Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1682

Introduced after that two rooms, Zhao Hai has shoved open, that leaf is carving old tiger big gate, turns the head to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, comes to see this room, this is gives you to prepare specially.” Zhang Feng nodded, face happy walked, enters the room he to stare, because this room decoration unexpectedly very magnificent. Magnificent but does not make widely known, person enters this room to feel, person who Master of this room, is ten points has certainly the connotation. Room wall white, ground upper berth wooden floor, but this floor is not can wooden floor, but is the blue wood floor, this blue wood has heart rather to calm the nerves, doing of auxiliary practice uses, it can be said that value not poor. Moreover this room very big, passing through the gate is a living room, is only the living room has more than hundred square meters, inside is suspending multipurpose some far, by this living room, several rooms, there can regard quiet room and restroom uses, even in also designed one to build up the merit field. Each in the room surface is provides completely, moreover very good that decorates, the discerning person understands at a glance magnificently. When introduced after Zhang Feng room, Zhao Hai also to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, below also has several layers, but that several layers was the ordinary room, on the ship person preparation of staff member or your subordinates to others, moreover there also moved broadly, can on the ship to move in there, even can drink to chat in there, but these places did you look, but this on the ship had a place you to have a look.” Said that Zhao Hai led Zhang Feng to arrive at Zhang Feng room living room there, then has arrived by living room wall there, on that wall was hanging a landscape painting, before Zhao Hai arrived at the picture, is pointing at the a piece rock of marking, to Zhang Feng said : was this. According to one was OK.” Said that Zhao Hai has pressed that rock. Along with the Zhao Hai movement, that landscape painting immediately appears different changes. Entire vice- picture unexpectedly slowly became must transparent. Finally complete information, then marked appears thing one by one, finally each check has shone, but thing that in the check demonstrated. Is lets Zhang Feng and somewhat cannot feel the brains. Sees in these checks, what some on demonstrates is an empty room. Some on demonstrates is actually a staircase, is actually broad side same thing. Zhang Feng and Zhang Hao puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother. Does not want underestimated here. Saw? The here first check is representing a on the ship place, entire on the ship, besides your room, all places in here, you can let optional one or several places enlarges.” Said that Zhao Hai has drawn in several checks, that several check immediately were enlarged. One is the spatial room, one is a staircase. One is storeroom.

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng two eyes one bright, his too understand straight sea saying was any meaning, Zhao Hai this was equal to tells him, all room entire on the ship any places, can under his surveillance. But Zhang Hao complexion actually changes, his very clear this function the place of formidable, such that if such as Zhao Hai said that that any entered the person of this ship, cannot escape the surveillance of Zhang Feng, any is not loyal the person to Zhang Feng, may expose. Zhao Hai then said : this also thing can also make the sound, heard the opposite party in saying anything, but this sound can control, you let he made the sound the time, he will make the sound, you did not let he made the sound the time, will not have the sound.” Then Zhang Feng under the help of Zhao Hai, has operated this supervisory system, this supervisory system must say really that is very simple, not only can operate with the hand, can operate with the sound, even can operate with spiritual force, this regarding like Zhang Feng Nascent Soul Stage Expert, was really too simple. Some little time waited for Zhang Feng understand to operate, Zhao Hai then deep voice said : „can First Senior Brother, go to other place to have a look? Has a look place that also has anything to need to improve, was right, I almost forgot to tell you, on the ship besides your room and following power house, the walls of all rooms, can demolish at any time, can at any time counter- two or more rooms turns into a big room.” Zhang Feng nodded, when walked first, roves on Treasure Ship, each corner on Treasure Ship he looked, looked like Zhao Hai said that this ship internal Space very big, if all installed the person, can think of the hundred thousand person. After having looked at the entire ship, Zhang Feng stands in bow there, look at distant place that the Stone mountain, some little time has not spoken, at this moment his mood really very complex, he has not thought that the matter that oneself these years have thought that became the reality in this moment unexpectedly, but helps him complete this desire, can be Zhao Hai unexpectedly. The Zhao Hai look at Zhang Feng appearance, said : First Senior Brother, I must talk clearly with you in a soft voice, this ship is not quite same as other Great Magical Artifact, other Great Magical Artifact is the overall refinement, but this Great Magical Artifact, actually separates the refinement, entire Magical Artifact is a components components assembly in together, must say that this intensity came truly to miss a point compared with that overall Great Magical Artifact, but won in the components can trade, so long as there is components, this Magical Artifact was destroyed half, can within the short time in restoring to be possible the present appearance, fighting strength, although not. Possibly compares with the Black Tiger Group tiger ship, but the tiger ship wants to ruin this Great Magical Artifact is also impossible, general Magical Artifact does not have the means with him, this invited First Senior Brother feel relieved.” Reason that Zhao Hai said these to Zhang Feng, must tell Zhang Feng, this Great Magical Artifact my may be able to refine, others have not helped me.

