Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1654

Chapter 579 demonstration ability Zhao Hai and don’t know, this Zhang Feng is not a simple character, he is on Black Tiger Group six Miscellaneous Hall subordinate disciple, moreover Inner Disciples of Black Tiger hall, although he is not Core Disciple, however the status in Black Tiger Group is not low, must know that Battle Slave can bring many benefits to Black Tiger Group every year, moreover this is also one shows the Black Tiger Group strength the place, therefore very heavy must, the city take a feel relieved person to assume the line. Actually the Zhang Feng strength was not worse than Core Disciple, he is the Black Tiger Group Inner Disciples first person, wants on strong some compared with ordinary Core Disciple, but reason that he has not become Core Disciple , because he does not have the means to become the first person in Core Disciple, but he does not want to occupy after the person, therefore now does not become Core Disciple, only works as Inner Disciples, because in Inner Disciples he is indisputable Eldest Child. But Black Tiger Group also because of his strength, this moves to assume to manage Black Tiger Group Battle Slave him, in here he is Eldest Child, the words that he spoke on equal to are the words that Black Tiger Group spoke, but adjusts him to come out also the reason, that is Zhang Feng with Black Tiger Group top ten Expert in Core Disciple is not completely right, this is also he does not become the Core Disciple reason. Also because of such status, therefore status of Zhang Feng in Black Tiger Group is very high, in Black Tiger Group, wants to call him a Senior Brother person to be many went, but true competent such called, was actually very few. It looks like Zhang Hao, Zhang Hao is Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple, properly speaking he can call Zhang Feng Senior Brother, but Zhang Hao, when called Zhang Feng, always calls First Senior Brother, does not dare to call him Senior Brother directly. Now Zhang Feng makes Zhao Hai call him Senior Brother unexpectedly directly, opens naturally to feel that being startled, through this name, can look, Zhang Feng to Zhao Hai is appreciation how. Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai complied, very happy, with a smile to Zhao Hai said : good, flushed your this Senior Brother, Little Hai you says, you had anything to request, so long as you had the request, I will help you achieved.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : little brother also really matter requests Senior Brother, is don’t know Senior Brother whether can comply?” The Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai appearance, on face to was more curious, because of him presently, Zhao Hai to he too many awes, this has not arrived probably is makes him somewhat curious, general Battle Slave, sees his time, are many some indignant sentiments generally, because these Battle Slave in Lower Realm, are Expert of side, to Cultivation World here time, suddenly turned into Battle Slave, unavoidably will feel indignant, but he has used this reason, has taught several Battle Slave, after and other these people were taught, on face on facial expression of appears awe. However Zhao Hai is different, on the face of Zhao Hai does not have any indignant facial expression, does not have the meaning of silk bold awe to him, but regards Senior Brother him, or Manager respects, not a point excessive place. This made Zhang Feng to Zhao Hai more curious, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that had the matter to ask him, said : that he on was not interested in oh, had any matter, you said.” Zhao Hai puts out Zhang Feng Senior Brother Brother medicine pill not to need to his jade bottle said :, if there are if possible, the little brother wants to trade 1 or 2 cultivator there no medicinal herbs or the ore, don’t know Senior Brother whether to comply.”

One hear of Zhao Hai said why Zhang Feng cannot help but somewhat curious look at Zhao Hai said : does want these thing? Wants these thing to be useful?” Zhao shows a faint smile said : little brother to like research these thing, the little brother in Lower Realm, is not only cultivator, is Alchemy Master and Crafting Master, because the little brother has decomposition synthesis Divergent Technique.” Zhang Feng said : decomposition synthesis?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, decomposes the synthesis, the little brother can decompose the become a useful person material some Magical Artifact, can decompose into the material medicine pill, naturally, even if built up to abandon Magical Artifact and medicine pill, I can also decompose the become a useful person material him.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, then looked at Zhang Hao one eyes, waved, Zhang Hao to a Zhang Feng ritual, envies looked at Zhao Hai one, this turn around walked. Zhang Hao although in Black Tiger Group is only an unimportant person, but the battles between Black Tiger Group here these talents he is also knows that but the battles between these talents, their struggles, not only whose strength height, the size of influence, but this influence may not only include these ordinary disciple, but also includes that these have can specially the person, looks like builds up medicine pill, or the crafting quantity, is existence that these talent disciple attaches great importance to. Because good Alchemy Master, can raise the medicine pill rate of finished products, but disciple wants from the Inferior level liter Advanced level, needs many medicine pill, but whether medicine pill builds up, many, regarding one from cultivator is very important. But wants the talent character who struggles the Black Tiger Group power like Zhang Feng, he regarding these strength formidable Alchemy Master and Crafting Master, very bosses around, is only bossing around these people, they can use these people to boss around many cultivator, because has cultivator to need Magical Artifact and medicine pill. But just Zhang Hao can hear, Zhao Hai his person decomposed high-pressure too formidable, if Zhao Hai can change some waste pill really the become a useful person material, then forever did not have waste pill on equal to, but in Cultivation World here, some Heaven and Earth Treasure refined successful medicine pill, was very precious, if, really not waste pill, then regarding all cultivator was some gospels. Naturally this is impossible, first do not say that Zhao Hai can do, even if Zhao Hai agreed that Zhang Feng will not agree, even if Zhang Feng agreed that Black Tiger Group will not agree, Black Tiger Group can does not turn into the scrap to be good by own in the gang medicine pill and Magical Artifact, but Zhang Hao believes that feared will be Zhang Feng not that relaxed will deliver to in the gang to go Zhao Hai, side he will keep Zhao Hai, will become he includes the important instrument of person. Zhang Haoxiang has not thought that Zhang Feng truly thinks, is very really excited, he has been pressed by ten big Core Disciple, does not dare to enter to the Core Disciple circle, but this was almost equal to makes him lose has striven for the top digit opportunity. How Zhang Feng possibly such gives up, therefore he will depend on this Inner Sect first disciple seat is not willing to walk, because of this position, he can meet the cage to many Inner Disciples.

