Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1650
Zhang Hao turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : came with me.” Said that * the step walked toward the courtyard main room, arrives at main room in front of the door, Zhang Hao taps two gates, deep voice said : Senior Brother, the person has brought.”

Inside calm sound conveys said :to come. .comZhang Hao jogged to open the door, leading Zhao Hai to walk. Entered this room Zhao Hai to stare, this room is different from the general cultivator room that he saw, generally the cultivator room, very simple, inside put praying mat is being good, but this room was different, this in the room was suspending several Blockhead stance/framework/shelf, on stance/framework/shelf was putting some ores or the jade boxes, the in the room surface is suspending a very big table, in table behind sits a person, this body a cultivator robe of bright yellow , in hand was taking a piece jade slip, why don’t know. However this person of strength to is very good, is Expert of an elder time, but Zhao Hai from this person can feel a pressure, even if hundred treasure has not given him in heart prison old person such tremendous pressure, is not spatial sees Buddha, can with this person of one. After Zhang Haojin room, bowed to that person said : Senior Brother, Zhao Hai brings.” Zhao Hai bows said : to that person Zhao Hai have seen Sir!” That person looked up Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai then saw clearly the appearance of this person, this person long very handsome, looked like over 30 years old, before three wisps of beards floated sprinkled xiong, pair of red phoenix eyes, fiery. This person is sizing up Zhao Hai curiously, at the same time deep voice said : dispense with ceremony, Zhao Hai, I, and asked you, why can you at the noisy matter that Battle Slave Camp there kept?” Zhao Hai has not thought, this person actually asked so direct, he hesitated, deep voice said : returned to the words of Sir, the villain thought earlier leave Battle Slave Camp.” Zhao Hai decided that truth truth, he knows own this doing in obvious, the discerning people could see that he must do that might as well to tell the facts. Really, one hear of Zhao Hai said that person cannot help but laughs, his look at Zhao Hai said : dares to do and has the courage to accept responsibility well, to is a character, how you think that can let oneself quick leave Battle Slave Camp with this method?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : villain hears, cultivator in two Sect said that has a custom in Battle Slave Camp there, if in three months do not fight foot five, will not arrange Battle Slave Camp, this saying lets villain understand in Battle Slave Camp there, will cause trouble to fight is punished, therefore the villain has thought of this method.” As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai such to chat the even bigger sound, again and again nod said : good, you were very intelligent, actually you followed these words that arrived, other Battle Slave Camp there people not necessarily not to hear, but they most want to fight five with others in three months, then leave Battle Slave Camp, entered to life and death stage actually nobody thinks that with your method, by oneself ahead of time leave Battle Slave Camp, good, good, has not thought really cultivator there, really also had your such smart person, small bold, the belt he rest, was rested for five days by him, raised the foot. The spirit then arranges his First Stage fight.” Zhang Haoying, having led Zhao Hai to leave the room. Left the room, Zhang Hao doorkeeper gently takes then turns the head to walk to Zhao Hai said :, calculates that your youngster intelligent Senior Brother meets his heart Divine Ability, if you lie, Senior Brother immediately knows when the time comes the punishment cannot be inescapable, now your youngster spoke the truth, instead to is makes Senior Brother appreciate you.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that just that world however also met his heart Divine Ability, this name one listens to know that can hear the aspiration of opposite party, but Zhao Hai can affirm that Senior Brother impossible complete awareness opposite party is certainly thinking anything, he can only be the general feeling, the opposite party was saying hurriedly. However is this, that was also very great, you can know that the opposite party is lying, can know that the opposite party in deceiving you, can judge this person to be worth trusting from these three points, this ability is very useful, but don’t know that Senior Brother the ability is one type of Cultivation Method or Divergent Technique. Thought of Divergent Technique, Zhao Hai cannot help but immediately has thought an idea, this idea was related with Divergent Technique, in the past he has been grinding to settle the Law Idol matter, to the Divergent Technique matter forgetting, currently happen to have opportunity, he can collecting the Divergent Technique car(riage) sentiment managing.

