Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1679
The Han Ren look at in hand jade sword, frowning gently, he has not really thought that Zhang Feng must cope with Hán Bùlí unexpectedly, this lets Han Ren accident. ** ««» » @*

Han Ren is the present is one of the Dark Division here important manager, but his another status is Hán Bùlí kisses three steps, is previous Hán Bùlí that Third Uncle who comes Dark Division here to see. Han Ren when previous Hán Bùlí lets he investigates Zhao Hai, on checked Zhao Hai some situations, but he has not found out Zhao Hai to hire oneself Zhang Feng, he thinks that Zhao Hai offended Zhang Feng, therefore entered did not see valley there, after all regarding the Black Tiger Group here person, did not see valley there not to have the the day to hold up one's head representative. But Han Ren although knows many Zhao Hai at the cultivator there matter, but Zhao Hai will decompose synthesizes this ability the matter they is actually don’t know, because the decomposition of Zhao Hai use synthesizes this ability time, mostly in hundred treasure, but not in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, even if has used in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, they are impossible to know that after all there has Tower of Babel, but Tower of Babel impossible complete control ten-thousand realms battlefield. Because don’t know Zhao Hai has this ability, therefore he has not thought that the Zhao Hai meeting is willing to stay in does not see valley there, in Han unkind to Zhao Hai in the investigation can presently, person who Zhao Hai is one has the ambition very much, otherwise one type of from Comprehend the world ordinary cultivator, will not turn into one of the hundred valuable most attached great importance to young cultivator. To come in Han Ren, if Zhao Hai has not offended Zhang Feng, he will not be matched not to see valley there, there is almost all cultivator nightmares. Does not see valley there is called all cultivator nightmares. Not only because of there all the year round nobody, in fact regarding cultivator, there is a person to be the same, even if there is person. Majority of cultivator, is practices, not with other people extremely in long-standing and deep-rooted friend. Also because of managing does not see valley there not to have the commodity that the practice uses, in fact was matched not to see valley there Outer Disciple, although is matches, the practice commodity that but they earn every month little will not actually give. Reason that does not see valley there is called the cultivator nightmare , because that is tramples to cultivator dignity one type of, because of Outer Disciple. Actually must go to but actually the trash, this absolutely is the matter that ten points lose face, this is the place that cultivator most cares about. Therefore looks like in Han Ren, Zhang Feng has treated Zhao Hai like this. If Zhao Hai can also be together with Zhang Feng well, that called fishily, therefore his simply has not thought that Zhao Hai hired oneself the Zhang Feng matter. However now looked that Zhang Feng must make him cope with Ban Li, Han Ren somewhat cannot sit still. He knows certainly the road maintenance crew to is Hán Bùlí, he also knows that Hán Bùlí contacted Zhao Hai twice with the class to this status, his understand, why Zhang Feng do not cope with Ban Li? Because Ban Li has contacted with Zhao Hai? Shouldn't this probably? For many years did the information the keen sense of smell to come to see by Han Ren. This matter is not definitely simple, Han Ren thought one needed to chat with Zhang Feng well. Zhang Feng with Han Ren is the understanding. They through Black Tiger Group Gang Master, is the Martial Uncle understanding of Zhang Feng. They can be said as the Gang Master right-hand men, therefore their normally relationship is very good, reason that Zhang Feng can resist with ten big Core Disciple, Han Clan is also strives much.

Han Ren thinks that horse Ru does, because he feared that Zhang Feng is asking others to cope with Hán Bùlí, that trouble, therefore his immediately leaves, sits Transmission Formation to go to Zhang Feng there. Zhang Feng just delivered not long after the jade sword, sees outside Transmission Formation flash of white light, then person appears in Transmission Formation, Zhang Ren looks like the person stares, because comes the person he to know that Han Ren naturally impossible to see Zhang Feng with own true self, he sees Zhang Feng time, with another appearance, is the appearance that now he uses, therefore Zhang Feng one has recognized Han Ren. Zhang Feng some understand, can't Han Ren suddenly run up to here to come? Isn't makes them help to cope with Zhao Hai? As for running up to here came? Zhang Feng although not understand what's the matter, but immediately welcomed, place that good Zhang Feng is at now, is only camp momentarily, these Battle Slave in the room practices, nobody poured the accident to look unfamiliar anything, nobody noted Han Ren, Zhang Feng immediately Han Ren welcoming in the room. After they to in the room sits down, Zhang Feng turns the head to Han Ren said : kind elder brother, how did you come?” Zhang Feng has respected to Han Ren, because not only the Han Ren back has Han Clan this colossus, because of Han Ren to his extremely caring, Zhang Feng understand, Han Clan this is the preparation has regarded the Gang Master successor to train him, naturally was the gratitude extremely. Han Ren not polite, after sitting has gotten down, to Zhang Feng said : Xiao Feng, my these time comes for you to give my letter, said that what's the matter? How do you also really prepare to cope with that Zhao Hai? How to go to one not to be good with the people who he contacts?” Zhang Feng one hear of Han Ren said that in the heart moves, his look at Han Ren said : kind elder brother, your meaning is, does that class leave?” Han Ren look at Zhang Feng said : first let alone these useless, you said first that this Zhao Hai what's the matter? How you see is so tight?” Zhang Feng has smiled bitterly next step: Kind elder brother, is not tight that I look, but was this Zhao Hai regarding me is really too important, he has hired oneself I, to fear others knows that I arranged not to see valley there him, moreover I did not fear that told the kind elder brother you, Zhao Hai had one type of Divergent Technique, this Divergent Technique decomposes the synthesis, he can some waste materials, decompose the become a useful person material, was synthesizing medicine pill or Magical Artifact, you said that also where had compares does not see valley there more suitable Zhao Hai? So long as there is Zhao Hai, we can win over more people, has resisted with ten big Core Disciple, you said that I can not be anxious? This suddenly braves a class to leave, the details of this fellow I now am point also don’t know, therefore I so am anxious.” Han Ren two eyes bright said : originally unexpectedly is such a matter, you so will be no wonder anxious, I also divulged the details with you, that class did not need to look up to you, that was our wife and children San'er.”

