Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1665

Chapter 590 eats Golden Mouse Clan Zhao Hai returned to in Space looked, Space Universal Machine in the there work, Universal Machine naturally has not been manufacturing anything now, but does not see valley here some material reconstruct, some medicine pill syntheses again. Universal Machine there nobody look at, oneself can work now, Zhao Hai returned to in the villa, presently Laura they are in the look at screen. Screen last present appears is the situation in Black Tiger Group territory, in the Black Tiger Group territory mountainous, on the mountain some quite smooth place, had been encircled all kinds of paddies, but does not have extremely in changing the hill shape landform, because wants is cultivator understand, sometimes, some special medicinal herbs, need some specific hill shape landforms to be able grow out. Has also constructed the cities of some small shapes on some mountains, if according to the scale, there could not be called the city, called mountain stronghold also almost, in these mountain stronghold, was Black Tiger Group Duty Hall, these Duty Hall, collects handymen hall some harvests of disciple, disciple of these handymen halls, not only can plant medicinal herbs or mining, they can also handle other matters, for example, they can use the free time, in the mountain explored, if you can dig to some good medicinal herbs, or found some good ores, was can Duty Hall there the exchange. Becoming contribution points. But makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, he until now, a Black Tiger Group Saint servant has not seen. This Saint servant is actually the Cultivation World here one type of name, the so-called Saint servant, although was calling of pleasant to hear, was actually Cultivation World here these does not have the thought that person who only knew the pray. These Saint servant although do not have the thought that but regarding Cultivation World here any influence is very important, because of their very clear, these Saint servants can provide Strength of Faith to them, does not have the Strength of Faith influence, does not have the means to base in Cultivation World here. Zhao Hai these days has been making Laura they investigate \; first, to understand the Black Tiger Group domain in a big way, two to find these Saint servants, where has a look at these Saint servants, this is the matter that Zhao Hai most cares about. However he soon looked everywhere the entire Black Tiger Group domain now, actually links a shadow of Saint servant not to see that this arrived is makes Zhao Hai feel very strange, don’t know Black Tiger Group gets so far as there many Saint servants. But information about Saint servant, Zhao Hai is a point does not have the means to know now, because his present is monitoring a Outer Sect people, but these Outer Disciple, information of simply don’t know any Saint servant, this also makes Zhao Hai very depressed. However Zhao Hai has not cared, reason that he must look for these Saint servants, what is to have a look at these Saint servants is, his simply does not need these Saint servants to provide Strength of Faith to him, using that his Space can provide Strength of Faith that he cannot use up to him. However more is knew about Black Tiger Group that Zhao Hai is startled, this Black Tiger Group domain was really too big, entire Black Tiger Group area, complete left the imagination of Zhao Hai, Black Tiger Group area, in Asia area of compared with domain was not unexpectedly small, even might in a big way on a little. Must know that Black Tiger Group is in Cultivation World 9 Province state Gang in hundred, if places entire Cultivation World, feared that has not been anything, such Gang, can occupy a such big place, this stems from his unexpected. Now in Space Black Tiger Group all domains has not received in Space, but was also similar, this regarding Zhao Hai to is good information, later he is all right, can transfer one revolution to the Black Tiger Group control domain. Laura they now also very happy, because in the Black Tiger Group domain, the shade colors of some places are very special, moreover compares the person in Black Tiger Group, the Black Tiger Group domain was really too big, can describe with the vast territory with a sparse population that later they can in the Black Tiger Group domain, extension in all directions, this regarding them, be possible absolutely to be good information. Looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Laura white his said : has taken a bath quickly, the human stank to high heaven, was really, must itself begin to move any trash.” Zhao Hai knows that on him simply not smelly, Laura they do not want to make him so laborious, therefore the electricity specially said that he cannot help but he he the chuckle, holds Laura said : to walk, washes with my together.” Said that turn around runs toward Hot Spring pond there, caused that Laura calls out in alarm again and again.

