Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1667

formation is one of thing cultivator cannot leave, formation in the life of cultivator, is acting very important character, you must establish Cave Mansion, cannot leave formation, formation can act as your guard, can help you practice. But formation that cultivator uses, generally is the planes, is centered on formation disk, then takes formation flag as the node, produces a energy magnetic field, this magnetic field one, but forms, that represented your formation to arrange successfully. formation through various Formation Symbol, then causes certain magnetic field change actually, cloth magnetic field can also absorb nearby Spiritual Qi, strengthens the intensity of magnetic field, or the grounded magnetic field, releases release to come in another one type of form nearby Spiritual Qi, this is formation most fundamental. Because of the principle of formation, therefore some node in formation, if were destroyed had problems, the magnetic field of that law will have the change, that is must affect formation, therefore in the formation common situation cannot be destroyed. Some high level formation, do not fear probably is destroyed, even if destroyed a 1 or 2 node, that will not have any issue, this did not mean actually the magnetic field had not been destroyed, is only high level formation, the material that they use is very Advanced level, in sometimes formation flag, can use two Formation Symbol, in other words, a node was destroyed, another node can play the corresponding substitution to do to use, although cannot guarantee formation 100% Might, but can use. However like formation, is few, if because wants to manufacture such formation, the material that needs is very Advanced level general cultivator simply is impossible to get so far as. However this three-dimensional formation is different, this three-dimensional formation, he comes formation arrangement in the three-dimensional form, the node be much more than two dimensional formation, naturally this Might also meets even bigger some because and node are many, in adding on this type of formation cloth in open and three-dimensional, even if were you have ruined on formation 50% nodes, other points can still form a magnetic field, can still wield very big doing to use. By the Zhao Hai look at screen the appears the three-dimensional formation all kinds of data, somewhat were really speechless, he has not thought really that cultivator research formation these many years actually does not have research to leave three-dimensional formation instead to is eats [gold/metal] Shu a clan can actually research leave three-dimensional formation to come, the cultivator study said that is the highest of all creatures, is really somewhat satirizes. Actually Zhao Hai wants somewhat to be incorrect, the person is the highest of all creatures not wrong, thing that but also because of this, the person contacts are more, wants research thing to be also more, takes this formation, formation that the person research comes out does with, almost aspects of relationship to life, this naturally does not have the energy to go to research anything three-dimensional formation. But eats [gold/metal] Shu a clan not to be different, first eats [gold/metal] Shu a clan from most from the beginning on only research such formation, many years, had not stopped, after improvement that they keep, this formation had today's appearance, this diverts attention with the special difference actually. Zhao Hai turns the head Cai'er said : Cai'er you said that we can also turn into this three-dimensional formation ordinary formation?” Cai'er wrinkled under brow said : certainly to be possible lightly difficult, but somewhat was definitely difficult, Elder Brother Hai you looked, this law in the formation node was actually very many, you looked at these rooms are actually the node, but these passage bases solid were the each and every one energy lines, these points in together, this has become continually enlightened this formation.”

Then Cai'er has assigned out ordinary formation blueprint said : in formation that looking at our normally uses, because formation is the plane, therefore the node is less . Moreover the energy line is not complex, can say that this three-dimensional formation be more complex than on many times two dimensional formation, wants to come out three-dimensional formation research, is somewhat difficult.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to take your time, I believe that this three-dimensional formation, is very certainly big to our help.” Cai'er nodded, she also knows that this formation very heavy wants for them, happen to they can use these days research well one this three-dimensional formation. Zhao Hai will certainly not make them come research, he was also involved, although says him on formation research, compared with several people of some disparities, but by him understanding formation, if put Cultivation World there, can be called absolutely is an expert. Does not see some valley here normally simply people not to come, therefore Zhao Hai in here to is relaxed very much, why wants to do, originally he wants after a period of time, to the Black Tiger Group domain good good extension extension, but now actually by the three-dimensional formation matter delaying. However Zhao Hai did not regret that he now somewhat by this three-dimensional formation charming, this three-dimensional formation looks like a new and odd toy, making Zhao Hai hundred play not to tire. This research on the past two months, Zhang Hao has come to see Zhao Hai several times these days, Zhao Hai is also only simple Zhang Hao hitting, naturally, some materials and medicine pill has given him. Zhang Hao to had not felt that Zhao Hai has any difference, actually regarding cultivator, like Zhao Hai this situation is very lucky. What cultivator practices most important is various types of commodities, medicine pill that is essential, but Zhao Hai defends in here, here has innumerable medicine pill, if Zhang Hao has such ability, he does not want leave here. Zhao Hai these days to does not have not to see valley there various scraps changes the become a useful person material, because absolutely does not have that necessity, if he changes too many scraps the become a useful person material, will bring to the attention of Zhang Feng, therefore Zhao Hai does not worry, he caused some medicine pill and materials deals with Zhang Feng to be OK. Two months, had begun to materialize regarding three-dimensional formation research finally, this three-dimensional formation is not makes easily, even if by Space formidable plan ability, takes two months similar of research. This three-dimensional formation looks like you must a picture in the circular of ground, turns into a circular cylinder to be the same, that may not be an easy matter.

