Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1680

Outside also in like a raging fire carries on competition, but a Zhao Hai actually person hid in does not see valley here to start crafting, naturally, this so-called crafting, was gives Universal Machine to play, was adding on also has the best metal allocated proportion that Universal Machine there manufactured, this time crafting to was very relaxed. ** ««» » @* However must say that relaxed is not very correct, most at least the design of this Great Magical Artifact is the Zhao Hai design, moreover this time the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, Zhao Hai almost designed according to Zheng He Treasure Ship of Chinese Ming Dynasty, but did not have the mast, did not have the muzzle, what Magic Formation in this Treasure Ship with, inside must design what, was Zhao Hai handles. although this seems like work load is not probably big, the matter that but Zhao Hai must be busy are also many, therefore Zhao Hai the everyday nest in does not see valley here not to exit now, this arrived was flustered a person, this person was not others, was Ye Tiancheng. Ye Tiancheng had been swept the face in competition by the Zhao Hai person, he naturally cannot let off Zhao Hai, makes the person stare at Zhao Hai, but besides the class to this person, Ye Tiancheng presently Zhao Hai has not had any friend, his everyday stays in does not see valley there not to come out, Ye Tiancheng is to retaliate is impossible. Ye Tiancheng in the Black Tiger Group elder, his very clear, in Black Tiger Group here, these has disciple of duty since childhood is impossible to kill casually, even if he is a talent, receives in the gang to attach great importance to very much, but wants to kill Zhao Hai not to be easy, if in the gang investigates really that the future of this his talent feared had to ruin. Will never lack the talent in Cultivation World here, each becomes the Inner Disciples person. From some degree, is a talent, his Ye Tiancheng is also only one in talent, therefore he has not dared extremely in the dissoluteness. But if Zhao Hai left Black Tiger Group. He wanted to be how good Zhao Hai, in the gang not for Outer Disciple extremely in investigating, what what a pity was, Zhao Hai did not come out, this made the tooth that Ye Tiancheng hated itchy. However changes mind thinks that he has felt relaxed, what status is Zhao Hai? He is matched Battle Slave, in does not see valley that place, this feared for a lifetime was is also very difficult in having the day to hold up one's head. One compete with a such person, is really some are unworthy, thinks through these, Ye Tiancheng instead to was somewhat calm. Only one by one disturbed the Zhao Hai people not to disturb him. Zhao Hai was also naturally more relaxed, daily in does not see valley there research Great Magical Artifact, to is free and unfettered is comfortable. Actually Ye Tiancheng should rejoice that he has not begun to Zhao Hai, if he begins to Zhao Hai, he feared that already died. Contradiction between Ye Tiancheng and Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng knows that Han Ren also knows, but these two people now also attention Zhao Hai. Naturally also on attention Ye Tiancheng, if Ye Tiancheng begins to Zhao Hai. He no matter Zhang Feng or Han Ren, will not let off him. But outside competition. Zhao Hai in has not participated, Black Tiger Group here competition, is different from other place, first ** compared with, person who was eliminated, will also be carrying on several times competition, selects the worst ten people, remaining is top ten has competed, middle position simply nobody cares, did not need to compare. But Zhao Hai naturally does not have to participate, he went not to need to compare, but watched the fun in the one side, Zhao Hai may not have that leisurely mood to watch the fun in there, therefore entire Black Tiger Group although, because this time competition made noisily, but Zhao Hai was not having appears . Also about, Outer Sect competition will eventually finish in seven days, ten Outer Sect cultivator, achieving wishes entered in Inner Sect, became Inner Disciples, but in these ten people, had that alone arm cultivator of Second Stage and Zhao Hai to war.

