Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1681
Zhang Feng regarding Zhao Hai attach great importance to, therefore he heard that Zhao Hai has the matter to look for him, his immediately in hand matter explain/transfer, having led Zhang Hao to go not to see the valley.

Why Zhang Hao guessed correctly Zhao Hai to look for Zhang Feng, but he had not said that he also wants to a Zhang Feng pleasant surprise, moreover he also a little feared, if accidentally Zhao Hai is not because the matter of gift looks for the Zhang Feng words, his saying to is not instead good. white light flashes, they appears in did not see the valley Transmission Formation there, Zhao Hai are standing by Transmission Formation, sees them, he cannot help but shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, opens Senior Brother, you come may really be enough quick.” Zhang Feng looked that Zhao Hai does not have the appearance of any urgent matter probably, is shows a faint smile said : to hear that your youngster has the matter, any matter, said that I pushed many matters to run, any important matter, I may unable to forgive you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this matter regarding me also is really not the important matter, but regarding First Senior Brother you are the important matter my don’t know, these time looks for First Senior Brother you to come, must give you a gift.” Zhang Feng said : ritual special? Delivers me? This does not deliberately create trouble, my what thing does not lack, what gift do you give to me?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, let alone, I deliver this thing, but also is First Senior Brother you lacks, First Senior Brother, I thought that by your status, now you most lack is a tool of riding instead of walking.” Zhang Feng gawked, stopped in toward the footsteps that in Cave Mansion walked, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : riding instead of walking tool? Snort, my riding instead of walking tool may many I had not used, I must wait till one day, I must get so far as Great Magical Artifact with be good, the general riding instead of walking tool I do not use.” Zhang Feng this is telling Zhao Hai, if you want to deliver me riding instead of walking tool general thing I do not use, you remained were being good, I wanted must be Great Magical Artifact. thing that no matter in Cultivation World here in cultivator there, Great Magical Artifact is very difficult to refine, because is difficult to refine, therefore Great Magical Artifact quantity very scarce, the large Gang faction like Black Tiger Group, can take make a move Great Magical Artifact truly is also not many part keeps secret cannot bring to see the person that is keeps the Gang life and death the time will take to come out to use. For these reasons, in entire Black Tiger Group, can take Great Magical Artifact that uses to be few, besides ten macronucleus disciple, each person tiger ship, only then Gang Master and person of elder rank, will provide the tiger ship, but entire Black Tiger Group takes the tiger ship that uses also 20.

If you are not Black Tiger Group Gang Master or elder as well as Core Disciple, wants with Great Magical Artifact sorry, can only depend on you, if you can find the material, can find to help you refine the Great Magical Artifact person, you let alone make Great Magical Artifact, even if makes 100 also nobody to manage However in entire Cultivation World, can refine the Great Magical Artifact person, few, naturally this refinement refers to alone refines will not refer to will not refine. Refines Great Magical Artifact, needs many Crafting Master cooperation, but also needs a crafting Grandmaster Level character to carry on unified command(er), therefore the refinement of Great Magical Artifact, is a very major problem, because this Great Magical Artifact difficult system, therefore the large Gang faction like Black Tiger Group, does not have many with make a move Great Magical Artifact. Also because of this, therefore Zhang Feng said that he does not believe Zhao Hai can cause Great Magical Artifact to give to him to make the gift. Zhao Hai one hear of Zhang Feng this saying know that he is any meaning, he shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, this time I give your riding instead of walking tool, you like certainly.” Said that a hand revolution, took that Zheng He Treasure Ship. Now this Zheng He Treasure Ship looks like has more than one meter to be long, looks like a very fine model, but is this, this Treasure Ship is appears fine attractive. Zhao Hai upward throws in hand Treasure Ship, drinks said : in a big way!” Saw that Treasure Ship seems like blown the air/Qi to be the same, roused instantaneously. Before long that Treasure Ship turned into a Pang in the big thing, is not absolutely smaller than the Black Tiger Group tiger ship, although does not seem very magnificent, but appears the atmosphere is unusual. Zhang Feng and Zhang Hao dull look at this huge Treasure Ship, Zhang Feng was needless saying that his don’t know Zhao Hai must deliver him to be such a gift unexpectedly, naturally was startled extremely, knows Zhang Hao who Zhao Hai must give the gift was also greatly surprised, he has not thought that Zhao Hai gave the Zhang Feng gift unexpectedly is this, this was too astonishing. Some little time Zhang Feng recovers, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this is to give to me?”

Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : I, when cultivator there, how many Great Magical Artifact has refined, at that time our hundred treasure with great Spirit Race were the dead enmity, but great Spirit Race became famous by good at using Great Magical Artifact, afterward great Spirit Race had defeated by us, their Great Magical Artifact refinement method were also given to snatch by us, this Great Magical Artifact according to the refinement method refinement of great Spirit Race Great Magical Artifact, but underwent my some improvements, was adding on here some rare materials, therefore refined this ship finally, what First Senior Brother were you status? With status that ten big Core Disciple treat as an equal, how goes out can not have a nice riding instead of walking tool, this gave First Senior Brother you, you had a look to like.” look at this ship Treasure Ship that Zhang Feng two eyes shines, transfers to Zhao Hai said : likes, has liked, HaHaHa, Little Hai, I must well one, was thank you right, gives me to introduce well this Treasure Ship.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, with Zhang Feng and Zhang Haofei, fell to Treasure Ship on, then Zhao Hai to Zhang Feng said : „, because this was the ship-shape design, if fought with him, the method of that fight appeared has some sole, this ship mainly by dashing give priority to, came this in Lower Realm, this on the ship will install some cannon, however in Cultivation World here, that cannon Might was insufficient, therefore I on have not installed, therefore this ship must want now the attack enemy, on, only then by dashing give priority to. In is this on the ship has one set of collection spirit formation, this set of collection spirit formation can absorb Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi automatically changes into the power of ship, when the ship normal speed, does not need toward inside join Crystal Stone, light to be that wraps the movement that formation provides enough to use, to let the ship entire travel even is the travel time, must join Crystal Stone . Moreover the ship in the fight, needs join Crystal Stone, because that volume of Spirit Formation although can have one layer protective shield by on the ship, but defense capability limited of that protective shield, only then after join Crystal Stone, on the ship other protective shield then can wield does to use. In having is in this cabin in this cabin is the internal space design although this on the ship goes on, only then such big but in the ship installs four, fifty thousand people absolutely not to have the issue, this is because in leaves leeway a Crystal Stone room, a compound room, some moves the Space reason, if installs people on the ship all places, this ship can install the hundred thousand person. In on the ship besides the Crystal Stone system, a gathering spirit system, can let on the ship cultivator, inputs own Spiritual Qi to ship transforms as the power of ship, this system can use with collection spirit formation together, in other words, besides Crystal Stone, the on the ship person also has been when necessary able to provide the power to the ship, making the degree of ship quicker, defense strength is stronger, impulse also even bigger. on the ship that fitting room is the fittings of some on the ship main parts, if the components of these parts shatter, can immediately fall the fitting in fitting room, letting the ship can restore fighting strength within the shortest time. ” Speaking of here Zhao Hai to stop, turned the head to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, we to the cabin in had a look, having a look at the design of there you to have any unsatisfied place.” Zhang Feng already by the introduction of Zhao Hai for shocking, one hear of Zhao Hai said that also nodded, opens they to walk toward the cabin. Walks Zhao Hai while command(er) stern place that is higher than one layer hull said : of deck there to arrange some people guards, inside is some small rooms, can make some handymen disciple live, naturally can also live in some Outer Disciple, can regard a on the ship reception desk to use.” Said that got them to enter that houseboat, there is separated a person of room, each in the room simply has suspended praying mat, was not having other thing. there altogether is divided into ten layers, each level 20 rooms, altogether can be occupied by the previous 200 individuals. Then three people have arrived under the deck, Zhao Hai is pointing at First Layer deck said : this First Layer deck here, is some small rooms, can be used for the person.”

Then referred to nearby staircase said : to enter from there, second floor was the room that gave you to design, the storeroom, the fitting room, several small rooms, your status cancould do without the person directing, that several rooms prepared to these people.” Was saying Zhao Hai while was directing Zhang Feng from staircase there to Second Layer. Second Layer there is different from First Layer, a First Layer there staircase, you can see a long corridor, in the two sides of corridor is rows of rooms. But Second Layer here, you actually can only notice that is carving fierce tiger big gate, what wants to see Second Layer is, you must enter that big gate to be good. Zhao Hai shoves open big gate, was directing Zhang Feng and Zhang Haojin Second Layer, after this Second Layer passing through the gate, was a giant living room, this living room feared that had about ten thousand square meters fully, inside was suspending multipurpose clouds, some counter and so on place, even also the activity room, looked like probably is the aggregate of a conference room and living room, had the gates of several rooms in all around of living room, in a gate was carving fierce tiger, in other's several gates writes the storeroom, the inscription of fitting room and restroom. Zhao Hai turns the head to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, this living room to you think that with the person discussed matter time prepares, that small counter there, I have prepared some Spirit Wine and some Spirit Tea, thinks he drinks can do well thing in there, then the end comes, that is carving the old tiger room, is your restroom, storeroom there is used to store up some Crystal Stone or other thing place, inside has also divided several small rooms, fitting room there is putting is on the ship some fittings, these two rooms both have in addition Dao Sect, the storeroom. The gate is can under one layer, gets down one layer is the power house, collection spirit formation below one layer, to deliver Crystal Stone from storeroom downward one layer, can directly from the storeroom in the past, but fitting room there is actually directly outboard, can attain outside of ship inside fitting directly, this convenience replacement fitting.” «» &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;