Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1662

Chapter 587 investigation trail Sima Yin Long sits in the room, in his hand is also carrying the liquor, but two eyes is actually looking at the ceiling, motionless, obviously is thinking the matter. [Gold/Metal] because of standing by Sima Yin Long, although had any words to say probably that actually does not dare to disturb Sima Yin Long, can only stand in there honestly. Some little time Sima Yin Long deep voice to [gold/metal] because of said : because just, you said that Zhang Feng does get so far as in the gang to come that Zhao Hai quickly is to do? He presently that Zhao Hai has what extraordinary place, wants to train him to be inadequate with emphasis?” The [gold/metal] was saying because of one hear of Sima Yin Long, is exactly as one wishes, his immediately/on horseback said : returns to the Senior Brother words, I think that this arrives has the possibility very much, these year of Zhang Feng have wanted to train their influence, you resists with Senior Brother, now suddenly has gotten so far as in the gang Zhao Hai, I want certainly to have the reason, if the Senior Brother agreement, I go.” Sima Yin Long has drunk liquor, nodded said : to go, I want to know what's the matter.” The [gold/metal] because of nodding, bowed to retreat. look at [gold/metal] because of the back, in the Sima Yin Long eye has cannot help but flashed through color of the despising, although said that is he personally because of being digging from the Zhang Feng side the [gold/metal], however speaks the truth, Sima Yin Long somewhat cannot have a liking for the [gold/metal] because really just, because [gold/metal] because of extremely in being ungrateful year righteousness. In Cultivation World here, cultivator to achieve to seek the one type of point, will handle some breaking faith and abandoning righteousness matters, but that actually must have a bottom line, for example, general cultivator, will not betray own Master, even if will be Demon Path cultivator not, because of deceive master, extinguish ancestors, will be despised by entire Cultivation World. But another one type of situation, little some people will betray, that was you received opposite party great kindness, do not betray the opposite party easily, will otherwise also be looked down upon. Because [gold/metal] Zheng anything becomes Inner Disciples, Sima Yin Long is clear, all because of Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng naturally settled on the Outer Disciple [gold/metal] because just, got down many effort to train him, finally also allowed him smoothly to enter Inner Sect. Also because of this, therefore has brought to his attention, his initially contacts the [gold/metal] because just, but wants to probe the [gold/metal] because of manner, what he has not thought that he just one won the gold medal because just, even had not explained that moment of purpose in coming, the [gold/metal] because was weeping and wailing must follow him, afterward gave to sell a cleanness Zhang Feng. This is also Sima Yin Long most looks down upon [gold/metal] because of the place, your [gold/metal] because of can have today, can say that is the Zhang Feng merit, but you actually met Zhang Feng selling, such person, was really incredible, including had appreciation for being recognized Zhang Feng to you, you can sell such removed the bottom, if some day I were inferior to Zhang Feng, cannot immediately give to sell me, moreover fearing that sold was compared with selling Zhang Feng also removes the bottom. However Sima Yin Long truly has a grudge with Zhang Feng, can break a Zhang Feng arm, can make [gold/metal] because of playing a daughter buys the meaning of horse bone, therefore he accepted the [gold/metal] because just, moreover to his very good, but said honestly, he to [gold/metal] because of this person, but also somewhat looks really does not glance. The [gold/metal] because of leave the Sima Yin Long room, in the eye actually flashes through a none remaining, person who he is one has the ambition, otherwise initially he not that happy has imitated Zhang Feng on the back, he only will not satisfy giving Sima Yin Long, when runs about, although said that Sima Yin Long is good to him, but regarding [gold/metal] Zheng because, all these empty, initially Zhang Feng is very good to him, he did not betray Zhang Feng. Regarding [gold/metal] Zheng because, any friendship, any kinship, any sense of gratitude, these does not exist, he only wants to be the top dog, he has only thought on the day like Sima Yin Long, the day of even than Sima Yin Long also being better, this is he most hopes to achieve. These time to is opportunity, before because of the Zhang Feng reason, the [gold/metal] because was not daring the leave Sima Yin Long side, but now Zhang Feng went to tube these Battle Slave, a short time returned to city, he happen to cannot say that this opportunity, handles several attractive matters, making Sima Yin Long take seriously him.

