Artifact still have not actually been attacking, these Undead Creature have not stopped, but Zhao Hai will fly to break in the future, actually stopped in in midair. Is standing in that Great Buddha is not spatial sees Buddha also to stare, he has not thought that his Law Idol strikes, cannot how Zhao Hai unexpectedly, this somewhat stems from his unexpected. Zhao Hai stands in airborne, sizes up is not being spatial sees that Great Buddha of Buddha within the body, this Great Buddha sits in there, two eyes shuts, a knot executes fearless seal, is grasping lotus, on lotus, a Buddha top, entire Venerable Great Buddha also to sit on a scarlet lotus. Zhao Hai understood at a glance, this is not spatial sees Bodhisattva, this is not spatial sees Buddha to fear that is because this acquires fame, but does he achieve this point? Why does his outside the body meet appears one not to be spatial sees Bodhisattva Law Idol? Zhao Hai can affirm that what this is not spatial sees Buddha to use is one type of Strength of Faith Cultivation Method, just his Strength of Faith Cultivation Method, probably is brilliant some. It is not spatial sees Buddha to look that the first move cannot be what kind of Zhao Hai, immediately in time join child Hand-Seal, was not spatial to see Bodhisattva Law Idol also to move, saw the Buddha top that on lotus his in hand held, flew suddenly, then that lotus covered toward Zhao Hai. A Zhao Hai hastily fist strike in the past, lotus that but that flies actually very tenacious, Zhao Hai this struck cannot how that lotus unexpectedly, he one by lotus covering in inside, the Buddha top has then pressed above lotus, Zhao Hai whole person unexpectedly by seal to lotus. Zhao Hai felt one went to a strange place, around here was flashing Buddhist Sect mantra, simultaneously the intermittent fearing sound got up, was carrying on Spiritual Attack to him. Zhao Hai stares slightly, along with actually smiles, his understand this was by the seal, but he has not worried, this Spiritual Attack did not have a point use regarding him, perhaps before will have some uses, since has studied heart prison old person spiritual practice method, this attack has not used. However Zhao Hai somewhat was worried how don’t know outside situation wanted, his immediately has related Cai'er they, can look relate. Without the issue, he one related Cai'er, a Zhao Hai at heart loosen, then sneered, the personal appearance moves Space, in the flashes body, appears in Buddha encampment. Was not spatial sees a Buddha seal Zhao Hai, just relaxed, appears that suddenly presently Zhao Hai is actually handing over, his look cannot help but shrank, in hand Hand-Seal in the knot, was not then spatial to see the Buddha top on Bodhisattva lotus to fly, simultaneously open the mouth and said: Spatial is not already spatial, five know sees spatially!” Along with his voice, Zhao Hai felt that very unusual energy toward his body upper hood, then he felt one probably by one group of energy surrounding, his eye anything also looked at to disappear, his ear anything could not hear, his nose was not smelling the flavor, his tongue did not have the feeling, what most important was, his sense of touch did not have. Zhao Hai knows that this was his Fang Shi by the seal, five of Buddhist knew separately is, eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, but he loses the condition that these five knew now.

