Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1673
Chapter 598 Dark Division General Hall Hán Bùlí appears courtyard looks like very ordinary, in courtyard has several buildings, the highest construction, is three layers small building, this small building seems like not big, inside also some very cultivator of appearance ordinary pass and out in there, cannot see a point special place. In small building above, but also is hanging a piece token, above writes three large characters to prospect hall, in the below of these three characters is one line of small characters, rare metal branch Hall. Prospects hall is only Black Tiger Group very ordinary hall entrance, moreover does not advocate the Battle Hall mouth, here is mainly cloth some duty of prospecting, records the Black Tiger Group mineral lode, the scout new mineral lode place. Can say hall entrance that prospects hall is in Black Tiger Group not paid attention, does not have any perquisite, even if other person, hears this is prospects hall, will lose the interest to here. But what nobody knows, this prospecting hall rare metal branch Hall true status, here is the Black Tiger Group Dark Division headquarters site. Rare metal branch Hall of this prospecting hall, normally will also do with other prospecting branch Hall same matters, they will also put duty, will receive some rare metallic ore information, the semblance looks like with some ordinary hall entrance not any differences. Because of this, therefore looks like the Dark Division person, when enters here, will not be suspected, others will be will only lead duty for these people or hand over duty, Hán Bùlí had already been used to this situation, therefore he like other people, will walk toward small building. Before long he entered in small building small building one layer is a very big hall, in the hall had several windows, this window looked like on Earth that window of bank is the same, but did not have the glass, was only several Dataizi, some cultivator led duty in there. Hán Bùlí has not actually stayed in the hall, but was direction by hall staircase there, walked toward the building in following the staircase, saw Hán Bùlí to go upstairs, these people have shown the facial expression of envying. This small building first floor is the duty place, but second floor actually hands over the duty place, looks like in these people, Hán Bùlí comes certainly here to hand over duty. small building second floor has two room and a hall, in two rooms writes the duty connection room, the gates of two rooms are closing, is placed two rows of chairs outside of room, the people can sit in there , etc., if you want to enter the room to hand over duty, wants. But hall there is different, there like such of first floor design, there is also putting counter, has staff member to sit in counter, you can go to there to hand over duty, there duty is some ordinary duty, for example in there present anything ore and so on, so long as you hand over your sample stone, simultaneously oneself under the there present registration also for on can. But that two rooms are different, duty that two rooms hand over is some quite high level duty, goes in hands over duty time, you must talk clearly the person in there present, how present, how the there terrain, has any partner native ore besides your present ore, in any case is major collection of problems, therefore enters to that two in the room hands over the duty person to be few, hands over the duty person to be many in the hall.

After Hán Bùlí to second floor, looked at that two rooms, some in front of the door people in that two room are blocking, moreover in the room is hanging a small sign is the red, that represents is having the person, he does not have to wander about aimlessly, but sat when the chair, has closed the eye, was recalling and Zhao Hai meets one after another. Hán Bùlí can affirm that he and Zhao Hai meets is not Zhao Hai arranges intentionally, but is a true coincidence, but he is some not feel relieved, he prepares in Clan to look up examines the Zhao Hai details, what having a look at him to say was real. To be honest, Hán Bùlí also really very much favors Zhao Hai, he with Zhao Hai hitting it off well with one another, their although recognizes the time of supposing not to be long, however each other feeling is really good, he also wants to make Zhao Hai this friend. However is a Hán Bùlí such status, he is impossible optional becoming friends, because of this relationship to his entire Clan, therefore he has to be careful. In this time, a gate sound of room, is walking cultivator from inside, this cultivator only then the strength of Law Idol time, appearance very ordinary, after he comes out, walks toward downstairs. Hán Bùlí has then stood, walks toward that room, that cultivator of room entrance has not blocked Hán Bùlí, obviously he recognized Hán Bùlí, he not only has not been blocking Hán Bùlí, but also flushed Hán Bùlí to nod. After Hán Bùlí also flushed he nodded, entered the room, how that in the room looked like with outside hall does not have what difference, counter, counter inside sits the person, in counter side, but also had a room, that room was quite small, why cannot look to use. Hán Bùlí nodded to counter inside staff member, turn around entered nearby that small in the room, that small in the room anything thing does not have, only then small Transmission Formation, on Hán Bùlí Transmission Formation, flash of white light, he disappeared in in the room. Waits for Hán Bùlí, when one time sees all around situation, he arrived in a hall, but this hall in underground, in the although top of the head has the formation illumination, moreover here also very dry, but looked that has not undergone many beautification the stone columns to know, here certainly in underground. Hán Bùlí just walked from formation, immediately had cultivator to arrive at side him, that cultivator look at Hán Bùlí, a few words did not say. Hán Bùlí actually knows the custom, his immediately has put out own Jade Identity Card, but the Jade Identity Card is actually not the white, but is the purple, understood at a glance that is different from other Jade Token . That person looked at Hán Bùlí in hand Jade Token one, nodded, turn around walked, from beginning to end has not spoken a few words to Hán Bùlí. However Hán Bùlí probably has actually been used to that person of sitting faction, he received Jade Token , walked toward the hall , the person in hall were many, everyone was busy in there, once for a while will have two people to speak in there, but the sound was not very big.