So long as Sima Yin Long takes seriously him, he has opportunity to climb up toward the high place crawls, if some day he can become Core Disciple, that was naturally best. Position that the tiger ship is at now, to the Black Tiger Group distance, in Cultivation World here some big city cities, is some giant Transmission Formation, these Transmission Formation use for Transmission these Great Magical Artifact. The Cultivation World here city is not many, but all urban almost one lands, that is the transaction uses, the big city city is big Trading Field, the small town city is small Trading Field, in the person of here transaction, the Doppelganger share, you possibly is not Rogue Cultivator, possibly is Great Sect Core Disciple, so long as you want to trade in this city, on can trade in here, but the transaction place and way, were also decided by you. For example you are Rogue Cultivator, you do not have many Crystal Stone, so long as that you turn in a piece Crystal Stone, can rent a scrap place on the avenue, is used to set up a stall, if you are Great Sect Core Disciple, your in hand has good thing, you want to sell a good price, you can deliver to the in the city auction room thing, was decided by the auction room. But like the big city city, some is comes control by some Great Sect, but more alliance that actually comprised of some high level cultivator comes control, such city is independent. Like the big city city, generally is by some Rogue Cultivator family backgrounds Expert, then in alliance together with the person of their same status, slowly establishes, in the process of establishment, they recruiting soldiers slowly will sell the soldier, finally forms a such city, they will also establish their Clan influence in this city, for generations had to rule these cities. Therefore like the big city city, Expert are also many, moreover control in these cities, pose as Merchant, what exquisite is friendly disposition leads to wealth, they to no one very polite, will offend any person, is adding on such Trading Field institute, regarding all cultivator is very important, therefore various Great Sect have also tacitly consented to their existence. If these Great Sect want control these cities, gets up the first opposition is not others, is the person in their Sect, because of various Great Sect some Outer Disciple or some Inner Disciples, they will come to such city to receive in exchange for thing that some practices need, but these thing, although in various Great Sect have, but will actually buy compared with the city wants on expensive some, these cultivator natures on have not done. But like the big city city, is has plenty Transmission Formation, but wants actually to need to spend with such Transmission Formation, you come time naturally does not need to collect fees, but you must from in the city leave, actually need to collect fees, Transmission Formation that you must use is bigger, the expense that collects is also higher. But Sima Yin Long wants with the quickest returned to Black Tiger Group domain, naturally needs to use that large-scale Transmission Formation. The quick Sima Yin Long tiger ship on returned to in Black Tiger Group, his tiger ship appears , in Black Tiger Group these looked at the Transmission Formation person, immediately salutes to his tiger ship, manner respectful serious. The Sima Yin Long tiger ship is actually stops has not stopped, has flown directly into the Black Tiger Mountain deep place, but the [gold/metal] because was actually flying from the tiger ship, flies toward Outer Sect handymen hall there. Not only handymen hall there manages handymen disciple, some there also all Outer Disciple status records and destinations, to find the person, went to there. [Gold/Metal] because of toward forward flight, while is paying attention to all around situation, position that he is at now, is only Black Tiger Group Outer Sect, here is some Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple, these Outer Disciple see the [gold/metal] because just, immediately bows to salute to him, has fallen back on the one side. The [gold/metal] because has been sweeping these Outer Disciple one with the split vision of corner of the eye, probably has not paid attention to these Outer Disciple completely, actually he actually very likes this feeling, feeling that he likes this type respect.

Before long the [gold/metal] because was arriving in the Outer Sect handymen hall, Elder Hu received information, is standing in there is awaiting respectfully the [gold/metal] because just, looked at the [gold/metal] because of arriving, Elder Hu immediately/on horseback because was bowing said : to see [gold/metal] Senior Brother to the [gold/metal], did not know [gold/metal] Senior Brother today to my here, so-called what?” The [gold/metal] because of looking at Elder Hu one, deep voice said : Elder Hu, I comes to present the order of Sima Senior Brother today, coming your here to inquire a person.” Elder Hu respectful sound said : please ask that [gold/metal] Senior Brother can look for who?” The [gold/metal] nearest/recent is having one person who because of deep voice said : called Zhao Hai entered in the gang Outer Sect, has become Outer Disciple? This person is the Battle Slave family background, should be Zhang Feng arranges personally.” Elder Hu one hear of [gold/metal] because of mentioning Zhang Feng time, does not have a meaning of respect, at heart cannot help but to his despising, but he has not displayed, but pretends awkward appearance, some little time deep voice said : is, Zhao Hai entered in Outer Sect, he also truly was the Battle Slave family background, was