Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1644
Luo Ying look at Mu Tian who walks from outside o and sect Ze they, he regarding Mu Tian o and sect Ze they are very familiar with, because the picture of such person he has all looked, to be honest, these people regarding their this Realm is a capable person, but regarding Tower of Babel, these people are not extraordinary existence. .com Only knows that is defending one mu three points of place person, never possibly knows that this world has how in a big way, Luo Ying is so, regarding Luo Ying, Mu Tian o and sect Ze are belongs to defend one mu three points of place person, but Zhao Hai is that type to open the person who the eye looks at the world. Luo Ying at heart really not calm, his very clear, if Zhao Hai by the candidate, his status also will be wanted compared with him on really high many, Luo Ying, to put it bluntly, but compared with Mu Tian in o point existence, truly achieves compared with Mu Tian o on their several times, that is impossible. In this time, suddenly is hearing out of the door to hear sound of the registration: „ Hundred treasure sect Ze elders, Mu Tian o elder, Tang Tian graciousness elder! ” Luo Ying immediately/on horseback has stood, the direction of look at entrance, three people walked shoulder to shoulder, presently a person holds the fist in the other hand to Luo Ying said : sect Zejian Luo Ying mister.” This person of sect Ze, sect Ze now nominal hundred treasure manage affairs the elder, but his anything matter with Mu Tian o discussed \; first, because of Mu Tian o experiences richly, second because of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai is very good with Mu Yu relationship, to Mu Tian o is regards the elder same has respected, if Mu Tian o had the words of any matter, Zhao Hai fully will certainly have helped one another, but Zhao Hai strength everyone/Great Clan knows, if really Zhao Hai this Slaughter God directing, that everyone/Great Clan could not eat to capture walking. Therefore now hundred treasure here although names are on by sect Ze give priority to, actually is actually Mu Tian calculation that o said that because the Zhao Hai strength was too strong, they have to consider the feeling of Zhao Hai. Luo Ying regarding hundred treasure here situations not very familiar, therefore he will open first to send regards to sect Ze, obviously Mu Tian o has not been serious, after several people sit down, sect Ze open the mouth and said: Mister Luo, does not know that your time does come, does do?” Luo Ying look at sect Ze, he knows Dao Sect Ze is installing silly him not to display, but holds the fist in the other hand said : this Luo Ying to come to sect Ze, is requests to see Mr. Zhao Hai, if mister intends, please come out to meet.”

although already knew this answer, but sect Ze when hearing the Luo Ying words, felt that the head buzz, Zhao Hai has been needless to say regarding hundred treasure important xing that is not inferior to nucleus weapon to Earth, Zhao Hai is impossible leave hundred treasure, that and other days have cut off hundred treasure both arms. However sect Ze they already knows that Luo Ying objectivism his look at Luo Ying said : Luo Ying mister, Little Hai will not have gone out, asking mister to wait.” The Luo Ying look at sect Ze appearance, hey sneers said : to fear that is not Zhao Hai has not gone out, but was mister wants to close up? mister must know that Tower of Babel there has a custom, rushes to the crossing the five passes, and six have plundered according to legend to be possible through Tower of Babel to arrive at higher Interface, but this very difficult? Little Hai line?” sect Ze the main point does not make Zhao Hai succeed, his very clear, had Zhao Hai to succeed, they true on is formidable the present not to be good. The Luo Ying look at sect Ze appearance, deep voice said : sect Ze elder, please look at insistence of clan.” In this time, is the suddenly Zhao Hai sound conveying said : what all Elders don’t know to look for Zhao Hai so-called?” At the same time was saying a person of shade was walking from outside slowly. Luo Ying turns the head to look, Zhao Hai from outside of center hall slowly walks, waits for Zhao Hai to stand firm later Luo Ying then Ha Ha the big knowledge to hold the fist in the other hand said :Luo Ying to see Zhao Hai to be small to Zhao Hai Friends. ” Did not want underestimated this name, this name had indicated the Zhao Hai status, was representing also a meaning in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, we were protected. Naturally in all people are not they are covering, only then these by the above person feel relieved person, the meaning of true understand these words, but a little everyone/Great Clan actually knows that this sound conveys, that was the war starts. Zhao Hai has not felt embarrassed Luo Ying, to be honest Luo Ying can such polite Zhao Hai accident, probably know that Zhao Hai strength very formidable, has here politely such. Zhao Hai asked Mister Luo to explain the purpose in coming to Luo Ying said :.” Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Mr. Zhao Hai invited, these time has presented the command of one's superior official, asking mister to gather to Tower of Babel, asking mister to want the answer.” Zhao Hai look at Luo Ying, deep voice said : invited Mister Luo feel relieved, I will go.” Luo Ying then 1 u left the smiling face. Zhao Hai turns the head to Mu Tian o and sect Ze deep voice said : Elder Mu, the sect elder, Zhao Hai leads to take one's leave today, please two feel relieved, here forever is the Zhao Hai family.” Mu Tian o and sect Ze, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that slightly gawked, but their immediately understand, Zhao Hai already in saying all, because knows, therefore two talented people do not dare to tell Zhao Hai, because besides wants to let Zhao Hai rest well some time, they also feared that frightened Zhao Hai. Reason that they will have such idea, because in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, the major almost top-secret documents, records major screening out by Tower of Babel talent Expert, what without any exception is, these heavenly aptitude Expert have not come back. But some people are because knew ahead of time Tower of Babel must take away them, therefore lived rebel, is for this reason, therefore Mu Tian

