Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1647

Said strictly, mountain valley area that Battle Slave Camp is not very big, but several hundred mu size, has every large or small about thousand Cave Mansion in this mountain valley, besides various 25 Inferior Martial Plane Tower of Babel special-purpose Cave Mansion, other is these Battle Slave residence that chooses from Tower of Babel. Wu Nu who elects from various Inferior Martial Plane, the most person initial five days of meeting of can live in various Inferior Martial Plane Cave Mansion, in five days, must establish Cave Mansion in mountain valley, lives the last about three months in mountain valley, will be arranged to fight to the life and death stage by Sect, so long as exceeds hundred, can enter Sect, became Outer Disciple. In person who in these were elected, does not look at the age, no matter how old are you will be elected, these people but who a little, was elected, is Divided Spirit Stage is Divided Spirit Stage following cultivator, elder time cultivator does not have the qualifications to be elected. Also because of this, therefore in Battle Slave Camp here, 25 Inferior Martial Plane Cave Mansion, is the safest place. Because there has elder time Expert to assume personal command all the year round, moreover Battle Slave that more than one), these were chosen, naturally does not dare to annoy these elder times Expert. Zhao Hai lived in five days in No. 23 Inferior Martial Plane Cave Mansion, these five days, he has not gone out, has been looking like Luo Ying to understand Black Tiger Group and Cultivation World matter. More is understood that Zhao Hai more thought this Cultivation World is not simple, this Cultivation World like cultivator, is not piece of Universe, comprised of planet, besides ten-thousand realms battlefield there, each an Interface control many planet. This [email protected] here, is comprised of piece of incomparably huge Continent, this piece of Continent big, the Cultivation World here person has not carried on the actual survey, in brief is very big, is big, even if by Zhao Hai present has flown in a direction, feared that is flies for ten years, cannot fly Cultivation World side. When figures out a such result, some were Zhao Hai suspicions have miscalculated, how to have such big land? Is this unscientific? Can be able to reckon up in some Cultivation World here Sect many person nobody, but entire Cultivation World was actually divided into nine Great Province, separately is Central Saint Province, Eastern Saint Province Eastern Buddha Province, Western Demon Province, Western Saint Province , Southern Barbarian Province, Southern Saint Province , Northern Divergent Province, Northern Saint Province. Therefore in these 9 Province in the state of belt Saint character, generally by Profound Sect Righteous Sect cultivator give priority to, in other words, in 9 Province, to cultivate the Profound Sect Cultivation Method give priority to state to have five, these are also strongest by Central Saint Province. But position that Zhao Hai is at now, is Northern Divergent Province is belongs to 9 Province, quite remote, here what cultivator has cultivate what Cultivation Method Sect to have, but in Black Tiger Group in Northern Divergent Province is solid the strength to arrange hundred fully, was big Sect. Do not think that the Black Tiger Group rank is only hundred of one state thinks the Black Tiger Group strength is not strong, just the opposite, is only Northern Divergent Province area on don’t know big, here Sect, does not have 10,000 also 8000, can in these many Sect, crush into top 100, such strength is not absolutely weak, in Northern Divergent Province here, Black Tiger Group was also Great Sect. Black Tiger Group generation of Gang Master is a Black Tiger monster, Black Tiger Group also by Monster Cultivator give priority to Gang, but afterward actually had absorbed many Human Race cultivator, slowly has formed present Black Tiger Group, in the present reactionary gang tiger although has plenty Monster Race cultivator, however Human Race cultivator equally are still many.

