Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1668

Chapter 593 closes up for a half year Closes up? Elder Brother Hai, why can you close up?” Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : present to have this three-dimensional formation, I naturally must also turn into that Strength of Faith formation of my within the body three-dimensional, moreover my within the body also had 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, I must use the following some time, turned into these formation three-dimensional, what effect had a look to be.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they understand, Laura nodded said : this to arrive should be, if Elder Brother Hai you turn into that Strength of Faith formation three-dimensional, believes that will have the advantage to you, that 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, that Great Formation is used to defend to be possible absolutely to be extremely powerful.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : my skill, if said in ten-thousand realms battlefield there fortunately that there almost nobody was my match, however was different in here, here Expert were too many, reason that in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, I that formidable, was because had Strength of Faith, was here is different, here each Great Sect Inner Disciples will match Strength of Faith, obviously Strength of Faith in their here was not any great thing, in other words, I biggest taking advantage feared that must vanish, but wanted to rush out the positive result in Cultivation World here, did not enhance own strength is incorrect., I do not want to give Zhang Feng to work as human-shape Universal Machine for a lifetime.” Laura they also nodded, no matter in Cultivation World here, is in cultivator there, spoke by the strength, your strength was not strong, even if were you are good, that Magical Artifact that medicine pill built up did should better is also others in hand tool, only then your strength sufficed, you can effectively control own destiny. Now Zhang Feng to Zhao Hai is very good, but actually in did not see valley here the Zhao Hai imprisonment, if later Zhang Feng even bigger of strength show, he certainly also Zhao Hai well looks like, because Zhao Hai for him was really too useful. Zhao Hai also already understand Zhang Feng the thoughts, therefore by the Zhang Feng manner institute about, he is not wanted to lose the freedom, when human-shape Universal Machine for a lifetime. Did Laura nod said : that you to in there close up? What needs to make to prepare?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to need to make anything to prepare, I closed up under hundred Spirit Tree have been OK, outside outside Cave Mansion, kept Undead Creature to defend, hit Zhang Hao.” Laura nodded said : well, these we will arrange, you closed up relieved are OK.” Zhao Hai nodded, slowly has closed the eye, is enjoying the massage of Meg, before long fell asleep unexpectedly. Under hundred Spirit Tree, sitting of Zhao Hai face calm in there, but his spiritual force actually centralized to that Strength of Faith formation of oneself within the body on. This Strength of Faith formation, that villain with Zhao Hai within the body, the perfect union in together, that villain in his within the body, was turned into the golden color by Strength of Faith probably now, but that formation is also rotating, inside that rich incomparable Strength of Faith, kept is increasing. Zhao Hai uses own spiritual force, searched into of Strength of Faith formation, then before designed the good three-dimensional Strength of Faith formation appearance, slowly was promoting that formation. Because Strength of Faith formation melted with Zhao Hai for a body, therefore this process is not very difficult, but Zhao Hai or very careful, after all this is own within the body, is not other where. Cautiously is promoting that formation, that Strength of Faith formation slowly changed the appearance, becomes more and more three-dimensional, when Zhao Hai ultimately completes on the node, this formation succeeded finally. In the formation successful that flash, sees the entire France , Tunisia in one becomes like solar same dazzling, Zhao Hai although is spiritual force in control this formation, but the instinct has one type of to close the feeling of eye.

