Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1657

Chapter 582 wants assignment Zhang Hao now in in the room of handymen hall Steward elder, the strength of this Steward elder is not very strong, but just achieved Gold Core Stage, because was old, Level Up was hopeless, therefore Black Tiger Group has given him a position of Steward elder, making him manage tube these Outer Disciple and handymen disciple, the although not too big authority, nobody will actually offend him. Naturally, to this age, he has not wanted to offend others, has the words of time to lead by the hand own younger generation, considers for own Clan, and that's the end. But now the Steward elder in handymen hall, the year is not imaginary small, a beard was white, he is surnamed Hu, the people called him Elder Hu, this person normally helped others do well, was smiles to anyone, but the management ability to was very strong, being in charge to his matter, handled in good order. However he works very also has the discretion, matter that this he handles, his does much, matter that should not he handle, he is not equally many does, therefore in handymen hall here, Elder Hu is a very popular character. Zhang Hao stands in the Elder Hu front now, Elder Hu does not have a Gold Core Stage Expert arrogant type, he also stands in there, smiling look at bold said : small bold, did you have the time to run up to my here to come? Don't you attend to official duties with First Senior Brother? what? you offend First Senior Brother, was given to hurry back by him?” Zhang Hao forced smile said : Elder Hu, this Heaven and Earth conscience that you are wrong my courage, I do not dare to offend First Senior Brother, today, really has the matter, but is the First Senior Brother instruction.” Said that has shone Zhang Feng token to Elder Hu. Elder Hu has swept that token one, the face by cannot help but changes, because of him presently that Zhang Feng Command Token, it seems like these time is really Zhang Feng makes Zhang Haolai handle the matter. His facial expression immediately/on horseback Righteous Path: Is the First Senior Brother matter, that small Old Man handles certainly, what does First Senior Brother have to tell?” The beard of Elder Hu was white, still called Zhang Feng to be First Senior Brother, because of Cultivation World here, was reaches for first, Elder Hu was only Gold Core Stage cultivator, but Zhang Feng now is actually Nascent Soul Stage big Expert, in this case, he naturally must call Zhang Feng to be Senior Brother. Opens bold look at Elder Hu, deep voice said : Elder Hu, before don’t know you have has heard, several days at the Flame Mountain life and death stage there fresh matter? That time our Black Tiger Group greatly sought a limelight.” Elder Hu nodded said : to hear, probably newly arrived Battle Slave, fighting strength very formidable, easily has defeated the match, rises sharply my Black Tiger Group power and prestige.” Zhang Hao forced smile said : issue on appears in here, that Zhao Hai strength is very strong, can say that he is Hundred Victories, is not impossible, but previous fighting time, is actually nobody favors him, therefore he was reaches other Battle Slave to lose one incessantly, let open Senior Brother to lose a big pen, other in the gang Senior Brother, lost one big, this by everybody Senior Brother at heart, how can not the air/Qi, if were hit in here by Zhao Hai, his fame on getting bigger and bigger, therefore the meaning of Senior Brother was, now. Makes an exception Zhao Hai Level Up becomes Outer Disciple, then gives him to arrange an idle difference, making the people forget him as soon as possible.” One hear of Zhang Hao said that this Elder Hu cannot help but at heart criticizes, to be honest, the Zhao Hai matter he is knows, Zhao Hai strength formidable, Hundred Victories is not the difficult matter, one, but Zhao Hai enters Black Tiger Group in the posture of Hundred Victories, decides however entrusted with heavy responsibility, but Zhao Hai previous victory, let other Zhang Feng and People lost one, as the matter stands many people naturally do not hope that Zhao Hai was so sight, therefore they have found out such law of one type of being kicked upstairs, let the Zhao Hai liter visibly into Black Tiger Group, became Outer Disciple, in fact was actually gave them idly one cannot in the idle idleness. The difference, lets their forget, runs its own course.