Zhang Feng turns the head look at Zhao Hai, then has patted his shoulder said : "OK, Little Hai, I must, your gift, I like thank you really very much, I accepted. ” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : that to be best, was right, First Senior Brother, this Great Magical Artifact another characteristics were, in the enlargement with shrink was very convenient, and because of the internal space reason, he in enlarge or shrink, person simply that inside lives in comes out uselessly, wanted the small time, so long as you said that with spiritual force control he, said small has been OK, wanted the big time was also same.” Zhang Feng two eyes bright said : also in other words, this can Magical Artifact use ordinary small Transmission Formation? Is right?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : right, this Magical Artifact can use small Transmission Formation, not only this, moreover on this Magical Artifact, you can also establish Transmission Formation, in this deck can establish several Transmission Formation, that Transmission Formation will not have any too tremendous influence to this Great Magical Artifact absolutely, this point invites First Senior Brother feel relieved, naturally, because Magical Artifact has completed now, if you make the too big modification are not definitely good, but constructs several Transmission Formation not to be a problem.” Zhang Feng immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, was also same in Cultivation World here, in Great Magical Artifact almost will not establish Transmission Formation, because such words have very tremendous influence regarding the Great Magical Artifact life, but Treasure Ship actually does not have this problem, this is most important. Zhang Feng very clear, had this Great Magical Artifact, he had almost a motion base on equal to, he almost can moving to this Great Magical Artifact has come up his mountain gate/entrance, on this Great Magical Artifact besides not having Spirit Vein, almost did not have what difference with mountain gate/entrance there. From this point, this Great Magical Artifact has even surpassed the tiger ship in the fields, doing of tiger ship even bigger with or is used to fight, fighting strength very formidable of tiger ship. But what this Great Magical Artifact many attention is practical, is the adaptation, this is the difference in one type of design concept, therefore Treasure Ship and tiger ship, it can be said that respectively has the merit. Zhang Feng let out a long breath, then laughs said : "OK, HaHaHa, had this Great Magical Artifact, I think that ten fellows, but also takes anything to press me, HaHaHa. ” The appearance that look at Zhang Feng laughs, Zhao Hai and Zhang Haohu looked at one, has not made noise, on their faces also has the smiling face, the Zhang Feng few appears such intense mood to fluctuate, can look from this point, Zhang Feng is happy how.

Some little time Zhang Feng calm one own mood, had beckoned with the hand said : to walk to Zhao Hai, goes to on the ship my brains, my something must tell you.” Said, when walked first. Zhao Hai and Zhang Hao in behind, three people arrived at Zhang Feng that room before long, Zhang Feng sat on a multipurpose cloud, look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you know Hán Bùlí?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that Zhang Feng actually will ask this matter, but he has not planned to hide the truth from Zhang Feng, therefore nodded said : "Yes, I truly knows Hán Bùlí. ” Zhang Feng curious does said : how know?” Zhao Hai embarrassed smiles said : First Senior Brother you possibly also to know that I can Space Divergent Technique, in the past, I in does not see valley here dull, therefore exited in all around to transfer the extension, because here had Undead Creature look at, did not need to be worried by discover, in me , on a mountain drank, between far intent has met Hán Bùlí, afterward I asked him to drink, he has not declined, our two chatting very happy, afterward he has not seen valley here several times, was changed the appearance, must say that he. The method of this change appearance also is really very fierce, he said that his skill, nobody can see the flaw, heard that he is the Dark Division person, the Dark Division matter compares secret, I had not asked that how First Senior Brother? Does he have the issue?” Zhang Feng has not thought, between Zhao Hai and Hán Bùlí know unexpectedly so simple, but he to does not believe that Zhao Hai will deceive him, because he also believes that the sometimes two person understanding are such simple. One hear of Zhao Hai asked that Hán Bùlí has the issue, Zhang Feng shows a faint smile, shook the head said : he not to have the issue, you can communicate with him, I am curious, how don’t know you knew that later you do not need always to stay in do not see valley here, can go out to play to play, walks, matter explain/transfer to these Undead Creature was good, after I go back, makes one set to change the appearance to you Cultivation Method to come, when the time comes you on can walk in all directions.” Zhao Hai has complied with one with a smile, has not declined, although he has no need for that thing.