Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1645

? Luo Ying has not said anything, but bows said : to deliver the messenger to that person.” The messenger actually links not to return, turn around walked. After Luo Ying and other people walked, this turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said :came with me, a while I was explaining to you, but Little Hai, you must remember, do not offend anybody in here, then to you, to hundred treasure, to the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield, did not have a point advantage. Zhao Hai did not know about this all around situation now that naturally does not dare to act unreasonably, moreover he also present, just that messenger although was only Divided Spirit Stage cultivator, but just his struck, actually compared with Divided Spirit Stage cultivator also on strong many, possibly has relationship with Cultivation Method that he practiced. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also noted, this was piece of mountain valley , when with before he just entered the ten-thousand realms battlefield, that Comprehend the world new camp is the same, mountain valley below cleaned up very cleanly also very smooth, the Transmission Formation square constructed below, but on mountain valley both sides mountain wall, was constructing each and every one Cave Mansion. Before Luo Ying leads Zhao Hai has been flying Cave Mansion, that Cave Mansion front has two guards, Luo Ying puts out a piece token to that two to shine, the two nodded, Luo Ying then leads Zhao Hai to walk toward Cave Mansion. But Zhao Hai actually notes, here defends that two people of head unexpectedly is Immortal Stage Expert, moreover Cave Mansion above is also hanging a piece token, above writes23, three) character. Zhao Hai is somewhat surprised, Immortal Stage Expert, in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, in any one is the character of elder level, guarded the door to here unexpectedly? This too ~ felt strange. After they entered Cave Mansion, Zhao Hai present, this is one) very big Cave Mansion, in Cave Mansion is divided into many small Cave Mansion, each Cave Mansion in front of the door has the defensive formation protection one after another. Luo Ying arrives at small Cave Mansion in front of the door, then puts out token to send to toward law in the formation, the law in the formation white light person dodges, then on formation the dense fog slowly vanished, revealed inside cave entrance, Luo Ying brought Zhao Hai to walk, they just went, formation in a start, dense fog cave entrance blocking. Zhao Hai is sizing up this Cave Mansion, this Cave Mansion is not very big, only then more than 100 about square meters, inside ornaments also ten simplicity, only then several praying mat, were not having no thing. However Luo Ying to here, is actually let out a long breath, then turns the head to come to Zhao Hai said :, Little Hai, sits.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, sat on praying mat.

Luo Ying also sat, later his look at Zhao Hai, deep voice is said : „the has plenty issue?” Zhao Hai nodded, Luo Ying shows a faint smile said : to be all right, he he, every time just arrived at the here person, can has plenty the issue, we, are help you answer the question.” Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : now we with the ten-thousand realms battlefield sixth branch after on plane, plane that ten-thousand realms battlefield there was are called cultivator plane , the in other words there person can only be called to call the gentleman, just touched to the Cultivation World successive, but oneself.” Zhao Hai has gawked, Luo Ying look at his appearance, shows a faint smile said : to feel very strange? ten-thousand realms battlefield there strongest Immortal Stage Expert, oneself after having one Yuan longevity, moreover a make a move everything may become vulnerable, very formidable? Possibly how to touch to Cultivation World side?” Zhao Hai nodded, Luo Ying deep voice said : Little Hai, I asked you, cultivator practice for what?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he thinks that deep voice said : becomes by oneself stronger!” Luo Ying shaking the head head, deep voice said : practice to become by oneself stronger this not wrong, but you have forgotten a more important point, that is the practice can by oneself live is longer, the Heaven and Earth myriad things, have the age, but the artificial highest of all creatures, opens Spiritual Sense of Heaven and Earth, distinguishes the myriad things in Universe, is long of ten thousand spirit, but the person also has the age, even compares to other life form, the life of person be very short, longer that therefore antiquity almighty in order to were lived by, on starting to be trying to find out carries on the practice, finally generating slowly. Today's Cultivator, the practice, to put it bluntly is one type of wants go against the Heaven to change fate, must violate Law of the Heaven and Earth, if by oneself live is longer, is longer.” Zhao Hai to nodded, the he who Luo Ying said to is the agreement, the cultivator practice actually for by himself live longer a little, was stiffened by oneself, for by oneself live longer a little. Luo Ying deep voice said : after this innumerable year's of exhibitions, the present Cultivation World oneself after has improved , and has been progressing, when ten-thousand realms battlefield there, you can live one Yuan number, is can count Expert, however in here, one Yuan longevity, but just started.” Zhao Hai somewhat was shaken, one Yuan longevity starts , did in other words, in here, Immortal Stage Expert just start? Is this possible?

The Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai appearance, sighed Interface that said : we are at now, was called Cultivation World, here has the innumerable Sect compositions, but these Sect senior almighty, in long before, used unsurpassed Law Force, innumerable Heaven and Earth Treasure, have refined Inferior Martial Plane, then put cultivator there these Inferior Martial Plane, in opening prohibition of Inferior Martial Plane, enabling the Cultivation World there each every Interface people to enter to this Inferior Martial Plane, because thing in Inferior Martial Plane, was Cultivation World here, the nature be stronger than cultivator there, therefore cultivator there each every Interface will send for Inferior Martial Plane there, Slowly has formed the ten-thousand realms battlefield, but reason that Cultivation World must set up this ten-thousand realms battlefield, the most important reason wants to select some capable people from ten-thousand realms battlefield that city, join to own Sect.” Luo Ying words, actually Zhao Hai oneself after guessing correctly some, therefore being startled , the Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai appearance, did not sigh said : most from the beginning the meanings of these Sect is very good, chose some Expert from each every Inferior Martial Plane, join to Sect, training slowly, became the key forces in Sect, but along with advancing of time, the Cultivation World here show was also getting quicker and quicker, now Cultivation World here, this Realm talent young Expert has plenty, simply does not need to elect the person to come up from Inferior Martial Plane, but Inferior Martial Plane initially put cultivator time, on fee very big strength, in adding on. Placed the cultivator there many years, oneself after with cultivator melting slowly for a body, wanted to call back Inferior Martial Plane, was impossible, Cultivation World various Sect cannot give up Inferior Martial Plane, therefore fixed time elected the person to come up from Inferior Martial Plane there, the person but who these were elected, was unable directly to enter to various Sect, but entered another place, life and death stage!” Luo Ying in one time sighed said : this life and death stage to put it bluntly is Colosseum, one type of thing that the Cultivation World here nearly tens of thousands years started, most from the beginning was some bored cultivator, they caught some Monster Beast, then put life and death stage there, let these Monster Beast mutual tear and bite, decided the victory and defeat, but, these cultivator thought did not have the meaning slowly with Monster Beast, phenomenon that life and death stage there appears cultivator has fought mutually . Moreover the person who looked were getting more and more, but can also carry on gambling in this way.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he more listens likely is the underground black fist in Earth there legend, but Cultivation World here is places on outwardly, reasonable legitimate. Luo Ying looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : most from the beginning life and death stage there, so long as is cultivator can participate, various Great Sect many disciple will participate, even can have the challenge when life and death stage there, but this situation afterward by various Great Sect stopping, because of many Great Sect talents, to have abandoned on the life and death stage, various Great Sect cannot bear such loss.” Zhao Hai nodded, Great Sect is the same, each) Core Disciple bit by bit trains from the person, naturally among this also being probable have makes them exit tries to practice, has plenty disciple in the smelting trial the matter, so long as that disciple has an accident, then has all wasted on equal to Sect beforehand training, even if these Great Sect feared that cannot bear such loss. Moreover feared, not only two cultivator words do not have the duel to be so simple at earliest convenience, feared that will be various Great Sect will use this opportunity, will eradicate in opposite party Sect the threatening talent character, but afterward presently this way is the wound enemy 1000, damaged 800, you used this method to deal with others, others also naturally can cope with you with this method, therefore various Great Sect have stopped this duel. Luo Ying deep voice said : the among various Great Sect disciple fought mutually has stopped, but life and death stage there has not actually stopped, but Inferior Martial Plane there was elected various Sect people, slowly became must some too not adapt to unfolding of various Sect, various Sect disciple after careful training, strength very formidable, Cultivator Cultivation Method also underwent the multiple improvement, getting better and better, but the cultivator there situation was not quite same, the cultivator there show was also quick, the person but who actually by far can't compare with Cultivation World here, in various these Inferior Martial Plane elected, trained with various Sect. Compared with person who coming out, is much worse slowly, therefore the person who from Inferior Martial Plane elects, became various Sect weaks, lost had been a pity that was remaining uselessly.” One hear of Luo Ying said that Zhao Hai almost knows why he was called Battle Slave, Luo Ying then said : because afterward life and death stage there did not make various Sect disciple come to power, various Sect started the person who elected from Inferior Martial Plane, delivered the life and death stage coming up duel, then various Great Sect were the banker the gambling, person who finally these Inferior Martial Plane elected, slowly was called Battle Slave by major.” Luo Ying also sighed said : various Great Sect is also a little conscience, all cultivator that came from Inferior Martial Plane, although was Battle Slave, so long as you can win next 100 in life and death stage there, can become Outer Disciple by the Sect income, enjoyed same allowance with Sect Outer Disciple, if later had opportunity, but can also Level Up become Inner Disciples, Core Disciple, can say into Sect Outer Disciple, even if true became the Sect person.”

Zhao Hai look at Luo Ying said : various what? are Sect besides Outer Disciple, lower than this status?” Luo Ying deep voice said :naturally has, under Outer Disciple, handymen disciple, these handymen disciple has innate skill that Sect elects but is not disciple of talent, good that if they display, slowly can Level Up become Outer Disciple, said strictly that this handymen disciple is the same with the Battle Slave status, but does not have Battle Slave to be so dangerous. ”...... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;