Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1658

Chapter 583 walks immediately/on horseback, no matter what Zhao Hai dull standing in does not see outside the valley, in look at mountain valley of forced smile that piles up the same all kinds of trash, actually the reality was don’t know must say that at heart any was good. When hundred treasure, he does cleaning up trash this to live, has not thought after Black Tiger Group, he from new has taken the old route, unexpectedly still compared with before might as well. Thinks that here he has cannot help but remembered Zhang Feng to the words that he spoke, on that day Zhang Feng after every day, said to his arrangement, actually beforehand Zhang Feng and bold words he heard, but where he and don’t know did not see the valley at that time is. Where latter Laifeng did not see the valley with his saying is, Zhao Hai has tarried, he then presently, Divergent Technique of own decomposition synthesis also really very much reaches about sorting tattered. Zhao Hai also knows that Zhang Hao to his arrangement, has put him does not see valley nobody to come, quick will be given the place that forgets, making anybody not let him, but he, can in here slowly changes the become a useful person material these trash, is turning into medicine pill or Magical Artifact, but Zhang Feng can use these thing, wins over others. understand that naturally, Zhang Feng also said that he will not treat unjustly Zhao Hai, after Zhao Hai, all thing are best, thing that Zhao Hai wants, he can the earliest possible time help Zhao Hai get so far as, moreover Cultivation Method that the Zhao Hai practice uses, he can also help Zhao Hai solve, and ensure these Cultivation Method are in Black Tiger Group is best. Zhao Hai knows that he opposes to be also useless now, Zhang Feng strength very formidable, although felt that probably follows not to empty Buddha to be similar, but Zhao Hai can affirm that the Zhang Feng strength compares certainly does not empty Buddha, his present feeling is very keen, even if this he cannot feel completely Zhang Feng strength, this also fully explained the Zhang Feng strength from the other aspect, moreover looked that Zhang Feng his Command Token was being exited by Zhang Haona, on giving him arranged well assignment like this on knowing Zhang Feng in the Black Tiger Group there status is high how, if he at this time with Zhang Feng Has a falling out, finally bad luck certainly is he. What most important is, he does not want because of this matter, but implicates hundred treasure there, moreover nobody pays attention to him to be better, the Cultivation World here water was too deep, he must observe well, then can decide how one must do. Moreover Zhang Feng attaches great importance to him really very much, not only made him in not see valley there to construct special Transmission Formation, gave back to him to amend the practice method, although these amends the practice method not to be big regarding the Zhao Hai use, but Zhao Hai saw that some Cultivation Method know, these were some good Cultivation Method, absolutely was the Advanced level goods. After Zhang Haoling Zhao Hai has been seeing Elder Hu, directly was kicked not to see valley here, but originally does not see the valley that to look at the valley the Old Zhang head, already before Zhao Hai comes went home to care for the aged, now does not see valley here to have Zhao Hai.

Original Zhang Hao wants to send Zhao Hai, but such doing words, will cause the suspicion of Elder Hu, therefore he quite made Zhao Hai come, Zhao Hai was also opening the bold body to place the Liquid Silver flying needle. Zhang Hao after Zhao Hai goes not to see the valley, had found Elder Hu, Elder Hu polite invitation Zhang Hao sits down, this open the mouth and said: Opens Junior Brother, you looked that can also satisfy to my arrangement?” Opens the bold look at Elder Hu appearance to know that he in thinking anything, Zhang Hao shows a faint smile said : to be satisfied, Elder Hu, please feel relieved, my Zhang Hao absolutely do not deceive your, in the tomorrow gate has a selection of time Outer Disciple, you make your little grandson come, opens Senior Brother to guarantee that he can enter to Black Tiger Group, becomes Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple, moreover later also much will look.” One hear of Zhang Hao said that Elder Hu cannot help but great happiness, quickly said: Thanks Junior Brother, asked Junior Brother to ask me to thank First Senior Brother, opened Junior Brother, you looked that this Zhao Hai can process? Later wants slightly gives him a color to have a look?” Zhang Hao listened to Elder Hu saying that cannot help but complexion changed, reason that status of his too clear Zhao Hai in Zhang Feng heart, can say him is given to accept by Zhang Feng, because of the Zhao Hai reason, if made Zhang Feng know that Elder Hu must feel embarrassed Zhao Hai, that consequence really inconceivable. Therefore opens bold quickly said: „It is not good, is not absolutely good, Elder Hu, you have remembered, do not feel embarrassed Zhao Hai, do not have any in view of the motion of Zhao Hai, otherwise does not have any advantage to you.” Elder Hu puzzled look at Zhang Hao, why don’t know Zhang Hao has responded in a big way. Zhang Hao looks at the Elder Hu appearance, knows him to get suspicious, he knows that this matter must talk clearly a point with Elder Hu to well, otherwise, possibly trouble. His take deep breaths, beckons to Elder Hu, Elder Hu stares, but arrived at Zhang Hao, Zhang Hao then in a soft voice said : Elder Hu, opens Senior Brother to comply to help your little grandson, later has opportunity even possibly to receive him for the disciple, we were also not the bystanders, therefore I talked clearly with you, this Zhao Hai, you could not bump absolutely, actually before , I give a pretext to all that you said that opened Senior Brother looks at Zhao Hai strength very formidable, was one may make then, this directly gave him to arrange a Outer Disciple status, to fear others snatched Zhao Hai. Must put not to see valley there to dry in the sun Zhao Hai to dry in the sun, like this others could not find Zhao Hai, actually he regarding attaching great importance to of Zhao Hai, above you and I, if you feel embarrassed Zhao Hai, that Senior Brother will not let off your, I do not think, because this was opened Senior Brother to tidy up, has remembered, this matter do not make anybody know that the most intimate people do not say.” Elder Hu stayed in Black Tiger Group for a lifetime, what matter has not seen, moreover he in all completely understand regarding Black Tiger Group, he naturally also knows Zhang Feng with ten big Core Disciple grievances, knows why Zhang Feng wants the collector talent, but must deliver not to see valley that place. Thinks that here Elder Hu cannot help but wiped away sweat, that was close, fortunately he before preparing to feel embarrassed Zhao Hai to say the words, if after him , said that that may really be don’t know how the successive died.