o they are Zhao Hai by Tower of Babel reassigning, will not tell Zhao Hai this matter. Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai actually shows a faint smile, his although don’t know hundred treasure here lived anything, but he regarding the impression of Zhao Hai is actually very deep, after Zhao Hai is first sees him, still chats freely, and has delivered him jug liquor, this thing although is not anything, but Luo Ying has actually made very deep impression on Zhao Hai. Luo Ying knows regarding the Zhao Hai destination, in his opinion, the Zhao Hai destination regarding Zhao Hai is not the misdemeanor, opposite possibly meddlesome, he Zhao Hai strength very found that in his opinion, enters by Zhao Hai such strength to that place, regarding Zhao Hai, possibly is opportunity. However Luo Ying has not said that because of his very clear, if he spoke incorrectly any words, that tomorrow he will disappear. Waits for Zhao Hai to stand up Mu Tian o and sect Ze facial expression complex to Zhao Hai said :Little Hai, you takes care.Zhao Hai has complied with one, turning the head opposite Luo Ying said : Mister Luo, please.” Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai laughing said : suddenlyZhao Hai, the person is a smart person, a very intelligent person, I wants to tell you, this time matter regarding you not necessarily is the misdemeanor, Mu Tian the o elder, sect Ze elder, the Tang Tian graciousness elder said goodbye below. Said that hugs to present to three people, turn around walks outward. Zhao Hai has not cared, his don’t know Luo Ying must lead him to go to there however Zhao Hai is actually knows, Luo Ying brings the place that he goes , the formation with ten-thousand realms battlefield here can have big relationship, but Zhao Hai is waiting for this opportunity, he just wants to know that the back of ten-thousand realms battlefield has any thing. They went to hundred treasure Transmission squares quickly, ordinary cultivator of these hundred treasure, nature don’t know Zhao Hai goes to there, they clean to shout Zhao Hai also with Zhao Hai with a smile to return salute with a smile, cannot see point different realm, these have even included other non-coplanars people. Zhao Hai does Luo Ying sit Transmission Formation to Tower of Babel this here quickly, look at Tower of Babel, Luo Ying turned the head to Zhao Hai deep voice said : is feels here grandly very?” Some Zhao Hai do not understand Luo Ying meaning he nodded said : „, here looks like really very grand, don’t know has Tower of Babel of many levels, really very magnificent.” Luo Ying sighed said : regarding to defend the person in tower, here was a shackles, a person trapped here shackles might as well you were even free.” Zhao Hai do not understand Luo Ying words, therefore does not have the connection, Luo Ying deep voice said :comes with me. Said that they entered Tower of Babel First Layer Zhao Hai to enter to Tower of Babel First Layer stare, because now Tower of Babel First Layer when is not he rushed to the tower appearance, now Tower of Babel First Layer, is Transmission Formation, but also was very small, looked is more than a hundred square meters big room. The Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : does not need to be curious, Tower of Babel is senior almighty, with the unsurpassed Law Force refinement, the wondrous use is infinite, even if our these protectors, does not know that only knows ten one or two functions, walk.” Said that he has arrived on Transmission Formation, Zhao Hai has not actually made noise, has arrived on Transmission Formation, Luo Ying has manipulated several, then started Transmission Formation, flash of white light, they disappeared in Transmission Formation. Waits for Zhao Hai, when seeing clearly all around situation, presently went to a very enormous Transmission square, this Transmission square very enormous, big ten times has continued compared with hundred treasure encampment Transmission squares, in the square is proliferating every large or small Transmission Formation, often has white light to flash, some people disappear or appears in Transmission Formation. When Zhao Hai is sizing up all around, Luo Ying deep voice said : comes with me.” Said that flies toward the Transmission square outside, to outside of Transmission square, Luo Ying immediately has arrived at a cultivator side, this cultivator looks like over 20 years old, black hair, a cultivator robe of white , two eyes looks at the day, an arrogance of face. Luo Ying arrives around this cultivator, bowed said : messenger to invite to this cultivator, below Luo Ying, was the protector in exceedingly high No. 23 tower, today brings person of great strength Zhao Hai to come to pay a visit especially.”

