Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1676

Chapter 601 white clothing Young Master Zhao Hai closes one's eyes to sit in there, was concerned with all around matter probably, but around him these cultivator, were looking that now the Zhao Hai look was different. Zhao Hai regarding them is very strange, here almost nobody knows Zhao Hai. However with that person who Zhao Hai fights, they are actually knew that not only knew, but also very familiar. White clothing Young Master, Ye Tiancheng! With Ye Tiancheng that Zhao Hai fights, Ye Tiancheng becoming famous of very when Outer Disciple, he is a talent of becoming famous, ten years old starts to practice, 11 years old practice the body to be successful, 12 years old, Qi Condensation completes, to 18 years old, is Infant Stage time Expert, naturally, this Infant Stage time is only the speech of cultivator there, but he today is 24 years old, is building up god time cultivator of name brand, immediately can attack Foundation Establishment Stage, so long as enters Foundation Establishment Stage, he can become Inner Disciples, because in the gang paid attention to his for a long time, even gave him not to need competition to enter. Inner Sect exceptional case, because a talent like Ye Tiancheng, Black Tiger Group stingy will not give him an exceptional case. However Ye Tiancheng actually very proud, although in his surface agreed with the in the gang procedure, but in fact he actually has wanted through his effort, open and aboveboard entry to Inner Sect, naturally this saying he no one had told whom, but he actually such does. Also because of such reason, therefore Ye Tiancheng can participate in this time competition, will do that many preparatory work, has not actually thought that he has actually met Zhao Hai this anomaly, the first game was made the conclusion. All people have not thought that can be such result, therefore these cultivator look at Zhao Hai looks such does not suit, you think that did not have the fame fellow, suddenly hitting to fall face down a talent, he thinks that did not pay attention also difficultly. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these many, after he prepares to hit for two days three rounds, directly was defeated to consider as finished, but is very obvious, today his anything matter, Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple is not numerous, first round thinks that a day finished that is impossible. After the original Zhao Hai plan fires off one, directly on leave, but he also knows, if fires off one on direct leave, that was too conspicuous, therefore he can only stay in this city, in head their together research formation with Cai'er. competition is still continuing, around Zhao Hai these people were also quick shift the attention to compared with these people of type, regarding naturally also has been short, Zhao Hai that Zhao Hai paid attention naturally also relaxed. A day of competition had ended quickly, next day competition Zhao Hai still arrived, but he sits in there research formation, because of the today's first round competition, he has been promoted second round, naturally did not have his anything matter. Is closing one's eyes to sit in Zhao Hai in there, the suddenly Zhao Hai feeling has vision together to shoot toward his here, in that vision has the thick hostility, Zhao Hai spiritual force to search toward there, is being yesterday with Ye Tiancheng that he fights. yesterday with Ye Tiancheng fights, Zhao Hai and don’t know Ye Tiancheng name, but afterward with others discussed he actually knew, he also knew what Ye Tiancheng is. To be honest, Zhao Hai has not thought, oneself first being defeated unexpectedly is a celebrity, he to somewhat regretted, early knows that yesterday directly lost to Ye Tiancheng, such he will not bring to the attention absolutely.

