Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1659

Chapter 584 Black Tiger Group audiences Yin Wind valley life and death stage, here is a Cultivation World quite famous life and death stage, because here is appears Yin Wind of indefinite tense, but this Yin Wind is actually very formidable, even if Gold Core Stage cultivator is also blown by this Yin Wind, Gold Core also meets immediately to be frozen, falls into the Yin Wind valley to plunge to death directly. But lets these Battle Slave on the Yin Wind valley to the war, so long as were blown by the wind, that died, but Yin Wind of this Yin Wind valley, appears was the indefinite tense, sometimes first successive several days could Yin Wind do greatly, sometimes met for one month, Yin Wind cannot appears . Because of this, therefore in Yin Wind valley here to the war, the people of all pressure notes, can three choices \; first, to buy Party A victory \; second, to buy Party B victory, third is to buy two people all dies under Yin Wind. Also because has this Yin Wind this variable, therefore Yin Wind valley life and death stage here worth-seeing is higher, may betting nature also even bigger, is a Cultivation World here quite popular life and death stage. Zhang Feng calm look at Yin Wind valley decision stage there, there is having two cultivator to fight, in these two people have one is Black Tiger Group Battle Slave, but is very obvious, that Black Tiger Group Battle Slave, is not the match of another person, before long was massacred. Zhang Feng to does not have what expression, in fact his present mind simply in here, he now has not been thinking is the Zhao Hai there situations. Zhao Hai does not see valley there already five days, these five days of time Zhao Hai to do not have what response, honest staying will not see valley there, everyday will not see valley there some waste pill to turn into pill, or will be busy not seeing the valley there matter, without any change. But reason that Zhang Feng can monitor Zhao Hai , because he has made trick/hand and foot on Zhao Hai Jade Identity Card, Jade Identity Card that Zhao Hai uses now is Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple Jade Token , Outer Disciple Jade Token that but Zhao Hai uses is different from other Outer Disciple Jade Token some, this Jade Token had been processed by Zhang Feng specially, has one to monitor formation in Jade Token , can monitor Zhao Hai every action and every movement. For those not Zhang Feng untrustworthy Zhao Hai, but was Zhao Hai regarding was too important, his not easy Zhao Hai to be separated from his control, therefore he regarding the surveillance of Zhao Hai was strictest. Zhao Hai also knows Zhang Feng in monitoring him, but this type through formation to his surveillance, he has found out the method of to break, he made in Space manufacture another Jade Token , then in that Jade Token belt on the body, the Jade Token that he manufactured, can break remove Zhang Feng to give his formation in that Jade Token , meanwhile can Transmission some wrong information give Zhang Feng. In fact these days Zhao Hai has been staying in Space, look at Black Tiger Group these Outer Disciple, are collecting some Black Tiger Group materials, his simply in has not seen valley there to stay, he leaves behind some Undead Creature, in does not see in the valley land the special clarity not to see in the valley the trash on that trash Transmission Formation. Black Tiger Group Outer Sect is very big, handymen disciple has numerous number, Zhao Hai currently also had certain understanding to the Black Tiger Group sphere of influence. Black Tiger Group in the Northern Divergent Province northeast, here has incomparably huge mountain range, this mountain range was called as Black Tiger Mountain, this Black Tiger Group thing able to move unhindered, long near fifty thousand Yu Li, takes this mountain range as, outside the mountain is the Northern Divergent Province another large Gang Wandering Soul Group domain, but behind a Black Tiger Mountain broad place, all was the Black Tiger Group domain. The Black Tiger Group domain is divided into several parts, actually Black Tiger Group headquarters on Black Tiger Mountain \; first, because of Spiritual Qi most foot of Black Tiger Mountain there, two must cope with Wandering Soul Group.

