Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1649

15 days later, the wound is been finally good by that cultivator face that on Zhao Hai hits, he then walked out from his Cave Mansion, a preparation of face hatred looks for Zhao Hai to revenge. He just Cave Mansion actually one was shocked, because he noticed that cultivator has been flying from his Cave Mansion in front of the door, cultivator flies naturally not to have from his Cave Mansion in front of the door what quite strangely, what is strange the face of this cultivator, on the face of this cultivator piece of black and blue, two eyes resembles the panda, understood at a glance that was given to beat savagely. .com That person of cultivator dull look at this flew past cultivator, understand, in him was not seeing that distant place several cultivator flew, on the faces of these cultivator was also piece of black and blue, two eyes seemed the panda, but each and every one did not have what response to be the same probably, why should do in mountain valley, probably on the face simply has not injured to be the same. That cultivator was really in don’t know nearest/recent this Battle Slave Camp lived anything, why on the faces of these cultivator was this appearance, at this moment, suddenly cultivator said loudly: Zhao old tiger came.” As that sound conveys, that cultivator saw a moment ago also slowly these cultivator of flight in mountain valley, probably is been same by the rabbit that the dog expelled, whiz one sneaked in their Cave Mansion. That cultivator not understand what's the matter time, saw a person to fly from the distant place, that cultivator saw this person, cannot help but the blood upward flushed, this may really be the personal enemy meets, particularly was jealous, his immediately overran. Zhao Hai leisure is flying, look at quiet incomparable mountain valley, on the face has cannot help but shown a smiling face, ~ actually he intentionally does these days, he almost all he has seen cultivator, has hit, what response he will such do is to have a look at Black Tiger Group to have. Now he soon became the noisy person, so long as he takes to the streets other person immediately to meet turn around to run, hides in own Cave Mansion does not come out. When Zhao Hai toward the forward flight, a suddenly person's shadow has been dashing, in hand flying sword attacks toward him, Zhao Hai Ding eyeball looked that recognizes first to make into that cultivator of pig head by him, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, the personal appearance moves, flying sword that one made way that attacking actually presently a that cultivator face hatred, release several flying sword attacked toward him. Zhao Hai smiles, intentionally said loudly: youngster, are you who? Dares to provoke the grandfather unexpectedly!” That cultivator ruthless sound said : I must kill you, you dare sneak attack unexpectedly I, I do not make you black and blue, I want your life.” Zhao Hai person who smiles said : grandfather to hit were many, if everyone wants my life, grandfather's life already did not have, youngster, your this few tricks also dare to ask me to revenge, court death!” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in that person of front, has fought with the fists on that nose that person has not thought that Zhao Hai meets suddenly appears in his front, then sees a fist to increase since childhood, then nose was sore then the tears to flow, his cannot help but pitiful yell.

Zhao Hai has not actually stopped a fist, has made into the pig head that person directly, then coldly snorted said : youngster, knows the limitation, grandfather does not want your life, but you, if in dares to annoy me, the grandfather such easily will certainly not let off you.” Said that turn around flew away leisurely. That cultivator lies down on the ground groans, his these time also knew, he absolutely is not the Zhao Hai match, wants to look for Zhao Hai to revenge is impossible. Zhao Hai returned to in own Cave Mansion, transferred enters Space, Laura they saw Zhao Hai, laughs, their this several days saw that Zhao Hai wants to smile, Zhao Hai these days, has been acting completely mindless character, the opening the mouth grandfather, silent youngster, has hit cultivator that all can see, the performance of Zhao Hai with that mild-mannered and cultivated appearance completely is different, such contrast, making Laura they feel new and odd, therefore one saw that Zhao Hai on wants to smile. Zhao Hai looked at Laura their eyes, shows a faint smile said : what kind of? I develop does not look like like, HaHaHa.” Cai'er smiles said : like, too like, has understood you, we also think that you are, HaHaHa, feared that now will be the Black Tiger Group person unusual headache.” Cai'er said does not have the mistake, the Black Tiger Group person truly is headache, most headache is Luo Ying, Luo Ying Battle Slave Camp here stayed for one month, the first half month he had worried Zhao Hai does not come out to cause trouble, such words he also with bad luck. However the second half month he feared specially Zhao Hai in coming out to cause trouble, he has not really thought that Zhao Hai will make such matter to come, to hit cultivator that in mountain valley all he can see unexpectedly to hit, he has not made into the severe wound that person or kills directly, but makes into the pig head that person, actually many days cannot disappear, this makes the procedure of person not know whether to laugh or cry by Luo Xiang. Other Inferior Martial Plane people had asked his many times, wants to know that Zhao Hai is any background, the strength so will be why strong, moreover must hitting to swell the face of person, actually does not kill these people, this lets them is really very curious. Why Luo Ying understand Zhao Hai such do not do, he understands Zhao Hai compared with other people, what performance Zhao Hai in ten-thousand realms battlefield there is his very clear, because Zhao Hai has destroyed completely Buddha, Luo Ying will bring Zhao Hai to Cultivation World Cultivation World here elects person to come up from Inferior Martial Plane there, generally is chooses some Divided Spirit Stage or the Divided Spirit Stage following person, because these people have not arrived at Immortal Stage, if they expressed that was received to Inner Sect time, matches Strength of Faith to them, they compared with will become the Immortal Stage Expert people in Lower Realm, will be easier to absorb and use Strength of Faith. Person but who elects now from Inferior Martial Plane there, generally is not only when Battle Slave uses, can become Sect disciple truly very few, many people died on the life and death stage.

