Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1672

Chapter 597 Black Tiger Dark Division Zhao Hai sits in Space, look at soon been wild with rage fire cloud, shows a faint smile, if he leaves now fully with fire cloud to spelling, that who will be the winner also You Shike knows, but he does not want to expose his strength prematurely, therefore does not think to begin now. Through this war, Zhao Hai also clearly knew own strength, truly, if the simple ratio is the same, that truly is not these Nascent Soul Stage Old Monster matches, but if he shows the complete card in a hand, these Nascent Soul Stage Old Monster are wants to kill him, feared that is impossible. Nascent Soul Stage, in Cultivation World here, was considered as on is Expert of side, Zhao Hai then relaxed, no matter what, he in Cultivation World here, had the strength of self-preservation. A Zhao Hai revolution, puts out a signalling jade sword, in the jade sword has recorded some contents, this jade sword has sent out Space. Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do you want to become friends with this Hán Bùlí really? He is the Dark Division person, the Dark Division there person has to be responsible for monitoring the responsibility of Black Tiger Group audiences, you did not fear that he does report your matter higher authority likely?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to report has been able to be what kind, what he can know, but was knows that I offended Zhang Feng, was matched not to see valley there, I can help me work using Undead Creature, making me relaxed, in all directions played, couldn't this he manage?” Laura nodded said : this to arrive is also, was right, has that move that Elder Brother Hai, just that fire cloud finally used, cut probably void? Can that move overrun to Space?” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, to be honest, fire cloud that move cuts finally void also is really very scary, he biggest taking advantage is Space, if the Cultivation World here person can delimit among Space Breaker, then regarding him, feared that is most dangerous. Some little time Zhao Hai calm said : „the present also can only be walks one step to calculate that one step, the Cultivation World here situation extremely in complex, this Nascent Soul Stage Expert, has been able to cut void, wants to come that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert strength formidable, if they can hit among Space Breaker really the barrier, existence of that Space is unsafe, it seems like after us handles affairs, must careful be better.” Cai'er deep voice said : I to thought that is unlikely, Space and Cultivation World here subspace completely different, Space is belongs to Elder Brother Hai your Space, moreover he has his ** Law, can say that he does not attach in subspace that Cultivation World has, but is one same exists with Cultivation World ** big Space, these cultivator should be impossible attack to him.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : was careful that a point for good, after all Space is we biggest secret, cannot expose absolutely, we cannot take risk.” Cai'er also nodded, he also knows that Space cannot expose absolutely, one, but exposes, they biggest card in a hand did not have, therefore he did not oppose words that Zhao Hai spoke.

Did Zhao Hai look at Cai'er said : „to put the body of Hán Bùlí to put the Liquid Silver needle?” Cai'er nodded said : to put, Elder Brother Hai feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to pay attention to a point, to some special points places, the Liquid Silver needle removing, Cultivation World here Expert is numerous, moreover Dark Division that place, has responded with pries various information give priority to, they have certainly various methods, preventing others to pry their secret, I feared that they presently Liquid Silver needle, that may not be easy to do, therefore we rather now cannot pry any secret, cannot doubtable to us.” Cai'er nodded said : my understand, looked like the person said that Ning Diu do not awake, was this truth?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : right, is this [say / way] presently, Ning Diu do not awake, before don’t know Cultivation World here cultivator whether to attack Space Breaker, all our by careful give priority to.” Cai'er nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, really this competition must say according to Zhang Feng does? Does not enter top ten , after does not depend, only occupies a medium grade position? Now Hán Bùlí knew our strength, he can suspect us?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : I not to think, he only thinks that we fear Zhang Feng, will therefore not leave fully, perhaps they instead attend the meeting to believe us.” When Zhao Hai and Cai'er they chatted, Hán Bùlí received the Zhao Hai jade sword, but Hán Bùlí now in Black Tiger Group secret Stronghold, because here to the roaring flame sect was not very far, therefore the reactionary gang has set up Stronghold in here, for was prevents Black Tiger Group suddenly to have any Expert to kill, but they knew nothing. But this Stronghold, the general Black Tiger Group audiences are impossible to know that knows this information person, is the Dark Division some people or status quite special people, but the Hán Bùlí exactly two types both have actually occupied, therefore he naturally knows this Stronghold. He leave after battlefield, immediately with quickest rushed to Stronghold here, but he still remembers with the agreement of Zhao Hai, therefore he in Expert with Stronghold had not said that Zhao Hai is blocking fire cloud in the front, but in the person with Stronghold said that he notes, has Nascent Soul Stage Expert of roaring flame sect, went into the Black Tiger Group domain, in front not far away. If others says this to come, the person in Stronghold possibly will not have cared, but Hán Bùlí said this to come, the person in Stronghold actually has no alternative but to care, relationship was the Hán Bùlí status. Hán Bùlí leaves body Black Tiger Group Han Clan, if mentioned Han Clan to come, Black Tiger Group outside person also really few personally knows, even if were in Black Tiger Group , the unusual person knows that what fellow this was.