Zhao Hai so-called collection Divergent Technique, actually the person of Divergent Technique butchering, then received Space, turns into Undead Creature, this will want Space automatically to withdraw that Undead Creature Divergent Technique, then blessing/additional support on his body. Before some time when the ten-thousand realms battlefield at that time, Zhao Hai in monitoring Divergent Technique there, regarding the Divergent Technique there person, what Divergent Technique had, he already very clear, moreover target he elected, these Divergent Technique to him were very useful, but before , because of something, he to person make a move of Divergent Technique, he had not run up to here to come now, the person who coped with Divergent Technique was just appropriate. Besides the person of Divergent Technique, is the Primal Chaos person, Zhao Hai has wanted to get so far as Primal Chaos that subspace and advocates Space directly the joint method, but before , he does not have make a move, now had opportunity, he will be certainly impolite. Zhao Hai believes that he matter that the Tower of Babel protector follows, Divergent Technique and Primal Chaos there will certainly call information, he in this time make a move, these people will certainly not suspect him, the although ten-thousand realms battlefield there people know that Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , but before Zhao Hai, actually desirably does not have the use of Trans-Realm Space Divergent Technique, looks like he returns to hundred treasure this Realm from ten-thousand realms battlefield there the time, uses Transmission Formation, attack Buddha and Lion Race time, he has also left behind Transmission Formation, to the feeling of person, but also thinks that he is makes Transmission Formation attack, thinks his Space Divergent Technique, cannot the Trans-Realm use, unable from ten-thousand realms battlefield there, directly to enter to Buddha. This was Zhao Hai intentionally kept such one, making the ten-thousand realms battlefield there people think that as the matter stands he was dealing with the there person, will not cause any suspicion. Is thinking these, Zhao Hai while has arrived at the side building with Zhang Hao, room in front of the door, Zhang Hao has shoved open asking of room, goes to Zhao Hai said :, here is the room of person, you can in the here free activity, but I, if you, I honest staying in here practice well, were achieved by own condition well, otherwise be careful dies on the life and death stage.” Zhao Hai bows said : Sir thanks a lot to remind to Zhang Hao hastily.” Zhang Hao nodded turn around to walk. Zhao Hai then turns the head to size up this room, this is a very small room, be only more than ten square meters, were placed praying mat not to have in anything in the middle of room. Zhao Hai to has not said anything, has passed through the room, closing of gently, he presently in this also has the door bolt, cannot help but has gawked, but he was the doorkeeper bolt draws. On this pull door bolt Zhao Hai present, in this actually has formation, this formation probably is defensive formation, but that door bolt starts the installment of this defensive formation, so long as the doorkeeper bolt delimits, defensive formation started this room to be safe. Cannot help but has also exclaimed in surprise two regarding such design Zhao Hai, but he has not entered to Space, he to the Cultivation World here understanding is too few, does not dare to brave entry rashly to Space. Before said in Battle Slave Camp there fortunately that there Cave Mansion is cultivator digs, Black Tiger Group will not spend matter installed some surveillance in these Cave Mansion thing, but here was actually the Black Tiger Group domain, if Black Tiger Group has installed any thing in here, but he also did not have the present words, that Space secret possibly wanted expose, Zhao Hai does not dare to take risk. Reason that Zhao Hai is so careful, because of the reason of ten-thousand realms battlefield, do not forget ten-thousand realms battlefield there, but Black Tiger Group senior refines, they had this type the skill that manufactures subspace, that who knew currently they have such energy, if made these fellows present existence of Space, that may trouble. After Zhao Hai inserts the gate, arrived at praying mat there to sit has gotten down has then closed the eye, seemed like is practicing probably, was actually they are actually carrying on communicate to enable Cai'er they with Cai'er to move, collected the plan of Divergent Technique to start.

