Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1642

Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai, slightly knit the brows to say! ” Is small... These we who you said know, but you must know, now our crest of wave already was very abundant, if we cope with that several Interface in immediately, that will have possibility Divergent Technique very much, sword and Primal Chaos with several other big and gets up to cope with us, do not think them not, if we extinguished that several big, our hundred treasure compared with Divergent Technique, sword and Primal Chaos were big, will they agree? ” Zhao Hai jumps at heart, he has not thought of this point, but finally that several person probably truly they have related with Divergent Technique and sword, research anything, Zhao Hai actually don’t know, these fellows now study was intelligent, they discussed that outside the matter runs up to unexpectedly discussed that moreover there is Spell leaves friendly, even if Zhao Hai is also very difficult to obtain any information. Did Zhao Hai nod said : „the meaning of that Elder is?” Mu Tianbo shows a faint smile said : we to with these fellows form an alliance, by us comes, when alliance leader, after slowly suppression they, simultaneously Buddha domain digesting, when our strengths have sufficed, is tidying up them slowly, naturally, this is the best solution, if they do not comply, that can only resort to violence.” Zhao Hai nodded, Mu Tianbo the method is very good, this is the lukewarm water boils the frog, this method now could not have said that quality, these big are not the fools, will not make Mu Tianbo suppress at will, but Zhao Hai to does not have what opinion, along with Mu Tianbo, in any case by his present strength, even if did against he not to fear anything with the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield. Must say that beforehand Zhao Hai possibly did not have such big energy, but was now different, he presently in hand had entire Buddha, the energy is also naturally fuller. Mu Tianbo looked at Zhao Hai one, shows a faint smile said : these days you to rest well, Little Hai, the person dies cannot come back to life, small feather although went, but we are cultivator, seeing of life and death must be many, do not care, how many days did you have not to smile?” Sad that the appearance of Zhao Hai look at Mu Tianbo smile, could not say at heart, his deep voice said : I could not smile, was I have implicated the feather elder brother.” Mu Tianbo beckoned with the hand said : whom not to matter to implicate anyone, Cultivation World originally is a the weak are the prey to the strong world, Little Hai, you in the time of this ten-thousand realms battlefield, will not be many.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled look at Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo beckoned with the hand said : your strength too formidable, I will think these fellow certainly look at in Tower of Babel building not to manage, you must be mentally prepared.” Zhao Hai nodded, reason that he before did not have too to pay attention to the several other Realms sound, because mainly he has placed Tower of Babel there the majority of energy, because he presently Luo Ying delivers and receive signalling jade sword suddenly enhanced, although now Zhao Hai also don’t know these signalling jade swords whose, but he believes that storm feared must approach. Zhao Hai has taken one's leave Mu Tianbo they, returned to own in the room, then entered Space, to Space, he did not have immediately to enter the villa, but stopped outside, then the intention moved, his outside the body appears incomparably huge Great Buddha, this Great Buddha about hundred meters high, the body was dodging golden light, looked like dignified incomparable.

This Great Buddha is not spatial sees Bodhisattva, not wrong, Zhao Hai now learn was not spatial sees the ability of Buddha, this ability also really made Zhao Hai guess right, on leaf Law Idol! Law Idol is one type of, only then has the ability that Strength of Faith has been able to use, exactly said that person who any has Strength of Faith, can have own Law Idol, how looked at your strength, can comprehend Law Idol. Naturally, a Strength of Faith stronger person, Law Idol is also stronger. Law Idol can be used for the attack enemy, enhances cultivator fighting strength, Strength of Faith stronger Law Idol, its fighting strength is also stronger, before was not spatial sees Buddha is not spatial sees Bodhisattva Law Idol, actually he has only studied fur/superficial knowledge, because of his simply many Strength of Faith, with never spatially has not seen practice method that Buddha there obtains according to Zhao Hai, good Law Idol, can such as Daoist/actual person general moves, but cultivator only needs dull in Law Idol, Law Idol on can likely cultivator same and person fights, but Law Idol fighting strength, but compared with cultivator much better, be most common Law Idol, may. Has to be bigger than cultivator five to ten times of fighting strength, this is not spatial sees Buddha to block the Zhao Hai that long time attack reason. This Law Idol practice method, is Buddha not the secret of passing on, according to legend is beginning Buddha for the Buddha, one type of practice method that obtains, although is not spatial sees Bodhisattva Law Idol one type of Law Idol, made benefit all one's life. Buddha there each generation will select most outstanding disciple to study the technique of Law Idol, because of Strength of Faith limited relationship, therefore each generation can only truly become Buddha Supreme Elder by a person, this Supreme Elder in knowing the circumstances of the matter some person of by Buddha was also called the Law Idol elder, only then the Law Idol elder may call Buddha, this is not spatial sees the name origin of Buddha. Zhao Hai saw this Cultivation Method time knows that actually this is only not spatial sees the Bodhisattva Law Idol cake to practice the method, even there is Law Idol practice method, that its this Law Idol also certainly has, but he does not have that many time to go to research now, therefore was not spatial first sees Bodhisattva Law Idol to give learn. This type is not spatial sees Law Idol, studies is not very difficult, is not spatial sees Law Idol practice method, is divided into three parts, the first part, wants the ginseng strangely not to be spatial sees the Bodhisattva Dharma real righteousness, like Immortal Stage Expert, felt that various Heaven and Earth deep meanings are the same, you want to doubt not to be spatial see Bodhisattva Law Idol, must the ginseng miserable not be spatial first sees Bodhisattva Dharma, must sense to is not spatial sees the Bodhisattva that silk Dharma deep meaning, you can true congealing become are not spatial see Bodhisattva Law Idol. Part 2 how is teaches you to congeal Strength of Faith Law Idol, before Zhao Hai, has studied the Strength of Faith application method, attaches Strength of Faith to any thing on, for example attaches to Cultivation Method on, attaches to Magical Artifact on, but Law Idol actually must use Strength of Faith, the direct congealment becomes incomparably huge Law Idol, then attacks with Law Idol, as the matter stands the Strength of Faith application method, was different, how this second part must study concentrates Strength of Faith becomes Law Idol.

