Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1677

Chapter 602 makes him look up Hán Bùlí one hear of Zhao Hai said that to wrinkled under brow said : Ye Tiancheng, this person I to am have heard, in Black Tiger Group famous talent, has not thought that Little Hai you annoyed him unexpectedly, hears currently in Black Tiger Group to have several big influences to contact Ye Tiancheng, prepared to train him, you to must be careful that a point was good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, will not have the matter, if he finds the person to cope with me, I to was too not worried that I daily do not exit in here now, they want to cope with me, must have that time to be good, said it, I am Space Divergent Technique, is really not good runs, if he does cope with me? To be honest, he is really unqualified.” Hán Bùlí has smiled, Zhao Hai life experience he already found out, complete not any issue, even Zhao Hai at Lower Realm something his also found out, he knows that Zhao Hai does not approach intentionally his, this is his most happy place. So long as knew the Zhao Hai details, he can well with Zhao Hai is together, in Cultivation World here, can hand over a good friend not to be difficult, but Zhao Hai is the friend who Hán Bùlí wants to make. Hán Bùlí does not believe that Zhao Hai will arrive at Cultivation World here such long time to know their Han Clan, that is impossible, in entire Black Tiger Group, knows that Han Clan person, is some existence people of knowing how things stand, do not say Zhao Hai. He made Clan look up Zhao Hai before, is feared that Zhao Hai is pretends to be, for copes with Han Clan to come to approach specially his, now was clear, Zhao Hai is not, he also on feel relieved. However regarding did not fear that the Ye Tiancheng matter that Zhao Hai said that Hán Bùlí actually somewhat thinks otherwise, Ye Tiancheng this person truly does not have what threat to Zhao Hai, but these win over the Ye Tiancheng influence, has very big threat to Zhao Hai, he cannot make Zhao Hai receive such injury, therefore after he prepares to go back, said one to the Third Uncle, making the Third Uncle hit one to sweep with that several Clan shouts, making them do not come to provoke Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai naturally don’t know Hán Bùlí status unexpectedly so special, he has thought Hán Bùlí is ordinary cultivator in Black Tiger Group Dark Division, has not thought Hán Bùlí really also has so formidable Clan. Therefore Zhao Hai after Hán Bùlí has said this matter, said it, does not guarantee with Hán Bùlí drinks, before long their each drank five bottles of white liquors, must know that this liquor may be some highly liquor, if the average person feared that was five bottles gets into the stomach, already the drink to death passed, fortunately they were cultivation level not bad cultivator, these five bottles of liquor drank, to did not have anything. Drank light five bottles of liquor, Hán Bùlí watched the weather not early, this turned the head to to result in liquor Zhao Hai said :, cannot drink, today arrives at here, I walked, on that day in looked for you.” Said that has stood. Zhao Hai looked that Hán Bùlí must walk, stood hastily got up said : this to walk? Good, this delivers you.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out jug liquor, this jug liquor has 50 jin (0.5 kg) fully. Hán Bùlí not polite, received Zhao Hai liquor said : line, I walked first.” Said that walks outward, to Transmission Formation there, flash of white light vanished. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turn around returned to in Space, research his Magic Formation went, he impression to Hán Bùlí to is very good, most minimum Hán Bùlí has not asked the origin of his liquor and dish. The good friends should be honest, but that must divide any matter, everyone has own secret, if you asked too many were not good, but Hán Bùlí obviously also understand this point, therefore his liquor to was many of drinking, but has not asked Zhao Hai any excessive question.

