Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1656

Chapter 581 wins over Zhang Hao Zhang Feng now sitting of face calm on own chair, in his hand is taking that by profound star formation disk that Zhao Hai fixes, he strokes formation disk gently, in the eye is having the smile. The Zhang Feng present mood is really fantastic, he has not thought that the heaven will let Zhao Hai appears unexpectedly in his front, regarding Zhang Feng, Zhao Hai was really too important, so long as had Zhao Hai , after him, can win over more people, like his influence even bigger, fully can meet as an equal with that several Core Disciple. Zhao Hai the decomposition synthesis ability was really too formidable, now does not lack Alchemy Master and Crafting Master in Cultivation World here, but was good, rate of finished products high Alchemy Master and Crafting Master did not look easily. But in Cultivation World here, no matter person wants to achieve to build up the god time, wants to be the Law Idol time, even if you wants smooth join Law Idol, is needs medicine pill to assist, but uses medicine pill on Level Up, is more difficult to build up, the rate of finished products lowers to one type of scary to become Du, even if were you obtain has been able to refine very medicine pill medicinal herbs, has been not necessarily able to make an end product, but most important was, medicine pill of end product, was unable on guaranteeing is achieved the effect that you wanted by you, this was most place awfully. Has lived a matter in Cultivation World here, making the Zhang Feng feelings very deep, but this matter in is also very broad, according to legend that Cultivation World here spreads in Central Saint Province there, Great Sect disciple, his innate skill very good, builds up the god very smoothly when the merit, very has formed Law Idol smoothly, when wants achievement Gold Core, actually appears the accident, that disciple continually looked for 200 knot Gold Core medicinal herbs that assistance medicine pill that needs uses, then looked for very famous Alchemy Master to help him refine. But makes the person be what is surprised, Alchemy Master of that becoming famous, all gave to build up to abandon his two percentage medicinal herbs finally unexpectedly, finally that cultivator Core Formation without medicine pill, pill has not formed finally, that cultivator after the attack that this turned continually, finally could not look on the bright side of thing to commit suicide unexpectedly. But that Alchemy Master that commits suicide the cultivator good friend, finally also insanely fell unexpectedly, this dies one insanely, manifested the brutality of Cultivation World. But if there is Zhao Hai, that cultivator will not commit suicide, because in Zhao Hai in hand, almost did not have a waste pill saying, he can decompose the become a useful person material waste pill, can make that Alchemy Master build up, no matter he built up to abandon many time does not have the issue, but that cultivator can obtain 200 medicine pill, let alone he was innate skill good cultivator, even if were trash innate skill cultivator, sufficiently used medicine pill to feed him becomes Gold Core. Can look from this point, existence like Zhao Hai, means anything regarding cultivator, after having Zhao Hai, is inexhaustible medicine pill also has various materials on equal to, various Magical Artifact, this is any cultivator, does not have the means to resist. Before Zhang Feng, because of the status reason, he must win over these high level Alchemy Master and Crafting Master is impossible, these high level Alchemy Master and Crafting Master, may unable to have a liking for Inner Disciples, their eyes are staring at these Core Disciple, for this reason, therefore Zhang Feng to presently a in hand looks like Alchemy Master and Crafting Master do not have. Now Zhao Hai appears , regarding opening pill, absolutely is happiness of the heaven-shaking, some little time Zhang Feng received formation disk, the brow actually wrinkled. very heavy of Zhao Hai regarding him wants, but if secure governs Zhao Hai, cannot make others note Zhao Hai, this is now his most headache place. Besides Zhao Hai, a person, that is Zhang Hao, just Zhao Hai when used Divergent Technique, Zhang Hao also saw, if did not process Zhang Hao, that Zhao Hai matter definitely will expose. Let a person defend the secret best means that naturally must turn into the deceased person him, but bold although is a unimportant person in Black Tiger Group, but his present position, actually is also very essential, if his suddenly died, Black Tiger Group can trace, at that time unavoidably will not show any something that gives one away, must know that in the gang Dark Hall person not to be trifled with, these fellows, where your simply don’t know they from will brave.