Wandering Soul Group is Ghost Cultivator Gang, they help to be numerous and famous by Ghost Cultivator, moreover these Ghost Cultivator strength very formidable, are adding on vicious and merciless, Spell is strange, in Northern Divergent Province here is also quite famous existence. Black Tiger Group and Wandering Soul Group cannot say that relationship is good, in fact among when these two Gang has the friction, but has not actually lived the too big conflict, generally speaking lives in peace with each other. In Black Tiger Mountain behind, is one continuous hilly ground generation, but the here Black Tiger Outer Sect site, here here occupied large quantities of handymen disciple and Outer Disciple person, because this piece of hill was really too big, Black Tiger Group was impossible to end a war to lead here, was also living in the hill large quantities of Monster Beast, some special Forbidden Land, were the Black Tiger Group strong shields. In this piece of giant hill, not only there is pieces by Medicine Fields that Black Tiger Group opens, mineral lode that Black Tiger Group need, what most important is, here also has plenty wild medicinal herbs, inexhaustible Monster Beast, these regarding cultivator are some important thing, the Black Tiger Group majority of commodities are come from here. Crossed this stretch of rough terrain, is one has the river of flow through Earth Fire canyon, the known as raging fire valley, in the opposite of raging fire valley is Northern Divergent Province another medium grade Gang, the domain of roaring flame sect. But position that Zhao Hai is at now, actually to the raging fire valley is not in very far huge mountain valley, according to legend this mountain valley originally because of having Gold Essence becomes famous, was called the Gold Essence valley, but afterward the entire Gold Essence valley underwent innumerable year of mining, Gold Essence by the natural lighting, was only already left behind huge mountain valley, afterward was regarded Wasteyard to use. Does not see on valley nearby mountain almost all useless Stone, even if the grass also looks like the malnutrition, does not have any ore too, therefore here almost nobody will come, will not rush to the place that this island does not defecate Monster Beast. However Zhao Hai these days actually presently, Black Tiger Group even already, no matter were one has helped, he was more like the country that Cultivator composed, in this country, lived in lowest level without doubt is these handymen disciple, they were also similar to various countries' commoner, they will make all kinds of handymen, simultaneously they can also practice, in making the handymen process, in the gang gave them the reward, but they carried on the practice with these thing, expected that some day can become in the gang Outer Disciple. handymen disciple has very big difference with Outer Disciple, handymen disciple everyday must work, but they no matter type medicinal herbs digs the ore, oneself cannot stay behind, must hand over in the gang these thing, then by in the gang unified gives them to divide the commodity. The commodity that handymen disciple obtains is minimum, Black Tiger Group handymen disciple preparation equipment is, Magical Artifact, Magic Garment, every month ten Fasting Pill, a Qi Refining pill, five Crystal Stone. Magical Artifact that handymen disciple uses, is the unified shape number, is a five feet long blade, this blade most low grade Magical Artifact, although can fly, but control gets up actually very difficult, therefore this blade almost can only be the close combat uses, nobody this blade will bring, when flying sword use. Magic Garment is also most common that one type of, almost does not have what defense capability, but is because the material is quite good, even if mines such living dry, several years do not want to break by rubbing, but Black Tiger Group Magic Garment is, therefore handymen disciple to did not worry that does not have the clothes to put on. medicine pill that after Fasting Pill is one type of eats, has not needed to eat meal, Fasting Pill can make the person five days not eat meal probably, even if you do in heavy living, is the same.

But Qi Refining pill is one type of auxiliary practice medicine pill, naturally worst one type of, five Crystal Stone are Cultivation World here general currency, in Crystal Stone includes Spiritual Qi, can directly absorb within the body to carry on the practice, can regard money Crystal Stone, takes away to buy thing. But Crystal Stone can buy ten Qi Refining pill, but five Spiritual Qi that builds up institute pill to produce, can with absorbing Crystal Stone compares, therefore general cultivator, is takes Crystal Stone to buy Qi Refining pill, but is not direct absorption Crystal Stone. But Crystal Stone biggest doing uses, does not make the person absorb, Crystal Stone biggest doing with uses in various formation actually, or on Magical Artifact, these Crystal Stone look like some fuels, can provides the power to Magical Artifact or formation. It looks like Black Tiger Group handymen disciple allowance is not probably high, actually is actually not this, Black Tiger Group handymen disciple allowance is very good, gives back to handymen disciple Crystal Stone, some small Gang, let alone was Crystal Stone, Qi Refining pill that was also two months one time. But Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple, allowance was better, is person of Magic Garment, person of Magical Artifact, will have ten Fasting Pill every month, but everyone, has ten Qi Refining pill every month, per month per person can obtain 50 Crystal Stone. Moreover Outer Disciple does not need like handymen disciple must work daily, in them except for these have the regular work( like Zhao Hai) beside, other people can by making the duty way live, moreover they make the duty quantity not to limit, for example you met quite difficult duty, regulation must complete in one month, if you have only completed with ten days, that remaining 20 days you arrange on can, the job that if you took over was the regulation ten days is completed, that you this month on making two duty line. If your duty has not completed, decides in accordance with the situation, if because your reason has not been completed, the duty quantity that you must make next month doubles, if because of external reason, but has not completed, that will not punish you, but you in the same month in having the Sect ration commodity will get down. If you one, but became Inner Disciples, your immediately meets status hundred times, Inner Disciples, in the gang can be tailor Magical Artifact for everyone, if Magical Artifact is damaged, can help you repair at any time free, Magic Garment is shortest can each month lead one, but you, when leads Magic Garment, Magic Garment that must braving returns can lead newly. But medicine pill is more different, generally becomes the Inner Disciples person, in does not need to eat thing, therefore Fasting Pill has exempted, Qi Refining pill is not Inner Disciples should use, medicine pill that Inner Disciples uses cultivates Yuan pill, is solid this cultivates the Yuan high level medicine pill, moreover every year also meets Cleansing Marrow Pill, this Cleansing Marrow Pill is helps you wash marrow Yi Jin, can help you remove impurity in body, is how many one type of may not good thing. Moreover everyone may result in fine stone thousand every month, every year only needed to make three times duty to be OK, remaining times you can be used to practice. But Core Disciple was extraordinarier, almost every Core Disciple, in the gang will not carry on the limit to the commodity that he must use, they can let loose using. These situations have some Zhao Hai to obtain from the surveillance of these days, but more actually gives in his jade slip to know from Zhang Feng. Zhao Hai to wants to monitor Black Tiger Mountain, but he presently is not good, Black Tiger Mountain there is densely covered all kinds of formation, these formation very formidable, even if Liquid Silver wants this to go, wants very careful to be good, otherwise can presently.