That alone arm cultivator has a nickname in Black Tiger Group, calling crazy blade Dugu to drink, the wound on his face, was when one time went out to make duty, met with cultivator of roaring flame sect, their word disagreement began, opposite party actually compared with him on many, finally he was cut an arm, the face is delimited the flower, this escaped with life, but this matter was also drunk by Dugu is regarded as the shame of entire life, therefore he has been incurable on the face the wound, and trained hard the left hand blade, finally, this time competition, he by the third result, smoothly became. Inner Disciples. Naturally Zhao Hai has not cared about this, who becomes Inner Disciples, regarding coming him, really does not have anything to be worth paying attention, entered Inner Sect, but obtains some cultivator commodities, point of these thing regarding Zhao Hai attract gravitational force not to have, in can obtain Strength of Faith, this regarding other cultivator, possibly has big attracting gravitational force, but regarding Zhao Hai, is a point attracts gravitational force not. As for practice method anything, regarding Zhao Hai, is an issue does not have, Law Idol that Zhao Hai practices now, already 36, including is not spatial sees Law Idol, eighteen lohans Law Idol, Chinese zodiac Law Idol, several its several Profound Sect Law Idol, if Zhao Hai shines these Law Idol, but his fighting strength very formidable. Therefore method of Law Idol practice, regarding Zhao Hai, is a point attracts gravitational force not to have, can say that entire Black Tiger Group Inner Sect, anything has not attracted gravitational force to Zhao Hai. Must say that Inner Disciples a little attracts the gravitational force place to Zhao Hai sole, that was Scriptures Pavilion, Black Tiger Group Scriptures Pavilion there, was the department in special ** the department, has own turning over to decide, handymen disciple can see any content jade slip, Outer Disciple can look at these jade slip, Inner Disciples can look at any jade slip, these have strict regulation, jade slip that Inner Disciples can look, Outer Disciple cannot look. But that Scriptures Pavilion is sole attracts the Zhao Hai place, because Zhao Hai wants to have a look, in Black Tiger Group Scriptures Pavilion, some any thing. However Black Tiger Group Scriptures Pavilion, does not want to look that can look, these defense very strict, even if Zhao Hai does not dare readily to make the Liquid Silver needle go in the probe, fears by the person present. But Black Tiger Group Inner Disciples , can only below three layers activity of Scriptures Pavilion, entire Scriptures Pavilion altogether seven layers, only then Core Disciple also has the character of elder level, can free the activity in Scriptures Pavilion, therefore as the matter stands, Inner Disciples to Zhao Hai attracted gravitational force is falls lowly. Zhao Hai very clear, he wants to enter Inner Sect not to have the issue now. He wants to enter, any competition, even if not in competition, so long as he shows his strength. Also can enter Inner Sect with ease, but he just entered Cultivation World few months now, if such quickly entered Black Tiger Group Inner Sect, that was really too conspicuous, therefore he now is honest worked as Outer Disciple is good. After Outer Sect competition finished, was Inner Sect competition, the Inner Sect competition way was similar to Outer Sect competition, but Inner Disciples were less. Moreover Inner Disciples compared with Outer Disciple much stronger, therefore this Inner Sect competition has the quality of being worth looking at compared with Outer Sect competition. Inner Disciples competition , can watch, therefore Inner Disciples competition time. Outer Disciple competition time is livelier, not only these Inner Disciples were looking that Outer Disciple also almost comes line of Taishan here to watch, the entire line of Taishan were encircled are watertight. Zhao Hai also wants to have a look at this Black Tiger Group Inner Disciples is any level, therefore in Inner Disciples competition first day. He also arrived, but after sees these Inner Disciples levels, Zhao Hai somewhat cannot help but disappointed, because of the levels of these people. Really is not much, some people have not congealed including Law Idol. although stronger on some compared with Outer Disciple. However thinks with Zhao Hai is actually far from. After looking at day of Inner Disciples competition, Zhao Hai did not see valley there on returned to. In has not exited, but Inner Disciples competition altogether has carried on for more than ten days, but this Inner Disciples competition, Zhang Feng has not actually participated, his Inner Disciples first person of status, complete in other words listens to the bystander, his all allowance almost emulate with core ten big disciple . Moreover the strength also differs with core ten big disciple not much, allowing a such person to participate in Inner Disciples competition, only if were these person of heads of Black Tiger Group goes bad.

