Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1655

Chapter 580 Cultivator level Zhao Hai returned to own room, had not entered Space, but took Zhang Feng to look to his jade slip, content extremely numerous in that jade slip, after Zhao Hai has looked, really somewhat surprised, because of him presently, the setting of Cultivation World here looks like with cultivator there really very much, practiced time, level that delimits was similar to cultivator there. Is divided into 6th level in Cultivation World here level, 1st level practices the god, 2nd level Law Idol, 3rd level Gold Core, 4th level Nascent Soul, 5th level Transcends Tribulation, 6th level long life. But this 6th level can be ten classifications tries with the cultivator there level stroke, especially Gold Core, Nascent Soul, Transcends Tribulation this 3rd level, has in cultivator there, but has traded a bright character. However one will look in the future, Zhao Hai on understand, these three level and Cultivation World there has looked like same, but has very big difference, in cultivator there, so-called Core Formation, Infant Stage Transcends Tribulation and other, actually true join Gold Core, Zhao Hai has not been because the situation in within the body is special, will therefore have formed Gold Core in within the body, other cultivator, name that actually only then such level divides, not true forms Gold Core and Nascent Soul. This Gold Core and Nascent Soul are not good to tie, in the Cultivation World there time, the people are felt that within the body has formed Gold Core, is empty pill who is not useful outside, is not true Gold Core. Empty pill and Gold Core although has a pill character, but that significance is actually completely different, Gold Core is the entity, can produce pill fire attack enemy, can be used for nourishing Magical Artifact, even arrived when necessary, can self-exploding Gold Core, be used to attack the enemy most to guarantee, but empty pill is actually the complete not this feelings, but the difference of most important is, Strength of Faith. After Zhao Hai looked at this jade slip, understand this Strength of Faith regarding cultivator how important, whether there is Strength of Faith regarding cultivator is dividing line, Divided Spirit Stage cultivator, if he does not have Strength of Faith, then he can only be finally becomes ordinary Immortal Stage Expert, even if took Heaven and Earth Treasure, the life is about a dual number. If he has Strength of Faith, he after into Immortal Stage Expert, can Level Up slowly to the Law Idol level, be getting higher and higher along with his Law Idol level, finally can pass the law regarding the sensibility of Law Idol, forms Gold Core, then in broken pill Infant Stage, when formed Nascent Soul that your life minimum to be able in five Yuan number, at this time, Nascent Soul although can the official leave body, but actually cannot leave the body to be too far, impossible leave body too long time, otherwise ** will die, one, but ** the death, Nascent Soul did not have the interdependence, will die. However waits for Nascent Soul one, but Transcends Tribulation Stage had been different, passed through the Tribulation Lightning baptism, Nascent Soul really grew, became congealing, can leave ** life a long time, moreover cultivator fighting strength will also strengthen, what was rarest, the cultivator life will also strengthen, can achieve ten Yuan number. Ten Yuan number, that may be more than ten thousand years of lives, long live that the person long said is also mediocre, arrived at this time, cultivator can true was called almighty.

But Cultivation World here finally 1st level is long life, this long-lived is not referring to said that he can live a long life, conversely, this long life actually achieves compared with first several levels of difficult, the person who because wants to be the long life, needs the 9x9 = 81 tribulation, but passes through the people of 81 tribulations, his Nascent Soul meets the extremely powerful person, his life can achieve hundred Yuan number, the long life, but is a view of pleasant to hear. After seeing these, Zhao Hai also cannot help but sighed that this Cultivation World Cultivation Civilization seriously was too abnormal, can achieve hundred Yuan number high unexpectedly the life, in other words, to the long life boundary, that cultivator life, could be 1 million years of really unexpectedly, regarding was the long life does not have jiang. However in jade slip also poured the name, in entire Cultivation World here, the entire Cultivator Jiuzhou, the person who can be the long life truly, almost did not have, the person who because all wants to be the long life, almost all died under Tribulation Lightning, 9x9 = 81 said Tribulation Lightning, that may not be good to suffer, even if some people have achieved the long life boundary, he quickly on vanish from sight, will have seen them in also nobody, moreover this information could not obtain to confirm that also in other words, Cultivation World here was the person who appears has achieved the long life boundary, has not said. Besides these contents, in this jade slip, stretch a map, on this stretch a map is the Northern Divergent Province map, not only above Northern Divergent Province overall view, the divisions of various influences, Northern Divergent Province here has these Forbidden Land, purity that divides. Zhao Hai made all contents of Cai'er in jade slip duplicate directly, then research well, especially that map, because in jade slip, not only had this map, the introduction to Northern Divergent Province here, including some Northern Divergent Province here well-known big factions commonly used Cultivation Method, made the labor appearance, the materials of some celebrities. Zhao Hai can affirm, even if in Black Tiger Group, can obtain this jade slip person, is few, the content in this jade slip, was really too many, too entire, understood at a glance that was the Advanced level disciple use, but Zhang Feng has given Zhao Hai this map unexpectedly, displayed him attaching great importance to degree sufficiently to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai received jade slip, let out a long breath, then showed a faint smile, he has not really thought that he attached great importance to completely not raising in hundred treasure because of his strength, because of the Universal Machine strength, was the same to Cultivation World here, he attached great importance to unexpectedly not because of the strength, but was the Universal Machine ability, it seems like oneself had such status words, later facilitated in the Cultivation World here wanderer. Zhao Hai has closed the eye gently, but this time he has not actually paid attention to the situation in Space, but made Cai'er assign out the ten-thousand realms battlefield there nearest/recent matter to look. ten-thousand realms battlefield there nearest/recent to is nothing lives, because the ten-thousand realms battlefield there aspect has decided that hundred treasure have substituted for Buddha completely in the ten-thousand realms battlefield there status, even must be higher, because they not only obtained the Buddha original all domains, but also obtained Buddha this Realm, in additional over a hundred treasure original domains, can say that hundred treasure became the ten-thousand realms battlefield there biggest influences, although they did not have that deep inside story now, but that is only the issue of time, so long as gives them some time, that entire ten-thousand realms battlefield dares to annoy hundred treasure on nobody..