Zhao Hai the collects Divergent Technique plan Laura they are knows, therefore Zhao Hai one said to Cai'er that Cai'er knows how must do. These Divergent Warlock that before they chose, was some strengths is not weak, but was not very strong, their Divergent Technique uncertain attack strength very strong, however must be usefully good to Zhao Hai, but Cai'er they prepared to let heart prison old person and are not spatial see Buddha to cope with these Divergent Technique, believes that these two fellows acted, these Divergent Technique had the dead end, so long as were wiping the there trace afterward, who any could not look up does. In the ten-thousand realms battlefields and in the Black Tiger Group all person don’t know situations, Zhao Hai the collected the plan of Divergent Technique to start, in several days within, in Divergent Technique had several Divergent Warlock to be missing, but Divergent Technique presently these people have not been missing, because cultivator exited several days even for several months was normal, only if the 1 or 2 year had not come back in the past, that will be included in the missing list. Then, body of Zhao Hai relaxed were many several Divergent Technique, these Divergent Technique mostly are some transports to aid the kind, like reading minds of others, perspective eye Divergent Technique, but is not the meeting increases the defense or increases strength such main action Divergent Technique, because these Divergent Technique regarding Zhao Hai, are really a little weaks, his simply cannot use. But coped with the Primal Chaos cultivator matter also to handle, Zhao Hai obtained that type to make subspace with ease with advocating the Space direct connected method, obtained this method, let the Zhao Hai strength is big increase. Use of this method regarding Zhao Hai Magical Artifact is biggest, his beforehand Magical Artifact, the build is bigger, inside yin Yang lightning pond is bigger, the yin Yang lightning pond is bigger, is bigger to energy that Magical Artifact provides, Magical Artifact energy is bigger, the attack strength is also naturally stronger. Also by Zhao Hai flying sword attack, was inferior that the Yama Ship attack strength is big, but considers, Zhao Hai has put in the yin Yang lightning pond subspace, in subspace, this yin Yang lightning Chi Jian incomparably gigantic, but in the reality, these energy actually all provided to be able the Liquid Silver flying needle, that Liquid Silver flying needle had the Yama Ship same propelling power, what concept can that be? Then on equal to the huge Yama Ship impulse, strongly hits in the needle-tip that big place, that attack strength will become geometrical time of increase. Before this ability Zhao Hai, eye very has slandered, but he did not have to get so far as in Space this ability with enough time, now finally achieved wishes. It can be said that collects Divergent Technique and obtains this subspace with advocating Space the joint method, was the ten-thousand realms battlefield finally can also attract Zhao Hai thing, ten-thousand realms battlefield there remaining thing, cannot attract Zhao Hai in anything. Five days of in the blink of an eye on the past, Zhao Hai collection Divergent Technique and obtained subspace with advocating Space unites the method duty also successfully to complete, but looked like outside, Zhao Hai these five days have sat in there practice, simply moved has not moved. In fact also really made Zhao Hai guess, Zhao Hai they these in the room, but also some Magical Artifact of surveillance, this monitored Magical Artifact , was actually in the room was suspending that praying mat, that praying mat in Cultivation World here was very famous, known as pack of shade praying mat. Folds shade praying mat looks like with ordinary praying mat is different, but this praying mat knitting method has exquisite very much, weaves this praying mat and may not use the specially good material, does not need, if you make praying mat with the good material, instead to will cause the suspicion of person, makes this praying mat material is can only material, but in the knitting, must praying mat in several layers, weave on folds shade formation, like this praying mat can play folds shade doing to use.

Folds shade praying mat to come in handy with another thing generally, but this another thing, can be a piece jade slip, can be a jade box, so long as in another thing had and folds shade praying mat corresponding Magic Formation to be OK. Before Zhao Hai, sees Senior Brother of that Black Tiger Group handymen hall, in the room is suspending that many strange thing, is the ore is the jade box, actually these thing are each every in the room folding shade praying mat corresponds to use, Senior Brother of that handymen hall, wants to monitor anyone, so long as started that person of folding shade praying mat to be OK. Senior Brother of that handymen hall, but also monitored Zhao Hai really some time, because that Senior Brother knows that the new person like Zhao Hai, staying that often cannot feel at ease in own in the room, they or exit, or will manipulate some thing in own in the room, in adding on defense Magic Formation in that room gate, will make people unconscious feels to feel at ease, in the situation of feeling at ease, the nature on will display really at the same time, that Senior Brother on will know many secret like this, this regarding control each every Battle Slave, but has the advantage very much. However monitors Zhao Hai time, to is disappoints that Senior Brother somewhat, because Zhao Hai after entering room, has sat in there practices, the gearing has not moved, this arrives is makes that Senior Brother feel really puzzled. Zhao Hai is a smart person, this point that Senior Brother can feel with the dialog of Zhao Hai from him, but a smart person like Zhao Hai, has met this kind of strange place, is only practice in low spirits, that somewhat could not be justified, this does not look like the matter that the smart person does. Is he presently monitored? Possibly?!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;