Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1671
Chapter 596 Nascent Soul Expert Sees Hán Bùlí is an accident, Zhao Hai has not cared, moreover he had not disclosed that too many thing, this matter was makes Zhang Feng know, feared that will be will not say anything, after all he only said one offended Zhang Feng, but had not said that he has hired oneself Zhang Feng. However the performance of this Hán Bùlí, to is makes Zhao Hai feel very happy, the performance looks like, Hán Bùlí is one does not have what plans person probably, but is Zhao Hai don’t know this Hán Bùlí installs, if Hán Bùlí wants to become his good friend, but also needs to observe some time. Two sit cross-legged to sit in the sky of snowy mountain, one after another drinks to chat, content that they chatted, something about in the gang, but not at sensitive matter, but chatted. Zhao Hai had not asked that Hán Bùlí made anything, why such a appearance, because of his very clear, Hán Bùlí belongs to Dark Hall, Dark Hall person each and every one was mysterious, their duty were very important, cannot optional inquiry. However is this, they also more chatted are more congenial, felt opposite party completely right own appetite. Must know that in Cultivation World here, wants to turn in a friend, is not that easy, can like such congenial person who them chatted, were not many. In fiery time that they chatted, suddenly felt that distant place extremely powerful imposing manner direct here compelled, their complexion cannot help but changed, from this imposing manner, the opposite party certainly was Expert, moreover minimum was Nascent Soul Stage Expert, came the direction that to come up the inference from this person, this person should be Expert of roaring flame sect. Moreover this person should very good at hide own whereabouts, to leaving they such near time, release imposing manner comes, but reason that this person such does , because, the present range has sufficed, he believes that in this distance, Zhao Hai and Hán Bùlí cannot be inescapable, therefore meets release imposing manner. Hán Bùlí complexion changes, a personal appearance revolution, whole person immediately changed, the body turned into a black cultivator clothing/taking, red also turned black, on the handsome face also became ordinary, no matter what now who sees him, does not believe that he was the person of roaring flame sect. Zhao Hai face surprised look at Hán Bùlí, he knows that just Hán Bùlí had used Spell, but Zhao Hai don’t know this is any Spell, can turn into another appearance unexpectedly instantaneously, moreover cannot look. Hán Bùlí also noted the Zhao Hai vision, showed a faint smile said : this is my original appearance, just that was one type of Spell, it seems like that the opposite party came to me, a while I blocked him, your leave, I had the means whole body to draw back as soon as possible.” The Zhao Hai look at Hán Bùlí appearance, shows a faint smile said : you and I to collaborate, not necessarily cannot with a it war, have a look at his purpose in coming first, hit was saying other.” Hán Bùlí to stares, he has not thought that Zhao Hai really such has the self-confidence, but said at this time anything late, that Nascent Soul Stage Expert to soon arrived around them. Suddenly, that Nascent Soul Stage Expert arrived at their front hundred meters places to stand firm, that Nascent Soul Stage Expert is actually red, the body wears the red cultivator robe, looks is cultivator of roaring flame sect, but his two blood red eyes, understood at a glance that now was mad heavily. This Nascent Soul Stage Expert, wicked stared at their said : „saying that your has killed my grandson, said that I gave you happily one, if did not say that I exactly have hacked you.” Zhao Hai look at this Nascent Soul Stage Expert, shows a faint smile said : senior, did you misunderstand? here is our Black Tiger Group domain, both of us drink to look at the snowscape to here today, that has the time to kill your grandson.”

