Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1651
That Senior Brother although don’t know Zhao Hai is why motionless, but he does not have the time now in research Zhao Hai, perhaps can also say that Zhao Hai had duty, not having the time to make him come research.

Zhang Hao arrives at that central courtyard in Zhao Hai sixth day early morning, arrived at outside the Zhao Hai room, has tapped two gates, deep voice said : Zhao Hai, prepares, wanted?”. .com The door opens accordingly, Zhao Hai from inside walked out, he bowed said : to see receiving and instructing to make the Sir to Zhang Hao, youngster prepare.” Zhang Hao looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : well, that walks.” Said that turn around external walks toward courtyard, Zhao Hai follows on the heels hastily, although this is his these days first leave this courtyard, but the courtyard surrounding situation, he knew through Space was clear. This central courtyard is in an island, this island evidently is by a huge active volcano formation, in the middle of island, is a straight close ten thousand meters crater, in the below of this crater, can the tumbling pass/test in clear seeing crater, blazing magma. In this crater also huge Defense Protective Shield, this) protected imperial protective shield very special at this time unexpectedly, he not before Zhao Hai these Defense Protective Shield that sees, a cover like egg shell on crater, ability that but the set like a pony roll in the crater, high and low both sides has not defended, because under on is the crater, there was the means had not passed through, but above actually high, cultivator wanted to fly to come out from above, was almost impossible. But in fire ~ mountain at the foot of the hill, is constructing one pile of houses, area of these houses are not very big, but are many, moreover many form construction by this central courtyard, appears somewhat crude. These central courtyards are are not one Sect Battle Slave that in each central courtyard of optional construction lives, entire volcanic island here Battle Slave quantity oneself after achieving several hundred thousand people. These Battle Slave honest staying in own Sect central courtyard, has not run all over the place in all directions, appears very honest, but each central courtyard also only then the 1 or 2 Cultivation World here person conducts the management in volcanic island here, manages these Battle Slave people, be much less than Battle Slave, but manages the Battle Slave person without exception is Expert. Moreover Zhao Hai also notes, when his leave own room, the entire volcanic island moved, large quantities of Battle Slave and various Realm management staff, collected the past toward crater there, but Zhao Hai they direction, is crater there. When Zhao Hai they collect crater Zhao Hai felt that outside the island transmitted a very fierce energy fluctuation, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at the island to look, saw each and every one huge black spots to fly toward here, black spots getting bigger and bigger, waited for Zhao Hai to see clearly these black spots the time, his surprised almost fell own chin, these black spots unexpectedly were each and every one Great Magical Artifact. These Great Magical Artifact anything shapes has some Great Magical Artifact to be tower-shaped, some are ship-shape, some are car-shape also has many Great Magical Artifact is the shape that Zhao Hai has not thought , some Magical Artifact seem like ferocious beast Zhao Hai saw probably fierce tiger same Great Magical Artifact flew at this time toward them, that only fierce tiger Magical Artifact, unexpectedly is can move, personal appearance very enormous, compared with his Yama Ship, two eyes there on is not two blood red translucent Crystal Stone, the four limbs is flexible, on tail can vibration gently, look like looks like true fierce tiger is only same. Great Magical Artifact, looks like like huge Skull, very scary, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm that these thing are Great Magical Artifact, moreover some fighting strength very formidable Great Magical Artifact. Zhao Hai look at these Great Magical Artifact are somewhat dull, he has not thought that in Cultivation World here unexpectedly so many Great Magical Artifact, it seems like that this Cultivation World strength really does not allow to look down upon.

Opened the bold look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : do not look, these were the major treasure, was coming to see you to perform, saw? That crater is the stage that you perform, any loser, will fall into the crater directly, was fired the flying ash.” Zhao Hai look at Zhang Haozhi the crater, stares slightly, deep voice said : this is unlikely? Any Divided Spirit Stage Expert, even if not special Body Cultivator, feared that is ** also meets very formidable, these magma feared that does not have the means their ** to refining?” Zhang Hao sneered said : not to want underestimated that crater, that crater Evil Sect, even if were Body Cultivator Immortal Stage Expert ** he can also build up the ash.” Zhao Hai nodded, in the surface cannot see anything to come, but actually paid attention, his very clear, if is really such, in this crater has certainly the strangeness. magma formidable in this crater, only then one type of explained that this) under crater has certainly any secret, if is really such, he must receive in Space this crater following thing, naturally, must have opportunity to be good. Quick these Great Magical Artifact arrived at crater all around, but in these Great Magical Artifact actually nobody comes out, obviously these people do not prepare leave their Great Magical Artifact. In this time, the distant place is flying a stature person's shadow, this) person steps in a tray, he has flown the place above of crater, this stopped has gotten down, Zhao Hai looked that this person of figure was not tall, very fat, on big round face forever was having the smiling face, looked like looks like Buddha Maitreya is the same. This person of under foot is stepping on Jade Disc, this Jade Disc very big, the diameter has more than 2 meters fully, that Fatty has been a round Ju to all around, this deep voice said : Welcome to arrive at Blazing Island life and death stage, Fatty met with everyone/Great Clan, gave regards to everyone/Great Clan in here Fatty, today my Blazing Island life and death stage here, just like before, has arranged ten decisions, both sides that duel both are various Realm nearest/recent elect, one by that two person showdowns, must be decided by the ballot.” Fatty said that all around does not have what sound, obviously the here person already knows that Fatty must say anything, moreover these words are some polite talk, these person of simply have not cared. Fatty also knows obviously can be this, he has not cared, then said : Everybody, if everybody does not have opinion, that ballot must start, on 20 Interface representatives who please send for meeting comes.” Had 20 people from the crowd, these 20 people have flown into crater there, then Fatty has fished out 20 Jade Token from the body, had demonstrated to all around, has then put out jug same thing, has demonstrated to all around.