Zhao Hai look at Luo Ying fence, although do not understand is any meaning, but he has not said anything, Luo Ying originally is Immortal Stage Expert, moreover is one has Strength of Faith Immortal Stage Expert, but the opposite party is actually only Divided Spirit Stage cultivator, has Faith to serve Zhao Hai don’t know, but Luo Ying does not need to be so polite to him probably, but Luo Ying now to he such polite reason, only then, the back of opposite party has the influence that he cannot stir up. What most important was Zhao Hai hears Luo Ying saying that he was the No. 23 Tower of Babel protector, if inferred according to the digit, then in ten-thousand realms battlefield front, 22 Tower of Babel! Such that if such as he thinks, what concept is that? Also in other words also has 22, even more like ten-thousand realms battlefield there like existence, but existence like hundred treasure were more. Thinks look at all around situation that here Zhao Hai cannot help but pays attention, this looked he cannot help but felt strange, passes and out some cultivator that from Transmission Formation there, their strengths and go to there on brilliant not necessarily, some are only the Transcends Tribulation Stage strengths, some are only the Divided Spirit Stage strengths, achieves the elder time strength cultivator not to be many. This cannot help but makes Zhao Hai feel very curious, his do not understand, like a place, has anything to be worth Luo Ying being so careful. However in line with the careful principle, Zhao Hai has not said anything, salutes to that young Divided Spirit Stage cultivator with Luo Ying, a point cannot see to have any different often come. That Divided Spirit Stage cultivator has swept Zhao Hai with the eye, then sneers said : Luo Ying, you may lose face to No. 23 tower, I remember time that your previous time sees somebody off, is 50 years ago? That time no matter what, but also has sent Immortal Stage cultivator, how these does time only bring Divided Spirit Stage? Is No. 23 there, didn't have no Expert?” This person spoke, for a while was raises head, looked at Zhao Hai time, has swept sweeping with the split vision of eye, obviously was looking down upon Zhao Hai. Luo Ying does not have an appearance of point vitality, but showed a faint smile said : to make the messenger chat, Zhao Hai was our No. 23 inside tower most has the potential, was strongest one, my Luo Ying does not dare to be perfunctory in the gang.” That messenger looked at Zhao Hai one, waving suddenly, Sword Qi attacks together toward Zhao Hai, this Sword Qi that invisible Sword Qi is different from Zhao Hai has seen, this Sword Qi is silver white , seems like silver flying sword is probably same. Zhao Hai stares slightly, but he moves also moves does not have, invisible Sword Qi moved forward to meet somebody, two Sword Qi intersect, simultaneously vanishes in in midair, two Sword Qi were counter-balancing unexpectedly. That messenger stares slightly, then face changes, his understand Zhao Hai this is letting him, two cultivator cultivation level impossible exactly the same, even if two innate skill are the same, together practice, what practice is the same Cultivation Method cultivator, their cultivation level are impossible to be the same, therefore two Sword Qi are the situations that impossible appears simultaneously to counter-balance. So-called at the same time counter-balance, in other words these two Sword Qi hit together time, simultaneous vanished, not having Sword Qi together to be able multi- advancing, two Sword Qi energy are the same. This in Cultivation World is almost the impossible fresh matter, but these time actually lived, this can only explain a point, Zhao Hai one felt Sword Qi that the messenger comes out has many energy, and same energy, has counter-balanced his energy, not only Zhao Hai this confirmed own strength, meanwhile confirmed that he strong is not only weaker than the ability of that messenger. That messenger looked at Zhao Hai oneHenry said : a little skill, Luo Ying, your this Battle Slave of bring also calculates that a little this matter, hopes he can bring an advantage to in the gang.” Said that person of coldly snorted, turn around walked. However Zhao Hai was actually shocked, just that person said that what he is? Battle Slave? What's all this about?!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;