Zhang Feng one hear of he said that cannot help but slightly stares. Then two eyes cannot help but bright is said : that thousand guests, Hán Bùlí?” Thousand guests who Zhang Feng said that is the Hán Bùlí nickname, but this nickname can only flow in very small circle outside. The bystanders also really little have to know. Han Ren nodded said : right, is that youngster, he met with Little Hai, but also very chatted comes, this did not know, has not thought that Little Hai has hired oneself unexpectedly you, moreover there is this matter, your feel relieved. This matter I will process.” Zhang Feng has smiled bitterly next step: This matter noisy, I ask you to cope unexpectedly do not leave, didn't this cause to laugh? Has resulted, later lets not leave many communicates with Little Hai.” Han Ren laughs. To Zhang Feng said : this do not blame you, the status of slightly leaving are not good to look up, he in Black Tiger Group is not a status, ok, this matter you knew in heart on the line. I walked.” Said that turn around outward walks. Zhang Feng must keep him hastily, Han Ren was actually beckons with the hand, looked at Han Ren to walk, Zhang Feng has then smiled bitterly. He has not thought really that the class leaves unexpectedly is Hán Bùlí. The good fortune he is asks Han Ren they to cope with Ban Li, if begin. Feared that has broken off with Han Clan, his loss may be big. Zhao Hai and Hán Bùlí don’t know these, now they are actually sitting in there drink, after a person has drunk several bottles, Hán Bùlí then leave. After Zhao Hai and other Hán Bùlí leave, immediately started to begin to prepare the gift, he has told Zhang Hao, must give Zhang Feng to prepare a gift, this gift even was not other any thing, was Great Magical Artifact. Zhang Feng is resisting with ten big disciple now, but ten big disciple have their Great Magical Artifact, in the gang matching tiger ship, that is extraordinary Great Magical Artifact, but Zhang Feng does not have a Great Magical Artifact sufficient facade, this not fantastic, therefore Zhao Hai wants to make Great Magical Artifact to use to Zhang Feng. Naturally Zhao Hai lane ** definitely impossible to compare with the tiger ship, tiger ship that is Black Tiger Group not the secret of passing on, with the innumerable effort refinements, even if present Zhao Hai to manufacture, feared that could not find that many materials, therefore he can only make other Great Magical Artifact. Zhao Hai wants to make Giant Spirit Treasure Ship type Great Magical Artifact to Zhang Feng, must say that this Giant Spirit Treasure Ship is absolutely attractive, moreover suffices the atmosphere, fighting strength is not weak, so long as Zhao Hai uses some good materials, lane lane well, even if in Cultivation World here, that is also one is not bad Great Magical Artifact, uses to Zhang Feng just appropriately. However Zhao Hai has not wanted to this Giant Spirit Treasure Ship on, installs the cloudy Yang lightning pond, cloudy Yang lightning pond that is Zhao Hai secret, not along with casual attire. He has not thought must toward this Giant Spirit Treasure Ship upper garment cannon, because of general cannon, regarding Zhang Feng them, not use, regarding Cultivation World here Great Magical Artifact, is similarly useless.

Does not install these thing, however other formation actually must install, moreover can install some ordinary gathering of gas, making that formation absorb Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi is Treasure Ship makes the power, naturally fight time, wants join Crystal Stone, but Zhao Hai believes that Zhang Feng does not lack that Crystal Stone. For those the internal design of this Treasure Ship, but must the lane, this Zhao Hai prepare in this Treasure Ship well, with the internal space technology, lets Treasure Ship internal become bigger some, moreover like the tiger ship, cannot shrink, he probably enable this Treasure Ship almighty to be small, inside also special can install. Naturally Treasure Ship is not impossible to compare with Yama Ship, but must make to be almost good, Zhao Hai does not want by thing that oneself make to be only half jar water. Tiger ship fight time is any appearance, Zhao Hai has not seen, but in appearance and movement of person tiger ship can look, this tiger ship must fight, absolute is not simple, tiger ship Great Magical Artifact, not, only then ordinary Great Magical Artifact merit, even has also gathered some puppet techniques in inside, not in the words will not be flexible. Zhao Hai to has known some puppet techniques, but actually toward deeply research, now has not looked like, probably research again well one. Naturally, puppet technique of Zhao Hai research, obtains from Puppet Realm there of ten-thousand realms battlefield, definitely is inferior to Cultivation World here, but there is that thing to lay the foundation is also good, later Zhao Hai can slowly in the puppet technique of research Cultivation World here, he believes that own sooner or later a little can also refine the tiger ship, by own both hands refinement, but does not change by Liquid Silver.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;