If were only Outer Disciple on ordinary position kills has also killed, but managed Battle Slave Outer Disciple not to be different, managed Battle Slave Outer Disciple, must frequent contacted with the outside world person, he died, in the gang will certainly suspect by other person killing, by that time troubled. Moreover he then also has to arrange Zhao Hai, if bold suddenly died, he turned into Outer Disciple Zhao Hai, so long as that in the gang person is not the blind person feared that will pay attention to Zhao Hai, then on gain does not equal the loss. If transfers Zhang Hao in killing him, trouble, because his don’t know can after one was transferred, told others this matter, such words were more troublesome. Since killed Zhang Hao not to be good, to let open the bold protect secret words, only then means that also drew Zhang Hao to his side. Opens the strength of this person is not very strong, innate skill is not quite good, belongs not to have no innate skill that person, Zhang Feng to draw harasses the person, will not win over Zhang Hao, to let him defends secret, must win over Zhang Haocai the line. Zhang Feng knows, if he must win over Zhang Hao, Zhang Hao will certainly not reject \; first, because his Zhang Feng status is placed in there, his Inner Disciples first person, wins over Outer Sect ordinary disciple, if he did not agree, that damn. Moreover his in hand also has Zhao Hai this Ultimate Weapon, has Zhao Hai, he did not fear that Zhang Hao does not hire oneself he, but Zhang Hao will not work as her stepping-stone with this matter, because of Black Tiger Group person understand, he sold to these Core Disciple this information, may not obtain the too big advantage, moreover offended his Zhang Feng, his Zhang Feng does not dare to move Core Disciple, but tidies up Zhang Hao unimportant person has 10,000 methods a like this, therefore bold certain will hire oneself his. Ponders over, thinks to be clear after all sorts of results of this matter, Zhang Feng then deep voice said : Zhang Hao, comes to my room.” Zhang Haozheng is anxious, he opens the bold although practice innate skill to be common, however at the manner place matter, he is not worse than anybody, otherwise his not any backer, does not have no innate skill person, is impossible the position that obtains this receiving and instructing to cause. When original Zhao Hai said his ability, Zhang Hao has not thought that when his returned to own room thinks that this matter, actually frightens cold sweat. Zhang Feng and matter of Core Disciple battle is not secret, but Zhao Hai regarding a cultivator importance, that is also self-evident, Zhang Feng certainly Zhao Hai covering stubbornly in own in hand, but this sole knows the insider who Zhao Hai ability, feared will not have any good end. More wants more to be afraid, more is more anxious, Zhang Hao in roving that own in the room feels restless, his Tai Qing, he was a unimportant person in Outer Disciple, the person who he possibly in Luo Ying this not any future, matched, suspended put on airs, however in the Zhang Feng eye, his Zhang Hao, but was ant like existence, if Zhang Feng wants to kill him, but was the matter of waving, but Zhang Feng, for protect secret, was may give to butcher him very much. Thought of here, Zhang Hao the cold sweat braves, he knows that he wants to run useless, he ran, Zhang Feng will also send for chasing down him, although Zhang Feng came to miss compared with ten big Core Disciple on many, however his influence was not small, otherwise he cannot sit this position. In this time, suddenly Zhang Hao was hearing the Zhang Feng sound, one hear of Zhang Feng asked him to go, Zhang Hao felt that head buzz, he knows that he had been finished, some little time Zhang Hao calm, then deeply has attracted two tones, turn around walked outward, his very clear, he was too near to Zhang Feng, he wants to run unable to run the Zhang Feng palm, might as well saw one side Zhang Feng.

