Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1653

Zhao Hai face calm two people on look at stage, he have not thought really that these time one time has come to power unexpectedly two Divergent Technique rooms . Moreover the Divergent Technique strength is very good, it seems like Cultivation World here raises from various Asian weapon adjusts the manpower, the person who pulls out is also best. Other people heard that one time came two Divergent Warlock , came some spirits, must know that in Cultivation World here, Divergent Technique is also rarely seen, now appears two, were absolutely rarely seen. .com The two have not thought obviously, oneself meet unexpectedly is the opposite party, they about the forms of combat of opposite party quite knew that before they saw the forms of combat of opposite party, complexion some of spin spirit wind are not quite attractive, to be honest, on the entire Flame Mountain life and death stage, happy meets the thunder to be motionless without any person, because the thunder can integrate in the fire motionless, but Flame Mountain here fire attribute Spiritual Qi is rich, in here with thunder motionless to war, that completely at others' home game with person to fighting, suffering a loss. However this does not have the matter of means that in Cultivation World here, life and death stage more than one), where with who to the war, is the ballot decisions, like Flame Mountain here that Zhao Hai they are at now, reason that condition such crude , because here is not their often Encampment, after the fight of this Flame Mountain here ended, they must the ballot decision next in that life and death to fighting, when the time comes them on pass Transmission Formation, under life and death there, causes a camp situation in each life and death there one, This camp is naturally impossible to construct ~ fantastic. But can you in one to your advantageous life and death stage with the person to the war, that look at the luck completely, very obviously the luck of this spin spirit wind is not good, unexpectedly in Flame Mountain here with thunder motionless to war, before has not fought, he first has eaten owing of home game. After Fatty withdraws from the crater, spin spirit wind immediately moved got up he such as Spirit Snake to be the same, threw motionless toward the thunder, obviously spun the spirit wind not to make approach the crater motionless magma, that trouble. The thunder also saw the plan of spin spirit wind motionless obviously, his hand wields fire to attack simultaneously the body toward the spin spirit wind toward him, as soon as sinks, obviously he is prepares to leave magma to be nearer. The body of spin spirit wind turns in in midair, like Spirit Snake, one made thunder motionless attack he leave the thunder at this time motionless already very close. Thunder motionless body also moves, the entire body one turned into fire, this fire fever is more prosperous, finally turned into piece of Inferno, but the thunder integrated in this piece of Inferno motionless. Zhao Hai in the delight that there look at they disperse Qi technique respectively, fighting of frequenting each other, cannot help but shows a faint smile the strengths of these two people, in Divided Spirit Stage Expert is possibly good, however in the Zhao Hai eye, their strengths also can only be in Divided Spirit Stage Expert good, but also is only the cultivator there Divided Spirit Stage Expert level, has not been higher than too. They have fought for one hour, finally under the thunder motionless cutting to fall the spin spirit wind using the home game superiority, the spin spirit wind fell to be built up the flying ash to the crater. This on did not make Zhao Hai feel to this crater curiously, must know the spin spirit wind was person of Body Cultivator is the spin spirit anemology was not that Indestructible Vajra and so on Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, his ** the intensity was also very strong was he died, the common every fire also took him how, but he actually still easily was given to fire the flying ash by this Flame Mountain, obviously this Flame Mountain fire was fierce how. If such fierce fire does not have what strangeness, kills Zhao Hai not to believe that this Flame Mountain has certainly the strangeness, if he certainly wants the means to clarify is good. At this time Fatty in time appears on crater, Fatty said loudly: Thank two players, they just the fight was very splendid, asked the third pair of player to go on stage, their side was the vertical Vajra original mountain of come from Vajra sect, strength very formidable of original mountain player, has won streak 20, the original mountain was Body Cultivator, super strong, defense strength is astonishing, what most important was, his Body-maneuvering Technique also very flexible, with his person to the war, was almost ripped the fragment by him, invited original mountain!” His voice just fell, a person's shadow appears on the crater, this and person's shadow appears , has given people a pressure. The height of this person has achieved about 2.5 m unexpectedly, in a muscle like hill same sticking out, what most important is, he has not put on any Protective Equipment, only wears trousers, the light the upper body, has revealed thick hou pili. What most important is, this person of long Qi is ugly, if a face according to becoming picture, puts can exorcise evil spirits at home absolutely.

