Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1643

Chapter 568 Luo Ying came Sitting of Zhao Hai face calm under hundred Spirit Tree, turns look at in front of him on small table is suspending Buddhist Sutras, this Buddhist Sutras is Zhao Hai comes out from the Space neighborhood. Zhao Hai Space himself is production on Earth, after can buy Interface, Zhao Hai left many Interface in the Space neighborhood, some Interface are high science and technology, some are actually Cultivation World, some are the same with Earth, but on Earth has Buddhist Sutras. This point also makes Zhao Hai feel very strange, on Earth does not have the person of Cultivator, but Cultivation World here no matter Profound Sect Righteous Sect, Buddhist Sect, Body Cultivator, even science and technology plane thing, Earth there has, this made Zhao Hai feel very unusual. Earth there Buddhist Sect, does not have any Cultivator Cultivation Method, Buddhist Sutras regarding the Buddhist Sect person, is only one type of scriptures, perhaps has High Monk of virtue, but can also cultivate some Buddha Force to come, but Buddha Force does not have any attack ability, therefore Buddhist Sutras in Earth there, simply cannot be regarded any rare book. However these Buddhist Sutras regarding Zhao Hai actually very useful, moreover some important ancient books on Earth, regarding the practice are also very helpful. But Zhao Hai now also present, to practice Law Idol to come, that needs these ancient books, not only need, but also very heavy wants. Zhao Hai now 18 Luo's Law Idol gilded images congealing, this makes his fighting strength increase, he is preparing to congeal now other Law Idol. Zhao Hai itself on strength formidable, he used the Strength of Faith method before, originally is most low grade one type of, now had Law Idol this use the method of supine strength, actually probably opened a leafed door to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai when the practice is not spatial sees Bodhisattva Law Idol, on understand, this Law Idol is any thing, to put it bluntly this is the one type of deep meaning, looks like Immortal Stage Expert, they when rise into Immortal Stage, with the own second soul comprehend deep meaning, some people comprehend the deep meaning of mountain, after he will become Immortal Stage Expert, attack time will have the sincere feeling of mountain, such as will be the comprehend hot deep meaning, that attack time, on will have the aggressiveness of fire. But Law Idol, is in fact more flexible a more formidable situation to show the deep meaning by another one type of with Strength of Faith, in Law Idol same can have Law Idol of mountain, Law Idol of water, naturally, now these are also only the suspicions of Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai has been able to affirm that probably own suspected. Before Zhao Hai, Space Buddha there learn the Space Bodhisattva method has not never thought that but he acts according to these time to study the experience of Law Idol, oneself learn eighteen lohans Law Idol, this originally is his experiment, is he wants to have a look at Law Idol that oneself understand with Law Idol practice method same, finally he succeeded. Because of this point, therefore Zhao Hai can affirm, oneself regarding the understanding of Law Idol not wrong, therefore he is reading other Buddhist Sect ancient books now, for must practice many Law Idol.

Reason that Zhao Hai must practice these many Law Idol , because in his 18 arhat Profound Technique, Doppleganger Profound Technique, can think, if Zhao Hai has used Doppleganger Profound Technique, but these Doppelganger can use Law Idol, what can that be? He almost can form a Law Idol regiment. Along with reading of these scriptures, the heart of Zhao Hai also gradually restored peaceful, before because of boundless killing intent that Mu Yu lived, with mood of that remorse, vanished slowly, his mental state became the ancient well without ripples, calm was incomparable. This to was makes the body of Zhao Hai leave one type of temperament, one type of temperate incomparable temperament, looked like obtains enlightenment High Buddha, can always maintain that peaceful natural mentality. Zhao Hai entered to Space in had three months, these three months he has almost not left Space, continuously in practice method [say / way]. But ten-thousand realms battlefield there is actually blustery, ten points not calm, because that several big and matters of hundred treasure, attracted entire ten-thousand realms battlefield the attention. Hundred treasure send out the person to go with several big to negotiate, most important point to establish that alliance, so long as the alliance establishes, hundred treasure can tidy up well that several big. Moreover hundred treasure also using these days, completely received the domain of Buddha, the cleanness of digestion, became hundred treasure own domains. After one month of negotiations, hundred treasure finally reached the agreement with that several big, they form an alliance, no matter what hundred treasure alliance leader, naturally, several other big are not a word power does not have, but all are smooth, hundred treasure do not have immediately to begin to that several big, this arrives is makes that several big relax. Other that several big have not thought how really this hundred treasure will cope with him, although this time they have occupied hundred treasure encampment, but has not actually injured to many people, but is makes hundred treasure the faces somewhat unable to pass, now they admitted defeat to hundred treasure, in them, hundred treasure although has occupied Buddha domain, but these small of Buddha, did not have to obey hundred treasure completely command(er) hundred treasure is only the domain was big, the strength increases is not obvious, they do not think hundred treasure. Will cope with them at this time. However these are not, the Tower of Babel there situation that Zhao Hai that Zhao Hai cares cares about, previous Mu Tianbo had told him, Tower of Babel there feared that must look for him, Zhao Hai is waiting for him, but these three months, Tower of Babel there is a sound does not have, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel somewhat strangely. However Zhao Hai believes that was actually it will not take long, his although continuously practice method in Space, but regarding the outside world matter actually clear, especially Tower of Babel there, since Mu Tianbo said after these words, Zhao Hai paid attention regarding Tower of Babel there. These matters do not certainly need Zhao Hai to be done, can he is mainly research these scriptures, look cause several Law Idol now.