Zhao Hai looked that all around nobody makes noise, knows that on that jug and Jade Token have certainly to isolate the spiritual force ability, otherwise the uses of these person such feel relieved will not draw lots this way. Representative Zhang Hao who Black Tiger Group sends out, with opening bold together, is other Steward people, waited for that Fatty to put in jug these Jade Token , then swung swinging gently, this has extended jug. Opens they are not first time does this matter obviously, they walked one by one, has fished out the a piece jade and sign from jug, after 20 everybody has fished out Jade Token , Fatty said : Everybody, you with good oneself in hand Jade Token , custom everyone/Great Clan understood, 1st with 20 th to the war, 2nd with 19 th to the war, asks everybody to come out in hand Jade Token now brightly.” The people had revealed oneself in hand Jade Token , Fatty nodded said : First Stage, the three sages teach to the Black Tortoise sect, the both sides players enter the stadium.” Said that Fatty took back that two Sect in hand Jade Token , various Realm people has drawn back, Fatty still kept on the stage, said loudly: „The player who the three Sects religious sect has is a player of ten winning streak, his nickname will be called the golden body, this person of super strong, defense strength will be astonishing, will be pure Body Cultivator, will not use any weapon, but will actually put on a height level defense to use full body armor, this full body armor defense strength astonishing, general Magical Artifact simply will not have the means to break through this full body armor, he is the star player of our Blazing Island life and death stage.” Speaking of here he to stop, then said loudly: However with his Black Tortoise sect the player to war, field number of this player although winning streak, only then five, but strength very formidable of some people, he is purest sword cultivator, a supple water Vajra sword, destroys the hardest defenses, in the beforehand five fights, he only used massacring the match less than hundred moves of time, is nova that Blazing Island life and death stage here lived slowly.” Speaking of here Fatty to enhance sound speaking sounds: Now invited both sides players.” His voice falls, two person's shadows on appears on the crater, in the left hand of Fatty is a about two meters high guy, this guy puts on plate armor, the whole person looks like looks like an iron suacepan, his body very grandiose, firm as a mountain, he has picked his hard helmet now, letting the person can see clearly his look. This person of long ten points aggressive, greatly bald, on the face is the pale golden color, looked like wipes one layer gold powder to be the same probably, now right this person of face aggressive look at Fatty that person. Right Fatty that person, understood at a glance that he is sword cultivator, he like all sword cultivator, is carrying on the back his sword back, a white cultivator clothing/taking, seems like only about 20 years old, the surface does not need in vain, straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards tiger eyes, Yushu faces the wind, is dashing, if this places on Earth, can become the spokesman of any Cultivator game absolutely.

Zhao Hai calm look at these two, he know that these two can only have one to live today, they when cultivator there, possibly is Expert, a pet, however in here, they have a status, Battle Slave! At this time that Fatty said loudly: Friends, then please two players, bring the performance of most ji and sentiment to us!” Said that Fatty turns the head to Vajra and sword cultivator said : In here not any rule, so long as you can strike to kill the opposite party, you can go on living, no matter you use any method, finally can only have a person, walks from here, when two people both are living, the protective shield on flame will not relieve.” The Fatty personal appearance moved, departs the hot hungry ghost with flames coming from their mouths, Fatty flew, Vajra has taken the hard helmet immediately, then turned the head look at that sword cultivator, the double fist also has lifted simultaneously, prepared to begin at any time. But at this time that sword cultivator had also handled to pinch the sword Secret Art, own flying sword let out, his flying sword like swimming fish same is flying in his side, evidently unexpectedly is a soft sword .......( To be continued &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;