Black Tiger Group is divided into Black Tiger 36, these 36 are divided into six, next six, in 12 and outside 12. On this six and next six, belongs to Sect core hall entrance, inside except for Core Disciple is an elder, special being responsible for management entire Sect, other 24, turn over to these six to manage, on six are managing in 12, next six are managing outside 12. But in 12, specifically are responsible for the Sect normal thing, is managing some Inner Disciples and some Outer Sect disciple, the normal operation of Sect, depended on these hall entrance, they put duty, medicine pill, weapon, Strength of Faith, handymen disciple and so on supervisory work of these people. But outside 12 another name Twelve Battle Hall, one hear of this views should know, outside this 12 are hall entrance that to be responsible for Sect makes to fight outward, in these 20 is almost the gentleman of strong war, majority of Inner Disciples and Outer Disciple in Sect turns over to outside this 12 to manage. But in Zhao Hai in Battle Slave Camp, is actually turns over to 12 to manage, when his official becomes Outer Disciple, by assignment hall entrance again, now they are been same as handymen disciple, but also cannot obtain Sect normal allowance. Previous six respectively are Medicine Hall, Equipment Hall, Miscellaneous Hall, Technique Hall, Saint Hall and Disciplinary Hall, a Medicine Hall commanding officer Black Tiger Group medicinal herbs material and refines medicine pill, the refinement of collection and Magical Artifact of Equipment Hall commanding officer ore, Miscellaneous Hall tube is handymen disciple, puts Gang duty, Technique Hall tube is cultivates putting of practice method, Professor, the Saint Hall tube is the assignment of Spirit Vein, the assignment of Strength of Faith, but Disciplinary Hall is actually the management entire Black Tiger Group discipline, other equivalent to Sect Disciplinary Hall. But next six separately are Wind Hall, Wood Hall, Fire Hall, Mountain Hall, Dark Hall, Guardian Hall, then six specifically are responsible for doing to fight with the internal defense outward, the winds, forests, fires, mountains and four specifically are responsible for making the war outward, majority of Inner Disciples and Outer Disciple turn over to these four tubes, Dark Hall is actually a scout tube, specifically is responsible for the foreign information prying the work, Dark Hall disciple also most mysterious, nobody knows that Dark Hall disciple status, Guardian Hall is actually responsible for the defense work of in the gang, the disciple quantity is not fixed, disciple that sometimes these are responsible for defending, will become the wind. Forest volcano four disciple, move the foreign war. But in 12 separately are, the refining pills hall, plants Medicine Hall, prospects hall, Crafting Hall, the handymen hall, Duty Hall, hides the scripture hall, spoke the scripture hall, the Spirit Vein hall, Saint strength hall, discipline hall and Disciplinary Hall. But outside 12 are divided into the dark heaven, Wei Choutang, third branch Wind Hall, dark mao hall, Chen Wind Hall, sixth branch Wood Hall, Wei Wutang, not Mountain Hall, Shanghai Wood Hall, hundred Mountain Hall, eleventh of the twelve Earthly Branches Fire Hall, twelfth branch Fire Hall. Each units place Black Tiger Group disciple, will have a piece status Waist Token, not only this Waist Token ID Card, but also indicates you belongs to that disciple, simultaneously this Waist Token, a piece records the meritorious deeds plaque, you have completed Sect any duty, will obtain many contribution points, will record on this Waist Token. Black Tiger Group here puts the contribution points way to be similar to hundred treasure there, but here does not use computer, is turns over to Duty Hall disciple to manage, you go to Duty Hall there to lead duty, goes to Duty Hall there to hand over duty then to examine by Duty Hall disciple and puts contribution points to you, you can exchange medicine pill with contribution points in Sect there, exchanges Cultivation Method, exchanges thing that all Cultivator use. However Zhao Hai also can only know these he , to know in Black Tiger Group more matters, can only , after becoming Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple, can know. Zhao Hai to has not felt disappointed, these thing, regarding him, oneself after were very useful, as for many thing, after he can , after entering Black Tiger Group, in understanding slowly. Luo Ying to Zhao Hai such procedure not only does not have point dislike, instead to returning very happy, the Zhao Hai strength he is knows that in Sect these send to defend Inner Disciples of tower not to have the means to win Zhao Hai, obviously the Zhao Hai strength has formidable how, by Zhao Hai such strength, on the life and death stage that 100 victory, should not be unperformable duty, after that him, on might enter very much to Black Tiger Group, that he regarding these understanding of Black Tiger Group, on absolutely necessary.

