Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1669

Chapter 594 Zhang Feng visits Zhang Feng frowns to sit in there, Zhao Hai closes up already for a half year, his here naturally has not obtained medicine pill and these commodities on a half year, this lets is not very smooth that his plan is conducted. However Zhang Feng not because of this, but blame Zhao Hai, closes up regarding cultivator after is very important, but he somewhat worried that Zhao Hai will have problems. Is good because of Zhao Hai Cave Mansion outside Undead Creature still, otherwise he feared that will be worried. However he is somewhat worries, when don’t know Zhao Hai will go out, if Zhao Hai closes up for several years, then was too big to his plan influence. Is thinking in Zhang Feng these times, out of the door has broadcast Zhang Hao the voice, saw bold said : Senior Brother, Little Hai receives a letter, he went out.” Zhang Feng gawked, one of the sigh has stood, did not wait to come, on half step walked, then deep voice said : followed me.” Said that Transmission Formation, flash of white light arrived did not see valley there. Their appears in does not see valley there, sees Zhao Hai to stand in there is waiting for them, sees them, on the Zhao Hai face has shown the smiling face, welcomed, Zhao Hai has seen two Senior Brother to their ritual said :.” Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : well, progresses is not small, it seems like these time closes up or has the effect, that is good, walks, went to say.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, making them enter in Cave Mansion. To Cave Mansion , after three people sat down, Zhang Feng then said : Little Hai, I am extremely worried you, these time closed up too suddenly, the next time may probably say one to me, I quite sent to you Protector.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to thank Senior Brother hastily, actually these time is also because suddenly has sensed, therefore closes up, invited Senior Brother feel relieved, next time I you will certainly say with Senior Brother.” Zhang Feng nodded, deep voice said : such is best, looks, this time you close up, the harvest is very good, this is very good, cultivator must to practice give priority to.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, then gains ground to Zhang Feng said : Senior Brother, can you find some Cultivation World here unique formation? I want to look, useful.” Zhang Feng has gawked, nodded said : this not to have the means that when in the gang has the special formation diagram collection, there formation may very uneven, on that day I made them deliver to you, what? can you refine Magical Artifact?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : that to arrive does not need, I like research formation.”

Zhang Feng nod said : good, I will send to you formation, but your youngster must pay attention, because of research these thing, but delayed own practice, knows?” Zhao Hai nodded. Zhang Feng deep voice said : you now Bi Guan is a half year, in two months, was in the gang Outer Disciple competition, you must prepare well, competition time, should not be too conspicuous, do not lose was too ugly, understand?” Zhao Hai also really knows this Outer Disciple competition matter, in fact in Black Tiger Group here, no matter Outer Disciple, is Inner Disciples, even if will be Core Disciple will have competition, generally will be annual, the Outer Disciple top ten name, can enter Inner Sect, Inner Disciples competition latter ten, twice opportunity, if three times latter ten, that will be reduced to Outer Disciple continuously, Outer Disciple also will be so, if will become latter ten in continual three times competition, will be reduced to handymen disciple, but handymen disciple top ten will rise is Outer Disciple, Inner Disciples top ten rises for Core Disciple, Core Disciple will not degrade. Because to the Core Disciple level, has made in the gang pay many effort, if falls from Core Disciple to Inner Sect disciple, cultivation level might regress very much, then on gain does not equal the loss. However Core Disciple competition although does not degrade, has a difference on allowance, final ten Core Disciple, are also similar to Inner Disciples on allowance, but top ten Core Disciple, actually has the right to construct mountain gate/entrance, has the right to use the tiger ship. Black Tiger Group here handymen disciple millions and millions, the Outer Disciple also several million people, in several million people the top ten name, it can be imagined this unexpectedly struggles how intensely, but the meaning of Zhang Feng is, making Zhao Hai not want to fight over the top ten name, but do not turn into final ten. Zhao Hai has not wanted to struggle the top ten name, to is not he does not want to struggle, is not he thinks that own strength is insufficient, because now is also not the time. If he just entered to the Cultivation World first year, became Inner Disciples, that will certainly cause the stir, when the time comes does not have a point advantage to him. Zhao Hai nodded said : to Zhang Feng is, invited Senior Brother feel relieved, how my understand must do.” Zhang Feng turns the head to opening bold said : small bold, this time you did not need to struggle, when the time comes I will promote Inner Sect to come you directly, feel relieved was good.” Zhang Hao stares, then great happiness, bows said : to thank Senior Brother to Zhang Feng.” Zhang Feng nodded, he must promote into Inner Disciples Zhang Hao, but also is really completely, because he opened mountain gate/entrance. In Black Tiger Group here, after Core Disciple open the entrance, can recruit 1000 handymen disciple, 300 Outer Disciple, 100 Inner Disciples, moreover they have the authority to make ten handymen disciple every year Outer Disciple, authorization makes three Outer Disciple Inner Disciples, even authorization makes Inner Disciples Core Disciple, but wish makes Inner Disciples turn into Core Disciple to need to inspect, but wants to turn into Inner Disciples Outer Disciple, actually does not need to inspect. In entire Black Tiger Group, besides some open the entrance elders, only then ten big Core Disciple and Zhang Feng have such authority, but such authority gave them to win over Inner Sect and Outer Disciple opportunity publicly.