It is not all Inner Disciples can become Core Disciple, so long as he wins over Inner Disciples in his status, that also will become the strength that cannot be estimated lightly. But now Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Little Hai, your ability very useful, can you demonstrate to me?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well.” Said that Zhao Hai turns on own in hand jade bottle, poured medicine pill to come from inside, then his in hand flash of white light, then his in hand left block several very small medicinal herbs. Zhang Feng to Zhao Hai the bottle of medicine pill is not good thing, in Cultivation World here, like medicine pill is good thing, what material these medicine pill with refine successfully, Zhang Feng is actually knows that therefore he carefully looked at Zhao Hai in hand that several medicinal herbs, quick recognized, not wrong, selected not few, was content minimum medicinal herbs, came out by the Zhao Hai decomposition. Zhang Feng at heart one happy, look at Zhao Hai said : that synthesis?” Zhao Hai in hand flash of white light, medicine pill appears in Zhao Hai in hand, medicine pill of longan size, no matter from the medicine luster and size, does not have any change, Zhang Feng even carefully looked at Zhao Hai in hand that medicine pill, finally is actually a face happy expression puts down that medicine pill. His hand revolution, in hand were then many Magical Artifact, this is Magical Artifact of disc shape, but this Magical Artifact some damaged, if uses, Might big discount, but can look, Zhang Feng actually very settles on this Magical Artifact, takes is cautiously. Zhang Feng gives Zhao Hai Magical Artifact, deep voice said : this is Magical Treasure, but was somewhat broken, can you decomposing the become a useful person material? If can fix his to be best.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „should not to have the issue.” Took him to receive that law plate, took in hand the law plate, then his in hand flash of white light, this time his in hand white light dodged some little time, when white light vanished, complete law plate appears when the hand of Zhao Hai, could not see a damaged appearance, Zhao Hai facial expression actually very exhausted. Zhang Feng was actually attracted by Zhao Hai in hand that law plate, he received his law plate gently, carefully looked, then has input Spiritual Qi toward inside, law plate suddenly appears each and every one very abstruse symbol, has looked like very unusual. Zhang Feng is actually liking of face, this law plate known as profound star law formation disk, is Great Formation formation disk, but formation disk is very important one, because of this formation disk damaged, that wraps Great Formation Might to sell at a discount greatly, Zhang Feng puts out this formation disk, wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to fix, because of his very clear, this formation disk although can also exempt strong use one time, but was causes it will not take long actually, if in the use, formation disk suddenly broke, might as well simply did not use him, such although in a big way will be reduced by formation Might, but. Most at least can achieve to know in heart. Because of stemming from such idea, therefore Zhang Feng took this formation disk, but he has not thought that the Zhao Hai success has repaired this formation disk unexpectedly, this regarding him, was really too important.

Zhang Feng playing formation disk one, this turns the head look at Zhao Hai, he presently Zhao Hai now probably very tired, immediately/on horseback said : Little Hai, were you tired? Rests quickly, the heart, starting today, you will not have fight duty, I will think the means to turn into official Outer Disciple your status as soon as possible, rests quickly.” Zhao Hai knows that Zhang Feng is winning over him, he has not declined, but hides to Zhang Feng said : well, that first thanked Senior Brother.” Zhang Feng has stood, arrives at the Zhao Hai side, patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : to rest well, your matter I will arrange as soon as possible.” Zhao Hai in one time bows to Zhang Feng, turn around wants to walk, Zhang Feng actually put out a piece jade slip to give Zhao Hai said : to give, Little Hai, this thing you were taking, what inside was the introduction was some Cultivation World situations, you went back to have the time to have a look.” Zhao Hai received jade slip, after letting off Zhang Feng, turn around walked. !.( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;