Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1641

This is unscientific! encampment protective shield of Jinu look at Buddha, in his opinion, this is unscientific, although said that now the people of hundred treasure remove, but Buddha shouldn't such relax vigilantly? Afterward he responded, if Buddha here straight has the person, he loses hu block Stone, certainly will bring to the attention of person, some people will examine that but anything does not have now, this felt strange. Jinu emboldens has flown into Buddha encampment carefully, entered to Buddha encampment he was scared, because in his front, appears stretch of ruins, encampment of entire Buddha had been destroyed! The brain of Jinu somewhat cannot turn around, what encampment here of his understand Buddha did not live, why here will be ruined, but outside information has not actually heard, even if other big 3 Realms collaborates to cope with Buddha, is impossible to make information unable to pass on to ruin? What did here live? Jinu could not attend to that many, he used spiritual force back and forth to sweep in Buddha encampment several, but his still living person not presently, not only person, even in encampment of entire Buddha, did not have including a living creature. Jinu suddenly somewhat anxiously got up, he resembles Buddha in encampment to resemble incomparably powerful Monster Beast, is staring at him, must regard food him, but his rebel opportunity does not have. Why melts understand not to have such feeling, but he can actually be able to feel that this feeling exists. Jinu careful toward the forward flight, is still not having any present, he jumps over rapidly quickly, rapidly anxious, probably some people are pursuing him to be the same. The suddenly Jinu stopped, puffing that he keeps, this is not certainly tired, because spiritual creates anxiously, but Jinu quick on calm, because his finally understand why such anxious because in encampment of Buddha was too static. Not wrong, in encampment of Buddha was too static, is just like the jet black night, your alone person stays in one does not have the light not to have sound big in the room, although that big in the room, only then you, you also know there only then you, but you meet not on own initiative feels anxious, is scared, even meets the appears illusion, appears phonism. But just Jinu was because encampment of Buddha was really too static, will therefore feel that constrained this is not spiritual Magic, was not any external attack, the one type of instinct of this complete person because of this, therefore is the Divided Spirit Stage Expert Jinu unconscious was frightened by oneself. Jinu calm one his mood, he now was not anxious, has not been afraid, but he actually feels the incomparable shock. Buddha is not small Interface, that is one of the ten-thousand realms battlefield strongest Interface, now the entire encampment here actually static pandemonium probably, this can only explain that Buddha matter, is in all person not clear situations matter. Thought of here, Jinu cannot help but worried, he wants to know that here lived anything, he all around look at in encampment of Buddha however finally is anything does not have presently. However Jinu actually felt where has strangely, this encampment looks like destroyed very critical, but actually gives him the one type of very strange feeling, has probably any thing, with this all around environment very does not match. Jinu stopped, slowly closed the eye to recall all in Buddha encampment, he wants to know, is what thing made him feel very fishy?

suddenly inside his mind appears same thing, the Transmission Formation square in Buddha encampment of stretch of ruins, their fantastic of Transmission Formation square preservation, was too perfect, has almost not received any destruction. Thinks of here, the body of Jinu cannot help but shakes, because he has thought another matter, was the past ten-thousand realms battlefield here insane biography, matter about half monster island Lion Race. Before half monster island, was ruled for a long time by Divergent Technique, although said that Divergent Technique did not have Monster Race on true coercive more than half monster island, but regarding half monster island there situation is very clear, they have given hundred treasure half monster island, to cast off a burden. Since Zhao Hai returned to hundred treasure there, hundred treasure cope with the method of half monster island, lets Divergent Technique greatly surprised, making half monster island autonomous, but simultaneously actually has destroyed completely Qi chart with Lion Race that hundred treasure treat as an equal, moreover heard that has not let off including the Lion Race den, this was really too astonishing. But now Buddha here situation, with some Lion Race there shapes, heard that Lion Race in the encampment destroyed cleanness of half monster island there, but Transmission Formation had not actually been destroyed, the Lion Race den was actually put down. Jinu fast to Buddha encampment Transmission Formation there, he presently this Transmission