But now in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, besides hundred treasure, only then Comprehend the world most scenery, person very clear of hundred treasure, hundred treasure can have today, Zhao Hai has the great merit, but Zhao Hai comes in Comprehend the world, although now Zhao Hai by the Tower of Babel person calling, but hundred treasure were better to Comprehend the world. Hundred treasure such make two reasons, the first reason to must other to have a look, so long as is wholeheartedly for the person who our hundred treasure strive, our hundred treasure will not treat unjustly him, you look at Comprehend the world, but trained Zhao Hai, moreover let Zhao Hai join to hundred treasure, they obtained these many advantage, if in people also had the talent character, do not cover-up, handed over hundred treasure to come quickly, hundred treasure will not treat unjustly your. But the second reason is, hundred treasure here High level people understand, Zhao Hai by Tower of Babel grasping, and not necessarily is the misdemeanor, Tower of Babel there, can by strength of the tower, press the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield unable to move, fully explained that their back, the incomparably powerful influence, Yu of Baibao Tower of Babel looks like initially hundred treasure is the same in Comprehend the world, but by the Zhao Hai skill, the Comprehend the world person believes that no matter Zhao Hai to there, he has been able to leave the head place, if later Zhao Hai real reached, that hundred treasure perhaps can also. Profits at someone's expense, must know that Zhao Hai is the person who keeps old friendships in mind very much. But if makes Zhao Hai know that hundred treasure does a disservice to Comprehend the world, when day of Zhao Hai reached, that first bad luck certainly is hundred treasure, therefore hundred treasure so will be good to Comprehend the world. Facts showed that hundred treasure is right, person like Zhao Hai, like nighttime firefly, no matter has been able the light to there. But these matters that hundred treasure discussed that Zhao Hai saw now, to be honest his dislike, hundred treasure such did not make although to have the point, but no matter what, Comprehend the world there actually obtained was materially beneficial, this was very good, handled any matter, cannot pursue extremely in perfect, you were impossible each to change the become a Saint person, especially selfish cultivator was so. But regarding the matter of Zhao Hai leave ten-thousand realms battlefield, other various Realm also relaxed, but actually nobody dares to provoke hundred treasure now, because these big not stupid to before had not determined Zhao Hai life and death begins to hundred treasure, if they began, Zhao Hai is also complete completely came back, they must but actually big mildew. No matter Divergent Technique sword, does not have that to guarantee one can exceed Buddha, but entire Buddha actually all by Zhao Hai to slaughter, obviously Zhao Hai the place of formidable, in this case, but also some people provoke hundred treasure, that called the head snake. These people not only do not provoke hundred delimitations, but also desirably is on good terms with hundred treasure, this made hundred treasure obtain rare show opportunity. ten-thousand realms battlefield there all normal, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, he transferred in the attention returned to Space, now in Space were more to Strength of Faith that he provided, but he actually cannot study Law Idol now, because therefore he must study the Law Idol words, is known by Zhang Feng, then on big was not wonderful.

This to did not say that Zhao Hai presently Zhang Feng must be disadvantageous to him, in fact now Zhang Feng protects him also without enough time, but Zhao Hai does not like showing own card in a hand, reason that he today will say himself to decompose the synthesis Divergent Technique, because of his understand, this Divergent Technique can make Zhang Feng take seriously him. although Zhao Hai did not mind that kills several people on life and death stage, but he actually thinks that does not need such to do, because in life and death stage there, if too many crest of wave, will probably have brought some unnecessary trouble to him, therefore Zhao Hai met itself the segregate to synthesize the Divergent Technique matter to tell Zhang Feng, he was hopes to change his living environment, was very obvious, he achieved. ---- u ---- c ---- t ---- x ---- t ---------- u ---- c ---- t ---- x ----- t --------- &\; 1 t \; hr >\; ««» » provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;