Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1666

Chapter 591 marvelous rat-hole In front of Zhao Hai look at the big Old Mouse, this big Old Mouse they have been given to wash by Laura now, looks like still that adorable, but the look was docile. What race does Zhao Hai you eat [gold/metal] Shu a clan to big Old Mouse said : is? Belongs to several levels of Monster Beast?” Reason that Zhao Hai spoke with this big Old Mouse, was because he this big Old Mouse very intelligent, its wisdom is not presently worse than the person, but cannot turn into human-shape. Big Old Mouse immediately/on horseback said : returns to the Young Master words, we eat [gold/metal] Shu a clan, does not have level to divide, even if in Monster Beast, has not waited for the division, because weakest eating [gold/metal] Shu, is similar to ordinary 1st level Monster Beast, casual that cultivator, can kill, but most formidable eating [gold/metal] Shu, can actually to fighting not to drop the wind with most formidable cultivator, therefore we eat [gold/metal] Shu clan level not to divide.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : that person? Your present level high?” Big Old Mouse proud said : I almost the equivalent to 4th level Monster Beast level, Monster Beast level divides although also to divide 6th level now, is different from Human Race cultivator, my present strength, similar equivalent to Human Race Gold Core Stage Expert.” Zhao Hai one hear of big Old Mouse such spoke of stares, who his puzzled look at big Old Mouse said : these were thing tells the person? You possibly are not know?” Big Old Mouse smiles said : to return to the Young Master words, told me in the old man of here trash but actually, here some people will not come all the year round, that old man also very bored, after present me, chatted with me, slowly told my these thing.” Zhao Hai can actually feel, a although big Old Mouse old man was calling, but he very respected in that old man. Zhao Hai nodded said : to be very good, now you ate [gold/metal] Shu a clan to enter in Space, later was my under the hand/subordinate, but I hope that you can live in do not see valley there, there wanted to my very heavy, you lived in there, normally do not make an appearance, should eat anything to eat anything, but a little, if presently some rare metals, must deliver to Space, naturally, I am not do not make you eat these metals, you delivered to Space, in Space on will produce a that metal the mineral lode, like this, you on want to eat. Many had many.” Big Old Mouse quickly said: Yes, Young Master, our understand, I will have made the children look, what metal we eat [gold/metal] Shu are also not can eat, generally speaking, level is the Advanced level metal, we more cannot eat, only then our level also arrived at Advanced level time, we can eat up the level high metal, but in this mountain valley, these metals mostly about in together, we have eaten, the metal means digestions of some high level, on only cannot in drawing, our there have saved many this metal now, the don’t know Young Master this type. Can the metal attain in Space?” Zhao Hai thinks that finally nodded said : „, makes these thing, but these won't thing, very be dirty?”

Big Old Mouse shook the head said : Young Master feel relieved, is not dirty, our normally eats medicine pill, will not discharge within the body toxin, but with own body these toxin to refining, these toxin will have concentrated to us on, on the tooth also has on the claw \; first, to come to be used for attack, two come to be used to increase the intensity of body, increases the defense to use.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to walk, goes out with me, under I have a look at you leftovers these metals.” Big Old Mouse nodded, Zhao Hai brings his flashes body to leave Space. Zhao Hai arrived at rat-hole with big Old Mouse, to be honest, when Zhao Hai sees the rat-hole was startled, this hole hole unexpectedly such big, the entire rat-hole did not see the valley surrounding unexpectedly, entire cavern although does not have Zhao Hai initially to be so big in the wormhole that Fabbio star there sees, but this rat-hole actually complex, moreover reason of putting in order in addition designs, looks like the house of humanity is the same, has the house, has the granary, even also has the practice room, with the city of humanity, design is the same. Big Old Mouse looks like Zhao Hai to introduce his underground kingdom, while some proud shows off is eating a history of [gold/metal] Shu clan, to be honest, does not see the time that a valley here eating [gold/metal] Shu clan has not to be long, moreover this big Old Mouse is first in eating [gold/metal] Shu who here settles down, can say that does not see a valley here food [gold/metal] Shu clan, on is this is only fat Old Mouse to establish. Saw the so vast project, Zhao Hai also really somewhat admires this fat Old Mouse, who can want to obtain, this looked like the funny incomparable fellow, can build a big underground kingdom unexpectedly, this stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai really very much. Quick Zhao Hai they arrived at their Warehouse, in this Warehouse attire does not eat grain of [gold/metal] Shu clan, but is they do not have the metal of means digestion, these metals are not big, granulation, but looks to arrive is very clean. Zhao Hai has not cared, he does not need to touch these thing with the hand in any case, said it, these thing speak the truth really is not dirty, these eat [gold/metal] Shu are the Old Mouse one type of variation varieties, they can be said as the one type of rare and beautiful flowers in life form, they likely are not one type of life form, to likely is a machine, they will absorb the metal to take their power, because absorbs the metal also to need level, some metal special difficult absorptions, they on means absorption, nature on remaining. Zhao Hai wields, received in these metals Space, but those who make Zhao Hai not think, these metals types unexpectedly in having several hundred types, this arrives stems from his unexpected. Zhao Hai look at big Old Mouse said : these thing I have taken away, you remembered my beforehand words be good, has remembered, normally do not make an appearance, if my leave did not see valley here, you must favor the family to me.” Big Old Mouse nodded said : is, invited Young Master feel relieved, we completed certainly.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, old fat brother's these generation after generation let out. These Old Mouse now are also Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, but these Old Mouse regarding Zhao Hai, the use are not very big, might as well places here them. Actually now these eat [gold/metal] Shu to pass through Space transform, before the food [gold/metal] mouse mainly used the metal as the food, moreover some level specially high metals they did not have the means to absorb.

