Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1640

Chapter 565 frantic looks wildly Lost the soul to sew on understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, he turned the head to look at a Buddha there preserved Transmission Formation square well, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, isn't your meaning Buddha this Realm there?” Zhao Hai sneers said : my Zhao Hai friend so to be good to kill, I said that I must break his Dao doctrines, does not make these fellows visit, they feared that is what forever also don’t know is ruthless.” although that Zhao Hai this saying said puts down calm to be static, but the back of mourning soul nail still really braves the cold air, Zhao Hai looked at his one eyes, did not have to speak any ruthless words, but was deep voice said : goes to these small there to be very smooth, there already by my monster and to control, you went to not attack you, but if these people dared not to surrender, you did not use politely.” Loses the soul to sew although don’t know what's the matter, but nodded, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : feel relieved, the here matter gives me, you a bit faster return to encampment, thinks that these fellows followed to arrive at our encampment to go unexpectedly, I want to kill people.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, their person cannot be inescapable.” Said that his hand wields, received old Turtles, then the personal appearance moved, vanishes in same place. The place that look at Zhao Hai vanishes, loses the soul nail cannot help but to sigh, said : these idiots, make Little Hai teach in a soft voice well.” Said that turn around returned to on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, then flies toward encampment of Buddha outside. Zhao Hai personal appearance next one already after appears in hundred treasure encampment, but at this time Mu Tianbo they also slowly came back, they fly, only walked for two days, received the Zhao Hai letter, then the turn around round trip flies, this round trip flies, compares must worry, because own native place did not have, naturally is worry, therefore their degrees quick many, compared with Zhao Hai also ahead of time returned to encampment there of hundred treasure, now has turned unexpectedly in the hand with the people of several big. In this time Zhao Hai appears , his appears , immediately release Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and sword shuttle, the old turtle also had these Undead Creature, Insect Race his these time did not have release to come, because did not have that to will, was only these thing, the person who tidied up that several big handled. The person of that several big looked that Zhao Hai this battle formation is fiercer than hundred treasure, frightened at once, these fellows had have fought with Zhao Hai, or had seen Zhao Hai fought, therefore Zhao Hai these Great Magical Artifact the places of formidable very found that naturally has not fought is timid first. In attack going all out of additional over a hundred treasure these person of each and every one, at once the people of these big somewhat could not withstand, why person understand of these big, the people of hundred treasure cannot come back is so quick, they do not want to revenge. Undead Creature that Zhao Hai appears , that blots out the sky, all these make these people feel that headache, in adding on that several big although formed an alliance, but this alliance is very frail, they do not want to be lost by their Interface are too big, after when Zhao Hai appears , they were defeated and dispersed quickly.

Hundred treasure relaxed has recaptured encampment, then army manifestation, these defended a various Realm people in hundred treasure small camp also ran away, among hundred treasure only in the blink of an eye all contended for own domain. All these seem like a comedy, but actually is actually not, can say that the plans of these big are very good, but they have not elected to the time, moreover they have not thought that will have a Zhao Hai such anomaly to exist, they should not in the Zhao Hai completely angry situation, annoy hundred treasure, therefore they will be doomed to be defeated. After hundred treasure here stabilize, Mu Tianbo they arrived at the center hall, Zhao Hai , in the hall has sat down, Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, Buddha there situation how?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : has destroyed completely, including encampment and this Realm, so long as can presently, a living witness not remain, there Transmission Formation I have not destroyed, if other person wants to have a look at the there situation, they will notice that they even can go to Buddha this Realm to have a look.” Mu Tianbo and sect Ze are the characters who person always becomes a ghost, nature immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, their complexion changed, they have not thought of the retaliation of Zhao Hai to be able the removing bottom such. Does Mu Tianbo turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : what that you then to plan?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : extinguished has dared to intrude on our hundred treasure that several big, swallowed the place of entire chaotic war, later ten-thousand realms battlefield here, only then new four directions Upper Realm existed, if possible, swallowed several other Realms, the unify/unified ten-thousand realms battlefield, was taking the ten-thousand realms battlefield as the foundation, attacked Cloud Sea Territory!” Mu Tianbo and sect Ze dull look at Zhao Hai, probably is looking at Lunatic, to be honest, they really somewhat by the frantic plan of Zhao Hai frightening. However they actually have to recognize, the plan of Zhao Hai be possible the success, because this saying is not others says, but is Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai strength is placed in there, he is entitled, has the strength to say such words. They looked at one mutually, some don’t know must not know what to do, silent some little time, Mu Tianbo said : Little Hai, I know that the matter of small feather is very big to your attack, the matter that but you said that you may, if wants, how this matter not to process, will have in a big way troublesome.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : elder not to need to be worried that this matter is only the hope unfolds toward this direction, to achieve this point, but does diligently, I will not act unreasonably.”