Part 3 precisely is Magic Cultivation Method, looks like in Zhao Hai, this Law Idol Cultivation Method is strength of Cultivation Method letter nose, so long as your strength suffices, this Law Idol like your receiving command(er), what Cultivation Method your will use, Law Idol to use any Cultivation Method. However this is also most difficult, if your Strength of Faith is insufficient, can only like not be spatial sees Buddha, concentrates Law Idol, but that Law Idol actually cannot make too many movements, looks like a puppet is the same, only then makes several simple movements, uses some ordinary attack method. Even if this ordinary attack method, in ten times compared with general Immortal Stage Expert attack method continue, most time from the beginning, Zhao Hai was not been spatial sees Buddha to fly to the racket with Law Idol directly, if not his body is special , many Divergent Technique self-defense, feared that had been seriously injured. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai regarding this Law Idol cultivator very meticulously, after studying Law Idol, Zhao Hai understand, this Law Idol also has classified. Most low grade Law Idol is not spatial sees with that one type of, Law Idol can only make several simple movements, uses several attack methods, because Strength of Faith is insufficient, this Law Idol was called wooden, can move in a cut above Law Idol, can make some complex movements Law Idol, this Law Idol was called, finally one type of is [gold/metal] Law Idol, this Law Idol can be free like the person same activity, can at will use any attack method, therefore was called the buddhist image. This Law Idol level height, mainly looked that your Strength of Faith has many, your Strength of Faith are less, your Law Idol level is low, takes wooden, is not spatial Law Idol that sees to use is wooden, belongs to most low grade in Law Idol Third Grade, but wooden and is divided into 3rd level, the lowest level wood, can only concentrate Law Idol, that Law Idol simply cannot move, can only play attack to increase the ability of spoke, level wooden on is not spatial sees that one type of that Buddha uses, the eye of this Law Idol is almost the means entire has not opened., Only then two hands can move, other places do not have the means to move, the high level wood can open the eye, the activities of two hands flexible, the attack strength is also stronger. But moves with the buddhist image is also same, is divided into 3rd level, 1st level that moves can make some slight tui department movements, for example is not spatial sees Bodhisattva Law Idol is sits, moves 1st level time can stand, but moves 2nd level time, the foot movement will be more, can make the movement that takes a step and so on, but moves 3rd level, tui can also carry on some attack movements, hand movement also stiffness that very just movement stiffness, at the matter will move, looks like looks like a hand. raising line puppet that the tui department can move. But buddhist image 1st level time, Law Idol movement spear Junichi some . Moreover the torso part of even/including Tou body, can have moves has done, the forehead of 2nd level Law Idol will have the movement, when buddhist image 3rd level time, Law Idol has definitely been able like the human moved, cultivator can make any movement, he can make any movement.

But Zhao Hai concentrates now, naturally is the buddhist image, moreover is buddhist image 3rd level, his is not spatial sees Buddha normally is two eyes shuts, sits above Yu Chilian, but to fight time, can actually the standing up person, optional the activity above the scarlet lotus, like genuine person. Zhao Hai is knows that now this Law Idol fearful place, this Law Idol on equal to is a cultivator enlargement version, not only the body enlargement of cultivator, but can also the Spiritual Qi enlargement of cultivator, the attack strength enlarge, when Zhao Hai with Law Idol uses own 18 Arhat Profound Technique, that really can be called is world-shaking. However Zhao Hai so was dissatisfied, he in research Buddhist Sutras, mainly Buddhist Sutras about eighteen lohans, is hoping that now can through research these Buddhist Sutras, sense to the Dharma deep meaning of eighteen lohans, finally can concentrate eighteen lohans Law Idol by oneself, he believes that such one, his fighting strength in one time will increase.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;