Hán Bùlí actually bows said : to see fire cloud senior to that person, we come to see the snowscape today, has not met to make the grandson.” Was called fire cloud Nascent Soul Stage Expert to sneer said : I to think you by Hán Bùlí is don’t know, to prevent your Black Tiger in the person runs up to our roaring flame sect to go, our roaring flame sect there, already proliferated near the raging fire valley has forewarned formation, moreover on the there cloth tracing powder, person, if went to the person of raging fire valley, his body will moisten the tracing powder, no matter like this you enter the roaring flame sect, runs from roaring flame sect there, completely we, the old man pursues following the tracing powder, you also dare to deceive me, is really acts recklessly.” Zhao Hai and Hán Bùlí one hear of he said that stares, then their complexion simultaneously change, it seems like today's matter impossible friendly. Zhao Hai look at fire cloud, sneers said : to overtake and give what kind , do you such definitely give to kill us?” fire cloud laughs said : „is really the junior of acting recklessly, the old man makes you know today that annoyed the Nascent Soul Stage Expert fate.” Said that fire cloud moves, huge, the palm of fiery-red grasps toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks at the fire cloud appearance, sneers slightly, his coldly snorted, pulling has also grasped the palm, a fist strike goes, Hán Bùlí has not been idling, his hand moves, two short sword appears in his side, these two short sword are all over the body jet black, all rays according to short sword, directly had been absorbed by short sword probably, not any reflection appears . fire cloud wields to see weapon that Hán Bùlí reveals, a complexion cannot help but face, two eyes killing intent broad and magnificent, roars said : children/my son, is really you kills my grandson, I want you dead!” Said that his hand moves completely, in hand were many a flag, this flag is the red, the flag against the wind unfolds all over the body, looks like looks like a giant flare is the same. At this moment, that red big hand that the fist and fire cloud of release Zhao Hai comes has hit in together, hears with a bang sound, energy to overflow. But at this time fire cloud also shook the in hand flag, immediately piece of Inferno appears in the Hán Bùlí side, but Hán Bùlí is actually digs is making own double sword, protected oneself in middle. fire cloud although when coping with Hán Bùlí, has not actually been putting Zhao Hai, no matter, in Zhao Hai fist force broke the fire cloud red hall, fire cloud looks in the Zhao Hai look, cannot help but has flashed through a surprise. Must know that fire cloud is Nascent Soul Stage Expert of name brand, has 1st existence in Nascent Soul Stage, he conveniently exits strikes, the strength of his equivalent to general Gold Core Stage Expert striking. But Zhao Hai is only the feeling words, his strength just achieved to build up the god time, misses too with him, normally links existence that his move cannot receive, has not actually thought that a Zhao Hai fist broke his fire cloud Divine Palm unexpectedly. When fire cloud notes Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai here also moved, his hand wields, ten thousand flying sword depart from in his hand, one fire cloud encircling, this Zhao Hai uses three-dimensional Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation. fire cloud looked that Zhao Hai copes with him with Sword Formation unexpectedly, cannot help but contemptuous smiles, in his opinion, Sword Formation, Sword Formation that only if to this level person, came like Zhao Hai this level person release, his simply does not care. However he presently has made quickly a mistake, these Sword Formation just he covered, he presently probably were falls into piece of Universe, all around was all kinds of planet, the star, the satellite, meteorite, all kinds of planet, among these planet will produce the one type of very formidable magnetic field mutually unexpectedly, was repelling him.

fire cloud is somewhat surprised, because he felt that this Sword Formation can threaten him unexpectedly, this is his ten thousand never expected, fire cloud swings the in hand flag, immediately all over the sky Inferno, curls toward these planet, simultaneously the fire cloud intention moves, incomparably huge Flame Demon, appears outside his body, among fire cloud big release own Law Idol. Law Idol, that is Law Idol that Nascent Soul Stage Expert release comes, this Law Idol incomparably powerful, about hundred meters high, the ten points congealing reality, this only Flame Demon whole body burns the golden flame, in hand is taking a trident, just appears was face upwards roaring, then big mouth, a golden firing line spouted from his mouth, directly on assault toward four Spark. The fire cloud book thought these breaking Zhao Hai Sword Formation, but he has not actually thought that on all around these planet, however has emitted protective shield of one layer level spatially, blocked the flame that Flame Demon has spurted unexpectedly. fire cloud two eyes cannot help but concentrates, he has not thought that Zhao Hai strength formidable to this situation, his Law Idol could not break Zhao Hai Sword Formation unexpectedly unexpectedly. In fact he had underestimated seriously Zhao Hai Sword Formation, Zhao Hai Sword Formation was not Sword Formation that average person release came, this Sword Formation was in itself three-dimensional formation did not say, in each flying sword, but also Space, in this Space the cloudy Yang lightning pond, this cloudy Yang lightning pond was responsible for giving flying sword to provide energy, moreover Zhao Hai blessing/additional