Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1660

Chapter 585 Sima Yin Long However also because Zhao Hai these days such peaceful, therefore Zhang Feng somewhat will be in doubt, Zhang Feng regarding just arrived at Cultivation World here Battle Slave, found, he managed these Battle Slave already for a long time, after these Battle Slave entered to Cultivation World, some too did not adapt, always attains Cultivation World to come that set in cultivator, but you in cultivator were a talent, was uncertain in Cultivation World here, this looked like a student, you in the elementary school were a talent, but after middle school, you actually presently under one became ordinary, this transformation was. It is difficult to adapt, but such person, often also will be eliminated finally. But another Battle Slave gradually will actually adapt to the Cultivation World here circumstances, finally walks is farther. However the performance of Zhao Hai is actually somewhat strange, he likely is not the person who these are unable to adapt, also likely is not the person of these slowly adaptation, he does not have what feeling probably. You let him, when Battle Slave, he honest, when Battle Slave, but also shows very strong strength, you make him the place that goes to a simply nobody to go to stay, he also honest staying in there, probably is the person who ten points are resigned to bad conditions, but does this kind of person, possibly become cultivation level such high cultivator? Is thinking in Zhang Feng the fights of these time Yin Wind valley here had ended, when Zhang Feng prepares leave, suddenly Great Magical Artifact stopped in his front, this Great Magical Artifact was the old tiger shape, the volume was not smaller than Zhao Hai Yama Ship, moreover can free the activity like old tiger, very beautiful. However Zhang Feng sees this Great Magical Artifact, complexion is not quite good, this Great Magical Artifact is not who can use, this is Black Tiger Group advertisement Magical Artifact, the tiger ship. The tiger ship is Black Tiger Group advertisement Great Magical Artifact, fighting strength very formidable, each tiger ship, minimum needs 500 handymen disciple to serve in on the ship, is only makes the tiger ship take off, needs hundred Crystal Stone on minimum, Crystal Stone that if with tiger ship fight, needs were more. But the tiger ship in Black Tiger Group, that is not who can use, wants with the words of tiger ship, your status must suffice to be good, tiger ship currently speaking, only then the in the gang real power elders and ten big Core Disciple can use, even if Zhang Feng this Inner Sect First Senior Brother is also unuseful. Also because of this, therefore Zhang Feng every time sees the tiger ship time, complexion is not quite attractive, now the tiger ship stops his front, his complexion naturally was unattractive. At this time saw tigers mouth one of the tiger ship, departed a person to come from inside, this person wore a white cultivator clothing/taking, understood at a glance that was also Inner Disciples, general Inner Disciples saw Zhang Feng, will salute, but he did not have, but held the fist in the other hand to Zhang Feng said : Senior Brother, Sima Senior Brother was invited.” Zhang Feng looked at this person of one, coldly snorted, this person of he knew that this person is called the [gold/metal] because just, originally was only Outer Disciple, afterward Zhang Feng looked innate skill that he practiced was good, on pulling his, having made him Inner Disciples, in Inner Sect to him was also the related photo. But that think of it, this youngster stayed in Inner Sect some time, starts to be arrogant, to Zhang Feng is also complete does not pay attention, but Sima Yin Long seize the opportunity in core ten big disciple win over him, he unexpectedly without hesitation turned the head to Sima Yin Long, moreover everywhere aimed at Zhang Feng, this made Zhang Feng hate to the marrow of the bones to him, if not this youngster now daily following in Sima Yin Long side, Zhang Feng already gave to butcher him. Regarding a such person, Zhang Feng naturally cannot to him good complexion, coldly snorted said : want to see me, makes Sima Yin Long come, what sending a dog to come out to call to be.”

[Gold/Metal] because of complexion cannot help but changes, the side that he when Sima goes before a horse cart is dull grew, in entire Black Tiger Group, that dares not to give him the face, now Zhang Feng such does not show due respect for the feelings unexpectedly, is in front to scold him, how this lets him to bear. [Gold/Metal] because of complexion one cold, look at Zhang Feng cold sound said : Zhang Feng, do not give to be concerned about face, what status Sima Senior Brother is, that will come out to see you, difference between Core Disciple and Inner Disciples did you forget? Do you dare to disregard sect's rules?” The [gold/metal] is not being speaks irresponsibly because of this saying, regarding Core Disciple and Inner Disciples has strict regulation in Black Tiger Group status of between here, Inner Disciples saw that Core Disciple must salute, Core Disciple can also incite Inner Disciples to handle the matter to him, Inner Disciples can not pass the buck. Because the Zhang Feng look at [gold/metal] just, coldly snorted said : wing was hard, learn has oppressed others with the guild regulations, but I told you, that guild regulations, to me useless.” The [gold/metal] was saying because of one hear of Zhang Feng that cannot help but two eyes one bright, then coldly snorted said : unexpectedly dares saying that the guild regulations are useless to you, HaHaHa, Zhang Feng, you die to decide the person today.” Zhang Feng looks at the look look at [gold/metal] of idiot because with one type of just, suddenly smiles said : [gold/metal] because of that it seems like before me, really somewhat high look at you, you were really an idiot, what status did you forget me now are?” The [gold/metal] has cannot help but been gawking because of one hear of Zhang Feng this saying, then complexion one becomes very pale, his look at [gold/metal] because of coldly snorted one, is really being don’t know said that any was good. Zhang Feng now is Battle Slave Manager, in presenting one's credentials in handymen hall there real power Steward, but real power Steward like him, even if Core Disciple does not have the power to go to command(er). Before the [gold/metal] because had been forgetting this point, will make a joke, now remembers this point, his complexion naturally became very difficult looks. Is entering in this, a calm sound conveys said : Zhang Feng, you and I although does not cope, but here is not in the gang, do not make fun before the bystander, please come in comes to a to chat.” This sound is not loud, moreover very smoothly, to person feeling of one type of fair and honest peaceful. Zhang Feng coldly snorted, personal appearance moved, has flown into the tiger ship, in this tiger ship very enormous, is divided into many rooms, most important room in tiger ship, actually in the middle of tiger ship, that room very enormous, fully more than thousand square meters, inside decoration also very magnificent, in the inside of room, is suspending a cot, the cot upper berth seven color wool blankets, a man according to on collapsing, in hand takes one glass of liquor, the appearance cannot be saying natural comfortable. This person of Sima Yin Long, Sima Yin Long is seventh in Inner Sect ten big Core Disciple, it can be said that the authority is exceedingly high, in Black Tiger Group, dares to offend his person really not to be many, but can become the person of his match are less.