Zhao Hai has not thought really that this is not spatial sees the strength of Buddha is really ting is strong, method these many, can know his five unexpectedly to the seal. However Zhao Hai not startled, his immediately transferred Strength of Faith of oneself within the body to surround own energy to flush away toward these. Strength of Faith runs out from his within the body, meets these energy, seems like roasting the ice to be the same with the fire, these energy information bit by bit, Zhao Hai five are knowing slowly is also regaining the function. At this moment, his suddenly felt that he flew, but as the matter stands, that encircles is wrapping his energy, by Strength of Faith complete flushed, Zhao Hai then understand, he just when lost five to know the sensation, was not spatial sees Buddha unexpectedly attack he. Is good is out of the ordinary because of his body, is not spatial sees attack of Buddha, does not have anything to do to use to him, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves shakes, stopped. His look at that is not spatial sees Buddha, deep voice said : good, is really fierce, but stopped.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, ten thousand flying sword flew, was not spatial sees Buddha to encircle, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation Bu Hao, simultaneously in these flying sword also poured into Strength of Faith, then the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, toward was not spatial to see Buddha to throw. These time is not ordinary has contested, Zhao Hai has caused the complete strength, he has used his Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, he to wants to have a look, own Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, compared with is not spatial sees Strength of Faith Cultivation Method of Buddha, that is fiercer. Actually he also had just used Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, but he has not gotten up these Buddhist Sect Profound Technique alliance the use, simultaneously he has not used Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation. The Zhao Hai personal appearance proceeds to move, his body links suddenly appears one row with his exactly the same person, these people use the style respectively, toward is not spatial to see Buddha to attack. Doppleganger Profound Technique, this is Doppleganger Profound Technique, can Doppelganger myriad give to attack the enemy, Doppleganger Profound Technique that Zhao Hai uses now, is adding on other Profound Technique, the Buddhist Sect Profound Technique overlay, this effect naturally is outstanding. It is not spatial sees Buddha to look at Zhao Hai such offensive, cannot help but stares, then face changes, the in hand successive links seal, then sees is not spatial sees Bodhisattva Law Idol, the in hand fearless seal moves, one layer golden light has covered , was not spatial sees outside Bodhisattva Law Idol. However that layer golden light just appears , by Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation consuming much, then Zhao Hai attack arrived, all Buddhist Sect Profound Technique that this time he almost uses carry on attack, rumbling the attack sound is lingering on faintly at once, face of these Buddha people in one time changed, in them has plenty person don’t know is not spatial sees Buddha is any background, but some Immortal Stage Expert actually know that is not spatial sees Buddha is Buddha first two generations of Expert, moreover he in obtained one to withdraw Strength of Faith thing, this by his cultivation level progress. Very quick, very smooth entered Immortal Stage, then he has closed up, moreover closed up is several hundred years, did not have appears . Is even smaller than with a batch him with him a generation of person, already died during meditation, only then he is also living, but Buddha here all knows that he is also living , because his every other hundred years will open some Immortal Stage Expert lecture on Dao of Cave Mansion to Buddha, naturally, this matter knows in Buddha is also few. However High level in Buddha is knows that they know has strength formidable Supreme Elder to be also alive, this is also in Buddha the biggest card in a hand. Because knows that is not spatial sees Buddha, therefore looked at Zhao Hai now unexpectedly is not spatial sees under several times attack of Buddha, safe and sound, Immortal Stage Expert in these Buddha flustered.

Zhao Hai attack has not stopped, still one by one toward is not spatial sees Buddha attack, is not spatial sees Buddha although to resist, but Zhao Hai currently uses is actually Doppleganger Profound Technique, you lived in here unable to block there wonderfully, along with Zhao Hai attack getting fiercer and fiercer, was not spatial sees Bodhisattva Law Idol counter- [gold/metal] protective shield to be also getting more and more pale, finally broke. Zhao Hai direct attack to was not spatial sees on Bodhisattva Law Idol, was not spatial sees face of Buddha finally changed, he has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly formidable to this degree, now he was wants rebel also late. To say that he uses is not spatial sees Bodhisattva Law Idol, but consumes Strength of Faith, he like Zhao Hai, so many Strength of Faith cannot information, his Strength of Faith very few, just... Just that several times make a move, soon had consumed his Strength of Faith cleanly, now he is to attack, did not have opportunity. A Zhao Hai double hit several hundred treasures, were not spatial see Bodhisattva Law Idol finally appears swaying, quick was not spatial sees Bodhisattva Law Idol also slowly to vanish. In is not spatial sees that moment that the Bodhisattva method wants to vanish, was not spatial to see a Buddha blood to spurt, but Zhao Hai attack arrived afterward, was not spatial sees Buddha not to have no thing to resist Zhao Hai now, took