Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1674
Hán Bùlí their here sound, Zhao Hai is actually don’t know, his although has installed the Liquid Silver needle on the body of Hán Bùlí, since Hán Bùlí enters to small building time, that Liquid Silver needle has been separated from Hán Bùlí. Zhao Hai very clear, Hán Bùlí not for no reason non- attending to runs up to any rare metal branch Hall to come, here has certainly very close relationship with Dark Division, if is really such, if that Liquid Silver needle goes, may very much presently, his rather don’t know Hán Bùlí must do, cannot take risk said it, he is preparing the competition matter now, now to competition had one month, he must prepare well. these days Zhao Hai has practiced in Space, how killing the enemy he does not practice, how acting in a play such as practices, he wants in Outer Sect competition, only occupies a medium grade position, that this play must develop, will otherwise possibly be seen the flaw. If makes others know that Zhao Hai is doing, certainly will be mad spits blood, others before competition are the practices of going all out, placed by oneself the best condition, he arrives, unexpectedly research how acting in a play. Time day-by-day past, among in the blink of an eye one month on the past, this month, Hán Bùlí in has not looked for Zhao Hai, was only to Zhao Hai a signalling jade sword, but Zhao Hai actually knows that some people were inquiring his information, he has not cared, he hired oneself the Zhang Feng matter, now also nobody knows that knew this matter, only then three people, Zhang Feng, Zhang Hao and Elder Hu, but Zhang Hao and Elder Hu has hired oneself Zhang Feng, naturally impossible to say this matter exits, therefore matter of Zhao Hai among with Zhang Feng, can become secret certainly. One month of time passed, to Outer Sect competition, only then less than one week how acting in a play research of this day Zhao Hai in Space is peaceful, suddenly does not see valley here Transmission Formation one brightly, opened bold appears . Zhao Hai walked out from Space, he moved forward to meet somebody hastily, holds the fist in the other hand said : to see Senior Brother to far away him to Zhang Hao, opens Senior Brother, how did you come?” Now arrives away previous time Zhang Hao, only then four days of times normally should several days Zhang Haocai be able to come has not actually thought that he came at this time. Zhang Hao showed a faint smile said : is soon competition First Senior Brother feel relieved, not making me come to see you, was right, this gave you, this was all formation formation diagram that First Senior Brother found, to look for these thing, First Senior Brother has made many effort, your youngster must use well.” Zhao Hai complexion one happy, has complied with one jade slip that received Zhang Haodi to come they walk toward Cave Mansion, walks to open while said : First Senior Brother makes me have words to you, these formation diagram are give you, but you must to practice give priority to, cultivator, the practice is basic, First Senior Brother also said that if the decomposition synthesizes these thing, is too difficult you can little make, do not lose the time that oneself have practiced.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, please open Senior Brother to pass on to First Senior Brother, how my understand does, waits for after this competition, I want to give a gift to give First Senior Brother.” Zhang Hao does said : give the gift to give First Senior Brother? What do you want to deliver?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : present also to have an idea, after I do, was saying.” Said that got Zhang Haojin Cave Mansion to sit.