However now regrets also late, Zhao Hai can only then walk, so long as is meeting one with Ye Tiancheng similar Expert, he defeats and that's the end. As for the Ye Tiancheng hostility, his complete has not cared, he paid attention to Ye Tiancheng, was not paying attention to him. At this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that some people are walking toward his here, moreover from that person the route of advancing, he is not looks his, must from his process, Zhao Hai cannot help but pay attention to this person. This stature very tall and big, fully about two meters, muscle, the face like the black iron, a full beard of face, looks like probably is Body Cultivator, moreover is strength very formidable Body Cultivator. However Zhao Hai has not paid attention, because this person he ends one did not know that he has not moved, is only static sitting in there, he to wants to have a look, this fellow wants to do. That person of leave getting closer and closer, quick arrived at the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai still sat in there has not moved, that person actually stopped, then sat in the Zhao Hai side. Zhao Hai has still not moved, he to this guy to was somewhat curious, because of him from the body of this guy, had not felt that a point hostility, this made him very puzzled. Was in this time, that guy suddenly open the mouth and said: Brother, knows.” Zhao Hai then opens the eye, turned the head to look at that guy one eyes, then knitting the brows head of gently, this guy although looked like probably is Body Cultivator, moreover on him all characteristics, could look, he was Body Cultivator, but don’t know why, Zhao Hai was felt that this resembled some not to suit. His careful look at that guy, suddenly from the eyes of that guy present a happy expression, this happy expression probably is proud, that feeling that also a little plot prevails. This eye appears in the body of stranger and enemy, certainly is not a friend, but Zhao Hai almost does not have the friend in Black Tiger Group here, sole can say is the person of friend, had Hán Bùlí. Before thinks Hán Bùlí that change appearance and temperamental Cultivation Method, Zhao Hai two eyes cannot help but one bright, then shows a faint smile, to that guy whispered: Han Big Brother, you probably are Inner Disciples, ran up to here to come?” As soon as the guy listened to Zhao Hai saying that on face one startled, look at Zhao Hai that then a face cannot believe that some little time said : „were you present? My this ability including Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert presently.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : who to let your proud, your this proud I did not see, has resulted, do not waste the time in this, walked, went to my, we drank.” Hán Bùlí laughs said : well, walks, truly does not have any meaning in here.” Said that they have stood, walks outward, their moving do, to has not brought to the attention of too many person, but let pay attention to Zhao Hai Ye Tiancheng present, he look at them to stand, he has also stood, walked with them outward. Zhao Hai also noted Ye Tiancheng, but he has not cared, showed a faint smile, went out of line of Taishan with Hán Bùlí, then they outward flew, went to handymen hall there directly. To handymen hall there, Elder Hu still, Elder Hu looked that Zhao Hai got a person to come unexpectedly, he cannot help but gawked, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this was?” Zhao Hai smiles said : just to be an expert Taishan there to meet, we chatted was very happy, led to come back with me to drink a liquor, the elder you are busy, did not need to manage me.” He had not said before him, knew with Hán Bùlí that such words will only make Elder Hu suspect, must know now Elder Hu, but the Zhang Feng person, Elder Hu knows Hán Bùlí, will tell Zhang Feng, such words possibly multi- fee many argument. Elder Hu to did not have to say anything, but nodded, Zhao Hai brought Hán Bùlí to sit Transmission Formation to not to see valley there, did not see valley there several handymen disciple to bustle about, looked at Zhao Hai to come back, saluted to Zhao Hai hastily, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to be good, you went back, tomorrow was coming.” That several handymen disciple one hear of Zhao Hai said that if ignorant pardons, turn around in Transmission Formation, flash of white light on vanish from sight. Zhao Hai looked at their hands, the hand wielded, release several Undead Creature, have let that several Undead Creature outside but actually trash, he led Hán Bùlí to enter Cave Mansion. Hán Bùlí had also relieved Spell at this time, restored own true self, Zhao Hai look at Hán Bùlí appearance, cannot help but sighed that said : I said Han Big Brother, your this may really suffice certainly, was just an expert Taishan there, your too proud, I presently your look incorrect words, but also was given to deceive by you, you may be really good.” Hán Bùlí laughs said : brothers, your Elder Brother I may be relying on this skill eat meal, does not practice that line, has resulted, do not waste breath, a bit faster eating the end comes up.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, has put out two bottles of white liquors, has put out some Cloud vegetables, they ate while drank, but Zhao Hai actually noted, Ye Tiancheng has been looking like Elder Hu to inquire that Zhao Hai matter, Elder Hu these time was also the truth truth, said that he offended Zhang Feng, therefore was matched here to come the guard not to see the valley. One hear of Elder Hu said that Ye Tiancheng nodded, nobody knows him in thinking anything, but Zhao Hai has not cared, Expert like Ye Tiancheng, Zhao Hai don’t know has killed many, simply has not been serious him. But Elder Hu really reported to Zhang Feng his here situation, moreover he just reported not long after, Zhang Hao arrived at Elder Hu there understanding, but Zhang Hao does not have the trade rashly runs up to Zhao Hai here to come, if he comes to Zhao Hai here, will cause the suspicion of Hán Bùlí. After their has drunk one bottle of white liquors, Zhao Hai then I said Han Big Brother to Hán Bùlí said :, what your this using is what status, I cannot tell others that is Hán Bùlí? Haven't you used the fictitious name?”

Hán Bùlí shows a faint smile „the fictitious name that said : naturally uses, has remembered, my present status calls Ban Li, is Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple, if later some people asked that you said my name was Ban Li on the line.” Zhao Hai nodded, then puzzled look at Hán Bùlí did said : call Ban Li? said it, Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple that many, you are also that?” Hán Bùlí white Zhao Hai said : your youngster is stubborn, said my prospecting hall was good, why as for called Ban Li, your this was not wastes breath, a name of person, that so many why.” Zhao Hai he he a chuckle, he has not cared, nodded said : line, later I am looking like others to introduce you, called your Ban Li, you were don’t know, this time competition, I offended a person probably, therefore I am also adding now carefully, has recognized you, I so will be impolite with you.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Hán Bùlí cannot help but said : did queer? who?” Does Zhao Hai smile said : you not to listen to the person to say? yesterday in competition, my match, white clothing Young Master Ye Tiancheng.” !.( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;