support on flying sword Strength of Faith, Sword Formation like this, how was also possible by the person easily broken. Not only the fire cloud accident is incomparable, Hán Bùlí is also accident, because of fire cloud now with Zhao Hai full fighting, is naturally impossible to care about him, therefore attack his Inferno also vanish from sight, he naturally also saw Zhao Hai and fire cloud Fighting Technique, he has not thought really that Zhao Hai with Sword Formation, can surround Immortal Stage Expert unexpectedly. At this moment Zhao Hai actually turns the head to Hán Bùlí said loudly: You are about to walk, I could not be stranded his how long, a while I have the [say / way] of withdrawing.” Hán Bùlí one hear of Zhao Hai said that also knows now is not the smalltalk time, his immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, must add carefully.” Said that turn around, flew away fully, his very fast, among in the blink of an eye disappears his form. Zhao Hai turns the head look at to be stranded fire cloud in Sword Formation, he has not lain to Hán Bùlí, he knows that his Sword Formation was impossible to cope with fire cloud, when fire cloud has not responded, he might also surround fire cloud for a while, waited for fire cloud to respond, feared that was immediately can break the formation, but left. However now Hán Bùlí walked, he does not have what good worry one has been able to wait for fire cloud breaking Sword Formation, he feared that also already ran. However for safety's sake, Zhao Hai or the hand wielded, erased here all traces, naturally also included Hán Bùlí that tracing powder the trace. But he was the flashes body enters in Space, sat in Space command(er) these flying sword. fire cloud was angry, the consequence is very serious! He does not have to think own solemn Nascent Soul Stage Expert, will be given to surround by Divided Spirit Stage youngster Sword Formation unexpectedly, if this said that was really too disgraced. fire cloud has roared, that only Flame Demon outside his body is also face upwards the long and loud cry, then the in hand trident proceeded wielding, a giant firing line proceeds to sweep off, the firing line place visited, planet disrupts, what makes fire cloud not think, these planet have disrupted, Great Formation in is still revolving unexpectedly. fire cloud somewhat stares, his do not understand, why that many planet have disrupted, is Great Formation revolving unexpectedly still? Was this too strange? This naturally was the three-dimensional formation effect, three-dimensional formation had this point to be good, even if were you on 50% nodes formation destroyed, formation can still transfer, just fire cloud Flame Demon Law Idol this halberd got down, minimum one third flying sword sweeping to original path, this equal to these nodes destroying, but formation was still revolving.

In fire cloud dumbfounded Cultivation Method, these Magic Sword returned to home position, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation, restored again, probably had not been destroyed is the same. Just fire cloud struck, but Magic Sword sweeping to original track, is not what kind of Magic Sword, these Magic Sword may be Liquid Silver turns, wanted to destroy this Magic Sword, depended on his fire cloud not to be unqualified. fire cloud looked that this Great Formation restored unexpectedly, the dignified facial expression on face were more a point, his hand pinches Magic Secret Art, deep voice said : „the fire of abyss, moves along with the demon, moves!” His voice just fell, Flame Demon is face upwards the long and loud cry, then the Flame Demon in hand trident void stroke, huge Space rift on appears in the Flame Demon side, then that said Space rift, probably is the volcano that spurts fully is the same, is spurting the scarlet red flame outward, this flame meets these planet, these planet immediately must be split up by the fire, but Zhao Hai also present, by a that flame fever, his Liquid Silver flying sword, was taken away his track unexpectedly directly, although flying sword has not destroyed, but wish by flying sword on adding to his originally track, was impossible., Because is centered on that to say Space rift, the flame has filled entire formation slowly, more and more flying sword by that flame pushing to their original paths. Zhao Hai knows that his Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation was broken, although Sword Formation was broken, but Zhao Hai very much happy, can use Sword Formation, surrounds Nascent Soul Stage Expert such long time, this lets Zhao Hai to three-dimensional formation that he learns newly, had the confidence. Zhao Hai looked that Sword Formation was broken, but Hán Bùlí ran away now a safe place, he did not have the mood in accompanying fire cloud plays, his hand wielded, therefore flying sword received returned to in Space. The fire of fire cloud present abyss can cope with this Sword Formation, in happy time, suddenly Sword Formation one on vanish from sight, the entire world one was presently quiet, does not have Sword Formation, does not have flying sword, does not have the enemy, anything did not have, only then he silly standing in there. fire cloud immediately understand, his was given to play, Zhao Hai they feared that already ran, this presently has almost not been mad fire cloud spits blood, he face upwards the long and loud cry, happy said : petty people, sooner or later I wants tear you to shreds!” The personal appearance moves, flies in the direction of roaring flame sect, he knows that Zhao Hai they ran away, quick Black Tiger Group Expert will arrive, he, feared that could not get away. &\; 1 t \; hr >\; ««» » provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;