Zhang Hao frowns look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, do not act unreasonably, but First Senior Brother there anything does not lack, because if prepares any gift, has harmed the First Senior Brother matter, or will delay own practice, First Senior Brother will not have let off your.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Senior Brother feel relieved, I have the discretion.” Zhang Hao looks at Zhao Hai this, what was also not saying, must nod said : you such being the case saying that I do not manage, this time competition, you prepare how?” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, already prepared, was waiting for competition, I did not guarantee final, was not highest.” Zhang Hao nodded, deep voice to Zhao Hai said : this discretion, you grasps, First Senior Brother will not treat unjustly your.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, then deep voice said : don’t know First Senior Brother there nearest/recent how? Did Cola arrive at some people?” Zhang Hao listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but sighed said : person to is draws, but was secret carries on, moreover is not considered as that any Expert, you also know that First Senior Brother after all was only the Inner Disciples first person, came compared with ten big Core Disciple, must miss on many, this was First Senior Brother biggest a piece shortcomings.” Why did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : First Senior Brother does not become Core Disciple? So long as he became Core Disciple, had the Core Disciple status, can publicize resisted with these Core Disciple?” Zhang Hao shook the head said : not to be simple, Little Hai you are don’t know our Black Tiger Group situation, in Black Tiger Group here, each Core Disciple, Great Clan or a big influence support, influence numerous connections of these Great Clan in Black Tiger Group, wanting them not to be easy, calculation that now Black Tiger Group here Gang Master says superficially probably, but actually the following matter, is almost control in these Great Clan in hand, these Great Clan are large tail obstructs action, had to be built on stilts the meaning of Gang Master faintly.” Speaking of here Zhang Haoting, then said : „, but present Black Tiger Group Gang Master, is First Senior Brother Martial Uncle, First Senior Brother Master, when First Senior Brother was Law Idol time Expert, by the person of roaring flame sect plotting until death, from then on was responsible for teaching that First Senior Brother person, was present Gang Master, their although did not have the name of Master and Disciple, had the reality of Master and Disciple, therefore First Senior Brother does not certainly want to see Gang Master by impeding of these Great Clan, therefore he can ten big Core Disciple resistances.” Zhao Hai nodded, this matter is not strange, a Gang Dali, the interior will naturally have some influences, when these influences as big as certain degree, large tail obstructs action, even reverse the positions of the host and the guest, this possibly will not have what quite strangely. Now Black Tiger Group internal strife looked like entered degree of superheating, various Great Clan dishonest independence mountain top, complied in public but opposed in private to the order of Gang Master, but Gang Master was not certainly resigned to by control, became a puppet, this contradiction of both sides has produced, started to cause the method respectively, but the Zhang Feng and ten big Core Disciple struggles, were struggles between Gang Master and these Great Clan. Zhang Hao sighed said :Gang Master originally also to split up these Great Clan, won over several, in coping with several other, has not actually thought that these Great Clan at treating the Gang Master matter unexpectedly extraordinary unity Gang Master means not effective finally can only opening Senior Brother pushes, enhanced opens the Senior Brother status.

Zhao Hai also sighed, he can imagine Zhang Feng had how difficultly, these Great Clan difficult with the Gang Master open confrontation, the influence is very certainly big, in this case, Zhang Feng with having ten big Core Disciple of these Great Clan support fought, in which difficulty, feared that was his difficult imagination. Opens bold deep voice said : Little Hai your appears regarding opening Senior Brother was really too important, even very heavy to entire Black Tiger Group wanted, therefore Senior Brother cannot arrange you to come to here, did not make you show off, for must make you not be known by these people, this you can wield biggest doing to use.” Zhao Hai nodded, the Black Tiger Group here situation is different from hundred treasure, when hundred treasure, Zhao Hai can feel relieved bold changes hundred treasure there all trash the become a useful person material because of hundred treasure unprecedented unities, however in Black Tiger Group here is actually not good, Black Tiger Group here situation very special, in the gang does not unite, if made its influence know he had the trash changes the ability of become a useful person material, certainly full won over him, if did not win over, that first idea certain has killed him, cannot be adopted by us, cannot by others. Uses, this is the big influence treats the talented person is used to the method. Zhang Feng makes Zhao Hai low-key, does not want to let others presently his difference, then to Zhao Hai not any advantage, therefore Zhang Feng rather makes others know that Zhao Hai offended him, had been matched by him, does not want to make Zhao Hai be chased down by these Great Clan. Zhang Hao also chatted one with Zhao Hai, this leave, Zhang Hao walked, Zhao Hai instead to was lost in thought that he regarding the Black Tiger Group future, but also really very confused, what because his don’t know Black Tiger Group future will turn