Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1664

Chapter 589 does not need to care The [gold/metal] because of was just arriving at room in front of the door, hears Sima Yin Long time transmits said : is because just? Comes.” [gold/metal] Zheng has responded to one, pushed the door to walk, this although was the bronze, looked like very heavy, but pushed is actually very relaxed, moreover did not have a point sound. The Sima Yin Long quiet room [gold/metal] because of coming to have been inferior, but every time comes time, feel that he always cannot bear exclaimed in surprise that this exclamation does not mean Sima Yin Long the quiet room how luxuriously, but exclaims in surprise the crudeness of this quiet room. Not wrong, Sima Yin Long the quiet room very crude, quiet room area although very big, but is any thing does not have, so long as the quiet room middle has suspended praying mat, in not other thing. What most important is, this quiet room does not have the window, entire within quiet room, besides has not big Luminous Pearl on the quiet room middle ceiling, in not any illumination thing. [Gold/Metal] because of estimating, so long as closes the quiet room door, that not big Luminous Pearl, feared that can only leave very weak radiance, that radiance stands in this huge quiet room, feared that will not play any doing to use. This is also the [gold/metal] because of admiring the Sima Yin Long place, he once tried also to make into this appearance his quiet room, however speaks the truth, he cannot bear that Darkness and silence, that makes him restless, although that will let his spiritual force practice rapidness. Finally he gave up such quiet room, this also made him know, reason that Sima Yin Long has today's status, was not only depends on innate skill, could not separate with his effort. The [gold/metal] because of arriving at Sima Yin Long side, deep voice said : Sima Senior Brother, the situation basically inquired clearly, that Zhao Hai truly enters Outer Sect, but he actually in does not see the valley there but actually trash now, Zhang Feng on was said outwardly he appreciated Zhao Hai, wanted to temper Zhao Hai with this method, in fact I looked that was he matches not to see valley there Zhao Hai.” Sima Yin Long gently knit the brows said : Zhao Hai to offend Zhang Feng?” The [gold/metal] because of nodding said : is, heard that Zhao Hai wins, making Zhang Feng win many thing, therefore Zhang Feng matching not to see the valley Zhao Hai.” Sima Yin Long knit the brows said : not, from the Zhao Hai skill, his strength is not weak, even if he makes Zhang Feng lose money, but can next time he make Zhao Hai velvet for him? Moreover Zhang Feng this person very much receives the material, shouldn't match not to see the valley Zhao Hai?” The [gold/metal] because of bowing said : is, I also think that Zhang Feng loves is became famous, if Zhao Hai is really a promising young talent, he will certainly receive in Zhao Hai his mountain gate/entrance, will not put does not see valley that place, he such does now, that has one type of to explain, he favoring Zhao Hai not.” Sima Yin Long has gawked, then nodded to is some truth that said : you said that Zhang Feng that fellow looked that the vision of person is very accurate, so looks like, this Zhao Hai to cannot extremely in paying attention, was good, that this, does not need to go to tube that Zhao Hai, you also go back to rest.” The [gold/metal] has been revealing a happy expression because of the eye, bows said : is, because of asking to be excused.” Said that slowly withdrew from quiet room, has closed the door.

Sima Yin Long look at [gold/metal] because of did back, mutter said : that Zhao Hai not to have what potential really? In any case is only a person, if he has the potential, in the future will be digging not to be late him.” Said that has closed the eye, entire quiet room fell into died in the general quietness. Elder Hu looked at the [gold/metal] because of walking, this let out a long breath, at this time a person walked from outside, Elder Hu quickly said: Opens Junior Brother, you came.” Comes person Zhang Hao, opens to nod said : to thank the Senior Brother Hu help to Elder Hu, this time Senior Brother Hu words, possibly because of seeing the flaw will come by the [gold/metal].” Elder Hu showed a faint smile said : Junior Brother to be too polite, can opening Senior Brother strives, below being honored, opened Junior Brother, did you think that [gold/metal] really because of not in here?” Zhang Hao shows a faint smile said : you, if asked my this, I also real don’t know, but was opens Senior Brother to tell that I such did, was right, just you to did not see valley there the time, what was Zhao Hai making?” Elder Hu stares, but said : he to has not made anything, probably was just but actually the trash, moreover good that very he displays, therefore [gold/metal] because of not having any suspicion.” Zhang Hao nodded, deep voice said : I have a look at Little Hai.” Said that transferred that to not to see the valley Transmission Formation, flash of white light vanishes. Direction that Elder Hu look at vanishes, muttering said : suddenly Zhao Hai feared that is much more intelligent, is on good terms with a such person who you imagine, perhaps will have very big advantage to Clan.” Said that Elder Hu take deep breaths, turn around returned to the handymen hall. Zhang Hao arrives at did not see valley there the time, presently Zhao Hai is standing in Cave Mansion in front of the door, look at him to come, immediately welcomed, bowed to Zhang Hao said : Senior Brother, how did you come?” Opens the bold look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : a little not feel relieved, comes to see, are you what kind of? All right?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : fortunately, all right, opens Senior Brother, inside sits.” Zhang Hao nodded, entered Cave Mansion with Zhao Hai, they sat on the multipurpose clouds, opened bold look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this time matter was the past, but later had the matter my don’t know, opens Senior Brother now is the high position invites criticism, some innumerable multi- eyes were staring at him, arranged here you, cannot, in entire Black Tiger Group, only then here was not the most conspicuous place, you took on.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Senior Brother to be polite, you are not no need to say these, my understand, to be honest, here really good, defended in here, I did not lack the practice thing, he he, this to me practiced, only then the advantage did not have the fault, right Senior Brother, this gave you, this was several medicine pill that today I synthesize, don’t know was any medicine pill, gave to you.” Was saying Zhao Hai while hands over a jade bottle.

