Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1648

Luo Ying frowns to sit in Cave Mansion, Cave Mansion naturally that No. 23 Inferior Martial Plane Cave Mansion that he is, there is their fixed hole places, his first time to Battle Slave Camp here, lives in this Cave Mansion. But reason that this Luo Ying also keeps here, what performance wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to be, to be honest, he very much anticipated that the performance of Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai strength he knows after all. However what makes his disappointed is, Zhao Hai now very honestly has stayed actually in Cave Mansion, does not have including Cave Mansion, enters Battle Slave Camp from Zhao Hai, half a month, from the beginning has followed besides most Fang Tian in his together, the remaining ten days of time, have stayed in Cave Mansion, this lets some Luo Ying worries. Luo Ying naturally knows, if three months of Zhao Hai does not come out to get five, he does not think that the life and death stage comes up, can only trapped here, if one year he has not come out, he may be dangerous. The worry of Luo Ying is not groundless, regarding cultivator, sometimes closes up for one year is very normal matter, if Zhao Hai runs up to here to close up really for several months, that troubled. However in regulation, cannot tell Battle Slave this custom, therefore Luo Ying somewhat is worried about Zhao Hai, he feared that Zhao Hai has stayed in Cave Mansion, not only such words Zhao Hai will have the trouble, he also will be implicated. In Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai Cave Mansion sighed, actually presently in Zhao Hai Cave Mansion, person's shadow flashes, Zhao Hai from inside walked out, sees Zhao Hai to come out, Luo Ying to was light the tone. If Zhao Hai did not come out in Cave Mansion, that naturally not ~ will have the matter, so long as he comes out, even if he does not annoy others, some people will annoy his, Luo Ying was not worried. Do not look at now Battle Slave Camp here, only then more than 100 people, in cultivator that but these people are in each one, is the characters of assuming sole responsibility for an important task, moreover after knowing the Battle Slave Camp here situation, each and every one is also suppressing a lot of air/Qi, everyone wants to find the person to release, therefore this battle was unavoidable. Zhao Hai came out from Cave Mansion, has sized up all around one, all around this slowly flew to get up is looking around, this mountain valley was not big, gave the place that Battle Slave lived in specially, naturally did not have what scenery to be attractive, Luo Ying said that let Zhao Hai in the here familiar environment, but does not want to make him come out to transfer the extension, this good to live the friction with others, can hit well. Zhao Hai paid attention, presently the front not far away has cultivator to stand in mountain valley defensive formation there outward look at, because of them cannot leave mountain valley, therefore that person can only stand in mountain valley defensive formation there. This mountain valley defensive formation, not only has the defense capability outward, internally is also same, lives in mountain valley here Battle Slave, wants leave mountain valley, only if breaks that defensive formation, otherwise do not think leave. However Zhao Hai actually knows that what's the matter, this defends Magic Formation not to have what effect internally actually, reason that he can block Battle Slave in mountain valley, because of Battle Slave that status jade and sign, the Zhao Hai Liquid Silver needle can very relaxed flies from mountain valley, but the body is bringing that Jade Token Zhao Hai, does not have the means person to leave in the valley to exit.

Zhao Hai has also arrived at protective shield there, is looking around outward, he has about the kilometer to that cultivator fully, but Zhao Hai just stood there, hears that cultivator deep voice said : immediately/on horseback get lost, I do not think that others leave me to be so near.” About Zhao Hai looked around, now here except for that cultivator of speech only then he, it seems like that person was saying him, he has cannot help but smiled, deep voice said : friend, this place was not your house/family opens, my liking stood in here stands in here, you feared that could not manage.” That person turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, coldly snorted said : person has courted death.” Said that every wields, crescent moon same Magical Artifact attacks toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at that Magical Artifact, presently inside and outside that Magical Artifact has the blade edge, moreover blade edge very thin, understands at a glance sharply incomparable, understood at a glance that the lethality is very big, moreover absolutely is good thing. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields Sword Qi to welcome together toward that Magical Artifact on, listened to that worked as, Sword Qi directly hitting that Magical Artifact, that person of two eyes shrank, the hand wielded, was several Magical Artifact attacks toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also waved, several Sword Qi hide toward that person, then the intention moves, Bright Sword Profound Technique, cuts together toward that person. Bright Sword Profound Technique is the one type of Spiritual Attack method, invisible shadowless, very difficult to guard, but that cultivator obviously is not a simple character, he actually felt that Zhao Hai Bright Sword Profound Technique attack, immediately release has defended Magical Artifact, thinks that is blocking Zhao Hai attack. However that person of too generation has not bent down Bright Sword Profound Technique, but Bright Sword Profound Technique attack very formidable, that has Strength of Faith attack, was not easily blocks. Sees Bright Sword Profound Technique attack one to pass through from that Magical Artifact, the long jab on the body of that cultivator, on that cultivator although had one layer protective shield, actually likely is one layer paper, punctured on Bright Sword Profound Technique technique of bright sword one, that cultivator has not responded that directly hit. This Bright Sword Profound Technique directly aims at spiritual force, these was stabbed, that person felt that a head pain, then face one white, a blood has spurted, simultaneously his nose and ear have in the eye, there is a blood to be miserable, the appearance is sad and shrill, shook shaking like the Malicious Ghost then personal appearance, turning over has fallen down.? Zhao Hai wields, Sword Qi shoots together, directly that person butchering, then turned into Undead Creature to receive in Space. Among them the battle, was already watched by Battle Slave Camp here all people, but these people have not thought that Zhao Hai strength unexpectedly such, among in the blink of an eye Divided Spirit Stage cultivator tidying up, all saw this cultivator, face changes, looked that the Zhao Hai look is different.

