Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1663

Chapter 588 suppresses firmly Reason that handymen hall there lived any matter, Zhao Hai very clear, Elder Hu said that then does, is intentional, because in the [gold/metal] before looked for him, Zhang Hao him has fought has swept shouts. Opens their don’t know Zhao Hai has been using Undead Creature to come but actually the trash, therefore they have not informed Zhao Hai, making Zhao Hai make some preparations, but has informed Elder Hu, making Elder Hu make some preparations. Because Zhang Hao said that many to Elder Hu, therefore Elder Hu will say that Zhang Feng arranges to not to see valley there because of appreciating Zhao Hai Zhao Hai, but did not say, because Zhao Hai makes him lose money. If this saying said from the Elder Hu mouth, the [gold/metal] because of being not possibly believing, because in [gold/metal] because of looking like, with matching one did not see valley this move to cope with Cultivation World here cultivator to be also possibly effective, but was used to cope with Zhao Hai is incorrect, because Zhao Hai was ten-thousand realms battlefield there comes, he can arrive at Cultivation World is one type of progressed, can make him in the here but actually trash good. [Gold/Metal] because of regarding Zhang Feng very familiar, his clear awareness, if Zhang Feng appreciates Zhao Hai really, certainly will not make Zhao Hai stay in does not see valley place, certainly will receive in own side, careful training, like past years to him, therefore he does not believe these words that Elder Hu spoke. However what [gold/metal] because of don’t know is, Zhang Feng knew about him that Zhang Feng because has been taking into Inner Sect from Outer Disciple the [gold/metal] . Moreover the careful guidance, he to the [gold/metal] because was not finding how possibly that he knows the [gold/metal] because of having the ambition, but he has not thought of the [gold/metal] unexpectedly coolly because of thin hence, since [gold/metal] Zhengfeng betrayed him, Zhang Feng because was under one turned skill to understand to the [gold/metal] painstakingly. Reason that Zhang Feng made Elder Hu they because of say with the [gold/metal] that must tell the [gold/metal] because with other one type of method just, he in entire Zhao Hai, such [gold/metal] because of will not even be suspecting Zhao Hai. Can therefore win over Zhao Hai as for Sima Yin Long, Zhang Feng thinks that this opportunity is minimal, Zhao Hai is only Battle Slave family background Outer Disciple, is not the [gold/metal] because just, the [gold/metal] because of although is being the Outer Sect family background, but his then strength arrived after all, moreover rose Inner Sect smoothly, Sima Yin Long naturally fully will win over him, he is completely different from the Zhao Hai situation. Zhao Hai just went back spatial bamboo basket Transmission, in Transmission Formation was flash of white light, Elder Hu and [gold/metal] because of appears on Transmission Formation, Zhao Hai pretended dull look at they, some little time and responded that he flushed Elder Hu to salute hastily: Has seen Hu Chang old, how the elder?” Elder Hu nodded, then a finger of [gold/metal] because of said : this is being the [gold/metal] because of Senior Brother, you called Martial Uncle.” Zhao Hai gives the [gold/metal] because of saluting hastily said : has seen Martial Uncle.” The [gold/metal] because of nodding, turned the head to look did not see with own eyes the valley, did not see valley here although is pile of trash, because the valley was really too deep, therefore has not piled up with now, to did not have attractively what, the [gold/metal] because was looking at one, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : what kind of? Is also familiar in here?”

Zhao Hai pretended, quickly said: Fortunately, thanks a lot Martial Uncle care.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that [gold/metal] because of arriving is slight wrinkled under the brow, because he heard unwillingness in Zhao Hai words, but is representing unwillingly often the ambition, if he let Zhao Hai to the Sima Yin Long side, represented to be also many a match. The [gold/metal] because of being not being a heart broad person, he does not have what favorable impression regarding Zhao Hai, naturally, originally does not have what malice, but Zhao Hai can be elected from Cultivation World there, that explained that his innate skill very good, facing a such person, the [gold/metal] because of must add carefully. The [gold/metal] because of Sima Yin Long for sometime, his very clear, Sima Yin Long is being a very natural person, if Sima Yin Long presently Zhao Hai is one may make this material, he fully will certainly train Zhao Hai, by that time Zhao Hai will become his threat. The [gold/metal] because of not likes some people threatening the status, that feared that now this person seems like the human and animals is probably harmless, because the [gold/metal] because of being always meeting does not think on own initiative one with Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng initially has the graciousness to him, now is also what kind, sees his although sarcastic comments, actually does not dare to make anything, moreover he may very much becomes Core Disciple, but Zhang Feng actually depends on can only be the Inner Sect disciple first person. This point is the [gold/metal] because of most proud place, but also is the place that he most pays attention, he will not allow anybody to threaten his status, therefore he hears in the Zhao Hai words that unwilling meaning, immediately knitting the brows head of gently. However his immediately returned to normal, nodded to Zhao Hai, deep voice said : does well.” Said that turn around walks toward Transmission Formation there. But Elder Hu has been paying attention to Zhao Hai, he presently Zhao Hai in the [gold/metal] because of turn around leave that flash, on the face has been showing a smiling face of ridicule, Elder Hu one on understand, Zhao Hai just intentionally said. Thinks of this point, Elder Hu at heart cannot help but one cold, he has not thought that Zhao Hai plans unexpectedly so deep, it seems like Zhao Hai decided to with Zhang Feng. However his procedure to Zhao Hai to dislike, after all he now was not the Zhang Feng person. Elder Hu and [gold/metal] after returned to handymen hall, explain/transfer Elder Hu a few words, flew outward on turn around, he just left, has two Outer Sect cultivator whispered on hearing outside: „Isn't that the [gold/metal] because of Martial Uncle? How will he run up to here to come?” Another neutral tone said : „do you return don’t know? [Gold/Metal] Martial Uncle is comes to see that to be matched not to see the valley the bad luck egg.” Why before that person of did said : see that bad luck egg? [Gold/Metal] does Martial Uncle want to rescue that bad luck egg to leave Inferno? I heard that [gold/metal] Martial Uncle and Martial Uncle do not cope, that bad luck egg is Martial Uncle personally orders to lose to does not see the valley.”