After having taken a affectionate couple bath, Zhao Hai then with Laura returned to in the villa, entered the villa, Megan they have look look at Laura that one type of teased, made that Laura was also elegant face pink. Is entering in this, suddenly Cai'er deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, is not good, outside has the situation.” Zhao Hai does said : feel emotion to clash? Did some people come?” Cai'er shook the head said : definitely is not a person, you look, probably is Old Mouse.” Said that a finger of screen, on screen really appears did a picture, see valley there don’t know to run silver-white Old Mouse from there suddenly, these Old Mouse one all are the silver-white wools, looks like probably is the metal, but the build is not very big, maximum also more than 20 centimeters, the ears of these Old Mouse are very big . Moreover the circular, tail is tall and slender, a black bean same small eye, looks like naturally is adorable incomparable. However saw the claw and tooth of this Old Mouse, Zhao Hai actually does not dare to treat it lightly, the claw and tooth of this Old Mouse, unexpectedly were also the bright silver, a sunlight bright, straight reflection, seriously was attractive incomparable. But Zhao Hai actually very clear, that claw and tooth, are not only attractive, was representing the danger, Zhao Hai a moment ago clear seeing, Old Mouse succeeded in giving up on two sections of Magical Artifact to run from one, reason that because made an effort, his claw on that Magical Artifact, has put on several very deep scratches unexpectedly, can look from this point, the claw of this Old Mouse had many fierce. These Old Mouse more gathered more, finally unexpectedly entire does not see the valley overspreading, saw this situation, Laura they also cannot help but feels a scalp hemp. At this moment, a mouse group tumult, under Zhao Hai and Laura their dumbfounded gazes, sees eight builds to have half meter big Old Mouse fully, lifted a giant tray to walk. These eight big Old Mouse with other Old Mouse long exactly the same, are only even bigger some, each in hand is taking a metal stick, now these metal sticks, in together, holding among that diameter to have one meter plateau fully, this tray good Jade Disc, looks like should also be Magical Artifact, but should quickly also be damaged Magical Artifact, but on this Magical Artifact, overspread the soft wool now, one only about one meter big Old Mouse, lies on the tray, on the tray is also suspending some waste pill, but this is only big Old Mouse Actually all does not care, the correct use claw grabs a waste pill, sends to toward own mouth, probably is eating the sugar bean to be the same. Zhao Hai sees here, cannot help but was shocked, he turns the head to Laura said : Laura, do you pinch my? What situation the present is? Did Old Mouse meet?” Laura is also a shock of face, then puzzled look at these Old Mouse, actually shook the head, gaze that other people are also perplexed screen. At this time these Old Mouse suddenly stopped, then that lay big Old Mouse on tray, slowly has stood, this stood, Laura they could not bear throw one to smile. This big Old Mouse long was really too adorable, first was this big Old Mouse silver-white wool, looked like smooth incomparable, was this big Old Mouse very fat, looked like a big rag doll is the same, was because was too fat, circle that face of this big Old Mouse, leapt, seemed like funny and adorable, no wonder Laura they will smile. Zhao Hai could not bear smile, at this moment, outside that was only big Old Mouse also to have the sound, saw that to be only big Old Mouse, has put on two claw own waist unexpectedly, the mouth started Zhi Zhi said. look at that Zhao Hai and Laura they are perplexed is only big Old Mouse, don’t know he is playing any treasure. That was only big Old Mouse to call a while, presently probably is nobody manages him, somewhat cannot help but annoyed, on his standing station tray, a claw proceeded to refer, two feet also jumped, even bigger sound that said. Laura they have smiled, does not have the means that now this big Old Mouse appearance, looks like was aggravated the vixen, is stamping one's foot in there shouts abuse in public, was really too amusing.