Has the Space formidable plan ability, in adding on Universal Analyzer, before they standing, all formation that they grasp turned into three-dimensional formation. Zhao Hai he is standing in Space now, but in their front, is stopping Yama Ship, several people of look at Yama Ship, no one has moved. Some little time Zhao Hai open the mouth and said: Starts.” Cai'er nodded, her hand wields, saw one group of white light to cover Yama Ship in middle. Zhao Hai they now done is, all formation in Yama Ship turns into three-dimensional formation, they want to take a look, what change that will bring about to Yama Ship. Before long white light vanishes, stopping of Yama Ship still calm in there, outside cannot see any change, Zhao Hai turns the head their said : to walk to Cai'er, has a look.” Said that several people of personal appearance moved Yama Ship, Yama Ship immediately started, the direct forward flight went. Yama Ship this moves, Zhao Hai immediately felt that Yama Ship differences, Yama Ship was quicker, was more flexible, what most important is, present Yama Ship, was unexpectedly low regarding the consumption of energy, if before Yama Ship must fly fully, certainly will consume cloudy Yang lightning pond about 50% energy, but now Yama Ship when flies fully, energy that he consumes, actually only then cloudy Yang lightning pond about 5%. Ten times changed! This regarding cultivator, the significance was too big, this three-dimensional formation, can let energy consumption small ten times, in other words, he can enlarge ten times your strength! What effect enlarges ten times of that the strength is? Feared that is person who builds up god time, the person who has soon been able to cope with a Law Idol initial period, jumped the ranks to challenge that. If two Expert with level, the person uses one move, the strength is bigger than the opposite party ten times, weren't you also steadily win? Did not say other, will be this point will only let all cultivator frantic. Zhao Hai also completely was then good to Yama Ship other experiments, Yama Ship , was not only quicker, moreover defense strength was also stronger, the impulse has also increased, what most important is, cannon on Yama Ship, became Might even bigger. After waiting Yama Ship tries, Zhao Hai their returned to in the villa, Cai'er immediately on the screen has broadcast release just their entire testing, side also appears a big bunch of data.

Cai'er is pointing at these quantities to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, Yama Ship , since having used three-dimensional formation, consumption of energy compared with original small about ten times, quick about two, the defense capability increased five layers, the attack ability increased six layers, increased three layers flexible exactly, this has not wielded the Yama Ship ability to the pinnacle situation, moreover these changes cannot have any influence to Yama Ship, Elder Brother Hai, we succeeded!” look at face excited Cai'er, Zhao Hai also very happy, he smiles said : „, we have succeeded, he he, good, fantastic.” Laura they are also cheering, this is the fruit of labor of their moon/month. The appearance of Meg look at people, said loudly: I prepare food, must make one delicious, consolation everyone/Great Clan well.” Said that runs toward the kitchen, actually this in the past two months Meg also continuously with research, moreover his formation level is not low, but must look after everyone/Great Clan, must say that most laborious fearing was she. Looked that Meg has prepared food, Laura their also immediately helps, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, shows a faint smile, he knows, Laura their these two months, happiest matter, actually with him in together, these two months, because wants the research three-dimensional formation reason, Zhao Hai besides on the duplicate bold time, has stayed in Space, this is Laura their most happy. Before long a big table dish has completed finally, Zhao Hai they sit in there eat greatly, although their present everyday stay in together, but still has the words that cannot speak probably . Moreover the feeling that this everyone/Great Clan eats meal in together is very good. After having eaten meal, several people went to the Hot Spring pond there putting spear|gun well, was soaking Hot Spring, while was eating fruits, was drinking the red wine, was very comfortable, Cai'er look at was lying down in there closes one's eyes, lets Zhao Hai that Megan gave him to massage, smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, what did you then have to plan?” Her asked that also captured the attention of all people. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, showed a faint smile said : then to close up.” «» &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;