Formation square here, all Transmission Formation, one Coordinate, he has not seen completely the Coordinate. Jinu Station in the Transmission Formation square, hesitant for a long time, finally clenched teeth, falls on Transmission Formation, started Transmission Formation, flash of white light, Jinu vanished on Transmission Formation. When Jinu when a time can see all around situation, he presently went to a completely strange place, completely strange planet, his appears place is a very enormous Transmission square, but this Transmission square constructs in a piece of huge architectural complex, this piece of architectural complex looks like looks like a incomparably huge temple. Jinu looked at one toward all around, here is presently same as encampment of Buddha, the silent letting person somewhat is afraid, Jinu flew, look at in all directions, anything does not have, around this besides the smell of blood, anything does not have. Jinu has pulled out sniffing, flew following the direction that smell of blood transmits, quick he arrived in a Tallinn, this Tallinn is a pagoda, after having virtue High Monk dies, deposits the High Buddha buddhist relics the place, absolutely is Buddhist Sect sacred land. However has actually tarried Jinu to Tallinn here, because on the spire of here each pagoda, is forking a person, the blood of that person has arrived at the ground following the spire class of pagoda, the Bireuen beautiful fresh Tallinn, turned into a corpse forest. But in most deep place of this Tallinn, is setting up ten highest pagodas, these ten pagoda according to legend are Buddha ten Saints the places of Buddhist relics depositing. This Buddha ten Saints, according to legend is in Buddha the Buddhism Cultivator founder, ten people are fellow Martial Brothers, with doing obeisance in Master follower, afterward in Buddhist Sutras, understood the [say / way] of practice to establish Buddha Buddhism Cultivator [lineage/vein] slowly, but these ten people are Immortal Stage Expert, the according to legend ten people of lives, crossed one Yuan number finally in the same year same day same time died during meditation, only leaves behind ten Buddhist relics, was presented tribute by the posterity in the pagoda, in Buddha, ten Saint towers said that but that in Buddha sacred land in all person hearts. However now in these ten pagodas, is actually inscribed with the blood has violated my hundred treasure, although must execute!” Several characters have simultaneously added on a blood exclamation mark, looks like the blood drippings, killing aura is steaming. Jinu look at these time bodies of large characters could not bear shake, he has feared, but here Buddha, Buddha five side Upper Realm, Buddha ten-thousand realms battlefield most formidable Interface, was given to exterminate an entire family unexpectedly, entire Buddha feared that was a present living witness did not have, but on their sacred land was used the blood of Buddhism Cultivator unexpectedly, has inscribed such character. Jinu knows that these characters do not write to these Buddhism Cultivator of Buddha looked, because they could not see, these characters write to him looked that said accurately writes for all comes Buddha here examination scouting of several other Realms to look.

Jinu felt that cold air, has put from own bottom of the heart, proliferated his whole body instantaneously, let his whole person such as the falling ice hole. Jinu did not need to look, his turn around ran, he must go to him to all that oneself saw tell Horkins with quickest returned to Divergent Technique. Before Jinu in strange, Buddha cultivator these corpse there went, saw that several characters time his understand these corpses had feared that has become Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature. Zhao Hai in hand has plenty Undead Creature, this point ten-thousand realms battlefield here all people knew also because of this, therefore Zhao Hai in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, a Yama nickname, if thinks that these also don’t know Buddha these Buddhism Cultivator corpse that went, that Jinu was a thorough idiot. Jinu through Transmission Formation returned to Buddha encampment, but he has not stopped, with oneself quickest departed Buddha encampment, resembles there to have eats human Monster Beast, is pursuing him to be the same in the back. Melts does not dare to use Buddha Transmission Formation to return to Divergent Technique, because he feared that he does not dare to destroy Buddha encampment there any thing, especially these Transmission Formation, Jinu very clear, these Transmission Formation completely lossless keeps there, to let others sees Buddha this Realm situation, he does not dare to move these Transmission Formation, feared, therefore destroyed the plans of hundred treasure people, but was chased down. Was very far to encampment of leave Buddha, Jinu then let out a long breath, then layer on layer breathed heavily several tones, turned the head to look at Buddha encampment one, then leave in time speeding up. Keeps in Jinu leave, some people 's shadow stealthy appears