Must say that Zhang Feng besides cannot use the tiger ship now, his all allowance are the same with Core Disciple, this is also ten big Core Disciple always aims at his reason, similarly is also Zhang Feng in view of ten big Core Disciple reasons. It looks like in Zhang Feng, oneself completely have the ability becomes in ten big Core Disciple, should have the authority to use the tiger ship, but he does not have the authority use tiger ship, this makes Zhang Feng envy and hate to ten big Core Disciple. But looks like in ten big Core Disciple, the Zhang Feng Inner Disciples first person, simply does not have authority open the entrance, but he actually opened mountain gate/entrance, isn't this to their provocation? Therefore because of this matter, the contradiction of both sides is also deeper and deeper. Zhang Feng turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, because there are you, therefore this did not see valley here is very for me important, therefore has to keep here you, but your feel relieved, later I certainly will have made you Inner Disciples or Core Disciple, my Zhang Feng was not one unloads the grinding to kill the donkey the person.” Zhao Hai bows said : is, Senior Brother feel relieved, my understand.” Zhang Feng looks at formation diagram that time said : you wanted, I pass for two days to make young send to you, here I cannot stay for a long time, oneself add carefully.” Zhao Hai complied with said : is, asking Senior Brother feel relieved, here not to have any problem.” Zhang Feng then nodded, stands. look at they sit formation leave, Zhao Hai then waves, Laura their did appears in the Zhao Hai side, Laura to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you want Cultivation World formation to do?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : naturally to use, Cultivation World here wanted high level compared with cultivator there, wants who came here to use, compared with Lower Realm, formation that if we who came to progress can their here use also turned into three-dimensional formation, that to us, was very useful.” Laura nodded, then puzzled said : that Elder Brother Hai did you call to do us?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : what? always to stay in Space, don't you feel bothersomely? I planned that goes out to play with you, is the Black Tiger Group domain so big, finds the place that is good to play not to be difficult?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they stare, then the great happiness, Cai'er said : Elder Brother Hai, I must go to the Seven-Colored Flower valley.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, we go to the Seven-Colored Flower valley.” This Seven-Colored Flower valley is Forbidden Land in Black Tiger Group domain, that is very big mountain valley, however in that mountain valley, was actually growing Seven-Colored Flower, this Seven-Colored Flower did not have the Cai'er main body to be so big, the flower that bloomed did not have the Cai'er main body to be so big, toxicity that but this planted flowers actually very fearful, generally Gold Core Stage cultivator, will be poisoned to death to there, such formidable toxicity, was really rare, therefore this Seven-Colored Flower valley there on slowly has become Forbidden Land.

Naturally this so-called banning is also being on the other hand, Seven-Colored Flower valley there once for a while will have some people to go, does not pass the there person, mostly is Gold Core Stage above cultivator, they go to there, to pick some Seven-Colored Flower goes back to compound poison. That Seven-Colored Flower valley there was already received in Space by Cai'er, Cai'er is in itself Seven-Colored Flower, saw that mountain valley is serious that likes, therefore heard that Zhao Hai must exit to play, first said that must go to there, Laura they naturally will not oppose. Zhao Hai waved, several people vanished in same place, next quarter they already appears in piece of mountain valley , this piece of mountain valley very enormous, in mountain valley four sides, was reaches as high as several kilometers great huge mountain peak, because this mountain peak has blocked Cold Qi/cold air, therefore in this mountain valley warmed throughout the year such as warmly. The climate is warm, but also the flower has filled the fresh flower, simply was too attractive, anybody arrived at here not to walk, but you, if were only the Gold Core Stage following strength, you have wanted to walk to here cannot get away. Several people just fell to mountain valley, in Space the immediately/on horseback lord has transmitted the prompt sound, in this mountain valley has been proliferating the toxic gas, their poisoned, but immediately appears in Space antidote, a several people of person has drunk one cup well, did not have the matter. The Seven-Colored Flower scenery, they always give to see in Space that do not forget the Cai'er main body also the plate in the villa, but, sees the here scenery, cheering that Laura they cannot bear, fell in mountain valley, was soaring on Seven-Colored Flower, like an only beautiful butterfly. Seven-Colored Flower although in this mountain valley is poisonous, but is very fragrant, that fragrance not very thick, but also very nice-smelling, naturally, if you cannot Detoxification, that this fragrance be possible to curse. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, stand in the one side, smile look at, this mountain valley becomes in this moment the incomparable beauty, such as poem, such as picture! !.( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;