Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1652

They are looking at the opposite party mutually, actually no one begins, before although them, has not fought, but is very obvious, they probably are to opposite party dreading. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, he presently today getting angry mountain pass here person, besides various Sect Battle Slave Manager, various Sect Battle Slave came, today altogether compares ten, is impossible to make that many fighting all go to battle, obviously, these fight are also observe. As the matter stands Zhao Hai understand, why Vajra they so will also dread with sword cultivator, before they obviously, looks at the opposite party to begin, will therefore dread the opposite party. .com Opens the bold look at two, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : „After paying attention to observe these two, they possibly are also your match, so long as you can live the day.” Zhao Hai nodded. At this time they do not want to wait obviously, sword cultivator was difficult first, hand fierce proceeding wielded, then looked like the soft sword a alarmed snake is the same, gets down to strike toward Vajra. That soft sword looks like probably is straight will puncture toward Vajra, but Zhao Hai actually presently, before that soft sword , the route that punctures is not straight, but has a slight arc, moreover sword tail there like the fish tail, in gently is also swinging, but this swinging very slight, average person simply presently, this naturally possibly was not because this too created the sword softly, but was the change on one type of sword maneuver, if Vajra dares attack his sword, that his sword on same one to fishtail to the fish on avoid that attack. But Vajra also will see his movement obviously, his dealing method also very has the characteristics, completely is the Body Cultivator fight side ~ type, copes with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle, he stands in there is motionless, the sword that look at sword cultivator that two eyes decides attacks. That sword blinked arrived at Vajra, Vajra wielded the hand, uses the arm protector on arm, standard one that sword, that sword one by square flew, simultaneously Vajra will proceed steps, these step bridged over among them that hundred meters distance, one on appears in Cultivator front, at the same time a fist struck toward the sword cultivator front. This rabbit leaps the hawk to strike, is quickly incomparable, will see Vajra the hand one to insert the chest of sword cultivator, what however will sound queer, sword cultivator will not have any painful expression, a blood has not flowed, instead to was the personal appearance actually slowly vanishes. Vajra will have gawked, then complexion changes, a turn around fist behind strikes toward him, hearsto work as, „ bang, Vajra the personal appearance will draw back anxiously, but the sword cultivator sword was also shaken in the future to fly, originally just sword cultivator used itself will quickly evade Vajra to strike, because his was too quick, has left behind a remnant shade in there unexpectedly, what just Vajra will hit was only the sword cultivator remnant shade.

But sword cultivator also using Vajra dumbfounded time, with own flying sword to Vajra in the future one ruthless, if not Vajra will respond quickly, a immediately fist will strike in the future, his present undead also severe wound. Now his although has not been seriously injured, but this minor wound is actually unavoidable, because he was just dark green pressed the fist, but the opposite party actually fully struck, this made him receive some minor wounds, the meridians of entire right arm have broken, simply cannot be used to fight, even if were this time he won, after going back, must be able to recuperate wound with for a long time. Vajra the personal appearance will have fallen back on to the sword cultivator about 500 meters, but on the face of sword cultivator appears a smiling face, because of his very clear, Vajra the right arm will actually have abandoned, then has been short of nearly 50% fighting strength on equal to, their strength originally quite, now Vajra one has been short of 50% fighting strength, he won. Not only that sword cultivator, all people saw Vajra the situation, complexion of some people cannot help but change, Zhao Hai looked that this situation actually stares, Vajra will lose, doesn't have no relationship with these people probably? Why these other was Battle Slave, actually one biological father's same expression? What's all this about? However has not waited for him to think that sword cultivator in one time will have attacked toward Vajra, Vajra will be hanging the right arm, can only resist with the left arm, already complete falling to leeward, only then the ability to parry, did not have the strength to hit back, but has to acknowledge that his full body armor was very good, when unexpectedly that sword cultivator attacked flying sword attack, on his arm protector, was only appears sword marks, but actually not wound to his arm. Under stage all people looked, Vajra situation by going, losing was sooner or later matter, only then a person exception, this person was Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai presently Vajra now although is at leeward, but he actually not flurried, was defending strictly own gatekeeper, sword cultivator attack although very aggressive, took him not to have the means. But this can only explain a point, after Vajra will have also the move, he only then in also has in the situation of unique skill, when will be at a disadvantage completely, but can also such shaking decide freely, but he after own will also be very confident, he believes that own card in a hand one will come out brightly, can turn defeat into victory certainly! Zhao Hai to his card in a hand to is being interested, he wants to have a look is any thing, can make Vajra have the so big confidence unexpectedly. Besides Zhao Hai, feared that is only then the people in these Great Magical Artifact can see some end puppet, but the people in these Great Magical Artifact naturally are impossible to tell the following these matter, because absolutely does not have that necessity, the lives of below these people their simply did not care. Vajra battle experience very rich, his very clear, if drag is too long, that certainly by sword cultivator present, opportunity of his sole make a comeback did not have.

