Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1678

It is well known, the cultivator resilience is very formidable, is adding on some cultivator also various mysterious medicine, these medicine although cannot the possible living corpse, meat White Bone, is impossible to make the arm live, but can actually make cultivator not keep any scabs. But stands the cultivator before Zhao sea surface, broke an arm that to say fortunately that after all now Cultivation World here, was unable to cut off limb in continuing medicine pill, but the scabs of that face somewhat were excessive. The cultivator scabs have existed, only then two situations \; first, he has not governed, two were that scabs he cannot govern, could not cure that to be needless saying that the scabs of not being able to cure can only injure his person, kept in Qi Strength his wound, but he also did not have the means eliminating this Qi Strength, therefore that scabs will not be good, but such wound cannot be called the scabs, because that wound simply heal/fuse, only cannot call the wound unable to call the scabs, therefore likely this cultivator scabs, only then one type of explained that he has not governed. cultivator very pays great attention to own measuring appliance, this did not mean that cultivator will judge people solely on appearance, but cultivator also has beauty-loving heart, even if male cultivator, will eat raises medicine pill of face, do not say some female cultivator. But this breaks arm male cultivator to make that scabs keep on the face, that only then an explanation, he is one wholeheartedly the person who wants to revenge, he must on the scabs with oneself face forever be remembered this hatred by himself. Such person is most difficult to deal with, because they to revenge, will not hesitate at all costs, moreover such person general killing intent will be very heavy, will begin to want the human life. Also because of such reason, therefore Zhao Hai, when saw that this person will frown. However brow of Zhao Hai quick on stretch and unfold, he holds the fist in the other hand to that person, then the personal appearance moves, Sword Formation that immediately release their flying sword, same thousand flying sword have composed. That person looked at Zhao Hai one was also the personal appearance moves to fly, simultaneously the hand wielded, Scimitar appears in his front, he not like other cultivator, with hand command(er) that Scimitar, but was left hand capture that and only saved Scimitar, was pointing at Zhao Hai with Scimitar. Zhao Hai looks at this person of appearance, cannot help but the look concentrates unexpectedly what this person uses is the style of close combat was evidently more difficult to deal with. That person had just revealed Scimitar immediately attacks toward Zhao Hai, his in hand Scimitar raises, the body walks along with the blade, one group of blade light encircled him in the light, hit toward Zhao Hai Sword Formation. Zhao Hai looks at that person of blade, the facial expression cannot help but slightly changes, extremely good that this person of blade uses, acts very fast, what most important is he can concentrate his strength, moreover he, because the body has the disability, like the person, in practicing martial arts, wants to maintain the balance is very difficult, but warrior most important is balanced, one, but the center of gravity is not steady, then on possible to be given capture opportunity by the enemy. cultivator is also same, cultivator when amends the practice method also will consider this issue, because their attack one, but is not balanced, will expose weaknesses, will give the enemy opportunity.

But this alone arm cultivator situation is different, his Scimitar carries on attack time, is revolving attack, the whole person in the extension, he uses this revolving the strength, very ingenious - own body did not balance turned into the one type of superiority, returned for is not balanced, therefore this revolving attack had the strength. Zhao Hai pinched Magic Secret Art, flying sword immediately keeps off in that cultivator front, but several flying sword were flown to the standard by that cultivator blade light afterward directly. Zhao Hai not in flying sword that the flashes reassignment is, attacks toward that cultivator. However, that cultivator in hand blade, in a secondary change, if his just blade light attack were the power saw of destroying the hardest defenses, that presently the in his hand blade, changed on the blade the doctor in hand scalpel, Blade Technique was exquisite, is similar to is embroidering, actually still attacked Zhao Hai to his all flying sword gives to block. Zhao Hai complexion changes, personal appearance will draw in the future back, in hand Magic Secret Art is pinching, simultaneously deep voice said : Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations, the star changes, scolds!” Along with his sound, a streak of golden light centered on him, is similar to a small Sun, this is Zhao Hai previous time is used to cope with the Ye Tiancheng style. However clearly that alone arm cultivator early is prepared, should Zhao Hai leave this move time, his in hand blade sharply danced, blade light was the same like the mirror, has kept unexpectedly off golden light that Zhao Hai came out, simultaneously he did not draw back instead enters, flushed away toward Zhao Hai. Quick blade light invaded in golden light, before long blade light and golden light all vanish from sight he, the people looked toward the field in that presently Zhao Hai in hand is taking a sword, but his sword continuously before bit by bit the movement that punctured, however his sword tip had 30 centimeters far to that alone arm cultivator minimum, but that alone arm cultivator blade, has actually put up on Zhao Hai neck. This fights them almost to put together two to put together entirely Shang unexpectedly, but the words, Zhao Hai lost really has partly incurred, after must wait till his head reducing by alone arm cultivator, his sword can puncture the opposite party, although cultivator Life Force formidable, at risk of life, can puncture the sword, but can affirm that will not create to govern the injury of life to that alone arm cultivator, therefore from this one type of perspective, Zhao Hai lost. The referee also determined Zhao Hai to defeat, Zhao Hai to very natural, one hear sentenced him to lose, he has not cared, but showed a faint smile, received own flying sword, held the fist in the other hand to that alone arm cultivator, the body flew away, he has not been staying in here, direct returned to did not see valley there, has completed because of his duty. Has been paying attention to Zhao Hai Zhang Hao, looks at Zhao Hai such movement, this relaxed, he knows that Zhao Hai did not have any change now, is with Zhang Feng, his then feel relieved. But another pays attention to the Zhao Hai person, actually slightly narrowed both eyes, in two eyes the anger has sparkled, this person was not others, was Hán Bùlí. Hán Bùlí has thought must make Zhao Hai this friend, therefore he very cares regarding the Zhao Hai matter, moment that previous Zhao Hai and fire cloud fight, Hán Bùlí knows, Sword Formation that some Zhao Hai use, with Sword Formation that he uses now, but complete not, Sword Formation that Zhao Hai uses, its Might present Sword Formation feared that is bigger than hundred times incessantly.