Mu Tianbo then nodded, then his deep voice said : when do that you prepare to cope with several other big?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : and other several days, when Buddha there information transmits, we in cope with that several big, will have when the time comes perhaps the one type of unexpected result.” Mu Tianbo looks at Zhao Hai is very sane, this feel relieved, he nodded said : that well, this several days you rest well, that several big we will be will definitely not let off, when has tidied up that several big, we must also receive in hand Buddha domain, I believe that Divergent Technique they several, should not dare to receive their in hand at this time Buddha.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to believe that they do not dare!” Jinu is Divergent Technique cultivator, his Divergent Technique very special, naturally also very useful, that is the stealth and puts on the drill, he can pass through a about ten meters thick wall, in putting on the process of wall, he can by his body optional moves a ten meters distance in the wall, but in the wall will not have any Divergent Technique to respond that is you uses spiritual force the investigation, you are impossible presently in the wall to have a person. Because of these two Divergent Technique, Jinu became in Divergent Technique one of the best scouting, his magic of making oneself invisible can evade almost all investigations, very mysterious. Jinu to own present status very satisfied, although he is only Divided Spirit Stage Expert, moreover is only one scouts, however in Divergent Technique there, does not have anybody to dare underestimated he, because of Divergent Technique there many information, was he investigates. But now Jinu is leaving Buddha the encampment not far place, he is at the stealth condition, his very strange, why Buddha a sound of encampment there point, protective shield, encampment inside situation has not seen clearly, but he has stood for two hours in here, had not actually seen that a person comes out from encampment there, this somewhat felt strange. Jinu is very confident to own magic of making oneself invisible, therefore he not like other scouting, where looks for one to hide, encampment of examination Buddha loses, he at the stealth condition, actually standing of open and aboveboard looks at Buddha under a tree encampment, because he is clear, if Buddha there person can presently his magic of making oneself invisible, he be finds a place to hide not any use. However now Jinu somewhat could not halt, two hours, Buddha encampment there nobody passed and out unexpectedly, this absolutely is not normal, but if makes him such crash in Buddha encampment, he some worries by person present. He can put on the wall, but regarding energy protective shield, is actually not good, although he can in the stealth condition across energy protective shield, but that will cause the fluctuation of protective shield, reason that he has stood in here, wants to wait to have Buddha people turnover, he good to go, such although will cause the energy fluctuation on protective shield, but will actually not bring to the attention of person.

Jinu is a batch arrives at scouting of Buddha encampment here, he draws back returned to encampment in hundred treasure, with several other big to war, left from Divergent Technique, reason that so will be late , because he does not dare too to leave early, if hundred treasure hit really in here with Buddha, he too early appears , will possibly be implicated, Divergent Technique does not want to make him too early, after all Divergent Technique with hundred treasure is the ally, but this time hundred treasure dispatch troops to cope with Buddha, they actually in there not making a sound. This somewhat cannot be justified, if the status in Jinu by hundred treasure presently, that were been more awkward, moreover they do not want to know that hundred treasure and Divergent Technique war the processes, they only need to know that the result was OK. Because of this, therefore Jinu has missed the most important good play, naturally, his also therefore protect own poor life, if he comes is too early, by Zhao Hai present, certainly conveniently will butcher him. Also waited for two hours, Jinu could not be waiting, he felt that Buddha in encampment lived certainly anything, otherwise not so peaceful, his slowly flew toward encampment of Buddha, he flew very slow, entering could not measure any sound, when flew nearby Buddha encampment protective shield finally, this took out a piece Stone to discard toward protective shield from own Space. That is only a piece ordinary Stone, finds at everywhere on the ground, cultivator simply will not look at his one eyes, but this is also the custom of Jinu, in his Space equipment will always think of such a piece Stone, where when he must go to scout, but also the don’t know front has the danger time, he will lose Stone, this sends out a scout to see if anybody is about. Stone fell on protective shield, quick vanished in protective shield, this cannot help but made Jinu stare, because this Mountain Guardian Great Formation is also divided into several types, strongest one type of to certainly protect encampment that one type of, can block the impact of Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but weakest one type of, did not make the bystander see encampment inside situation, actually did not have anything to protect the imperial ability, but obviously, Buddha encampment this Mountain Guardian Great Formation, is at the weakest condition now, anybody can go. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;