around encampment of Buddha, were observing Buddha encampment, finally they the road that passed through Jinu walked, all people in leave, likely by the rabbit that the wolf expelled. The entire ten-thousand realms battlefield after hundred treasure returned to recapture encampment, does not have to have any motion to Buddha, some veiled criticism, naturally, are some words of ridicule, in their opinion, hundred treasure these years was some was too sight, now finally by person the face, they naturally were glad to see. By that several big that hundred treasure hurry along, some are not quite willingly, is preparing alliance to get up, is counter-attacking hundred treasure, they also sent out the person to want alliance Buddha. However after various Realm scout returned to various Realm, working unceasingly that ten-thousand realms battlefield here all sound disappearances is static, all Interface probably one lost the speech ability. Then spreads information on Buddha all small Interface, they have surrendered to hundred treasure collectively, when simultaneously one team of troops of hundred treasure in appears in Buddha, did not enter to believe in Buddha encampment, the population in this squad troops is not many, Expert are not many, but they that swaggering Buddha domain entire fighting, actually nobody dares to say anything. This information passes on, these small Interface of entire ten-thousand realms battlefield, one have spread on the bang, these small Interface had lived any matter to present also don’t know Buddha there, they may not have the ability to send out the person to go to Buddha there examination. However now Buddha there strange situation, even if information also felt that in unenlightened small Interface is not right, therefore has occupied Buddha matter regarding hundred treasure suddenly, these small Interface one caused a stir. But hundred treasure to this matter are actually continuously very silent, probably all these are drink water that simple nature, this lets ten-thousand realms battlefield here all Interface, feels fearful and apprehensive. But before has occupied hundred treasure encampment, now also prepares to attack hundred treasure that several big Interface, one has actually flustered, they have not thought that hundred treasure strength formidable to this situation, must die unexpectedly, sends for hundred treasure there interviews that they regret now, plans to become reconciled, but unfortunately, these people by hundred treasure people returning.

Hundred treasure are this, these big Interface people are the fears, they then sends for seeking an interview sect Ze and Mu Tianbo, actually stepped up to prepare. How such situation can hide the truth from and live in Zhao Hai they, Zhao Hai regarding these movements of these big is clear, he also thinks motion time almost arrived, therefore Zhao Hai arrived at encampment here to seek an interview Mu Tianbo and sect Ze. Because now hundred treasure are at an important time, therefore ten groups of Elder Assembly in an establishment, Mu Tianbo naturally are also one of the ten groups of Elder Assembly members, entire hundred treasure in ordered and highly effective revolution, but on the faces of hundred treasure here all people lost the smiling face \; first, because of the Mu Yu matter, two is because before , encampment occupied matter. although said that they occupying encampment these Interface have expelled, but regarding them, this is actually the one type of shame, they are thinking revenging frequently, has been thinking the person of revenging, on his face Lou will possibly have the smiling face. Zhao Hai to center hall here, the simply useless notification, walked directly, now entire hundred treasure here, have the person of this privilege to be possible few, but Zhao Hai actually exactly is. To center hall there, Mu Tianbo they also present Zhao Hai, saw Zhao Hai to come, on the face of Mu Tianbo rare 1 u left the smiling face, smiles said : Little Hai to come to Zhao Hai, sat, I think that you also soon came, did what? prepare to deal with these fellows?” Zhao Hai nodded, after all elder gave a salute, deep voice said : is, Elder Mu, should be able to cope with them now, our reputations have made to rush, now copes with them is the time.” Mu Tianbo smiles said : not to worry, these big Interface were admitting defeat now, we are towing them to have a look some time, if this partner matter can not need to resort to violence to process, that was best.” Zhao Hai harnessed to wrinkle under the brow, deep voice said : elder, I to do not think of this will be better, these big Interface will not surrender easily our under the hand/subordinate, moreover before they treated as an equal with us, even if has surrendered we, does not see will be loyal, if in the future they in cause disturbance has troubled, I think that expelled the ten-thousand realms battlefield them, received their small of domain, only by doing so, we can true become one of the ten-thousand realms battlefield big, even possible was biggest that.”!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;