Another person said : who made that fellow let open Martial Uncle in a soft voice to lose a lot of money . Moreover the strength of that fellow was very good, heard that opened Martial Uncle to say personally, crossed the surface field victory certainly not to be a problem, therefore Martial Uncle simply did not make him compare, toward did not see the valley to lose him, making him run its own course, you were don’t know, just [gold/metal] Martial Uncle came time, Elder Hu actually said that opened Martial Uncle is because appreciated that youngster, therefore lost to not to see valley there him, can save him as for [gold/metal] Martial Uncle, that on was not our matters..” [Gold/Metal] because of flying is not quick, the words that these two people spoke he naturally also heard, simultaneously he also heard other people to say similar words, it seems like that the Zhao Hai matter in handymen hall here is not secret. The [gold/metal] because of mountain gate/entrance that returned to fast Sima Yin Long was, in Black Tiger Group here, ten big Core Disciple, first Core Disciple can have one ** mountain top takes own mountain gate/entrance, in any case Black Tiger Group here mountain top also has plenty. But Sima Yin Long is one of the ten big Core Disciple, naturally also has own mountain gate/entrance, he and he and under the hand/subordinate, normally lives in here, this is also one type of of Black Tiger Group to ten big Core Disciple gives favored treatment. Besides ten big Core Disciple, only then Zhang Feng own mountain gate/entrance, but somewhat is far from ten big disciple mountain gate/entrance, because Zhang Feng all the year round attending to official duties outside, little returns to that mountain gate/entrance. Sima Yin Long the mountain gate/entrance, is not very big, here is different from cultivator there, cultivator there, the people only will usually construct some Cave Mansion, will not construct too many ground constructions, but Black Tiger Group here is different, place that here cultivator lives, has plenty is the ground constructs, in Sima Yin Long the mountain gate/entrance, is constructing many ground constructions, these constructions after the special design, look like very beautiful, if overall, like a Giant Dragon plate summit, because above all constructions is the tiled roof-peaks, but that tile is the pieces golden glazed tile., Is adding on these constructions shapes, making these watts look like looks like dragonscale(s) piece by piece is the same, looks like attractive incomparable. But the dragon position of this dragon, is one has the ten layers high tall building fully, has a square in front of the tall building, but the tiger ship is stopping in square there, the giant tiger ship stops in there, forms a nice contrast with that tall building, looks like looks like a dragon and a tiger is confronting general, the Dragon's Roar tiger's roar, imposing manner is extraordinary. In this building, altogether lives about thousand people, its, only then more than 100 are handymen disciple, they specifically are responsible for other cleaning and junks work of this building, remaining also has many Outer Disciple, these Outer Disciple are the Sima Yin Long follower, the strength is also good, if Sima Yin Long leave Shan stands time, they will have a person with Sima Yin Long, the together driving tiger ship. But the Sima Yin Long true key forces, are about hundred Inner Disciples, these Inner Disciples are Sima Yin Long under the hand/subordinate strongest fighting strength, the strength is extraordinary. A Sima Yin Long monologue person lives in mountain in middle the dragon tall building, other Inner Disciples live is leaving the dragon tall building not far place, disciple outside lives some, these handymen disciple live in most surrounding outward. This Dragon Mountain here, Mountain Guardian Great Formation, moreover this Mountain Guardian Great Formation also Advanced level, must know that was among Core Disciple existed to compete relationship, therefore this Mountain Guardian Great Formation needed. The [gold/metal] because of was also being side a Sima Yin Long favorite, therefore his returned to mountain gate/entrance, these handymen disciple and Outer Disciple saluted to him, even if meets Sima Yin Long under the hand/subordinate some Inner Disciples, will greet with him, the [gold/metal] because was actually nodding, flew toward dragon building there.

To the square outside dragon building, he fell, first looked at a dragon building, this walks toward the building, to Dragon Lou in front of the door, has been defending on present two Outer Disciple in there, these two Outer Disciple are dragon building here guards the door, they cannot have doing of guard to use, but is responsible for circular. That two Outer Disciple saw [gold/metal] because of coming, immediately/on horseback to the [gold/metal] because of gave a salute, to the [gold/metal] because of said : [gold/metal] Senior Brother, Lordship was then telling, after you came back, immediately went to quiet room to see him.” The [gold/metal] because of nodding walks toward the building, this building high ten layers, quiet room in ten layers, but in this building, does not permit to use any Spell, therefore the [gold/metal] because of can only arrive at ten layers gradually. This ten layers altogether has two rooms, a room is quiet room, another room is a restroom, these two rooms are very big, first area is not smaller than thousand square meters, the gate of door is the bronze casts, in each gate is carving soaring Giant Dragon, looks like formidable might is uncommon. !.( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;