After Zhao Hai returned to in Space, Cai'er immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you comes to see.” Zhao Hai sat on the sand looked toward the screen on that one was actually shocked, because of screen last present appears Ye Tiancheng. Now Ye Tiancheng is sitting in own in the room, but his front sits several cultivator, these cultivator are Outer Disciple, does not have extremely in the extraordinary place, moreover can look, they gaze by the Ye Tiancheng horse. At this time Ye Tiancheng little brother said : Eldest Child, this time matter cannot such consider as finished absolutely, he small Battle Slave, but also was matched that place, actually also offended Eldest Child, I thought him am exactly enough, Eldest Child, cannot let off him absolutely.” This person of long skinny and shriveled-up looking, is actually growing eyes that slope outwards, how sees irritably. Ye Tiancheng another little brother also nodded said : Eldest Child, cannot let off him absolutely, he makes Eldest Child you first round not pass unexpectedly, this absolutely is unforgivable.” Zhao Hai look at Ye Tiancheng that two little brothers, on the face cannot help but appears a smiling face, these two idiots, this there is urging person that is uncovering short of person obviously, such little brother may suffice the idiot. One side Ye Tiancheng also to their words very discontented, he stared their said : get lost obviously, I did not pass the first round, was because I have had a low opinion of the enemy, what is he has not helped me cross the first round, the words will not say that this Zhao Hai strength was very strong, but wanted to cope with me, but also missed, now has not coped with Zhao Hai time, among competition, moreover this Zhao Hai has stayed in does not see valley there, did not see valley there you also to know, only then a person was defending, if gave to kill him, trash on nobody but actually. That quick by person present, when the time comes traces is also a troublesome matter, was looking for opportunity to cope with him and so on.” As soon as that several little brothers listened to Ye Tiancheng saying that does not speak, this matter after all was the Ye Tiancheng matter, how finally must do must look at Ye Tiancheng, others cannot help. Ye Tiancheng looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : these days do not provoke Zhao Hai, I do not want to bring to the attention of too many person, if made in the gang spread me to seek revenge for the slightest grievance, that is not good, understand? However you must stare to tighten that Zhao Hai to me, having a look at him to contact with who, was right, that person who today and Zhao Hai contacts, you gave me found out, had a look at that fellow is who, I thought their appearances, probably before was, knew that must investigate thoroughly.” That several people complied with one, turn around walked. Ye Tiancheng slowly has actually closed eye, Ye Tiancheng on Zhao Hai look at screen, shows a faint smile said : interestingly, this fellow also really can endure, he he, this is also good, I to have a look at him to play to play tricks.” Cai'er look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, that Hán Bùlí there? Can inform him? He is the Dark Division person, if made the person find out his status, feared that was not quite good? Moreover to you also ten disadvantage.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to need to worry, the Hán Bùlí status is not good to look up, first did not say his change appearance ability, is his Dark Division this status, will not allow who to look up his, this Ye Tiancheng they feared that must hit iron plate.” Laura smiles said : also not only, the Hán Bùlí this Dark Division status, regarding us is also a hidden danger, we to can taking advantage of this time opportunity, having a look at Ye Tiancheng they to find out anything to come, this to us also advantageous.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, is this meaning, the Hán Bùlí life experience we do not look up, but we have not been able to raise him, otherwise we do not have the means to explain why we know Ye Tiancheng was looking up him, making Ye Tiancheng look up, no matter he looked up anything, we will know, this to us very much has the advantage.” Cai'er nodded, look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, I presently you quite sinister oh.”

