Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1683

The Chapter 608 square cloud moves Sima Yin Long sits in own in the room, in hand takes a piece jade slip to turn look at, what in this jade slip records is one type of Sword Formation, like their these Core Disciple, although looks like scenery , the authority is exceedingly high, but they actually do not dare to relax to their request, because of their very clear, their today's all, come from their strengths, one, but they did not have the means to stand with the strength in this position, all that they enjoy today could immediately/on horseback lose. Read h-u-n to mix * h-u-n «» with me please keep firmly in mind Can say is Core Disciple, is more anxious than general ordinary disciple, the pressure is big, especially ten big Core Disciple, if they one, but falls from own position, then these will follow their people certainly to diverge most, that day they think to feel the fear. Therefore Core Disciple of normally them like Sima Yin Long, there will not go, stays opportunity in own mountain gate/entrance is many. In Sima Yin Long look at that wraps Sword Formation time, suddenly out of the door transmits sound speaking sounds: Senior Brother, because of interview.” The brow of Sima Yin Long micro cannot be looked up wrinkled lightly, deep voice said : has come.” The [gold/metal] because of pushing the door walked, bows said : to see Senior Brother to Sima Yin Long.” Sima Yin Long nodded said : well, does not need to be so polite, says, at this time looked for me, what matter had?” The [gold/metal] because of nodding, looked at Sima Yin Long said : Senior Brother, information that just received, Zhang Feng don’t know has gotten so far as Great Magical Artifact from there, ship-shape, at present also don’t know fighting strength how.” Sima Yin Long one hear of [gold/metal] because of were saying that cannot help but receives that jade slip that has held appreciatively, turns the head look at Sima Yin Long said : Great Magical Artifact? ship-shape? Big?” Battles between ten big Core Disciple and Zhang Feng, the aspects are in progress, most lets a ten big Core Disciple proud matter, is they have Great Magical Artifact, but Zhang Feng does not have, these year of Zhang Feng have also wanted to make Great Magical Artifact, however in Cultivation World here, simply does not have ready-made Great Magical Artifact to sell, even if has sells, Zhang Feng cannot afford. But Zhang Feng has also thought must find the person to help him refine, however dares to meet this living in Black Tiger Group here Crafting Master actually nobody, because they feared that builds up Zhang Feng not to blame them well. Therefore does not have own Great Magical Artifact to present Zhang Feng, this lets in the strength and status does not have the means to press Zhang Feng Sima Yin Long they, feels very happy, but heard that now Zhang Feng had Great Magical Artifact, Sima Yin Long changed countenance finally. Battles between ten big Core Disciple and Zhang Feng, not only the struggle of spirit is so simple, here surface also has plenty thing, equal to is Gang Master and authorities and conflicts of interests between various Black Tiger Group Great Clan, therefore to the Zhang Feng matter, ten big Core Disciple very attaches great importance. Zhang Feng gets so far as Great Magical Artifact, this Great Magical Artifact fighting strength how, although is, but Sima Yin Long that Sima Yin Long cares cares is actually, Zhang Feng this Great Magical Artifact gets so far as from there. Great Magical Artifact is not who can refine, moreover in the impression of Sima Yin Long, Great Magical Artifact possibly is not a person refines, but Zhang Feng has put unexpectedly out Great Magical Artifact in silent, that can only explain a point, has the person to give him to refine.