over the seal of office by Zhao Hai and several Doppelganger attack on the body, killed at the scene. After is not spatial sees Buddha strikes to kill, Zhao Hai immediately him received in Space, turns into child Undead Creature, but Zhao Hai does not have immediately to come attack these Buddha people his release, but lets him in Space, thing of his meeting, records. But Buddha encampment here attack has not stopped, the offensive instead to strengthened, these Buddha people although are still resisting, but some resistances did not live. sect Ze and Mu Tianbo stand on the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship bow, this Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is hundred treasure refines, is not Zhao Hai, at their back, but also with dozens Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, this hundred treasure took own family property, five hundred thousand army, sat Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, vast dangdang killed toward Buddha there. although they are very far from Buddha there, but now Giant Spirit Treasure Ship mentioned quickly, moreover changing players inputs energy to Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, therefore Giant Spirit Treasure Ship maintains has been jolting the front condition. sect Ze and on Mu Tianbo face yin sinks can drop appear out of the water(water outlet) to come, this Buddhist Sect matter made them move the real anger, Mu Tianbo was resents yu to be crazy, his most proud disciple was given to kill unexpectedly, how he can not be mad. In this time, is following Tang Jie suddenly deep voice said : Senior Master after two person, this is seventh day, feared that was Elder Brother Hai there will have to move, you said that he can a person run up to Buddha there to give Senior Brother to revenge?” Mu Tianbo one hear of Tang Jie said that cannot help but stares, then face changes, deep voice said : has the possibility very much, these time feared most is angry was Little Hai, small feather equal to was given to implicate by him, he so was also good with relationship of small feather, how can not be mad.” Who sect Ze sighed said : „ to think that can have such matter, day bo, you said that behind this matter, can have who to promote? They are did not look that our hundred treasure are good, therefore makes cope with us intentionally, otherwise why Buddha does suddenly begin in this moment? Little Hai showed the strength is not a day or two, do they want to begin also early to begin? ” Mu Tianbo nodded said : this matter truly is somewhat strange, but I want soon we to know, our hundred treasure these time leans attacks Buddha fully, encampment there almost nobody guards, if some people must cope with us, that feared that will be will begin in this time seize the opportunity.”

sect Ze face did change said : that encampment there is not dangerous? Will some people begin really?” Mu Tianbo face upwarded deep sigh said : well to think behind this matter really some people, if had the person, he will certainly begin, these time could be said as our hundred treasure biggest crises, if Buddha dealt with some of our people to promote in the back, that entire some people end our Lair, will certainly have the family to be difficult to return by us.” sect Ze turns the head look at Mu Tianbo said : day bo, you are not such crude person, why these time agreed that the entire clan did send out?” Mu Tianbo deep voice said : „, because I am confident to our hundred treasure, I believe that we do one with Buddha, has revenged, there is means to snatch our encampment, must let hide in the back enemy comes, if makes him hide in the back, then to our dangers.” sect Ze sighed, although he agreed with the view of Mu Tianbo, but he thinks that the Mu Tianbo procedure extremely in take risking, he has not thought hundred treasure really can hitting to fall face down Buddha. However sect Ze has understood Mu Tianbo, disciple that no matter what who most settles on was killed, will be crazy, Mu Tianbo. Mu Tianbo also knows Dao Sect Ze in thinking anything, he also truly like sect Ze thinks, reason that he agreed that this entire clan sends out to cope with Buddha, half to have a look at some back people of this matter is doing strangely, other half to report the dead/die enmity, he must be Mu Yu revenges. In this time, signalling jade sword appears in the Mu Tianbo front, a Mu Tianbo close jade sword, spiritual force was searching toward, then face changes, coldly snorted, on face appears fierce . Mu Tianbo has given the impression of person to be mild-mannered and cultivated, fierce first time of one face like the present, sect Ze they stares, sect Zegeng received the Mu Tianbo in hand jade sword, spiritual force searched toward , is also face changes, then his face is also a paleness, seems like not better than Mu Tianbo many. Tang Jie looks at their appearances, at heart some fears, but emboldens said : Senior Master, What happened? Mu Tianbo coldly snorted said : around us that several big, was calling we come out, dispatched troops to occupy our hundred treasure encampment, these small Interface people, have surrendered, but they surrendered are I arrange beforehand, I have told them, if hundred treasure here by others attack, they can surrender, but must pass on information to us, look information came.” Tang Jie one hear of Mu Tianbo said that is also face changes, then he cursed angrily said : bastard, these bastards! They want to say that the fire takes by force! I extinguished certainly them!” Mu Tianbo coldly snorted said : just wait, they jumped clatter several days, when we withdrew troops, wanted them to be attractive.” Was saying another jade sword stopped him, Mu Tianbo received the jade sword, spiritual force searched toward.!. Looks without the advertisement welcome to «» Please share &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;