Zhang Feng Senior Brother arranges personally.” The [gold/metal] because of nodding said : I must see him, called him.” Elder Hu face awkward said : this, feared that is somewhat difficult, the place that Zhao Hai is a little special, he feared that a short time cannot withdraw.” The [gold/metal] was saying because of one hear of Elder Hu that two eyes twinkling brightly, he thinks what good place Zhao Hai Zhang Feng arranged, moreover did not make the bystander see him, therefore Elder Hu will have such excuse, was he cannot help but cold sound said : what? to see him not to be good? This is not I must see him, but is Sima Senior Brother must see him.” The perspiration on Elder Hu face has gotten down, gives him a day to make the balls, he does not dare to offend Sima Yin Long, if offended Sima Yin Long, he died, not only he, his Clan also met immediately/on horseback to be finished, his wiping away sweat of gently, the look at [gold/metal] because of said : [gold/metal] Senior Brother, was not being I do not make you see Zhao Hai, was the Zhao Hai dull place somewhat is really special, in the gang regulation, nobody went for him, he cannot come out, but in the gang could not find the person now for him, therefore I cannot be seen you by him.” The [gold/metal] because of being looking at the Elder Hu appearance, cannot help but said : „does in the gang have such place? Wasn't I saying? Then, is where, I sees him at the worst.” Elder Hu looked at the [gold/metal] because of one, then lowered the head said : Zhao Hai to be responsible for the guard not seeing the valley now!” Does not see the valley! Is this place somewhat familiar-sounding? It is not right, doesn't see the valley? You said that doesn't see the valley? That doesn't see the valley?” The [gold/metal] because of first is being some doubts, then face astonished said loudly. Elder Hu nodded said : is that does not see the valley, our Black Tiger Group only then such does not see the valley, [gold/metal] Senior Brother should also know that does not see the place that the valley is nobody is willing to go, moreover in the gang regulation, if nobody replaces, Zhao Hai on has stayed in there.” Was the [gold/metal] because of face not color look at Elder Hu, muttering said : to be able like this? Will Zhao Hai run up to does not see valley? It is not Zhang Feng Senior Brother arranges him to enter to in the gang personally? Won't he in have seen valley there? Do you deceive me?” Elder Hu look at [gold/metal] because of appearance, forced smile said : [gold/metal] Senior Brother, my there dares to deceive you, Zhao Hai in does not see the valley, moreover opens Senior Brother explain/transfer to make him go not to see valley there personally, opened Senior Brother to say his favoring Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai the temper extremely in empty boasting, must deliver now first does not see valley there went well disciplines, made me deliver him did not see valley there, [gold/metal] Senior Brother, you should also know that I was just person small, the instruction of Senior Brother, my dares not to listen.”

The [gold/metal] because of the look at Elder Hu appearance, on the face was revealing strange smiling face said : Senior Brother to say really he appreciated Zhao Hai, therefore arranged him to go not to see the valley?” Elder Hu nodded, but the [gold/metal] on the expression because of face was stranger, he does not believe obviously the Elder Hu words, some little time, he said : your here does have not to see the valley Transmission Formation? I must go to there to have a look at Zhao Hai.” Elder Hu somewhat awkward said : this, [gold/metal] Senior Brother, here to does not see the valley Transmission Formation, normally is used to put the trash, you looked that makes you sit such Transmission Formation, was some are too suffering from injustice you?” The [gold/metal] because of beckoning with the hand said : you arranges, I must go to there to have a look to be good.” Elder Hu complied with one, deep voice said : asked [gold/metal] Senior Brother to come with me.” Said that directs the [gold/metal] because to walk toward outside of handymen hall, before long changed to handymen hall Transmission corner there, has common Transmission Formation in there, now above also puts the big basket that several bamboos are forming, inside put completely all kinds of trash, some were built up waste medicine pill, even intermittent ill-smelling wicked stink. The [gold/metal] because of was just covering nose, improves Transmission Formation flash of white light, then these trash all vanished, the [gold/metal] because of the knitting the brows head, look at that was restoring normal Transmission Formation, just about to walks, Elder Hu one has actually blocked his said : [gold/metal] Senior Brother, please in wait a minute, must invite the opposite party thing takes away after Transmission Formation, this Transmission Formation can use.” Had the [gold/metal] because of staring, then knit the brows said : that to wait for how long? If he did not take away these thing, didn't have the means to go?” Elder Hu smiles said : hastily not, asking [gold/metal] Senior Brother feel relieved, in the gang to have regulation, if the Transmission past trash, has not moved in two minutes, will subject to a penalty, a while he can the bamboo basket deliver through Transmission Formation, when the time comes you can use this Transmission Formation.” The [gold/metal] because of look at that Transmission Formation, on the face that strange smiling face is deeper. &\; 1 t \; hr >\; ««» » provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;