When Zhang Hao arrived at Zhang Feng out of the door, said loudly: First Senior Brother, Zhang Hao seeks an interview.” Zhang Feng deep voice said : comes.” Zhang Haotui the gate walked, then to opening bold gave a salute said : what don’t know First Senior Brother has to tell?” The Zhang Feng look at Zhang Hao appearance, to shows a faint smile, speaks the truth he regarding Zhang Hao is some appreciation, naturally, he appreciates does not open the bold strength is not his practice innate skill, but is his management ability, the Zhang Feng management ability is very strong, the manner is slick, before such person, he does not like, because of cultivator, does not need that strong management ability, not to need to flatter all people, when your strength , you have not needed to flatter others, others will also visit to flatter your. However Zhang Feng actually has to recognize, opening can from ordinary Outer Disciple, becomes receiving and instructing causes, with this management ability is unable to leave, this is also Zhang Feng appreciates Zhang Hao the place. Now opens to be somewhat anxious, but is maintaining calm, but he has not actually thought that because he is maintaining this calmness, therefore Zhang Feng will appreciate him. Zhang Feng deep voice said : small bold, today I called you to come for the Little Hai matter, the Little Hai ability you to know, his ability represented any you also to know that the Little Hai matter cannot say absolutely, cannot let any awareness, you later were my Zhang Feng brother disciple, Little Hai are also your brothers, later will have more brothers, however Little Hai matter, only then you know with me that I now on giving your opportunity, you must handle a matter for me, so long as has held this matter., After your youngster, was being covered by me? What kind of?” Zhang Hao listened to Zhang Feng saying that cannot help but gawked, then wild with joy of face, his too clear Zhang Feng this saying was any meaning, Zhang Feng this was in winning over him, was the one type of threat, where although his understand does not have is worth Zhang Feng winning over, but a little can actually affirm that was this time not only did not use, but also obtained a big backer, this regarding Outer Disciple, was really too important. Opens the objections not to have, plump gave Zhang Feng to kneel down, was doing obeisance said :to ask First Senior Brother to tell to Zhang Feng, so long as were the little brother can accomplish, I went through fire or water do not balk at ten thousand deaths. The Zhang Feng look at Zhang Hao appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, Zhang Hao responded like this, complete in his expected, his deep voice said : you takes my name brand to go now, Zhao Hai arranging to Outer Disciple, best is the place that asks a nobody to pay attention to arranges him, lets him with the fewer the better that the person contacts, moreover cannot bring to Ren Keren the attention, best too many to know that this matter is I am managed by you, how? Can achieve?” Zhang Haoleng, he has then stood got up said : to invite Senior Brother feel relieved, I complete certainly, fully by duplicate completion.” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile, said : good, goes.” Said that he has put out his Jade Token , lost to Zhang Hao, opened to receive the class sign, to Zhang Feng gave a salute, this turn around walked. The Zhang Feng look at Zhang Hao appearance, shows a faint smile said : „to want to take a look at this youngster what kind of that this matter manages, if manages good, to is a good matter.” But their dialog Zhao Hai also all heard in the ear, Zhang Feng responded he to like this is somewhat accidental, but was quick he to think through this middle matter, he cannot help but showed a faint smile said : not to think that I to have become the sweetie pie, this was also good, finds a quiet place, the honest look at matter show, believing Zhang Feng should not treat unjustly my.” Not only he said that listens to oneself, said that they listens to Cai'er. Zhao Hai regarding Black Tiger Group, regarding the understanding of Cultivation World, only exists on the paper surface now, in this case he was anything cannot do, might as well like Zhang Feng arrangement such, first make a Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple status, then understanding Black Tiger Group slowly, when the conditions were ripe, was standing not to be late.

Moreover Zhao Hai regarding the arrangement of Zhang Feng, any dislike, conversely, Zhang Feng such arrangement, will not have made him save lots of troubles. Zhao Hai did not fear that Zhang Feng will be compelling his refining pills or crafting, because Zhang Feng has a need for him, his strength was too important regarding Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng will not do the matter of that killing the goose. The Zhao Hai present to wants to know that what status Zhang Hao will arrange to him, but Zhang Feng did not prepare to make Zhao Hai in participated in the life and death stage to fighting in any case evidently, this regarding Zhao Hai absolutely was the good matter. In the following several days time, Zhao Hai in own in the room rest, that had not gone, Zhang Feng has not summoned Zhao Hai, he does not want to do extremely in conspicuity, but simultaneously actually uses pack of shade praying mat, frequently is monitoring Zhao Hai, he transferred all strengths that oneself can mobilize \; first, look at Zhang Hao, having a look at this several days to do, feared that Zhang Hao said the matter, two are to prepare, if Zhang Haozhen said exiting the matter, that he also well has a completely safe preparation, will not be made to be caught off guard.. For ten days of Zhang Hao not in returned to here, but Zhang Feng actually through own supervisory system, one after another received about opening the bold information, Zhang Hao truly has not betrayed him, has not flaunted his banner to go everywhere free, in fact these days besides compared intimate with the Steward disciple communication of handymen hall, simply any action out of the ordinary, this has not made the person who monitored Zhang Hao some puzzled, had been caused the curiosity on Zhang Feng by Zhang Hao, he also wants to know how now bold must do. ---- u ---- c ---- t ---- x ---- t ---------- u ---- c ---- t ---- x ----- t --------- &\; 1 t \; hr >\; ««» » provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;