Zhao Hai turn around wants the leave rat-hole, he carefully observed in rat-hole there, this look at him understand, this rat-hole does not dig at will, has formed Formation unexpectedly faintly, this Formation has certain shield to do to use probably, making spiritual force simply of person not investigate the situation in rat-hole. This presently, let prepare leave Zhao Hai to stop, he carefully was observing the rat-hole, most from the beginning, he thinks that was because rat-hole outside has put the reasons of too much trash, these trash had some material very good, can shield spiritual force, now looks like is actually not for this reason, at this time fat Old Mouse also presently Zhao Hai stopped, his immediately ran over, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, What happened? Zhao Hai look at big Old Mouse said : „? Your is cavern probably Formation? Your when learn Formation?” Fat Old Mouse has gawked, then shook the head said : to return to the Young Master words, we have not studied Formation, but has heard.” Zhao Hai stares, then his puzzled look at fat Old Mouse said : why do that you want to scrape out this appearance the hole?” Fat Old Mouse said : this is each thing that eats the [gold/metal] mouse to study, each ate [gold/metal] Shu in the birth, how digging a hole started to study, started to study from the youngest single hole, how to have learned established large hole, this was we eats [gold/metal] Shu a clan, after passing through the innumerable year's of exhibitions, evolution slowly the one type of instinct, dug out such appearance the hole, not easily by person presently.” Zhao Hai understand, this eats [gold/metal] Shu a clan, after passing through the innumerable year's of exhibitions, exploration slowly, the accumulation experience slowly, has dug out this hole finally, can say that this eats [gold/metal] Shu clan self-created one type of formation. Zhao Hai nodded said : you to go busily, I have a look.” Fat Old Mouse has complied with one, ran up to nearby command(er) his these generation after generation to work. The appearance that Zhao Hai look at fat Old Mouse that makes threatening gestures, cannot help but a funniness, he put out the a piece multipurpose clouds to give had fat Old Mouse, like this after him, can sit on the multipurpose clouds. Fat Old Mouse naturally is very happy, immediately command(er) his descendants, on that big tray that puts him, sits before that multipurpose cloud. Zhao Hai look at fat Old Mouse appearance, has not cared, often smiles, transferred in the rat-hole, this rat-hole is very big, besides big rat-hole that some he can pass through, some small rat-holes, these small rat-holes, the smallest lip is unexpectedly thick or thin, his simply does not have the means to go, Zhao Hai release the Liquid Silver needle, carefully was observing all in rat-hole finally. After waiting for the Liquid Silver needle the entire rat-hole records, Zhao Hai then with fat Old Mouse explain/transfer, turn around returned to in Space.

He just arrived at Space, presently Cai'er they curious look at screen, but what on screen appears is hologram, this hologram rat-hole appearance. Looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Cai'er immediately/on horseback said : Elder Brother Hai, quick, this was great present, that rat-hole unexpectedly was natural three-dimensional formation.” Zhao Hai stares, then puzzled said : three-dimensional formation?” Cai'er nodded said : well, is three-dimensional formation, formation that our normally uses, is formation of some planes, energy that although he forms three-dimensional, however in formation arrangement is actually the plane, but this rat-hole, is actually three-dimensional formation, in other words, his formation arrangement time three-dimensional, not only foreign, has duty the defense capability of very internally, even if were some places is destroyed, this formation can still use, moreover can wield very strong doing to use.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er such spoke has been careful, must know formation that cultivator used, some Advanced level good, if some low level formation, one, but was destroyed the 1 or 2 place, that this formation completely lost has done to use, moreover three-dimensional formation, this Zhao Hai also was really first time heard that this arrived has aroused his interest. &\; 1 t \; hr >\; ««» » provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;