into. Black Tiger Group here now already appears chaotic, in the gang internal strife is unceasing, outside also has the powerful enemy, if gets down according to such show, that Black Tiger Group future will meet very troublesome, will not do well also meets feeble to get down, this will not be Zhao Hai wants to see. However he does not have the means to change this situation now, if in Lower Realm, he can definitely use the formidable strength, the ordering rule again, honest, but here that these Great Clan tidy up is actually Cultivation World, his strength in Cultivation World here is not topest existence, even he must be worried that Space has by the present possibility, in this case, does he possibly change Black Tiger Group? Has thought some little time cannot find out any clue, finally Zhao Hai must shake the head, gives up in continue want to get down, reason that his understand, oneself cannot find out any clue , because his strength is insufficient, in him now in Black Tiger Group here, but also anything is not, in the eyes of other Black Tiger Group people, his Zhao Hai, but is matched Battle Slave, by his such status, but also is thinking changes to Black Tiger Group, if this is known by the Black Tiger Group other person, feared will be will laugh aloud. Thinks that here Zhao Hai could not bear smile, he shook the head in thinking these matters, flashes body returned to in Space, then research his performing skill. Seven days of in the blink of an eye on the past, on this day Black Tiger Group Outer Sect competition day, in this day, even if matched disciple like Zhao Hai must participate, therefore Zhao Hai never sees valley there to the handymen hall that Elder Hu has managed. Elder Hu to does not need to participate in this time competition, because his originally is Inner Disciples, because afterward cultivation level did not have the little advance, can only work as long old, naturally was impossible to participate in any Outer Sect competition by his status. Elder Hu also already knows that Zhao Hai will participate, therefore he sees Zhao Hai time, is not surprised, but nodded said : to Zhao Hai „you are Outer Disciple, slices to participate in competition, if the result is good, you can leave here, if the result is not good, you must come back, during competition, will not see valley there I to send several handymen disciple to take over, you will slice.” Zhao Hai complied with one, turn around flew away, Elder Hu then waved, his side was standing five handymen disciple, these five handymen disciple the face was entering in Transmission Formation painstakingly, flash of white light, they went not to see valley there. The Black Tiger Group Outer Sect competition place, on a mountain in Black Tiger Group domain, this mountain known as line of Taishan, on this good stage does not have any minerals , not long thing, on the mountain everywhere is Stone, besides Stone, this mountain did not have other thing probably, afterward Black Tiger Group almighty looked at this situation, simply on sending for some Stone on mountain, giving transform has become stone platform of place place, these stone platform can be used to contend in martial arts, can sit at the martial arts contest above, stone platform varied, big thousand square meters, small such as. The stool is common.

On this stone platform here was regarded the Black Tiger Group internal life and death stage to use most from the beginning, but afterward in the gang forbade in carrying on life and death stage Fighting Competition, here also slowly turned into the competition special-purpose place, handymen disciple competition, Outer Sect competition, Inner Sect competition has carried in the stone platform mountain, has Core Disciple competition not in here. When on stone platform here carries on competition, is allows other people to come ugly, that feared that is you are handymen disciple, can come here to watch. Because Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple is numerous, this time competition altogether must carry on 15 days , the elimination series, the ballot decides the match, is divided into 50 groups to compete with, when each year of competition, is the Black Tiger Group rare grand occasions. When Zhao Hai arrives in line of Taishan, here is the sea of people, only then on summit several stone platform, writes some digit, Outer Disciple can write stone platform there of digit to draw lots, signs writes you in the several group, many numbers, when competes with time, you must compete in oneself that group first, wait for you has defeated your group of people, will enter to final competition. Zhao Hai was divided already the character five groups, No. 78, Zhao Hai to does not have no exquisite regarding this number, led own number, looked for stone platform to sit, waited to call him. Quick all Outer Disciple received own number, competition must also start, before competition, Outer Sect Steward elder appears , this Outer Sect Steward elder, has been managing all Outer Disciple in name, the authority was very big, but in fact, he can manage the person who arrived at really not to be many, has unfolded these many years along with Black Tiger Group, now Outer Disciple in Black Tiger Group, has formed the each and every one small influence association slowly, the back of these cliques, but also faint can see some Inner Disciples forms, but these Inner Disciples behind, had the support of the major influences or major Core Disciple, Outer Sect Steward Elders, but also does not dare to manage these people. However his in name Outer Sect Steward elder, therefore today this Outer Sect big lord, wants him to manage. Black Tiger Group this Outer Sect Steward elder, is surnamed the tube now, Chen, gray, being radiant with smiles of face, seems like the person who is very easy getting along with. «» &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;