Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1675
Black Tiger Group disciple, today is the Black Tiger Group annual grand occasion, but you, are the cornerstones in Black Tiger Group, because there are you, Black Tiger Group can stand erect not but actually, you are most outstanding cultivator, I also hope that you can put out oneself best side to attend this competition, below, the competition starts!” The Outer Sect Steward elder does not have the lengthy speech, but said several words were out, then in the gang some elders started to shout the number, all was shouted the person of number, immediately will start to compete with. These were called on number Outer Sect disciple, was divided quite big stone platform, this stone platform is used to compete with, but they can not stand on stone platform, but flies to compete in in midair, but cannot fly from the stone platform range, will otherwise be sentenced to lose. Regarding Outer Disciple Fighting Competition, Zhao Hai did not have what interest, in these Outer Disciple, only when some people of number, because there is a fortuitous encounter, will obtain some Strength of Faith, but these Strength of Faith very few, this greatly has restricted these Outer Disciple develop(ment), their strengths, how many did not miss with cultivator there Transcends Tribulation Stage and Divided Spirit Stage Expert, was Magical Artifact is just better one. Zhao Hai looked at a while, completely lost the interest, sits in there, in research that in mind keeps Zhang Hao to his formation diagram jade slip. But this formation diagram jade slip inside formation are many, moreover before Zhao Hai such that thinks, Cultivation World here formation develop(ment), compared with cultivator there Advanced level, formation Might also even bigger.

~ however Zhao Hai can also turn into three-dimensional formation these formation now, therefore Zhao Hai simply on use these days, research well one these formation, always compared with look at these people in there bored competition much stronger. Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple, is divides the gang to team up, many one group of people will sit in together. Was discussing one group goes to battle with the victory and defeat of person , compared with the person who these team up in groups. The Zhao Hai side appears very lonely. Person who because here he has not known, had not known that his person, is only around him some people, will have a look at him curiously. Other people, paid attention to him in nobody. Outer Disciple Fighting Competition. Has the time limit, longest can not over one hour, how one hour has not decided the victory and defeat the words. Will be determined their victories and defeats by the referee. However the competition of all Outer Disciple will end in one hour generally. Because these Outer Disciple do not dare to press the treasure on these referees, these referees are in the gang do not have what the elder of real power, if outside an own match, to these fellow advantage, when the time comes obviously were won, but the referee actually must cut the opposite party victory. Doesn't that suffer a loss very much? Because of this, the competition of Outer Disciple generally will be therefore quick. Mostly will not exceed the quarter to decide the victory and defeat, even if the time of hitting long, will not wait till for one hour and ensure ended the fight within one hour, the victory and defeat victory and loss, clear.

Therefore speed of competition is very quick, one group of competition often the time on the past, then immediately have not carried on the next group, but competition of Zhao Hai happen to and other groups. When the referee shouted when Zhao Hai number, Zhao Hai immediately has stood, the personal appearance moved on appears on stone platform, he just arrived on stone platform, some immediately person of cultivator flew, this cultivator looked like about 20 years, lived very handsome, a white cultivator clothing/taking, had the feeling that the one type of Yushu faced the wind seriously. But Zhao Hai is actually a black cultivator clothing/taking, is adding on the appearance to be ordinary, carved restraining of heart own imposing manner, therefore looked like ordinary incomparable, a point was also common. They stand in together, has the difference of one type of bright moon and firefly seriously, naturally, the opposite party is the bright moon, but Zhao Hai is the firefly. That person of cultivator looked at Zhao Hai one, in the eye flashes through a contemptuous facial expression, coldly snorted said : this Junior Brother, if you admit defeat, I put your horse, does not injure you, how do you look?” Zhao Hai interesting look at that person, his recognize, the strength of good person is probably good, according to the speech of cultivator area there, this is Divided Spirit Stage Expert, moreover quite high level that one type of, but according to the speech of Cultivation World here, this is one builds up god time cultivator, but immediately must advance in grade into Foundation Establishment Stage, such person in Outer Disciple, truly can be small Expert.

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to that white clothing cultivator Senior Brother, how competition is the manner tests cultivator cultivation level, the victory and defeat is not that important, since the little brother participates in this time competition, that always compare, invited Senior Brother make a move.”