Five days later, Zhao Hai needs leave No. 23 Inferior Martial Plane Cave Mansion, lived in external Cave Mansion to go, has plenty idle Cave Mansion in this mountain valley, these Cave Mansion was before lives in here Battle Slave remains, these people must die in battle, or was abandoned or join to Black Tiger Group, in brief will not come back, he can choose a nobody's Cave Mansion housing at will, Cave Mansion in front of the door defensive formation that nobody lived will be will not open, only then after being admitted to the person, defensive formation will start. Naturally, Zhao Hai also received a piece, is representing status Jade Token , this Jade Token , directly is a big slave character, the back is the Zhao Hai name and he came from that Inferior Martial Plane. Zhao Hai sees that slave character Jade Token time, face is somewhat ugly, he does not have to think one have is regarded the slave uses the time, but he actually knows now that he cannot rebel, just as be, now his rebel that Luo Ying said that to hundred treasure and he does not have any advantage. Looked for nobody's Cave Mansion at will, walked, started defensive formation, then entered in Space, entered the villa his immediately to Cai'er said : Cai'er, how?” Cai'er turned the head mountain valley and mountain valley surrounding the situation to Zhao Hai said : understands clearly, in this mountain valley currently has the Battle Slave 183 people, including 23, nearest/recent several days leave mountain valley, you will enter mountain valley Battle Slave with Elder Brother Hai with a batch, altogether 18), they have been admitted to their Cave Mansion now, all war anger were the Divided Spirit Stage strengths, has not had any to use Strength of Faith.” Zhao Hai nodded, this is also normal, Strength of Faith in cultivator there is not the cabbage, who uses, in cultivator there, in the hundred thousand individual, had Strength of Faith to be good, that will look like Cultivation World here, became Sect Inner Disciples, can obtain Strength of Faith that Sect matched, has not managed the Law Idol ratio. Cai'er then said :this mountain valley outside is actually piece of forest, this piece of forest has several hundred thousand square kilometers fully, inside has plenty formidable Monster Beast, some Monster Beast strengths, arrived at Immortal Stage, they arrive to turn into human-shape, has calculated Monster Cultivator. Zhao Hai has gawked, knit the brows said : „, if they can turn into human-shape, turns into Monster Cultivator, how in formally join Sect, instead to live in outdoor?” Cai'er shook the head said : this my don’t know, but nearby this besides your this camp, in has not seen other camp, left this piece of forest, is the limitless desert, this forest looks like oasis in a giant desert is the same, only not this oasis slightly big point and son.” Zhao Hai let out a long breath, nodded said : originally is this, it seems like Black Tiger Group chooses this Battle Slave Camp in here, is feared that these Battle Slave will run away, but this is also good, my simply does not want to run, I to have a look, what formidable cultivator in this Cultivation World is.” Cai'er look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, in this Battle Slave Camp, you are impossible to stay in Cave Mansion, must exit, or stirs up trouble, or was annoyed, in brief must fight, I just monitored Battle Slave Camp time, listening to the person saying that if you in Battle Slave Camp, have not fought five, will not be chosen the fight, you have possibly been kept in Battle Slave Camp, if you stayed in Battle Slave Camp one year, on will have sent for striking to kill by Black Tiger Group.” Zhao Hai does said : „have this matter? How to have listened to Luo Ying to say?” Cai'er deep voice said : this is also I in the surveillance, listens two two Black Tiger Group Immortal Stage Expert chatted saying that this regulation was keep secret, must have a look at these Battle Slave to have the war heart, if fought the heart at the same time if no, Black Tiger Group will not remain your.”

Zhao Hai nodded, shows a faint smile said : interestingly, is very interesting, can kill people in here unexpectedly at will, he he, what a pity, I do not want to stir up trouble, otherwise 25 Inferior Martial Plane kept here to sit Immortal Stage Expert to butcher, had a look at Black Tiger Group when the time comes is anything responded.” Cai'er has also smiled, has not made noise, Laura connection said : Elder Brother Hai, I thought that you look for opportunity to exit to get several, then in participating in that any life and death stage, entry as soon as possible to Black Tiger Group is good, obtains in information that from Luo Ying there, we can analyze, this Cultivation World here, is only Northern Divergent Province on don’t know big, was compared with the ten-thousand realms battlefield mostly, moreover here cultivator were innumerable, if Elder Brother Hai wants to enhance the strength, here after to was a good place.” Zhao Hai nodded said :well, first did not say other, this Battle Slave Camp Spiritual Qi, compared with ten-thousand realms battlefield there in many, looks like Expert in this Cultivation World are certainly many, can be able these Expert, is the life! Greatly happy matter. Lizzy shows a faint smile said : well, you well can these Expert, right Elder Brother Hai, you said why Cultivation World here elects the person from Inferior Martial Plane, doesn't choose these Immortal Stage Expert? Aren't these Immortal Stage Expert strengths stronger?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this my also don’t know, some strange, possibly has any our don’t know reason, later can identify the reason slowly, was good, rest several days in Space, is going first to look for a job.” Lizzy they have smiled, Zhao Hai turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, didn't you say outside this camp is a big forest? Good, well has a look in this forest to have any good thing, if there is any good thing, do not forget to receive in Space.” Cai'er smiles said : feel relieved Elder Brother Hai, I will, you rest well, uses this several days we to collect some these Battle Slave materials, facilitates you to cope with them.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, give you, if some people come here, leave here, do not forget to put the Liquid Silver needle on their bodies, I must know this Cultivation World, what place is.”!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;