Has good of speech, must look at a status height of person, must think his match, if you are 1 million wealthy men, you will regard the match a beggar? Obviously that is impossible. But Zhang Feng actually has become the Sima Yin Long match, but Sima Yin Long expensive is one of the core ten big disciple, actually how Zhang Feng, can look at the Zhang Feng strength from this point. Zhang Feng look at Sima Yin Long, deep voice said : Sima Yin Long, what matter did you call me to have? Nothing I may probably walk.” Sima Yin Long looked at Zhang Feng one, deep voice said : in addition anxiously walking, I must go back in any case, on the way delivers you, no matter what, our two are also in the gang is not, was right, how today I had not noticed that on of previous showing off the person does enter the stage?” Zhang Feng one hear of Sima Yin Long said knows what Si Longyin Dragon asked was Zhao Hai, why his also understand Sima Yin Long must look for him, he cannot help but sneering, but the surface actually was still face impatient said : Sima Yin Long, what do you mean? These Battle Slave are turns over to me to manage, making in them that go to battle, did I also serve a need to say with you?” If Zhao Hai sees Zhang Feng now certainly being startled, because of ten points overbearing of present Zhang Feng performance, to the feeling of person is that specially impulsive person, when with before and Zhao Hai were together that plans deep appearance, complete did not touch on slightly. Sima Yin Long look at Zhang Feng, deep voice said : Zhang Feng, I give you face to be polite to you, do not give to be concerned about face, said that Zhao Hai did go to that?” The Zhang Feng look at Sima Yin Long appearance, coldly snorted said : „don't you give me the face to be what kind of? Zhao Hai he naturally has his destination, he now is our Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple, person who like has the potential, naturally wants earlier to receive in the gang to go, makes him hit to live in here to kill? When you my Zhang Feng is who, my Zhang Feng is devoted to the public.” The smiling face that the Sima Yin Long look at Zhang Feng appearance, on face has revealed disdaining, in his impression, Zhang Feng most is small-minded, seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, will be devoted to the public like the person? Kills him not to believe. Sima Yin Long has not cared, the medium sneers said : originally is being this, good, I did not keep you, please.” Zhang Feng look at Sima Yin Long, coldly snorted, turn around walked. A Zhang Feng tiger ship, the tiger ship immediately in addition flew away, the direction that the Zhang Feng look at tiger ship flies away, on the face cannot help but appears a smile, his Zhang Feng for these years, in Black Tiger Group, is impulsive testy character, seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, is small-minded, these are others to his impression, but all people have not thought that these are the Zhang Feng breech loading comes out, if his Zhang Feng is really such person, how possibly to do against with ten big Core Disciple, but can also live to this time well. energy of ten big Core Disciple in Black Tiger Group are very big, the influence also is very similarly big, but Zhang Feng settled on this point, therefore he is not promoted the Core Disciple circle, but keeps Inner Disciples to encircle here, he does right with ten big Core Disciple, because of his understand, in the gang needs him such to do.

Any big influence, his upper layer character will not allow own under the hand/subordinate to threaten own strength, is very obvious, Black Tiger Group is also same, now Black Tiger Group Gang Master, in the in the gang strength absolutely is strongest, because has his supporting secretly, Zhang Feng can do against with ten big Core Disciple, but safe and sound, because of Zhang Feng very clear, Gang Master needs his such person appears , making him keep in balance ten big Core Disciple people, he has seen this point, will do against with ten big Core Disciple, finally finally success had today's status. It looks like in Zhang Feng, Sima Yin Long besides practice innate skill good, other anything have not been worth him paying attention, instead to is several other in ten big Core Disciple is worth him paying attention to some. But after this Sima Yin Long goes back, certainly will look for Zhao Hai, it seems like that this matter must give Zhao Hai to hit to inoculate ahead of time. --.. com jue pavilion -- &\; 1 t \; hr >\; ««» » provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;