Now Zhao Hai everyday can be familiar with sits on hundred Spirit Tree previous some time, a multipurpose cloud, small table, one cup of green tea, scriptures, crosses to is carefree and content. look at front Buddhist Sutras, Zhao Hai is the feeling more reads is really more interesting, in this time, Cai'er from in the room walked out, to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you, that Luo Ying was coming out, look at him to use the Transmission Formation appearance, probably must come to hundred treasure here.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to think that was also similar, the Tower of Babel there person also really can calm down, pays attention to him one, if he is comes hundred treasure here, that estimate is looks my.” Cai'er nodded, now hundred treasure may be extraordinary, besides oneself original this Realm, started large-scale toward Buddha this Realm there immigrated, Buddha there was not smaller than hundred treasure, even also wanted on big some compared with hundred treasure, various types of commodities were also more, must adapt toward the there immigration, may also obtain a better show. But that encampment of originally Buddha, underwent some time reconstruction, has used again, because there place that must manage, is bigger than hundred treasure here, the person who needs are also more, hundred treasure here had slowly toward the meaning of there shift. However because encampment here of hundred treasure is nearer to this Realm of hundred treasure, therefore the Elder Assembly person majority of kept hundred treasure encampment here now. Hundred treasure encampment here Transmission square, these days to very busy, is almost some people passes and out in inside every time, is very lively. Now takes hundred treasure as place of major chaotic war, have composed one to fight the alliance randomly, hundred treasure are alliance leader, with other big communicate also slowly were many, naturally also bustled about. Luo Ying appears when Transmission Formation, immediately has brought to the attention of hundred treasure Transmission Formation guards, because Luo Ying he has not seen, moreover Luo Ying looked that is the strength is uncommon, that guard does not dare to neglect, immediately walked, may I ask mister to Luo Ying bow said : is that person? What comes hundred treasure behavior?” Luo Ying looked at this guard one eyes, shows a faint smile said : old man Luo Ying, the little elder brother be please circular, I and Tang Tian this is an old friend, believes that he hears my reputation, knows how should do.” That guard looked that the Luo Ying air/Qi crosses uncommonly, does not dare to ask that deep voice said : asked mister to come along with me, please the rest hall rest, my immediately went circular.” After Luo Ying to settle down is good, the Transmission Formation guarding of that Divided Spirit Stage, immediately went to the center hall, deep voice said : Song Gang outside the center hall sought an interview the elder.”

sect Ze the voice conveys said : to come.” Song Gangying, walked, to pivot shaft hall there to all Elders gave a salute, this deep voice said : reported the elder, outside had one old man interview that called Luo Ying, said one were the friend of Tang Tian graciousness elder.” The Tang Tian graciousness now is also ten groups of Elder Assembly member, one hear of Song Gang said that cannot help but complexion changes, turned the head to look at sect Ze and Mu Tianbo said : comes.” These words has not had the tail, but sect Ze and Mu Tianbo actually all listened to understand, this came, naturally refers to the Tower of Babel person coming, but the point that the Tower of Babel person came to had one, Zhao Hai. Mu Tianbo has hesitated next step: Came also to have no alternative but to see, our three paid a visit this Luo Ying mister, the day graciousness, sent the letter to Little Hai.” The Tang Tian graciousness has complied with one, put out the signalling jade sword to send the letter to Zhao Hai, then three people of leave the center hall, walked toward the rest halls of hundred treasure. Rest hall that hundred treasures manage, before , constructs according to the Zhao Hai drawing paper, before there, little uses, the number of times of now using to is many, essential person visits of some Interface, the number of times of use rest hall were always many. However in the common situation, rest hall there makes the guest rest to use short, will bring to meet the person to the center hall, like this time, is sent out to see the matter of person by three elder together, has not lived in hundred treasure here, Song to the Luo Ying status, cannot help but has had many guesses at once. Must know that hundred treasure present not compared with past, hundred treasure present was ten-thousand realms battlefield here, battlefield plate biggest big, moreover nobody dares to contend for the domain from their in hand, therefore hundred treasure now by however are in the ten-thousand realms battlefields, biggest an Interface, status person, even if were other Interface Person in Charge to hundred treasure here , can only be called the center the hall, the matter that came out to greet almost did not have, now Mu Tianbo they actually initiative exited to greet, this has to be curious to the Luo Ying status by Song Gang. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;