Elder Hu hastily to opening bold gave a salute said : please open Junior Brother feel relieved, how small Old Man understand should do, certainly will not go bad the First Senior Brother matter, First Senior Brother that but Junior Brother, you said that will possibly receive Little Sun for the matter of disciple, is really?” Opens bold look at Elder Hu, shows a faint smile said : Elder Hu, I you told, after your grandson, what show has, has big relationship with Zhao Hai, reason that opens Senior Brother places there Zhao Hai, has the point, as for is any point, do not manage, do not ask that the person does not need to flatter Zhao Hai, so long as opening Senior Brother assignment handling, so long as your little grandson innate skill is not too the difference, that he will be cannot be received by Senior Brother for disciple in the future, Senior Brother will also give him a better arrangement, Definitely compared with your present much stronger, your understand?” Elder Hu one hear of Zhang Hao said that complete understand what's the matter, his facial expression said : is, understand, please open Junior Brother feel relieved, small Old Man holds certainly the matter.” Zhang Hao nodded, to Elder Hu gave a salute, this turn around walked. Elder Hu looked that Zhang Hao walked, his then let out a long breath, but he to was more curious regarding Zhao Hai, he wants to know that what person really Zhao Hai is, why such attached great importance to by Zhang Feng. Before he had also observed Zhao Hai, looked like ordinary, without any extraordinary place, his some understand, why don’t know Zhang Feng that will not take seriously Zhao Hai. Now although was more curious, but he has not actually thought must see Zhao Hai, stayed his very clear in Black Tiger Group for a lifetime, the sometimes curiosity will have killed the person, no matter Zhao Hai offended Zhang Feng, attached great importance to by Zhang Feng very much, these did not have any relationship with him, so long as he completed his matter on the line. Zhao Hai in did not see valley there to tidy up Cave Mansion, then on direct returned to in Space, he before Elder Hu handymen hall there, kept there own Liquid Silver needle, must know that did not see the valley is very far from Black Tiger Group, he must be centered on the handymen hall now, then understanding Black Tiger Group bit by bit. Reason that is so careful, because of his very clear, Black Tiger Group here Expert are innumerable . Moreover the bodies of many person have Strength of Faith, these Strength of Faith although his Strength of Faith are not many, but if he uses the Liquid Silver needle to monitor these people, but puts the bodies of these people to put the words of Liquid Silver needle, may very much presently, therefore he was careful in the motion of here. Zhao Hai now present, this Strength of Faith also was really thing, but regarding him, these Strength of Faith also was really somewhat troublesome, because others' body had Strength of Faith, he wants to monitor these people not quite to be easy, his by can monitor Zhang Feng, can monitor Zhang Hao, was because these two people did not have what vigilance to him, moreover very settled on him, otherwise he wanted to monitor these two people is also not that easy. Zhang Feng that was needless saying that that was Nascent Soul Stage big cultivator, strength very formidable, his Strength of Faith also ten deep, Zhao Hai wanted to monitor him, but not presently, but also was not really easy, good Zhang Feng trusted him, otherwise trouble.

But Zhang Hao now just Foundation Establishment Stage, moreover he also has not become Inner Disciples, has not obtained Strength of Faith, must therefore monitor him to be much easier. In fact in Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple, on few has Strength of Faith, in Black Tiger Group Outer Sect here, only then the bodies of some elders have Strength of Faith, this also makes Zhao Hai monitor Black Tiger Group Outer Sect to be easier. However he wants to monitor Black Tiger Group Inner Sect is actually very troublesome, so long as because will be Inner Disciples will have Strength of Faith, he will want to monitor these disciple, will have in a big way possibly by person present, that was too troublesome. However Zhao Hai has not worried he presently Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple and handymen disciple is really too many, many adds not to have Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple to be many until the person of small former entire hundred treasure and hundred treasure govern, do not say that these quantity many handymen disciple, wants to monitor these people are not that easy. In adding on him when here moves is cautiously, therefore Zhao Hai careful, rather does not have the means to monitor the Black Tiger Group here person, cannot make them presently be monitored. !.( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;