At this time Zhang Hao this was wins streak to Zhao Hai said : 20 allowance, won streak 20 times, can ask you to come to power to present first, this person is also your today's match, first time to fighting to pull out such a match, don’t know you were lucky or unfortunate.” At this time the Fatty sound in one time transmitted said : under this is actually a new person, he was new person Zhao Hai that Black Tiger Group just chose to help, heard that his strength very formidable, hopes he can create some troublesome, invited Zhao Hai to the original mountain.” Along with the Fatty sound, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved has flown the crater, one held the fist in the other hand to all around, he already among the notes arrived, before First Stage made war, got down in these Battle Slave, can press the note to their Manager there, the person who so long as they pressed has won, they will obtain thing of corresponding odds, this also before meeting Vajra will lose soon time, some Battle Slave complexion very ugly reasons. Just below, Zhang Hao told him, various Sect Battle Slave Manager, besides must be responsible for managing Battle Slave, but also was responsible for giving the Battle Slave minute to reward, can receive the Battle Slave pressure note. Battle Slave after the first fight, so long as has won, will have certain reward to put, loses has not certainly used, the people who because loses died, naturally did not need anything to reward. But Battle Slave can also handle many matters with these rewards, for example invited Sect they defense Magical Artifact or weapon carried on certain degree Level Up, or asked Sect Expert to act to give itself wound treatment, these can with reward receiving in exchange. But before every time makes war, Battle Slave can look like these to choose the under the hand/subordinate note, even can also concentrate to oneself, naturally, you, if sells itself, that can only sell to win, but before Battle Slave Manager must handle these matters, Zhang Hao that Senior Brother, received the Black Tiger Group several Battle Slave pressure notes, because Zhao Hai is only a new person, these time makes him come familiar life and death stage here some customs, therefore on had not chipped by him. Zhao Hai has not cared about him to stand on the crater looked at all around person one eyes, that original mountain stares him, was given by him impolitely, Zhao Hai such facial expression to has aroused that Fatty interest, that Fatty saw too many new person wars to get angry, a haughtiness of these war anger or face, or an unwillingness of face, or a humiliation of face, on was not likely Zhao Hai a face not too, moreover all around there is a mood to size up, Zhao Hai performance like this was some are startled by Fatty. Fatty looked at their one eyes, said loudly: Custom you also knew, does not count any method, only then a person can live to walk, now starts.” Said that his personal appearance flashes departed the crater. But that original mountain does not have immediately/on horseback to attack, but is face haughty look at Zhao Hai, in the eye flashes through contemptuous, said : that disdains youngster, calculates you to have bad luck, first time has run into me, I must rip the fragment you.” The appearance of Zhao Hai look at original mountain, shows a faint smile said : „to want to take a look below, now wants to be many person who I rip the fragment, but they have not succeeded.” Original mountain coldly snorted said : youngster, you court death.” The personal appearance moves, appears in Zhao Hai, simultaneously both hands simultaneously capture Zhao Hai shoulders. The people looked that the Zhao Hai shoulders so were unexpectedly easy to be given capture cannot help but to stare, cultivator could by Body Cultivator capture the shoulders, what situation that be? They closed one's eyes can imagine must come out. The original mountain also stares, he thinks that one this will grasp Zhao Hai certainly to have response will be right, but Zhao Hai now actually a point, the response will not have, this will make him feel very strange, but will stem from the instinct, he was one on capture the shoulder of Zhao Hai, simultaneously has sealed up the Zhao Hai shoulder meridians with Spiritual Qi.