Zhao Hai has swept these person of one with spiritual force, has not said anything, but turns the head through protective shield, the scenery outside look at mountain valley, just any matter had not lived has probably been same. The Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai appearance, actually shows a faint smile, actually in Battle Slave Camp here, you not necessarily must hit full five, reason that makes Battle Slave start to fight in Battle Slave Camp here, one is to have a look at the Battle Slave strength, second is to have a look to have that war heart, so long as you can at the tumble, display your strength, was OK. Like Zhao Hai, he does not like stirring up trouble on own initiative, then some people annoyed him, he will be absolutely impolite, what most important was, on strength that Zhao Hai showed that now Battle Slave Camp here dares to annoy his also really few, moreover these cultivator were not the fools, their clearly know were not the Zhao Hai match, naturally can hide Zhao Hai, if such words Zhao Hai wants in looking for others is troublesome, only if attacked others' Cave Mansion, that may on be troublesome. Zhao Hai naturally is don’t know Luo Ying is thinking anything, he has not worried, the strength of Battle Slave Camp here person he knew, he has is the time slowly looks for these people's troubles. But Battle Slave Camp here person simply has not thought that a misunderstanding lets them unexpectedly in the following several months, is living the life of better to die than living. Zhao Hai looked at scenery outside one point of valley on slowly flies toward own Cave Mansion, other Battle Slave see Zhao Hai, distant avoid. Strength that just Zhao Hai showed that making them feel that a heart startled, they self-examined that with these with the person who Zhao Hai began, the strength cannot miss many, but Zhao Hai without using Magical Artifact, but several Sword Qi that person solving, this was too scary. Zhao Hai toward the forward flight, the suddenly personal appearance is moving, appears nearby cultivator, that cultivator has gawked, then face changes, immediately has revealed Magical Artifact, face vigilant look at Zhao Hai said : „do you want to do?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not anything, looked that you are not pleasing to the eyes, wants to punch the person.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves to throw toward that person, that face pale piece, waves, several flying sword that he shines attack toward Zhao Hai. Actually sees the Zhao Hai personal appearance to move, one has let his several flying swordthen appears nearby that person, a fist hits toward that person, the Zhao Hai this pure Body Cultivator fighting method, making that people feel very does not adapt, he was too near to Zhao Hai, wants to hide could not shunt, can only a fist of two hands Zhao Hai, simultaneously the personal appearance in the future draw back. How however Zhao Hai possibly such lets off him, a foot has kicked, center that person of belly, that person felt that the belly hurts, Spiritual Qi one has released, cannot help but called out pitifully, but Zhao Hai has not actually stopped, overran directly, to that person is being an experience and skill. Zhao Hai hits that person of time not under extreme methods, but that person of hitting is very sore, looks like black and blue, actually does not have the multiple wounds, but this actually ratio killed that cultivator to be serious. cultivator is the good honor, you think that Divided Spirit Stage Expert, beating, the crying father who hits is shouted mother, his maids who the face swells does not know him, that does not have the face matter.

No matter Zhao Hai actually that many, one punch after that person fat, this Sisi returned to however own Cave Mansion, but Zhao Hai such sitting faction, was makes other cultivator look to be scared, they think why understand Zhao Hai such do not do, in the each and every one eye were also many a vigilance, in their opinion, Zhao Hai is that moody Evil Sect character absolutely, has decided simultaneously, later saw Zhao Hai around walking, turned the head when looking at that was hurt to hit the person by Zhao Hai, facial expression that in cannot help but 1 u a sub- silk took pleasure in others'misfortunes. But person who that hit, has stood slowly, rub rub his face, face hatred a back of look at Zhao Hai, he felt, the wound on his face, a short time, Zhao Hai, when hits him, kept own Spiritual Qi on his face, he wants to use Spiritual Qi or the medicine pill detumescence cannot, can only wait for Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi slowly to vanish, his face will be good. This may lose face too, he covered the face to enter in his Cave Mansion, before the face has not lessened the swollen area, he does not dare. Other these people have not thought that the person who the following some time, their days do not compare that hit how many are good, next day Zhao Hai comes out from Cave Mansion, has blocked cultivator, his look at that person of said : how don't you wear the hat?” Another pig was born. Third day who makes you wear the hat!”! Fourth day how don't you wear the hat?”! Fifth day... To be continued)!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;