Zhao Hai has also smiled, he turns the head to walk to Laura said :, goes to have a look, having a look at these Old Mouse to do anything, here also nobody, you also come out in any case.” Laura they also nodded, several people also felt that is very interested, they also want to take a look, this fat, looks like funny incomparable big Old Mouse must do. Zhao Hai look at them to agree that cannot help but the personal appearance moves, several people of appears outside Cave Mansion, arrived did not see the valley the, that was only stamping one's foot big Old Mouse that Zhi Zhi called, looked that Zhao Hai they came out, cannot help but jumped happier, sound also even bigger that said. Zhao Hai look at these Old Mouse, don’t know he is any meaning, but he looks at this only Old Mouse probably is very intelligent, therefore immediately/on horseback has adjusted own spiritual force fluctuation, was only big to that Old Mouse the past. That is only big Old Mouse to feel that the spiritual force fluctuation of Zhao Hai, has cannot help but gawked, then his also immediately returned to spiritual force to fluctuate, Zhao Hai received, immediately understand the meaning of big Old Mouse, big Old Mouse was saying: „Was youngster, how you comes out? Before that old man?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that this big Old Mouse actually knows the old man before this, must know he also afterward knows, before defended in does not see the valley here person is an old man. However Zhao Hai has not cared, immediately/on horseback said : that old man walked, by calculation that here I said.” Calculation that HaHaHa, you said? It seems like the beforehand that old man has not said understand to you, in here, person who only then we eat calculation that [gold/metal] Shu a clan was says, calculation that you, will never say.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled look at this big Old Mouse said : you eat [gold/metal] Shu a clan? Strange, why you can eat up these waste pill.” Your idle talk are really many, in these thing includes Spiritual Qi, we can certainly eat, I told you, later here we ate calculation that [gold/metal] Shu a clan said that you later did not permit to snatch our thing.” Zhao Hai one hear of big Old Mouse said that his complete understand, this big Old Mouse looked before him, never sees valley here to take thing, therefore runs the protest demonstration. Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled, before his look at that is only big Old Mouse said : I don't care, calculation that here who said that I came, here calculation that was said by me.” That was only big Old Mouse one hear of Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but screamed, appeared anger, but this called, his these generation after generation generations also yelled, that momentum also was really very scary. Zhao Hai actually does not fear them, because he has not felt the silk bold danger from this big Old Mouse, in other words, this big Old Mouse simply possibly is not his match. After that is only big Old Mouse has called, moved, his claw proceeds to wield, his these generation after generation, screamed, then flushed toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but stares, it seems like these family his partners want to use the mouse sea tactic, gave to flood him, Zhao Hai cannot help but showed a faint smile, his hand wielded, innumerable Liquid Silver flew to depart from in his hand, then these Liquid Silver flying needles flew these Old Mouse, one turned into a small metal basket, these Old Mouse covering in middle, biggest that was only big Old Mouse not to let off.

That was only big Old Mouse presently the bedding bag to live, gawked, but on his fat face appears a contemptuous facial expression, has opened mouth to nip unexpectedly toward the basket, other Old Mouse were also doing with his same movement. On the face of Zhao Hai has cannot help but shown a smiling face, his Liquid Silver can it be that these Old Mouse can bite, hears a dāng dāng sound, then has heard a painful mouse cry. Zhao Hai they have actually laughed, because many Old Mouse each and every one were given the toothache by Liquid Silver, will therefore call. That is only big Old Mouse to is nothing, his tooth is very fierce, but he look at that had actually been nipped by him basket, because that basket any situation did not have now, does not have appears including a point tooth seal. That was only big Old Mouse somewhat to fluster, must know that he just although only had used three points of physical strength, but he was very confident to his tooth, wants to come in him, he used the 30% strength air/Qi, has been able to break by biting in fully this mountain valley most thing, now takes this small basket not to have the means that this was he has not thought. That big Old Mouse was anxious, he in flashes bit that to lose child one, this time he has used the 80% strength quantity, but the result was the same, that basket was a sound does not have, big Old Mouse has been nipping one time, this time he has used the 100% strength quantity, was still useless, basket not broken. Big Old Mouse has flustered, he one by one is nipping the basket, is actually anything uses not to have. But at this time Zhao Hai actually beckoned, these basket directly have flown into Space. These big Old Mouse just entered Space, in Space has transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently has the evil intention procedure to Space, surrenders the procedure, the procedure surrenders successfully.” Presently the mouse shape variation variety, this Old Mouse can the metal be the food, can various poisons be the food, super strong, the defense unparalleled, the lackey is sharp, withdraws its special ability, join to of other life form, withdraws successfully, join succeeds.” &\; 1 t \; hr >\; ««» » provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;