This is almost his instinct, after seals up the acupuncture point on Zhao Hai shoulder, his hand makes an effort, one rips toward both sides, has not ripped, the original mountain thinks one dark green press not to use the strength, his immediately/on horseback rouses own Spiritual Qi, rips in time effort. Zhao Hai looked at original mountain one, shows a faint smile, with an arm upward standard, the original mountain felt that transmits vigorously, his two hands one was opened by square, when the original mountain stares, a Zhao Hai foot kicked on the belly of original mountain, this foot although is not what kind of the original mountain, actually originally Shan Zhiti in the future will fly, non-stop flew about hundred meters to stop. All people stare, then damn same look at Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai body did not have Body Cultivator characteristics, but looked at Zhao Hai just the appearance, unexpectedly was strength formidable Body Cultivator, what's all this about? The personal appearance of original mountain stopped finally, his also face shocking look at Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai look at original mountain, shows a faint smile said : how mister, but also thinks that is trying inadequately?” Original mountain look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted, two hands proceeds to extend, becomes tiger claw-shaped, look at Zhao Hai that two eyes decides, such as fierce tiger stared at own prey, appearance that momentarily must throw. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, has lifted own right hand slowly, then the middle finger and thumb made a mistake, hit a sound to refer, heard a light sound, then saw the original mountain a throat place fierce blowout blood suddenly, the two eyes circle of original mountain stared, his dual purpose has covered own throat, but did not have the blood that the means covered that to flow rapidly, he extended make a move to come, to refer to Zhao Hai finally, opens mouth, wants to say anything, finally actually weak dangled the hand, two eyes slowly lost the appearance, the body one will turn in the future, downward fell straight. At this moment, Zhao Hai waves, one group of black gas wrap up the corpse of original mountain, then the original mountain and that rolled black gas to vanish in same place, original mountain corpse simply had not fallen to the crater. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, personal appearance moves, already appears in Zhang Hao the side, Zhao Hai this movement very fast, when others have not responded, he already returned to Zhang Hao side. After Zhao Hai stands firm, the vision of all people are also following him, Zhao Hai treats as has not seen others, but standing of face calm in there, these person of simply does not exist probably. At this time Fatty responded finally, his also immediately appears in crater there, looked at Zhao Hai one, this said loudly: Splendid incomparable fight, the although time is very short, but the Zhao Hai player actually showed his overwhelming superiority, fellow friends, all pressed the Zhao Hai person, I must congratulate you in here, you won!” although Fatty said that but under can smile truly person actually few, person who because just pressed the note, majority of the one who presses is originally Shan Ying, Black Tiger Group here is the same. Has not actually thought Zhao Hai so relaxed has won, the good inverse image mountain is only one is playing the Great Blade child in front of Glaive, complete collapsing at the first blow. Zhang Hao also uses one type of very unusual look look at Zhao Hai, he has not thought that really Zhao Hai strength unexpectedly such, no wonder initially Luo Ying must look like recommendation Zhao Hai that in the gang goes all out, originally he knows the Zhao Hai strength. Zhao Hai has not cared, he looked at the direction of crater, the although then also seven fights, but the people lost the interest of looking at now, the strength that because Zhao Hai shows was really too strong, was not one keeps off the time with the original mountain completely.

This did not mean that the original mountain the strength is not good, the original mountain is Body Cultivator, can in life and death stage here, win one after another 20, this itself explained his strength, fact Ueharayama in Fatty their these experienced Cultivation World person eyes, he had the hope of Hundred Victories. But is a such person, he actually cannot block Zhao Hai attack, moreover 2-3 was given to tidy up, this can only explain a point, that is Zhao Hai is stronger than the original mountain strength, moreover on strong many. Moreover those present may not have one not to know the business, they looked, the Zhao Hai strength absolutely was not a little that he displayed, in other words, Zhao Hai did not have fully, strength not bad original mountain tidying up. Before long ten fought had ended, Zhang Hao Senior Brother was leading Zhao Hai their returned to the central courtyard, this Zhao Hai solid however also followed to open the bold side all the way, a few words had not said that but the vision of almost all people were paying attention to Zhao Hai. Some little time people returned to central courtyard here, Zhang Hao that Senior Brother deep voice said : Little Hai, Zhang Hao, came with me, other people go to the room.” Said that walks toward in the room, Zhao Hai and Zhang Haogen behind entered the room in him. To in the room, Senior Brother look at their deep voice said :has not thought really that Little Hai your strength so is unexpectedly strong, good, is very good, your time brought honor for our Black Tiger Group, this gives your granting.Said that Senior Brother moved, loses to Zhao Hai one) jade bottle. Zhao Hai received the jade bottle, bows said : to thank the Sir to that Senior Brother.” That Senior Brother beckoned with the hand said : do not call my Sir, asking me to open Senior Brother the person, my given name Zhang Feng, the in the gang people asked me to open Senior Brother, you also called me to open Senior Brother.” Zhao Hai to does not have what feeling, but bows to Zhang Feng said : is, thanks Senior Brother.” Meanwhile he also notes Zhang Haozheng face shocking look at he, making his understand not live anything....... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;