However this Inner Disciples competition final several, to also really some qualities of being worth looking, these participate in competition disciple, had the Gold Core Stage strength, each and every one Law Idol congealing reality, strength no small matter, finally a little Inner Disciples appearance, but is such, Zhao Hai in line of Taishan there, he has not sat among the guests in ends entire competition, he presently these Inner Disciples, nobody is his match. relationship that because Zhang Feng has not participated, Zhao Hai and don’t know Zhang Feng is any level, but Zhao Hai can affirm that Zhang Feng is higher than compared with these Inner Disciples levels, if hits, Zhang Feng feared that will not compare that fire cloud difference. At the appointed time those who make Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is, in this time Inner Disciples competition, he has not seen Hán Bùlí, it seems like that this Dark Division person, truly is the has plenty privilege, does not need to participate competition. Naturally might also be Hán Bùlí participate, commonplace that too just displayed, therefore Zhao Hai has not looked that nearest/recent Hán Bùlí has not arrived does not see valley here to come, Zhao Hai has not contacted with him, therefore also don’t know Hán Bùlí was busy at anything. However Zhao Hai does not have actively relates with Hán Bùlí, the Hán Bùlí status is quite special, if Zhao Hai relates with Hán Bùlí, may go bad the Hán Bùlí matter, therefore Zhao Hai is waiting for Hán Bùlí generally actively contacts with him. Dark Division these people work are mysterious, therefore Zhao Hai in this aspect also specially careful. Inner Sect competition, Outer Sect competition ended, Black Tiger Group here saves only then Core Disciple competition, but Core Disciple competition, the bystander is actually cannot see, Zhao Hai also honest, puts in all energy the refinement of Great Magical Artifact. Great Magical Artifact that Zhao Hai must refine is not a body, he wants to use Giant Spirit Treasure Ship that method of manufacturing, is divided into some modules Great Magical Artifact, after they refine, in assembly in together, Great Magical Artifact that formidable of such although not body, so long as could complete, will not miss to there goes, what most important is, this type of assembly in together Great Magical Artifact, after damage, repair time was actually must relaxed many, bad that on opening to exchange on can. However when this Magical Artifact assembles has big exquisite, must guarantee the Magical Artifact intensity, but must guarantee Protector after the damage must facilitate quickly to replace, this had exquisite. Most from the beginning Zhao Hai is equipment welds two parts in together, but afterward he thinks that such was not good, welds in together with an overall Magical Artifact difference is not very big, one, but Magical Artifact damaged , after must carry on cutting, can exchange the good module, was not very convenient. Finally after undergoing the experiments of several cold drinks, Zhao Hai has thought one type of method, that with the method of that linking connection, this method is Zhao Hai, when looked the inspiration that some old furniture of China obtain, Zhao Hai had seen some old furniture of China in the past, in one set of furniture, no matter bookshelf or bed, no matter the table or the chair, all thing, have not seen nail/saboteur, is the traditional tenon and mortise way carries on the joint, firm, has actually used for many years, actually not bad. But Zhao Hai must use this method in this on the ship, he wants to look in this way, can this ship be firm. But the fact showed that this method is completely feasible, the method of tenon and mortise, uses on Great Magical Artifact very appropriate, in adding on some special linking processing, not only very firm, but also after damage, very convenient disassembles the part of damage. After determining this point, this Great Magical Artifact manufacture naturally also quick, but afterward another difficult problem appears , that is the formation arrangement issue.

On such Great Magical Artifact, all kinds of formation number not abundant number, Zhao Hai is the preparation uses three -dimensional formation on this Great Magical Artifact, but this formation in the arrangement, the middle must have the energy line, connects entire formation each every node in together, such formation can wield to do to use. If the middle energy line broke, raised regarding the influence of formation is very big, but if Zhao Hai assembled Magical Artifact with the way of this type of tenon and mortise, that this energy line drew continually has become an issue because of this formation energy line, sometimes was very thin, so long as a dislocation point slightly did not have in the means connection, if the connection, formation on cannot wield 100% doing to use, that on was big regarding the influence of entire item Great Magical Artifact. Finally Zhao Hai has to select there in these association companies, has carried on some special designs, is undergoing the accurate incomparable computation, finally these issues solving. But after waiting for all these to solve, is ten days passed, at this time entire Black Tiger Group restored calm, competition disturbance passed finally, cannot the Level Up person, still probably live own life, is making duty, the practice, all returned to right track, but Zhao Hai here was nobody in looks at one. Also is five days later, Zhao Hai looks like that Zheng He Treasure Ship same Great Magical Artifact manufactures finally successfully, and has conducted the experiment, after not having presently any issue, Zhao Hai then putting out the signalling jade sword, sent the letter to Zhang Hao, lets Zhang Hao and Zhang Feng has the words of time, does not see valley here. Zhao Hai knows in matter Zhang Hao who giving Zhang Feng prepares the gift, but Zhang Feng and don’t know, therefore after Zhang Feng receives the Zhao Hai signalling jade sword, somewhat surprised uncertain, don’t know Zhao Hai has any matter, therefore his immediately handle head matter has processed, getting Zhang Hao to arrive did not see the valley.( To be continued..) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;