Moreover now increases the interest of life and death stage there for him, many Sect the person who elects from Inferior Martial Plane there, directly is Immortal Stage Expert, their simply had not planned that makes these people Sect Inner Disciples, but makes them go to the life and death stage to hit to live to kill, if hit 100 not dead, moreover won, that in one toward Sect Outer Sect threw them, then looked for opportunity, gave them to make one to die Unborn duty, has tied. Before this is also why that messenger Luo Ying said that these time only makes a Divided Spirit Stage cultivator reason. However currently although Cultivation World here has some Sect only really to choose some Immortal Stage Expert to come up from Inferior Martial Plane there, but the quantity is not many, person or Divided Spirit Stage or Divided Spirit Stage that following cultivator more often, elects, that messenger is looking for the trouble of Luo Ying. Luo Ying now also the headache Zhao Hai behavior, he is really the point that do not understand Zhao Hai such makes, but he reported the performance of Zhao Hai to in the gang, how must process Zhao Hai, makes in the gang worry. Just is thinking time, suddenly mountain valley following Transmission Formation there flash of white light, Luo Ying looks toward there, present wear bright yellow Chinese-style gown person, is actually walking from Transmission Formation. Luo Ying stares, but immediately flew from Cave Mansion, welcomed toward that person, that person of this bright yellow Chinese-style gown, explained that his status, this person is the person in handymen hall, but the status will not be high, compared with the status of beforehand that messenger on high a little, this person is Battle Slave receiving and instructing causes, comes Battle Slave Camp here to lead Battle Slave specially. Luo Ying flies nearby that person, holds the fist in the other hand to that person said : in next No. 23 tower Luo Ying, sees receiving and instructing to cause, does not know that whom receiving and instructing does enable these time to come to lead to walk?” This receiving and instructing enables not to have extremely in performance out of the ordinary, but saluted said : to see Luo Senior Brother to Luo Ying, causes Zhang Hao below handymen hall Battle Slave receiving and instructing, these time has presented in order, comes to meet Zhao Hai, in heard Zhao Hai nearest/recent in Battle Slave Camp here noisy is very ominous, therefore wants to pick his earlier.” Luo Ying saw this receiving and instructing causes, has to have a premonition that this person came for Zhao Hai, is really, he cannot help but relaxed, to be honest, he does not want to make Zhao Hai in Battle Slave Camp here restless , is so restless, Battle Slave Camp here feared that messed up. Luo Ying holds the fist in the other hand said : such as to invite to Zhang Hao, receiving and instructing enables the Sir to come with me.” Said that he leads receiving and instructing to enable toward Zhao Hai Cave Mansion there to fly. They arrived around Zhao Hai Cave Mansion quickly, Luo Ying deep voice said : Zhao Hai, comes out to speak.” Defense vanishes, walked out of Zhao Hai from Cave Mansion. When Zhang Haolai Zhao Hai knew, therefore he already walked from Space, and has prepared, reason that Zhao Hai must be so noisy, is thinks that earlier leave Battle Slave Camp, now looks like his plan, has succeeded, Black Tiger Group really send people to come. Zhao Hai comes out from Cave Mansion, has seen Mister Luo to Luo Ying gave a salute said :.”

Luo Ying nodded, referred to bold said : this is Battle Slave receiving and instructing of in the gang causes Zhang Hao, Sir Zhang, Zhao Hai, Sir Zhang these time specially to meet you came, you followed Sir Zhang.” Zhao Hai pretended an appearance, turned the head to opening bold gave a salute said : Zhao Hai sees receiving and instructing to cause the Sir.” Zhang Hao nodded, looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : Zhao Hai, heard that your nearest/recent can be restless in Battle Slave Camp here very much? Now follows me, in the gang decides certainly to you looks for one to let you casual restless place.” Said that turn around flies toward Transmission Formation square there. Zhao Hai follows on the heels hastily, they arrived at Transmission Formation square there to fall Transmission Formation there quickly, Luo Ying have stood outside Transmission Formation, look at they, Zhang Hao held the fist in the other hand to Luo Ying said : Mister Luo, said goodbye below.” Luo Ying returned to ritual said : receiving and instructing to make the Sir invite.” Zhang Hao started Transmission Formation, flash of white light, they disappeared in Transmission Formation. When Zhao Hai when one time sees clearly all around situation, presently appears in one is not in very big Transmission square, this not big Transmission square, only then five Transmission Formation, in small courtyard, this courtyard look like probably is a central courtyard, besides there near his left hand, the foot gate, entire courtyard could not see the gate, entire was the house, Zhao Hai can feel that in these house, there are some have the person, the strength of these person was also not very strong, many also on. Is the Divided Spirit Stage strength....... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;