Some little time golden light calm slowly, saw appears of Zhao Hai within the body that in unexpectedly with his same villain body thing like small Sun, that golden light, hundred times has continued compared with original two dimensional formation. Even if this, is has plenty Strength of Faith, permeated in his body, slowly nourished his body, Zhao Hai is looking at this situation, real don’t know should not know what to do, this three-dimensional formation can change, minimum time, actually compared with two dimensional formation at the worst many, but you can enlarge him slowly, making him stronger and stronger. But the Strength of Faith formation of Zhao Hai within the body, now not in the best condition, there is a very big improvement leeway, Zhao Hai not polite, immediately starts to begin to improve Strength of Faith slowly. The time unknowingly in the past, Zhao Hai has immersed in improving Strength of Faith formation, was concerned with the outside world matter. Zhang Hao in one time arrived did not see valley here, he was somewhat strange, because this several times he came time, Zhao Hai gave his feeling probably is somewhat absent-minded, this made him think that Zhao Hai had any matter, but asked Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai always said is all right, this made him puzzled. Zhang Hao has decided that if this Zhao Hai such performance, he goes back later immediately to tell Zhang Feng, after all Zhao Hai regarding Zhang Feng was really too important, he does not dare to have bold neglecting. Quick Zhang Hao arrived in front of Zhao Hai Cave Mansion, suddenly Zhang Hao felt has one does not suit, because on Zhao Hai several times although is somewhat absent-minded, but he comes time, Zhao Hai will come out to greet his, why these hasn't time come out? When Zhang Hao is not so, he is standing in presently Zhao Hai Cave Mansion in front of the door suddenly a person, this person of stature very tall and big, Zhang Hao carefully looked, before this is not, with that vertical Vajra original mountain that Zhao Hai fights? Wasn't he died? How can appears in here? Zhang Hao stopped the footsteps, the look at original mountain, was quick he present the incorrect place, on the original mountain Death Qi filled the air, this represented his simply is not living person, but was Zombie. Zhang Hao heard Zhao Hai, when cultivator there, use oversized batch of Undead Creature, it seems like that this original mountain was also turned into Undead Creature by him. Zhang Hao cannot help but more curious, immediately walked, he just walked, the original mountain bows said : to see Sir Zhang Hao to him, the life of small presenting Master waits for the Sir in here.” Opens bold look at original mountain that Qi ugly incomparable face, at heart is actually somewhat irritable, Undead Creature can so natural spoke to him, this arrived somewhat stems from his unexpected. However the original mountain stopped by calling out him certainly to have the reason, his look at original mountain said : Little Hai? How to have seen him? What matter has?” Original mountain deep voice said : returns to the words of Sir, Master is closing up now, therefore lets small defending in here, gives the Sir you this.” Opens bold look at original mountain in hand that Space Bag, nodded, receives, deep voice said : Little Hai how did suddenly close up?” Zhang Hao has not thought must enter Cave Mansion, his very clear, cultivator must close up cannot disturb, otherwise may be able beyond very much the business. Original mountain deep voice said : this small don’t know, what is small is only according to doing of Master instruction.”

Zhang Hao nodded, deep voice said : good, I did not disturb him, he only made you defend in here, if beyond business what to do? With doesn't need my transferred some people to come?” The original mountain shook the head said : this Master not to have explain/transfer, small don’t know.” Opened to be somewhat speechless, but he swung remote said : to consider as finished, this matter I processed.” Said that turn around walks toward Transmission Formation there, he knows that this matter must tell Zhang Feng to know, closes up is not the small matter. Zhang Hao saw Zhang Feng quickly, Zhang Feng now already not in Flame Mountain there, to another life and death stage there work, some Coordinate although also changes of Transmission Formation, actually the change is not very big. Opens to come out from Transmission Formation, immediately went to Zhang Feng there, work of Zhang Feng in the house, his nearest/recent may really be high-spirited, gives his thing using Zhao Hai, has won in secret over several Inner Disciples, many Outer Disciple, but he carries on very secret, now bystander and don’t know this matter. Zhang Feng very clear, he now most important maintains the low key, cannot these presently these commodities, if makes the person know that his in hand has plenty medicine pill and precious material, these people certainly will trace these thing origins, when the time comes did not do well Zhao Hai possibly to expose, this was not he wants to see. Zhang Hao arrived at outside the Zhang Feng room, deep voice said : First Senior Brother, Zhang Feng rescues to see.” Zhang Feng said : small came back boldly, comes.” Zhang Haoying, has pushed the door to walk. After entering the room, Zhang Hao gave Zhang Feng gave a salute, Zhang Feng beckoned with the hand said : so not to be impolite, Little Hai there how? Nothing?” Opens bold deep voice said : to report in Senior Brother Xiang that Little Hai suddenly has closed up, only makes Undead Creature defend in Cave Mansion in front