Moreover majority of Inner Disciples and Core Disciple in Black Tiger Group, the elder, lives on Black Tiger Mountain, if he monitored Black Tiger Mountain extremely to be dangerous, therefore Zhao Hai dropped this plan. More deep that Black Tiger Group understands, Zhao Hai regarding dreading of Cultivation World here on exceed, Black Tiger Group these handymen disciple, each has almost the cultivator there Core Formation time Expert strength, but Outer Disciple, lowest request, is the Lower Realm Transcends Tribulation Stage strength, places Cultivation World here, is called to build up the god time, is existence of Cultivation World here lowest 1st level. Builds up the god time is the name of Cultivation World here one type of level division, for most Inferior level cultivator, but this builds up the god time, did not mean that must practice Divine Soul or other, but refers, if you can obtain Strength of Faith, you can practice the strength of practice. Cultivation World here regarding Strength of Faith research the has plenty year, they presently, arrived at builds up the god time the time, can official practice Strength of Faith, but regarding the use and practice of Strength of Faith, actually cannot achieve the desired effect, therefore in Cultivation World here, several will stand nobody who will build up the god time to practice Strength of Faith, naturally these Great Sect officer second generation will be an exception, these people will live medicine pill, when the sugar bean will eat, practice Strength of Faith will be anything. In Cultivation World here, level or the minute of although authorities are, after building up the god time, precisely is Magic time, actually between building up god times and Law Idol times, existence of Foundation Establishment Stage, but this Foundation Establishment Stage was not received by the authorities person, in Cultivation World here, builds up the god time to be divided into ten layers, but after ten layers, you can Foundation Establishment, Foundation Establishment Stage, only then two, to Foundation Establishment Stage Second Layer, are practice Strength of Faith the starts of best opportunity, therefore said strictly that Foundation Establishment Stage can only be builds up the god time part, you can also , no matter he called Foundation Establishment Stage, But talked into directly builds up god eleven layers and Twelfth Layer, this also yes. However various Great Sect some lower-level cultivator, will call to build up the god time eleven layers and Twelfth Layer calls Foundation Establishment Stage, because wants to achieve to build up the god time eleven layers with Twelfth Layer, looks like has wanted together checkpoint same difficult, needs medicine pill to be auxiliary good, regarding these upper layer cultivator, these God's favored ones, this together checkpoint naturally is the inadequate any issue, several medicine pill have been OK, but regarding lower-level cultivator is actually very difficult, because wants this one layer checkpoint to need medicine pill, regarding cultivator of lower level to say was very precious, cultivator of many lower level, on not for a lifetime card. Builds up god ten layers this step, but does not have the means to practice to eleven layers and Twelfth Layer, will therefore build up the god 11 th and Twelfth Layer will be called is Foundation Establishment Stage. One but has achieved Foundation Establishment two layers, so long as through the inspection of Sect, can official entry to Sect Inner Sect, can assign Strength of Faith, further practice, finally achievement Law Idol, official is the Law Idol time. But Cultivation World here Foundation Establishment Stage, is almost equivalent to cultivator Divided Spirit Stage, however Foundation Establishment Stage disciple, but be fiercer than cultivator there Divided Spirit Stage Expert, but like Foundation Establishment Stage disciple, Black Tiger Group don’t know has many, even if has achieved Inner Disciples of Law Idol time, Black Tiger Group here also thousands, it can be imagined entire Cultivation World Expert has many, how Zhao Hai dares to act unreasonably. !.( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;