Was he asks other Gang person to give the refinement, was his in hand secret control some Crafting Master? These two situations, no matter that one type of, is not Sima Yin Long wants to see. If other Gang person is helping Zhang Feng refinement Great Magical Artifact, that explained that Zhang Feng possibly had the support of other Gang, this regarding them absolutely is not good information. If Zhang Feng in hand is grasping some Crafting Master, that has troubled, Zhang Feng can definitely use these Qi Refining Master to come to include the person, by that time Zhang Feng strength formidable. although said that Black Tiger Group now various Great Clan influences are very big, almost must arrive has been built on stilts the Gang Master situation, but Gang Master legitimate existence, Si Longyin the dragon also knows after all that Zhang Feng can such quickly unfold, the back is Gang Master is supporting, but Black Tiger Group here Crafting Master, grasps majority in several Great Clan in hand, Gang Master in hand although also grasps, but these people are absolutely impossible to refine Great Magical Artifact, if Zhang Feng in hand is grasping one, can refine Great Magical Artifact Crafting Master, that was made up a piece on and other Gang Master Yu there shortcoming, this regarding several Great Clan Absolutely is not the good matter. What thought the [gold/metal] is actually transferring because of the head of don’t know Sima Yin Long, his although with Sima Yin Long some time, but regarding the Sima Yin Long back influence, he was not saying, therefore he is only honest said : is very big, looks at the appearance of that ship, is not smaller than the tiger ship, appearance also very stylish.” Sima Yin Long knitting the brows head, because of beckoning with the hand said : was good to the [gold/metal], you go , to continue to give me to trace, can look find out Zhang Feng that Great Magical Artifact that gets so far as from there, was right, starts from Zhang Feng under the hand/subordinate these Battle Slave.” The [gold/metal] because of looking at Sima Yin Long one, forced smile said : Senior Brother, had then feared that was without enough time, today Zhang Feng has looked like in the gang to report when his under the hand/subordinate this a batch Battle Slave, returned to build up merit possessed by the Devil, died, reassigned a batch Battle Slave to come up from cultivator there.” Sima Yin Long one has stood, face previous appears startled has accommodated, he has not thought that among Zhang Feng however so will be ruthless, under Assassin on the pain, it seems like these people definitely knew some Black Tiger Group secret directly, otherwise Zhang Feng not under such extreme methods. Sima Yin Long transferred two on the ground, deep voice said : was good, you get down, then traces, Zhang Feng biggest secret possibly was this, wanted found out.” [gold/metal] Zheng responded to one, turn around walked, but Sima Yin Long immediately has arrived around in the room, then that in the room flash of white light, Sima Yin Long on vanish from sight. Waits for Sima Yin Long, when appears , arrived in study room, in this study room has old person to sit in there, that old person felt the arrival of Sima Yin Long, but looked up his said : you to come? For the Zhang Feng matter?” Sima Yin Long careful said : is, Grandfather, for the Zhang Feng matter, Zhang Feng had Great Magical Artifact, but this ** the whence that comes has the issue very much, what most important is, under his handle all Battle Slave have killed, I think that these Battle Slave definitely knew anything, otherwise his not under extreme methods.” That old person looked at Sima Yin Long said : this matter I to know, you do not need to be so anxious, absolutely did not have that necessity, now this matter clue does not have, even if were wants to look up, is unable to look up, moreover our several Great Clan influences, not to be trifled with, even if were that person wants to cope with us, was not that easy, do not resemble the judgment day to be the same.” Sima Yin Long lowers the head to listen to the teacher words, does not dare to refute, old person looked at his said : you to go back, easily came to my here, if made the person presently trouble.” Sima Yin Long complied with one, turn around walked. old person looked at Sima Yin Long back one, sighed said : „unable to calm down lightly.” Said that old person has stood, frowns lightly, mutters said : this matter to should with that several my goodness to discuss.” Then old person deep voice said : comes person, prepares the car(riage).” Outside immediately had the servant to comply with one, before long old person went out of the door, outside had a car(riage) in he.

The car(riage) that old person rides unexpectedly is a beast car(riage), meeting a train unexpectedly is several Monster Beast like dragon, the iron black, on the scale reflects light all over the body, looks is not easy with it generation, but each and every one docile lying in there, does not have a point aggression now. old person boarded, beast car(riage) immediately soars, before long on vanish from sight, vehicle leave that mansion, has been mad in the upper air, very grand, in in front of the door of mansion, is hanging a piece token, above writes two characters Si Residence. Is Si Residence, is not department Ma Residence, the helmsman of this old person Black Tiger Group famous Great Clan Si family, but in Black Tiger Group, actually nobody knows, Sima Yin Long, unexpectedly is the person in Si Residence, conversely, in the impressions of Black Tiger Group all people, Sima Yin Long with Si the family, some have not coped probably. Makes the similar movement with Si Residence, family Black Tiger Group several Great Clan, they after knowing Zhang Feng had their Great Magical Artifact, moved, the