Han Clan, almost with Black Tiger Group same age Great Clan, but this Clan has characteristics, that is, their Clan for generations was the Dark Division person, was because of this, therefore Han Clan kept secret outward. However in Black Tiger Group, knows Han Clan and is not infrequent, but all knows that the Han Clan person, will produce fear to Han Clan, because influence of Han Clan in Black Tiger Group was really too big. Because Han Clan in Black Tiger Group Dark Division, their influences has entangled the root complications in Dark Division, can say that Black Tiger Group Dark Division quickly became the Han Clan private thing, but Han Clan was maintaining with Black Tiger Group Gang Master of case very good relationship, in adding on case advantage the process of position of competition Gang Master, they can always stand to the team, therefore Han Clan not only had not been suppressed by Black Tiger Group, even compared with before formidable. But Hán Bùlí is Han Clan quite special existence, he is Han Clan Third Young Master, but practice innate skill since childhood is not very good, although said that medicine pill has eaten innumerably, but now is also the Gold Core Stage strength, normally like the person, does not have the means to survive in competition brutal Great Clan, but Hán Bùlí is actually live is very good, but entire in Han Clan, almost all people will give him several points of face. To did not say that the Han Clan people are any kindhearted generation, in fact Great Clan like Han Clan, the intensity of competition, the imagination of far people, but reason that Hán Bùlí can by the Gold Core Stage strength, gain a footing in Han Clan such Great Clan, is mainly because he has the one type of very special ability, this ability is called, changes external appearances only. The ability of this changing external appearances only, is the product that one type of Divergent Technique and Spell unify, he can make Hán Bùlí turn into the appearance of another person instantaneously, moreover on temperament, in the personal appearance, cannot see a point flaw, what most important is, no matter high Expert, could not look that Hán Bùlí a little has used the mark technique of Spell, therefore his skill of this changing external appearances only, absolutely is very formidable, especially is in Dark Division Great Clan regarding one. Dark Division investigates various situations, carries out the assassination the place, has such one type of to change to fight to trade the surface ability, that also has any information not to do, who can unable to assassinate, this is Hán Bùlí can in the reason that Han Clan receives to attach great importance. Also because of this, therefore Black Tiger Group some High level characters, knows Hán Bùlí, regarding Hán Bùlí, in these Stronghold has Nascent Soul Stage Old Monster, he naturally also knows Hán Bùlí, one hear of Hán Bùlí said that his immediately anxious, comes out from Stronghold along with Hán Bùlí, hurries to toward the place that fire cloud and Zhao Hai fight. But Hán Bùlí, when just leave Stronghold, received the Zhao Hai report safe signalling jade sword, but Hán Bùlí although exclaims in surprise the Zhao Hai strength, but he has not said that the place that but still fights toward Zhao Hai and fire cloud with that Nascent Soul Stage Expert hurries. Quick they went to the place that Zhao Hai and fire cloud fought, naturally, here the place is deserted, except for has been able to feel that now beyond disorderly Spiritual Qi fluctuation, you could not be seeing other thing. That Nascent Soul Stage Expert has closed eye, felt the Spiritual Qi fluctuation of after phenomenon, wrinkled under brow said : gently „is really the person of roaring flame sect, moreover came possibly was fire cloud that old ghost, but fought with him can be in the gang who? The Spiritual Qi fluctuation of this person very strange, I have not met probably.” Hán Bùlí will certainly not say is Zhao Hai, he shook the head, has not made noise, that Nascent Soul Stage did Expert, knit the brows said : fire cloud that fellow to be able suddenly to run up to us? Has what plot?”

Hán Bùlí looked at that Nascent Soul Stage Expert said : this matter possibly because of me, my this time is the opposite carries out duty, but is a pity has not succeeded, just moved the opposite to be given present, after having killed a person, ran.” That Nascent Soul Stage Expert nodded said : looks like roaring flame sect there has guarded, nearest/recent had several batch of Dark Division person to go to roaring flame sect there, not.” Hán Bùlí nodded said : this matter I to have some features, is preparing in the department to report likely, Martial Uncle, I did not remain in here, wants immediately/on horseback to go back.” That Nascent Soul Stage Expert nodded said : to go, your matter is more important.” Hán Bùlí nodded, the turn around round trip flies, before long passed Transmission Formation returned to in Stronghold Black Tiger Group Dark Division. Black Tiger Group Dark Division is existence of very mysterious, many Black Tiger Group people, only know that has existence of Dark Division, however the Dark Division headquarters in there, are actually few people know that but this is also Black Tiger Group Dark Division most makes people feel the curious place, but actually few people know that Black Tiger Group Dark Division, what with is greatly faintly Yu Shi the method! !.( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;