Therefore after keeping off that sword cultivator dozens swords, he has sold a flaw suddenly, that sword cultivator completely is too close to the problem, he presently Vajra this move has not been a flaw, he thinks that Vajra will be because will unable to bear his attack, will therefore expose weaknesses, his immediately/on horseback wielded a sword to attack, this sword his make a move, the sword the chest will puncture fully toward Vajra, at this moment, Vajra actually will be the personal appearance in a flash, in the iotas made chest most important position, sword cultivator these time under one jab into the arm nest of his right arm. Obviously arm nest defense strength of Vajra sword right arm is not very bad, under sword cultivator sword by card in inside, when sword cultivator face smug look wish pulls out the sword, Vajra will use actually own left hand capture the sword cultivator sword. Now Vajra because of just this sword, is in the wound will add the wound, was punctured spat blood, but he was capture stubbornly that sword. That sword cultivator looks at his appearance, cannot help but slightly stares, then is actually disdaining of face, in his opinion, Vajra will be putting up a last-ditch struggle, he just about to begins, actually feeling after suddenly own brain, will have one malevolent winds, sword cultivator had not responded the time, huge Mace has hit in the head of sword cultivator, the head of sword cultivator looked like and is pounded below rotten tomato by the sledgehammer ruthlessly, entire head already vanish from sight! Meets to bump into the personal appearance to plant, downward falls, among in the blink of an eye has fallen into magma pond, changed into the flying ash. Vajra will have a look downward to look at one, coldly snorted, then slowly extracted that also to insert flying sword in body, looked at one, received in own Space, then beckoned, anti- that huge Mace received. This Mace has more than three meters to be long fully, above has been covered with the wolf's fang same hangnail, all over the body the thick shiny black, the thickest place probably is a small bucket, is the handle position, there is slightly, a son arm to be thick or thin, is suiting brings to make weapon. However all people can look, this is heavy weapon, this weapon looks is Body Cultivator this strength big person use, but actually nobody dares underestimated this weapon now, this although looks like probably is heavy weapon, but just Vajra will cope with sword cultivator with him time, this weapon will actually have circled large circle from Vajra, then appears in sword cultivator, suddenly attack, the entire process, this root Mace displayed unusual skillful. But this was explaining, this weapon is not heavy weapon so is simple, but Vajra in hand , if taking this weapon, that strength will promote a big truncation. Moreover now the people also knew, before Vajra with others to war, simply does not have fully, he left room for maneuver, it seems like will later want to press the gambling stake toward Vajra the words, that must also consider to go in this matter. After Vajra will have taken back Mace, looked at crater all around person one eyes, coldly snorted, turn around departed the crater, but Zhao Hai actually noted, Vajra in leave, will steal a glance looked at these Great Magical Artifact, he did very hidden evaded, even if Zhao Hai does not have at that time presently, afterward Cai'er reminded his, this Zhao Hai will be more curious to Vajra, it seems like Vajra target will decide, in these sit on Great Magical Artifact Core Disciple, he was not wants the join opposite party, on was wants to kill these nucleus disciple, what this with Zhao Hai to was not. Conflict.

Waits for Vajra to walk, Fatty also in walked out, he still stands on that disc, appears in crater there, on said loudly:Makes us congratulate Vajra the player, with all pressures his friend, Vajra increased to 11 th the victory field of player, 2nd and a No. 19 player enter the stage, No. 2 player is Spirit Snake helps the spin spirit wind, puts spirit dry separation is Divergent Technique, his body can like not having Bone any distortion, but he has not studied Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, strength formidable, he so far is eight has won streak, but his match No. 19 player, catches up very skillfully, is Divergent Warlock , 19 th player. Divergent Technique is fire attribute Divergent Technique, he can the optional release flame, and integrates in own body the flame, can say that Blazing Island here is his home game, he had four to win streak, he is Fire God kid Wu Budong, please two players go on stage. The Fatty voice falls, two people have flown crater there, that person of very thin near the Fatty left hand, the whole person looks like probably is a skeleton, looks like very shy, his two eyes gloomy and cold, the whole person thin oneself of after escaping, this instead to makes his eye appear very big, that gloomy and cold radiance was also more abundant, probably he is not a person, but is human-shape Poison Snake. But near the right hand of Fatty, is actually a stature not high dwarf, but this dwarf very strange, he is growing red, including the eyebrow and beard is the red, the skin is also passing a scarlet-red color, the entire war in there, looks like) red puppet.......( To be continued &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;