However these people see Hán Bùlí, has smiled, slightly left with a smile to Hán Bùlí said :, what kind of that this time matter managed? Succeeded?” Hán Bùlí looked at that person of one, smiles said : Third Brother, oh, not to mention, his mother, these time failed, I had the matter to tell the Third Uncle that did not accompany you.” That person nodded, has patted the shoulder of Hán Bùlí, has comforted his, this turn around walked. Hán Bùlí proceeds to walk, quick arrived at Cave Mansion in front of the door, this Cave Mansion the entrance like general cultivator Cave Mansion is not big, this Cave Mansion entrance is very big, looks like looks like a hall, Hán Bùlí entered that Cave Mansion, in Cave Mansion only then middle-aged cultivator, he is sitting in there turns look at a piece jade slip. That middle-aged cultivator looked at Hán Bùlí to come, on the face cannot help but revealed smiling face said : slightly to leave, what? duty completed how?” This middle-aged cultivator Hán Bùlí Third Uncle, he is Nascent Soul Stage big Expert, moreover Black Tiger Group Dark Division main manager, he since childhood hurting Hán Bùlí, is best with Hán Bùlí relationship. Hán Bùlí embarrassed said : is unfair to Third Uncle, these time had the motion to be defeated.” Did the Hán Bùlí Third Uncle wrinkle under brow said : to be defeated lightly? That also it doesn't matter, so long as you came back to be OK safely.” Hán Bùlí immediately/on horseback said : Third Uncle, I just went to roaring flame sect there, by the person of roaring flame sect present, I killed a talented person to run, but has not thought that that person who I massacred, unexpectedly was roaring flame sect the grandson of fire cloud, that fellow pursued cloth Dingshan there, has almost killed me.” As soon as the Hán Bùlí Third Uncle listened to Hán Bùlí saying that knit the brows said : just a past present, by skill that you changed external appearances only, can unexpectedly such quickly presently? This some do not suit.” Hán Bùlí immediately/on horseback said : Third Uncle, I heard from fire cloud there, he said the roaring flame sect to cope with us, in raging fire valley opposite there, on cloth massive early warning formation, moreover sprinkling has gotten down the massive tracing powders, so long as were our people one in the past, immediately by presently, me is such presently.” As soon as the Hán Bùlí Third Uncle listened to him saying that cannot help but has gawked next step: fire cloud? Unexpectedly is fire cloud that old bastard, how will he say these with you?” Hán Bùlí meeting Zhao Hai, said with the matter that Zhao Hai together opposed the enemy simply, said him said : Third Uncle, if the roaring flame sect has sprinkled that many tracing powders, that matter some were not quite easy to do, even if were our release signalling jade sword, may be able by them presently.” The Hán Bùlí Third Uncle nodded said : „, it seems like finds the way to break their defensive measures, was right, that Zhao Hai that you said that is he reliable?”

Hán Bùlí deep voice said : his don’t know my status, but asked the Third Uncle to send for looking up his details, if he really reliable, I to become friends with him turn.” The Hán Bùlí Third Uncle nodded said : this to arrive yes, according to you said that Zhao Hai to is a talented person, if can win over in Clan him, very much has the advantage to us, was good, you go, this matter I will process.” Hán Bùlí complied with one, turn around walked. look at Hán Bùlí walked, the Third Uncle has then put out a signalling jade sword, inputs some contents in, the jade sword passing on, then sat, muttered said : Zhao Hai, a little meaning.” In fact what Hán Bùlí don’t know is, the Hán Bùlí Third Uncle regarding the understanding of Zhao Hai is very deep, because No. 23 Tower of Babel Luo Ying is the Dark Division person, the Zhao Hai situation, the Third Uncle is knows that moreover clarity that knows compared with most Black Tiger Group people, even if Zhang Feng not necessarily understands Zhao Hai compared with him. Zhao Hai has handled any matter in Lower Realm, the Third Uncle know a general idea, his very clear Zhao Hai strength is uncommon, moreover there is Strength of Faith, but Zhao Hai probably is not the method of Law Idol, absorbs Black Tiger Group Zhao Hai, half reason was Zhao Hai has met the condition, the other half reason was the Third Uncle hints, but he has not thought that Zhao Hai actually such will quickly know Hán Bùlí, but also has become with Hán Bùlí the friend, this arrived is very interesting. Reason that Third Uncle release that jade sword , after let the person looked up Zhao Hai to Black Tiger Group, do anything, regarding the Zhao Hai status, he did not suspect. &\; 1 t \; hr >\; ««» » provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;