Zhang Hao received the jade bottle, turns on the stopper, looked at one toward , his complexion cannot help but changes, calls out in alarm said : You Longdan?” Zhao Hai puzzled look at bold said : Senior Brother, this is medicine pill very precious?” Opens bold look at Zhao Hai, has smiled bitterly next step: This medicine pill was certainly precious, this medicine pill adds the medicinal herbs refinement with 3rd level Monster Beast Core of spirit wind snake, therefore acquiring fame You Longdan, this pill very precious, especially regarding Gold Core Stage following cultivator, has eaten this medicine pill, is not only helpful to practicing, will also increase your, compares successful low level Monster Beast pill in one type of.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at bold said : Monster Beast pill? Differently what does this have with ordinary medicine pill?” Zhang Hao nodded said : Monster Beast pill naturally to have very big difference with ordinary medicine pill, Monster Beast also divides level, from 1st level 6th level, corresponds Cultivation World this then six to practice level separately, these pure wild Monster Beast, except for arriving at 4th level, otherwise is impossible to turn into human-shape, but you must know that Monster Beast has own innate skill Divine Ability, these days bestows on Divine Ability each one type of Monster Beast not to be different, some Monster Beast are defends strongly, some Monster Beast is a degree rapidness, naturally other's innate skill, but after many years diligently, in Cultivation World here, appears Monster Beast pill this thing.” Speaking of here Haodun, then said : this Monster Beast pill except for was because join beside Monster Beast Core, the most important ability, that was he can retain Monster Beast one type of innate skill Divine Ability in medicine pill, although was only a few point, but regarding cultivator, was very precious, looked like this You Longdan is the same, because the spirit wind snake was only 3rd level Monster Beast, therefore this medicine pill below cultivator to Gold Core Stage was useful, this medicine pill besides can by the degree that you practiced quicker, had a very important ability, that is. Can becomes quickly, but, was innate skill Divine Ability of spirit wind snake, although has eaten this medicine pill, cannot immediately like the spirit wind snake, be quickly incomparable, but actually solid can let cultivator changed quickly, although were not many, but regarding cultivator was saying that was good, what most important was, this medicine pill can superimpose the use, in other words, ate one to increase one degree, in eating one also in increasing, in was on are less, this that will increase in the future already. Precious.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, has not thought really that Cultivation World here really also has so mysterious medicine pill.” Zhang Hao nodded, has given Zhao Hai said : Little Hai medicine pill, this medicine pill is very precious, you receive.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand with a smile said : Senior Brother, you are receiving, I am defending such big Treasure Mountain, but also feared that doesn't have good thing? This gives you.” Zhang Hao listened to Zhao Hai saying that one wants to be also right, Zhao Hai defended in here, but also feared that didn't have good thing? He also not in polite, received the jade bottle, this to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, that Elder Hu now can be said as our people, if you have any matter, can look for him, he will help you handle, if very important matter, directly looks for me, I will be exceedingly high First Senior Brother.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, opened Senior Brother to take the trouble.” Zhang Hao shook the head said : anything to take the trouble, keeps here you, somewhat felt sorry, but for the First Senior Brother big matter , can only now like this.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Senior Brother feel relieved, my here is all right, Senior Brother, I thought that you first go back, opens Senior Brother to report likely the here situation, presently you do not arrive at my here.” Zhang Hao nodded said : well, I first went back, has remembered, having the matter may probably look for me.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, Zhang Hao then turn around to outside, started that to go to Zhang Feng there Transmission Formation leave directly. The look at bold leave direction, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, mutters said : looks like the battle in this Black Tiger Group is very intense, this arrived is more interesting, I to have a look, how your Zhang Feng must arrange me.” Was saying while returned to in Cave Mansion, the flashes body entered Space. &\; 1 t \; hr >\; ««» » provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;