of the door, but also has given me this.” Said that he has put out that Space Bag. Zhang Feng received Space Bag, opens looked that inside medicine pill and material were more than on several times, he received Space Bag, turned the head to opening bold said : Little Hai suddenly must close up? Had he told you before?” Zhang Hao shook the head said : that to arrive does not have, on several times I see Little Hai time, felt that he probably is some people not, I asked how he, he has said is all right, moreover I have also asked Luo Chang old, does not see valley there truly not to go excellently, should not have the matter, but after these time left, his suddenly has closed up, my also don’t know what's the matter.” Zhang Feng frowns said : I to find person to inquire, Little Hai in Lower Realm moment is a practice madman, closes up frequently, these is time also this?” Zhang Hao thinks that suddenly said : Senior Brother, you looked can be because Little Hai nearest/recent has eaten many medicine pill in there, therefore wants suddenly to close up?” One hear of Zhang Hao said that Zhang Feng has cannot help but gawked, then selected this to arrive to said : has the possibility, Little Hai this fellow was one practices crazily, this matter he was does, ok, along with him, you paid attention to the Little Hai there situation to be good, do not let any disturbed him, Sima Yin Long that fellow, to Little Hai probably was some interests, you paid attention to under one many.” Zhang Haoying, said goodbye leave. When Zhang Hao leave, Zhang Feng has then put out a signalling jade sword, gave his some trusted aide under the hand/subordinate to send the letter, making his these trusted aide under the hand/subordinate attention not see the valley there situation suddenly, gives Zhao Hai Protector. Zhao Hai does not know these matters, he now still in there in slowly is strengthening Strength of Faith formation in within the body, no matter he adds much better to be few, his Strength of Faith, can relaxed gives to fill up Strength of Faith formation, this makes Zhao Hai also somewhat helpless.

Any formation has the limit, Zhao Hai now Strength of Faith formation promoting limit, now Strength of Faith formation node quantity, were more than about hundred times the plane Strength of Faith Law Force node quantity, may hold the Strength of Faith quantity also to compare originally, but by Strength of Faith filling up, has been able to look from this point, Strength of Faith of Zhao Hai within the body has many. After he promotes Strength of Faith formation to the limit, Zhao Hai slowly has then opened the eye, let out a long breath, he felt that his present available Strength of Faith were more, moreover was more convenient, this is his most happy place. Felt Strength of Faith formation, without any issue, he then vision image rotation next target, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation. This Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, mainly changes in one, he is Qi double incomparable Great Formation, change that is keeping. Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation of Zhao Hai beforehand use, is the plane, although he can make this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation eternally changing, was generally speaking, has actually lacked god yun, after all the Universe stars possibly were not a plane, the Universe stars itself were one three-dimensional, was the keep changing. But now Zhao Hai must the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation anaglyphic method, this point difficult, his Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation primary form, in his mind in the top of the head of villain, the top of the head of that villain is spiritual Rubik's cube, in spiritual Rubik's cube above, is Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, Zhao Hai must this Great Formation, turns three-dimensional. Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation comes compared with Strength of Faith formation, must, because this Great Formation in the plane, the node are many, must turn into him three-dimensional, the node were more. This is a very vast project, is good changes Great Formation Zhao Hai use more because of the stars, therefore promotes also quickness, don’t know how long, Zhao Hai has been relented finally is mad, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, has made three-dimensional completely, moreover Zhao Hai has also carried on the maximization this three-dimensional Great Formation, but Zhao Hai and don’t know, he only processes this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, had nearly two months. Zhao Hai has not cared, after processing the stars changed Great Formation, his immediately spiritual force sends in 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, must say really that this 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, is not absolutely simpler than Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, some thing in 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, even compared with Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation complex. Zhao Hai keeps is promoting these nodes in 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, meanwhile must increase the node to 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, making 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation perfect, unknowingly, is two months of quietly passed, closing up of Zhao Hai also finally must finish, but his these time closes up the time needed, will have nearly a half year. &\; 1 t \; hr >\; ««» » provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;