But Zhao Hai these time actually not with his complete strength, that only then one type of explained that he does not want to enter to Inner Sect, he does not want to enter Inner Sect, has one type of to explain, because of existence of Zhang Feng. Hán Bùlí has thought Zhao Hai offended Zhang Feng, therefore looks at Zhao Hai such procedure now, immediately has thought on Zhang Feng, this is the reason that he is angry. Looked at Zhao Hai to walk, Hán Bùlí immediately moved, flew toward Zhao Hai there, Zhao Hai just returned to did not see valley there, Hán Bùlí kills. Zhao Hai looked that Hán Bùlí came unexpectedly, moved forward to meet somebody hastily, smiles said : Han Big Brother, did you have the time to run up to my here to come? Your is Dark Division so idle?” Hán Bùlí looked that Zhao Hai does not have the sad appearance probably, cannot help but stares, then deep voice said : Little Hai, because of the Zhang Feng reason, therefore you don't have fully?” Zhao Hai also knows that Hán Bùlí knows his strength, one hear of Hán Bùlí said now, he shows a faint smile said : not to be serious, this matter must say that is really not big with Zhang Feng relationship, I just entered Black Tiger Group, you also know that I before was Battle Slave, now discredits regarding cultivator here or two eyes, anything don’t know, if entered Inner Sect at this time, for me was not the good matter, therefore I want on the here dull two years, to understand that Cultivation World here what's the matter was saying.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Hán Bùlí to has believed several points, he nodded said : originally is this, this is also good, but you must be careful, now you offended Zhang Feng, offends that Ye Tiancheng, the later day feared that will not feel better.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to be careful, you must be careful are good, Zhang Feng also said that I offended his, moreover was matched here by him, he in paying attention to my this unimportant person, but that Ye Tiancheng is not good, previous time you come time, I presently that youngster with me, afterward probably also had been inquiring my matter, it seems like that youngster will be will not let off easily my, moreover perhaps also will cope with you, you must careful the line.” Hán Bùlí one hear of Zhao Hai said that shows a faint smile said : you also with being worried about me, do I do? If our Dark Division person were looked up anything easily, that did not need to do, walked, drank.” Zhao Hai he he the chuckle, went to drink with Hán Bùlí. But when Zhao Hai drinks with Hán Bùlí, Zhang Feng in one time received Hán Bùlí to look for Zhao Hai information, heard this information, Zhang Feng complexion cannot help but changed. If ordinary cultivator hits Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng will not have any opinion, after all although Zhao Hai hires oneself now he, but he cannot make a Zhao Hai friend not hand over, that is not realistic, if because too tube the strictness of too, ran to the tube Zhao Hai, he may on the gain does not equal the loss.

However regarding Hán Bùlí, Zhang Feng actually very cares, because no matter bold there is his in hand that information channel, had not found any about Hán Bùlí, useful information. The Hán Bùlí status they to were look up, but only looked up this to call Ban Li, was Outer Disciple, Body Cultivator, however toward deeply was looking up knows that this status was fake, but wanted to find out his genuine identity, could not actually be looking up, but this was the place that Zhang Feng most was worried about If a status of person does not have the issue, he contacts with Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng will be will definitely not have the opinion, but changed into Hán Bùlí this status mysterious, the person who he will unable to find out the details will contact with Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng somewhat could not sit still, his don’t know Hán Bùlí will really contact with Zhao Hai, will have any point. Now Zhang Feng has been preparing to cope with Hán Bùlí, but at this moment, Hán Bùlí actually looked for Zhao Hai, this made Zhang Feng somewhat unable to sit still, he prepared to begin. Zhang Feng has put out a jade sword, has input some contents after inside, immediately let out, must say that Zhang Feng this person of looking is very safe, Black Tiger Group Dark Division Han Clan person who because he finds. Han Clan with each, no matter what Black Tiger Group Gang Master has the complicated relation, this Gang Master naturally is no exception, but Zhang Feng because of this one layer relationship, therefore knows well with Han Clan, therefore he, when must cope with Hán Bùlí, first has thought of Han Clan. «» &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;