Can say, if Zhao Hai if Hundred Victories enters Black Tiger Group, in the future will possibly have one to turn the achievement, but if such enters Black Tiger Group, this life abandoned. However Elder Hu also criticizes to be sinister, actually does not want to be too many, in the Cultivation World here person, such matter is almost the day is inborn, no big deal. Some Elder Hu although pitiful Zhao Hai, actually not Zhao Hai that for does not know completely, but offends Zhang Feng, therefore his immediately nodded said : well, this does not have any issue, enters Outer Sect, but is opens Senior Brother a few words the matter, but does the don’t know Senior Brother preparation arrange to serve as a petty government official to there Zhao Hai?” Opened bold look at Elder Hu, on the face appears a smiling face, then how deep voice didn't said : see the valley? Does not see the defending valley Old Zhang head of valley there, how much lifespans did not have, heard his family's people to want him to meet to go home, now doesn't see valley there to need one to defend the person of valley, how Elder Hu thinks?” The cold sweat on Elder Hu face is quick, simultaneously criticizes Zhang Haogou to suppress, where doesn't this see the valley is? That is incomparably huge mountain valley, in remote, all the year round some people will not go one time, what most important is, does not see valley there depositing thing, is some builds up waste medicine pill and Magical Artifact, can say that there is Wasteyard. Black Tiger Group has massive Alchemy Master and Alchemy Master, medicine pill and Magical Artifact that everyday builds up is magnanimous, naturally, the scrap is also magnanimous, but in refining pills room there and master room there, has the special person to be responsible for these thing collecting, then to does not see valley there through Transmission Formation Transmission directly, but the watchman who does not see the valley, actually must these thing, take from Transmission Formation, then pours into does not see in the valley, said that guards person who does not see the valley, on the quantity is a but actually trash. But did not see valley name also afterward the people to give \; first, because there could not see the person, two were because there depositing was thing that some Alchemy Master and Crafting Master do not want to see, three were because the watchman who became did not see the valley, you forever did not have the day to hold up one's head, had the meaning of suffering injustice, therefore originally valley was given to forget, the directness on was called to become did not see the valley. Has the one type of view in Black Tiger Group, in other words, if some people offended you, killed him is not the best means that matched him to go not to see valley there, making him look at the valley is the best method of revenging. But Old Zhang head that in Zhang Haokou said that in did not see valley there to stay for several hundred years, he was Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, because actually queered, this to was not seen valley there, in there stayed for several hundred years, now he is wants into Gold Core Stage not to be impossible, his lifespan by completely, has now prepared return home and live in retirement, but Elder Hu to replace his candidate in the past, but felt to worry that has not actually thought that Zhang Hao gave him to send a person unexpectedly. Elder Hu let out a long breath said : good, such settled, please open Senior Brother as soon as possible sends the person.” Zhang Hao bows to Elder Hu said : so, thanks a lot Hu Chang old, I go back with opening Senior Brother fine talk several, heard that Elder Hu little grandson, innate skill is good, can look please open Senior Brother to help, arranging.” Elder Hu one hear of Zhang Hao said that two eyes cannot help but one bright, quickly said: So on thanks a lot master disciple, hoping Junior Brother can for my many fine talk several, Senior Brother I have at the appointed time thanks again.”

Elder Hu is Gold Core cultivator, but Zhang Hao Foundation Establishment, is adding on the seniority in relationships, normally Zhang Hao should manage Elder Hu to call Martial Uncle, but Elder Hu actually manages Zhang Hao to call Junior Brother now, obviously opens the bold those words Might big. This did not mean that Elder Hu is flattery, but is the current decision, in Cultivation World here, cultivator is not does not find a wife, at matter many cultivator, Great Clan, these Great Clan, some are before very long time ago existed, some actually newly establish not long after. But Clan that Elder Hu is, is very ancient Clan, but Elder Hu in Clan is only a collateral branch, has been separated with the main family completely, the present is one ** Clan, but can only be small Clan. But character who in Hu Chang Old Man that generation, anything has not lost face, attaches to one of the Black Tiger Group survival small Clan, however the Elder Hu grandson, has good innate skill, if can train well, not necessarily cannot become the capable person. Elder Hu also understand this point, but his person easily speaks, the place that is not the perquisite many places, he wants to train his grandson , has a mind to be incapable. But if Zhang Feng promises him, leads by the hand his grandson, after his grandson, certainly will reach, entire Elder Hu this [lineage/vein], with will be prosperous, this is the Elder Hu strongest wish, therefore one hear of Zhang Hao said that he that excited. Opens the bold look at Elder Hu appearance, nodded said : well, I will certainly make contribution, but Elder Hu, this matter opens Senior Brother not to hope that has too many people to know, you should better are also as soon as possible Zhao Hai and this matter forgetting completely, understand?” Elder Hu nodded said : to invite feel relieved, opens the Senior Brother matter, my dares to neglect, moreover my old, some matters could not remember, that should also be.” Said that he has looked one with Zhang Hao, simultaneously has laughed. Zhang Feng real don’t know Zhang Hao must make anything now, Elder Hu that Zhang Hao sees is he has seen last Chancellor Outer Sect the elder, other elder there Zhang Hao have also seen, but Zhang Hao said anything to these elders, Zhang Feng on don’t know. Is entering in this, Zhang Feng suddenly felt a Transmission Formation there fluctuation, then Zhang Hao on appears in Transmission Formation there, then half step arrived at Zhang Feng in front of the door, has not waited for a bold start to talk, Zhang Feng to come on deep voice said :.” Zhang Haoying walked. Zhang Feng look at bold said : matter manages how?” Opened bold deep voice said : to be good, Outer Sect several Steward elders, I had greeted, and has registered to Zhao Hai, he now is our Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple, youngster gave back with handymen room Steward Elder Hu has asked for assignment to Zhao Hai.”

Zhang Feng look at bold said : what assignment?” Zhang Hao looked at Zhang Feng one, represses laughter said : not to see the valley custo.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhang Hao said that also has cannot help but gawked, then his two eyes one bright, look at Zhang Hao laughs said : well, good not to see the valley custo, Zhang Hao, attractiveness that this matter you make, was too attractive, HaHaHa.” Opened bold deep voice said : I also you to comply with a matter for Senior Brother, Elder Hu grandson innate skill was good, I said to Elder Hu that must ask Senior Brother you to help to lead by the hand.” Zhang Feng beckoned with the hand said : not to have the issue, you rest first, this matter I will pay attention.” Zhang Haoying, turn around walked. !.( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;