direction that all people go to has one, Hu Clan. Hu Clan, is not ordinary cultivator Clan, in fact Hu Clan is Monster Cultivator Clan, the people in their Clan are Fox Clan Monster Cultivator, moreover starting from that moment of Black Tiger Group establishing, Hu Clan existed, these many years passed by, Hu Clan has stood erect in Black Tiger Group not but actually, obviously this Clan method has is fierce. In Black Tiger Group, two big extant most ancient Clan, one is Hu Clan, another is Han Clan, but the Han Clan unusual bystander knows that but Hu Clan in entire Northern Divergent Province is very famous existence, can say that this Yiming dark two Great Clan, is in present Black Tiger Group the biggest two influences. Hu Clan in Black Tiger Group, met to gather together many Clan, these Clan only Hu Clan horses gazed, even did not pay attention to Gang Master, only always did as one is told to Hu Clan. But Han Clan is Gang Master most firmly is actually supporting, each Gang Master superior, has the complicated relation with Han Clan, because of this, these two Great Clan not very harmonious, although has not been in the meet in battle situation, but makes their [gold/metal] Cheng cooperate, actually is almost impossible. But various Great Clan present sounds, naturally were also known by Black Tiger Group present Gang Master, but Black Tiger Group present Gang Master, does not have the time to manage them now, because he is receiving Zhang Feng now. The Black Tiger Group current Gang Master nature iron, Zhan Tian, the Body Cultivator family background, Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivation level, the strength is immeasurably deep, the stature about two meters, skin of iron cyan, a full beard of face, Panther Touhuan the eyes, looked indifferently such as fierce Zhang Fei is common, although looks like a middle-aged person, however his age big, actually nobody knew. Zhang Feng stands in iron Zhan Tian study room now, iron Zhan Tian look at Zhang Feng said : Xiao Feng, you said that your Great Magical Artifact does make from there?” Appearance that Zhang Feng look at iron Zhan Tian, has not feared, but shows a faint smile said : others to give my gift, he said that by my present status, rides instead of walking without Great Magical Artifact, really does not make sense, therefore has delivered Great Magical Artifact to me.” Iron Zhan Tian stares, then two eyes stares, this made his eye appear even bigger, his look at Zhang Feng said : few talk nonsense, that was Great Magical Artifact, who can be so lordly, saw somebody off with Great Magical Artifact unexpectedly directly, I thought that your youngster was hits to tidy up?” Zhang Feng innocent said : Martial Uncle, I may not have talk nonsense, that is others gives to me, that Great Magical Artifact is one type of assembles Magical Artifact, is anti- Great Magical Artifact is divided into certain parts, then divides to refine, after refining is successful, to assemble together, then inside formation continually in together, has been becoming this Great Magical Artifact, I may not have you.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhang Feng said that to has believed somewhat, but he puzzled said : „did you find this kind of crafting Grandmaster from there? His make a move is natural enough, now outside that several Great Clan could not sit still, was finding that person, won't he expose?”

Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : absolutely non- husband, as for that person of status, I cannot say, now was also not said that Martial Uncle, do not ask that I can affirm that several Great Clan could not find him, he was impossible to help several Great Clan, moreover I must tell you, he may, not only crafting Grandmaster, was refining pills Grandmaster, later our in hand Magical Artifact medicine pill did not need to worry.” One hear of Zhang Feng said that iron Zhan Tian cannot help but stares, then two eyes bright said : really? If is really such, that fantastic.” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : absolutely real, I with being on very good terms of that Grandmaster, what medicine pill Martial Uncle must need, said one to me, I have a look to be able from that Grandmaster there to get so far as, but before that Grandmaster, with I have contacted matter, possibly is known by these Battle Slave, therefore I can only these Battle Slave killing.” Iron Zhan Tian beckoned with the hand said : what several Battle Slave to be considered as, killed has killed, was right, I heard in the past you arranged Battle Slave to enter in the gang, won't he know this matter?” Zhang Feng shook the head said : his don’t know, your feel relieved, that youngster is a talented person, I plan to dry in the sun him some time, when the time comes must use his.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhang Feng said that this nodded said : well, this is good, your in recent time must be careful, did not want to contact with that Grandmaster, now that several Great Clan are staring at you, Han Clan was staring at you, if you were contacting with that Grandmaster, may expose, therefore nearest/recent you wanted honestly, understand?” Zhang Feng nodded said : is, understand, invited Martial Uncle feel relieved, I will process, but Martial Uncle, this Han Clan knew won't have the matter? In fact that Grandmaster status, Han Ren knew that Grandmaster status.” One hear of Zhang Feng said that iron Zhan Tian cannot help but stares, then the knitting the brows head of gently, some little time deep voice said : knows that knows, how the Han Clan person knows them to do, so long as that Grandmaster status did not expose were good, was good, you went back, oneself added carefully.” Zhang Feng complied with one, turn around walked. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;