Did one that Zhao Hai shouted what stand got up said : you to say? Dares to say me to be sinister unexpectedly, looked how I tidy up you.” Said that throws toward Cai'er, Cai'er immediately/on horseback was screaming ran off. But at this time, Zhang Hao was actually looking like Zhang Feng to report, the content that he reported about Zhao Hai and Hán Bùlí matter, naturally, he also only knows that Zhao Hai knew a friend, but also led him to go not to see valley there, regarding the Hán Bùlí status, actually knew nothing. Zhang Feng frowns, static is listening, some little time he said : small bold, you said that Little Hai what is this? Did he have other thoughts?” Zhang Hao listened to Zhang Feng saying that gawked slightly, then shook the head said : not, Little Hai knew your status now, but you now in entire Black Tiger Group, most have power and influence one of the in several person, who was worth him hiring oneself compared with you, moreover he has hired most from the beginning oneself you, he should know you to his very heavy ritual, will therefore not have other thoughts, what most important was, even if were he had really don't the thoughts, person who he will be also certain will look for one to have the power and influence, but will not look for Outer Disciple, Elder Hu said. That Outer Disciple although is Body Cultivator, but resembles the strength to be good evidently, Senior Brother, you said that Little Hai can be is scraping together the talented person for you?” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhang Hao said that to stares slightly, he has not thought of this point, now one hear of Zhang Hao said that he to must think well, some little time he deep voice said : status found out of person no matter how the first Little Hai point, contacts with Little Hai that first, if he harbors ulterior motives to contact Little Hai, you must come back to report me.” Zhang Haoying, turn around walked. Zhang Feng looked that Zhang Hao walked, he has then put out a jade sword, has input some contents after inside, let out the jade sword, Zhang Feng also has own information channel, he must inquire the Zhao Hai matter through his information channel. Zhang Feng although trusts Zhang Hao, moreover gives Zhang Hao to process something, but Zhang Hao the strength was too after all low, Zhang Feng some hideaway strengths cannot give Zhang Hao, because by opening bold status, simply command(er) motionless these people, these people, only then he can command(er) result. Zhang Feng the information channel is his Martial Uncle, is Black Tiger Group Gang Master, helping him establish , because of this, therefore this information channel very formidable, in the Zhang Feng common situation will not use this channel. This time he has to use, because Zhao Hai for him was really too important, Zhao Hai there cannot absolutely appears any mistake, otherwise he troubled. Zhao Hai regarding are not many, he who the Zhang Feng here sound also knows too does not care about these matters, after all he has not made any matter that weighs on the conscience, even if Zhang Feng knows that he met with Hán Bùlí, making him go to check properly, no big deal. Connects several days competition, Zhao Hai will arrive, but besides the next day, Zhao Hai in has not seen Hán Bùlí, don’t know he ran up to there. This several days competition is the first round, but first round competition was near the end now, immediately must carry on second round competition. Quick, the first round last competition had ended, 50% people were eliminated directly, is the second round, with first round does not have what difference, all disciple do not need to replace the numberplate, so long as found you, you come up compared with and that's the end. The second round competition time, although looks like first round is more splendid, but regarding Zhao Hai, is the same, does not have what quality of being worth looking, he has decided that if the second round competition, pulls out a player to similar point, directly loses to him to consider as finished, arrived in any case second round, did not need to be worried to turn into last, lost nothing.

To come in Zhao Hai, this second round competition, should first round also to be slower than is right, being just the opposite that but the result actually thinks with him, the second round competition, first round is unexpectedly quicker. Zhao Hai most from the beginning not understand what's the matter, but looked at a while on understand, reason that the second round competition so will be quick , because the first round competition time, these cultivator in look at, what level the opposite party have, their also had almost bottom at heart, therefore the second round competition, both sides and out fully, moreover is very targeted, therefore competition to was quick. Black Tiger Group competition, but does not have anything not to permit regulation of appears casualties, but if wants the heavy hand under , the referee will also come out to prevent, naturally, sometimes has also met the situation that the appears referee prevents, that appears some casualties were unavoidable. The first round competition time, the casualties appears probability is quite low, but the second round time, casualties suddenly increased \; first, because second ** ratio time, compared with first ** compared with the person stronger on some, two are they want to end the fight as soon as possible, had by oneself observes others more often, had more time by oneself maintains the condition. Second ** ratio first day, does not have the Zhao Hai anything matter, Zhao Hai has become the viewer, because had not shouted his number, therefore he can only bored sitting in there, after the darkness, he returned to did not see valley there. Second ** compared with the next day, continual five times shouted the number, has not called Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not worried, was only static sitting in there, he believes that will call in any case own, had anything to be quite anxious. To the sixth round time, finally shouted that he, Zhao Hai heard to shout he, he has then opened the eye, on the diving posture stone platform, but at this moment, his match also appears , saw his match, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, then the knitting the brows head of gently, because of Zhao Hai this round match, unexpectedly was a disabled person, he had a left arm, right arm Qi Jian breaks, on his face, was having two scar, these two scar became the cruciforms, one horizontal from face the middle has delimited, not only in his cheekbone. On has left behind the scar, but also has shut off his nasal bone, but that sets upright actually to locate to delimit under the palate from forehead, cuts open from the middle his nose, the mouth also delimited four petals, looked like very strange. !.( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;